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"The #1 system to start off your retro collection."

If you recently got into game collecting or you have always been into collecting games then you need a Sega Genesis.

I collect video games but only to the extent of trying to buy every game that I want to actually play. I don't collect rare's that dont interest me.

If you are in it for just buying all the fun games then your task will be complete in about a month. Even if you do want some of the best rares the Genesis doesn't have too many games surpassing the $50.00 range

Some of the games that I have purchased lately for under $10 at used game stores are Ranger X,Ghouls ang Ghosts,Gaiares,Arrowflash, Biohazard Battle,Galaxy Force 2,Insector-X,Streets of Rage 2,Strider Sonic 2,Bloodlines Mercs and Aladdin to name a few. The average price for some of the games I mentioned actually comes out too about $4.00.

Some of the games that you could have trouble tracking down are

Megaman:Wily wars-This only came out in the UK and Japan. You need a Game Genie or an iport pass through device to play it on an American Genesis. I bought it on Ebay for $45.00. I got the Japanese version and its called ''Rockman Megaworld''

Golden Axe 3- Also sold in Japan and Europe only. The good news is Its less then $30, the bad news is you probably have to import it.

Pirates Gold-Very rare, I dont really know the story but I seen it go as high as $70.00. Have no idea if its good.

Herzog Zwei-This one can go for $18-$50
I guess its depends on the season.I dont know if this is rare or just in high demand.

Double Dragon- I have no idea if this is rare or sought after but I have seen it go as high as $50.00. I have played it and I personally think you can live without it.

Those are a few rares that come to mind.

Graphics-7-I have always been impressed with this system. I remember seeing Alteared Beast as a kid at Sears on display. I thought it looked awesome and forgot about my NES.

Im giving the graphics a 7 because shortly after I saw a Neo Geo on display at Kaybee and that blew away everything until the SAturn and PSone came out.

7 is still a great score because I think the Genesis pulled off games like Strider and Ghouls and Ghosts really nicely. It also had its moments with games like Ranger X, The Adventures of Batman and Robin,Gaiares and Aladdin.

The main problem is a lot of game developers really didnt use colors well.

Sound-6- The Genesis has a lot of great music, games like Strider,Streets of Rage 2 and Castlevania Bloodlines have memorable music.

The Genesis also had horrible voices and a lot of times really bad sound effects.

I think Streets of Rage 2 is the perfect model for what sound effects should sound like in a Genesis game.

Control-9- The 6 button controller fixed most of the problems because 3 just isn't enough for some games. Works very well just a little bit too small. If your a pro with Arcade Controllers then the small controller problem will be no more.

Game Selection-9- This system has something for everyone.
I'm not into RPG's but I know more people would of liked Square Soft RPG's. Other then that this is a great system for everything else.

Another thing that's interesting about he Genesis is all the add ons. Here are 3 that I know of.

Powerbase Converter-I was not really a fan of the SMS but this thing is cool. It only fits on top of the Genesis 1 but all it is is a device that fits onto the cartridge slot and it turns your Genesis into an older SMS. No extra wire are needed.

Sega CD- Lets your Genesis play CD games. Not really worth it but of you like that company Working Designs then a few of their games made it to this system. Popful Mail is fun. You need an Extra AC adaptor and some metal plates to operate this properly.

32X-Turns your Genesis into a 32 bit Cartridge Machine. This is considered the bad luck charm of Sega. I personally liked The 32X because I finally got to see DOOM with this system. This thing does cause all kinds of problems. Never buy the system alone. This thing requires all sorts of wires that you cant find at any store so be careful buying this.

Like I mentioned before everything is mostly cheap.

A Genesis is about $15.00 at most used game shops.

I think every Sega fan new and old should own this system.

If you are reading reviews then most likely you have some interest in the history of gaming.

A lot of people don't know this but at 1 time Sega had control over the market. Yeah I know it's hard to believe but its true. I wouldn't be surprised if Genesis founders all have gold plated Genesis statues in their home.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/13/04

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