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Reviewed: 08/02/00 | Updated: 08/02/00

Not as capable as the SNES or the TurboGraphx...

Well, the Genesis used to be a highly popular system. It ain't in its hey days anymore, and it didn't really reach the sucess of Nintendo, here or in Japan. The Genesis used the cartridge format, just like the SNES, and had a lot of games. Unfortunately, that's partily the problem. The Genesis wasn't as capable as the SNES or the TurboGraphx (PC-Engine,) so the games for this system looked dated pretty quick. Sega did a good job at making the sound better than the NES, and some of the music was fairly catchy, but even so the screechy sound effects tend to get on your nerves. The graphics were in between the NES and the SNES. They weren't as good as the graphics for the SNES, but they were better than the NES graphics. Well, they did have the cool looking Vectorman but guess what? Nintendo pulled off BETTER graphics with Donkey Kong Country! Sorry Sega! However, to be fair, the Genesis was the first 16 bit system if I'm correct, so I guess you can't expect it to be the cream of the crop all of the time. Over in Japan, the Genesis was failing miserably. Without enough decent RPGs or fighters (don't ask me why fighting games are so popular, they're too repetitive for me except for a few =P, but that's beyond the populous,) the Genesis didn't appeal to many people. Both the SNES and the PC-Engine ended killing the Genesis. In fact, the PC-Engine probably would've killed the Genesis in America too, except NEC took some wrong turns, so it never got anywhere. The Genesis didn't have as much third party support going for it, which was also a major downfall. Sega had to rely on themselves for games a lot of times. Well, Sega did makes some gems, but there weren't enough to compare the system with the greatness of the SNES. Sonic is fun for a while, but it gets a little repetitive. Well, despite all the problems this system has, Sega did pull of some greats. Streets of Rage, Phantasy Star, and Shining Force to name a few. Also, the Genesis also has some excellent speed capabilities for their games, but in the end when you look at it, the SNES beats it in too many categories

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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