"A Stellar System"

Hello, my friends. I'm pretty sure most of you was old enough to remember the 16 Bit Console war (Genesis Vs Super Nintendo). The Genesis was released in 88-89 and it really didn't appeal to anyone until 1991 when Sega release Sonic the Hedgehog, a classic. Sonic is the Genesis' killer app just like Mario is Nintendo's killer app. After that, Sega's moment of shine have rose especially in 1992-1993 when they released Sonic 2, the best Sonic game ever. The Genesis was definitely selling and appealing to many. Then later they released two add-ons to the Genesis the Sega CD and the 32X which both failed miserably due to lack of quality games and the prices were so high. Another mistake was the Mortal Kombat situation. Sega decided to keep the blood and gore but using a cheat code while Nintendo censored it because they don't want that on their systems. But then the Genesis was getting a bad reputation because of that. Even though Nintendo won the 16-bit war, the Genesis is still a great system. But however, the Genesis was very popular in the States and Europe. Now let's talk about the bad boy called Genesis.

Graphics: 7 Well, the Genesis graphics was good in most games, they was better than the NES and the Master System but no better than the SNES. But most of the games was detailed and colorful.

Sound: 8 The Genesis managed to pull off better sound that the Master System and you may not hear drum and bass like the SNES but the sound is still good nonetheless. If you like techno music, then the Genesis is your best bet since a lot of the games have great techno music in them.

Controller:10 The controller is a dog bone shaped controller. It fits in your hand perfectly like the NES and SNES controllers. It has a D-pad (like the control pad in every Nintendo system) and three buttons. But the controller is cool looking and most of the games are responsive.

Games: Like with every system, games make it or break it. The Genesis had like about 500 games and which most are good. Now we are going to break it down into game genres.

Action: The Genesis have a huge amount of action games. Some good ones I recommend are Sonic the Hedgehog 1-3, Sonic and Knuckles, Toe Jam and Earl 1-2, Ristar, Vectorman, Earthworm Jim, Kid Chameleon and many more.

RPG: The Genesis don't really have too many RPGs but the Phantasy Star series is a great RPG series for the Genesis.

Sports: This is what the Genesis is known for. You have many soccer, basketball, football and baseball games. I'm not into sports. But you can check them out.

Fighting: Another great genre for the Genesis. Here you got games like Street Fighter 2 and Virtua Fighter.

Beat Em Ups: The Streets of Rage series is recommended from me for this genre.

Puzzles: The Genesis do have some good puzzle games like Columns III and Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.

Other: Sonic Spinball is a good pinball game if you like pinball.

Bad Stuff: Like every system, the Genesis have some bad games (Barney's Hide and Seek, Shaq Fu, Rise of the Robots, McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure, most of the movie games etc) avoid these games like the plague. But luckily, the good games outnumber the bad.

The games for the Genesis are great like the SNES and they'll are still played today like the NES and SNES. 9/10

Fun Time: The Genesis, like the NES and SNES gave me hours of enjoyment. This is one of the last systems that offer that game play. Definitely get some Sonic, you'll be spending a long time on him and his adventures.

Overall ratings

Overall:8.5 rounded to a 9 for Game FAQs

Should you buy it or forget it?
Yes, buy a Genesis today if you never had one. Sega, like Nintendo is very innovated and many of the games would look good in your video game collection. It should be a fair $50 bucks and the games should be about 5-10 bucks a piece.

Bottom Line: The Genesis is a good system like the NES and the SNES. As a kid of the 90s, I grew up with this console and I enjoyed every moment of it and still enjoy playing it nowadays. I wish the Genesis would of have continued until at least 1999 then it would have lasted 10 years. But definitely get this system today, but don't waste your money on the 32X or Sega CD.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/27/06, Updated 08/13/08

Game Release: Genesis Hardware (US, 08/14/89)

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