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(Bounce)...(Bounce)...(Bounce)... OH MY HE'S ON FIRE!!!!!

It was a chilly Super-Bowl 33, and during the pre-game show, my father (the only video game which he has ever bought for me) brought into the family room, NBA Jam Tournament Edition. He was trying to show off, saying that he switched the game boxes with NBA Jam (Regular edition), that it was a better game and that he got it for less. Well the getting it for less part wasn't true (he payed 5 cents less for it, big deal) but the better game part... absolutely true. NBA Jam isn't a slouchy game in the slightest, but TE absolutely takes it to another level. Faster, more modes, power-ups, the whole package is just upped. Game play is the section that was upped the most.

Game play: 9/10

Absolutely easy and fun to play right out of the box. You can shoot, pass, and steal with the genesis controller. Certain combinations of buttons will cause you do perform a dunk (only within certain boundaries of course). Some added features to this game are the power-ups and the hot-spots. Power-ups range from Fire (which you get also by sinking 3 straight buckets), to Dunk, and many other humorous and not-so-humorous power-ups. Hots-pots are point filled stars that when you shoot on one and score, you get that may points. One team has been added to the roster, the Rookies. Also, an extra player has been assigned to each team, so now you can sub players if they get injured. What's injured you ask? Well now when you push a guy (which I like to call, "roughing," them), they get injured. And I almost forgot to mention that now, there is also a practice mode that is truly great fun. Great additions here, how about the story?

Story: N/A

No story = no score. Graphics are next.

Graphics: 8/10

Very good for a Genesis game. The players are a good size, the crowd interacts, the aren't just, "there," and the court looks very good. The menu screens look good, and when the players go up for a dunk, there are pictures, and the whole sha-bang. You can also break the backboard glass. It took me about 600 games, but when my friend and I were playing one day, I smashed the glass!! (correction, I'm referring to the standard NBA Jam here, not T.E!) It looked so amazing... and on a genesis game too... words just can't describe it. Sound is next.

Sound: 10/10

Excellent sound and music in this game. Finally, no more muffled Dave Randorf (a sports commentator here in Canada, who sounds like the NBA Jam RE commentator)!!!! A good commentator's voice is present in this game, and he has more things to say. There are also 3 musical tracks instead of just 1. There are also a few additional sounds. Replay ability will be next.

Replay ability: 8/10

This game will be played a lot in your household, whether its with friends and family, or alone. There is nothing to unlock, and there aren't any secrets or anything like that, however this game is just so intoxicating, you will come back for more every time.

Buy or rent?

Being a Genesis game, you cannot, and probably will not rent it. If you don't buy this game, you a truly missing out on a classic. Get it, you shant regret it.

Aside from NBA Live 2000, this is hands down my most favourite basketball ever. It is truly a great game, and nobody should pass up on it. From smashing glass, to some of the greatest players of the 90's, to a non-stop fun game, this is one to own. "Tonight's match-up; ROOOOKS! vs Bulls.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: NBA Jam Tournament Edition (US, 02/23/95)

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