• continue in Rumble

    During Royal Rumble, if you are thrown out, hold A, B, & C. If there are any wrestlers left, you will come back as that person. You should hear a single bell ring if done correctly.

    Contributed By: DarknessofFate.

  • Full attributes

    Enter the CHANGE STATS code for the wrestler you want. When you are asked to change the attributes, hold Start until you hear a strange noise. You can now set all the attributes to 10!

    Contributed By: DarknessofFate.

  • Handicap match

    During a one-on-one match (one fall, brawl, tournament) press A+B+C on controller 2, and a wrestler will come out and help the opponent.

    Contributed By: DarknessofFate.

  • Play as partner

    In a one player game choose a tag team match, a bedlam or a survivor series. Start the game, then press A+B+C to turn into your partner.

    Contributed By: DarknessofFate.

  • Play as same character

    To play as a fighter that's already been chosen, move to that wrestler's selection screen. To activate your selection, press Up + A + C.

    Note: this code works with 4-player adapters, but you can only have two of any one wrestler.

    Contributed By: DarknessofFate.

  • Super punch mode

    This code will give you fists of steel. At the copyright screen, hold Start, then press Up, Up, Up, Up. The screen will flash red and you'll hear a crash.

    Contributed By: DarknessofFate.

  • Three punch KO mode

    At the copyright screen, hold A+B+C+START and rotate the d-pad clockwise. The screen should flash red if done correctly.

    Contributed By: DarknessofFate.


  • KO the Referre

    To knockout the ref, either punch him three times or run into him. While he\'s unconcious you can perform illegal moves in the ring.

    If you knock him out repeatedly, he\'ll run away and your match will become a brawl. This lasts until one of you runs out of energy.

    Contributed By: DarknessofFate.

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