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    FAQ/Walkthrough by German Dragon

    Version: 2.15 | Updated: 02/25/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     _____ _ _   ___     _ _    _____ _          _____                 
    |  _  |_| |_|  _|___| | |  |_   _| |_ ___   |     |___ _ _ ___ ___ 
    |   __| |  _|  _| .'| | |    | | |   | -_|  | | | | .'| | | .'|   |
    |__|  |_|_| |_| |__,|_|_|    |_| |_|_|___|  |_|_|_|__,|_  |__,|_|_|
     _____   _             _               
    |  _  |_| |_ _ ___ ___| |_ _ _ ___ ___ 
    |     | . | | | -_|   |  _| | |  _| -_|
    |__|__|___|\_/|___|_|_|_| |___|_| |___|
    Table Of Contents
    1. Legal Disclaimer
    2. Introduction
    3. Controls
    4. Walkthrough
    5. FAQ
    6. Credits
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    (                \_______  1. Legal Disclaimer  _______/                )
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    | Version: 2.15                                                            |
    | Author: Chris Quigley (aka SayainPrince)                                 |
    This FAQ may be posted on GameFAQs only as it was made to fill a bounty. So,
    please, I don't want any e-mails asking to use it, as I'll jsut say no.
    Sorry, but that's the way it is, ok?
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    (                \_______    2. Introduction    _______/                )
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    Ok, the guide for the beta version was rejected. So, I've searched out, and
    found a commercial version, and wrote about the stuff that wasn't in the 
    BETA version. I also took out the stuff that wasn't in the commerical 
    version. Ok? Ok. This version of the FAQ will work for everyone.
     ________________________/                     \________________________
    (                \_______      3. Controls      _______/                )
     \    =======            \_____________________/            =======    /
    A = Toss a Rock ( If you have one)
    B = Jump
    Y = Use Whip
    X = Throw Boomerang (If you have one)
    L = No Use
    R = No Use
    Start = Pause
    Select = No Use
     ________________________/                     \________________________
    (                \_______     4. Walkthrough    _______/                )
     \    =======            \_____________________/            =======    /
    Start, by picking up the bag on your left, and then running to the right,
    until you see a snake. Hit it with your whip, and keep going, and jump
    up and hit grab another bag. Watch out for where you land though, make sure
    to jump over the crack in the ground, or you'll be killed when it crumbles
    into a large gap in the earth.
    There's another pit ahead, so jump over it, and have your whip ready, to
    hit another snake as soon as you land. Head forward, and jump over yet
    another pit, and you'll be near a warthog. It's best to just jump over him.
    After you pass the warthog, run forward until you reach another bag of
    money that you should pick up. From here, turn back to the left; Instead
    of running past the warthog, you'll start running from a branch. So, use
    this to your advantage, and jump up to the next branch, on the left.
    From this branch, jump to another branch on the left, and defeat the two
    monkies. Jump over the gap, and climb up the vine, afterwards, and jump
    off to the right at the top, where you'll find a Tiki statue. Touch it, 
    to cause  a vine to begin swinging back and forth, on your left.
    Wait for the vine to come near you, and walk into it, to grab it. Note:
    Jumping will cause you to not be able to grab it. Jump off to the next
    platform on the left, and run to your left, until you find another snake.
    Just jump up, hit him with your whip, and climb down the vine hanging 
    next to him, from here.
    Jump to the left, to land on a large spider web. When you land on it, 
    you'll be bounced high into the air. While in the air, grab onto a vine,
    and climb quickly, before the snake attacks you. Now ,what you want to
    do, is jump to the left, and grab onto a vine, jump left from there, on
    to another vine, and then drop to the ground, where there will be another
    Tiki statue.
    From here, defeat two monkies on your left, and jump upward, grabbing the
    dead snake. You'll bungee off it, so jump at the highest spot, to be
    flung into the air. While in the air, grab onto the second dead snake, 
    and do the same, to be shot up to another branch, where you'll have to
    dodge an exploding metal bug.
    After it explodes, jump across the three vines on your right, and then,
    swing across the moving vine. Ride it halfwy across the gap, and from
    there, jump, and grab onto the second moving vine. Ride the second vine,
    to another branch, with an exploding bug on it.
    From this branch, jump, and ride down the pulley, collecting red coins
    along the way. You'll land on a distanty branch, with a third Tiki on
    it. Defeat the snake, drop down to the platform below, and jump on the
    spider web. From where you land, jump right, onto another spider web.
    Bounce upward, and grab the vine on the right, and climb to the top.
    Jump down, into the tree, on the right., and you'll fall to a spider
    web. Use it, to bounce upward, wehre you can grab another dead snake.
    Use the dead snake, to bounce higher, to a second snake, and use that
    to reach a branch near the top of the screen, where you can walk into
    the tree on the right, to fall to a new area.
    Head left, to find a Jaguar. Hit it a few times with your whip, to
    kill it, and keep going left. Soon, you'll reach a passage, into the
    trunk of a tree. Go through it, to finish the first level.
    Start, by running all the way to the right, until you reach a gap, and jump
    over it. Kill the bat with your whip, and then smash the barrel open. Run
    back to the left, afterwards, and jmup up onto the rope above the gap, and
    jump to the platform on the right, from the rope.
    Head right, and hop onto the mine cart, to go for a ride, and when you
    reach a gap, jump off, to the right, where you'll find a Tiki statue. 
    From here, kill the bug, jump onto the barraell, and jump up to the rope, 
    where you can climb to the top, and jump to the right.
    Defeat another bug, and jump to the right, to reach a second mine cart. You
    can't ride this one, though, so just push it to the right, and use it as a
    step, to reach the platforms above. Defeat the bat, and head left, as far 
    as you can, until you fall down.
    When you fall, head right, past the cliff, tand keep running, until you 
    fall down. When this happens, turn around, back to the right, to find
    yourself behind the cliff. Climb the rope here, to the top of the screen,
    and jump off to the left. From here, jump left, to the wooden platforms,
    defeat the bugs, and walk through the spider web, to reach another Tiki 
    Jump up, and grab the vine, and then jump to the track on the left. Kill
    the bat, and jump on to the next mine car, and ride it until you pass a
    rope; At which point, you should jump out of the cart, and climb it. Be
    careful of the rat though, as you climb it to the top, where you can 
    jump out to a platform on the left, with another Tiki statue.
    Jump down, to the left, and pull the switch with the up key, then run to
    the right, to drop down to a new platform. Run as far to the left as you
    can, and when you reacha wall, jump on to a mine cart, and from there,
    up to the wooden platform. Go through the door, to finish the level.
    Start, by jumping from stone to stone, to reach the top of the waterfall.
    Next, run to the right, and jump to the first stone in the water. Jump 
    across the next two, and then from the vine, to the next side of the falls.
    Make sure to watch out for the monkies and the dragonflies, though.
    Defeat the monkey, and move to the left. Grab on to the dead snake that's
    there, and fling yourself up to a second dead snake, and from there, up to
    another platform. From here, jump up the next to platforms, killing the
    monkey on each, and ride the pulley down, to the left, to reach the first
    Tiki statue.
    Jump up the next seven or so platforms here, taking care of more monkies,
    until you reach a vine, that stretches across the falls. Grab onto it, 
    and climb across, until you reach the rock it stops at. Jump off here, 
    and use the dead snake to fling yourself up to a set of steps - Quickly
    jump off of the crumbling one though!
    Climb the stairs, and jump to the platform on the left. Climb the vine,
    and jump to the next pulley, to slide to the right. Jump through the
    hole in the platform you land on, and you'll be brought to a different
    platform, on the left. From here, jump up the next couple of stones, to
    reach another Tiki statue.
    From this platform, run left, and climb the vine, as far as you can. Kill
    the dragonfly at the top, and move right, jumping onto the crumbling 
    stone, in the falls. Quickly jump to a solid stone on the right, and then
    make your way back to the platform on the left, jumping from the stones.
    Defeat the two dragonflies, and jump to the dead snake on the left. Fling
    up to the top platform, and jump onto the pulley, to ride to the right.
    When you land, kill the monkey, and boost to a rock above, with the dead
    snake, for a bungee. At the top, head right, to finish the level.
    Head right, into the next room. Jump onto the statue's tongue, to be boosted
    into the air. Land on the second statue's tongue before landing, to be flung
    even higher. You'll land on a stone step; From there, jump to the next floor
    and watch out for the statue with an axe. Head right, from there.
    Jump on top of the stone block, and from there, jump to the roof. Kill the
    bird, and jump to the right, to the second roof, where you'll find a hole
    in the ground. Drop through it, to get back inside the ruins - Kill the
    rats when you land.
    Head to the right, and wait for the platforms in the wall to come out. 
    Before they receede again, jump up them, through a hole in the ceiling, to
    reach the next room. Pull yourself up to the next hole, with the rope, and
    kill the Skeleton with your whip. Wak through the door in this room, to
    continue, to another part of the ruins, where you'll find a Tiki statue.
    Head left, and destroy the axe-statue, and then jump on to the stone block.
    From the block, jump up and grab onto the hook on the ceiling, and climb
    across the room, to the left. Walk to the edge of the platform here, and
    jump to the ground, and walk behind the stones, to fall to the next room.
    Kill the bat, and head to the right. Keep going right, killing all the
    enemies in your path, until you reach an open area again. Kill the Snake
    and the skeleton, then climb up the dead snake's body. Hit the switch on
    the right, and quickly run through the door on the left.
    Defeat the stone statue, and head left, defeating the snake. Climb his 
    bosyt, and then onto the vine, and climb to the top of the area, as high
    as you can go, before dropping to the right. From there, run through
    the hall, to the right, dropping down below.
    Push the switch on the left wall, and quickly take to a crawl, going
    under the wall on the right. Before the switch reverts, jump on the 
    platform, and jump through the hole in the ceiling. From here, head to
    the right, dropping to the next platform, where there's another Tiki.
    Drop down to the right, but be careful of the spikes on the ground.
    You'll have to wait for the paltforms to come out of the wall, and 
    when they do, jump up them, to the platform on the right. From here,
    bounce upward, by using the statues' tongues, until you reach a pulley.
    Slide down the pulley, to the right, and when you land, go right until
    you reach around, then turn around, and go left. Kill the skeleton,
    to reach another Tiki. From there, jump to the vinoe on the left, and
    hit the switch with a stone, then drop down, and run through the door
    on the right, before it closes.
    Jump across the four mud pits in the next room, using the golden statues'
    tongues, until you reach a doorway on the other side of the room. Go through
    it, to be brought to another tiki statue. From here, cross some more sand
    pits, to reach another room, then climb through the hole in the ceiling,
    and you'll reach another tiki staute.
    Run to the right, and jump off the platform, to reach a jaguar. Kill him
    with your whip, and climb the rope, avoiding the bird. When you reach the
    top, go through the door on the right to finish the level.
    Start, by running right, until you reach a wall. When you reach it, jump
    up, from stone-to-stone, being careful of the fire, to the left. When
    there are no more stones, jump to the platform, and kill the bat. From here
    jump to the spider web, and land on the platform to the right. Pull the
    lever, then head to the right, and go through the door, to reach a Tiki.
    Walk forward, but make sure to jump over the sand pit. Kill the man on
    the other side, then jump over the second sand pit, and finally, onto a
    stone step, above the third pit. Jump across the room, to the left, by 
    using the platforms, then jump up, and head to the right, by using the
    hooks hanging from the ceiling, and go through the door on the right.
    Jump on the rope on your left, and slide down to the bottom, killing the
    bat. Run into the wall on the left, avoiding the fire balls, then go back 
    to the rope. Jump to the left, halfway, to go through the wall, and find
    a switch. Pull it, then drop to the bottom, and go to the right, where you
    can push the block away from the door, to reach a new room.
    Kill the snake and the man with your whip, then jump on the web. While in
    the air, move to the left, to land on a crumbling platform. Before you
    fall, jump to the next platform on the left, to reach another Tiki. From
    here, jump up, and grab a hook on the ceiling, and climb to the right
    side of the room. From here, climb down the rope, and go through the wall
    on your right.
    Drop to the floor, and head all the way to the right, until you find a
    man. Kill him, then run past the fire balls, dropping another floor. Now,
    head to the right, killing another man when you see him, until you reach
    a wall; Crawl under it, and kill the bug, to reach another Tiki statue.
    Jump onto the spider web, to be flung into another room, and then use the
    two remaining webs on the right, to be boosted to a ledge in the top of
    it. From here, walk through the wall on the right, and walk across the
    floor in the next room, until you fall.
    Drop to the bottom of the room, then head to the right. Climb the rope,
    then jump to the left, onto the spider web. Bounce on the web, to the next
    rope, then climb to the top, into a new area. Go up one more platform, and
    head through the wall on the right, and you'll finish the level.
    First, head left, and grab on to the swinging vine. When you're safely a
    across the sand pits, jump off. From here, kill the snake, and climb his
    body, until you reach a branch. From here, jump to the right. Grab the vine
    that's here, and swing to the next branch.
    When you land, you'll be next to a Tiki and a warthog. Just jump over the
    animal, and head right, until you reach a sand pit. Kill the snake over
    the pit, and jump onto his body, to climb up to the next branch. Kill the
    monkey that's there, and jump into the hole in the tree, by using the
    spider web, that's on the left.
    When you fall out of the tree, jump down to the ground. Run right, past
    the two warthogs, to another sand pit. Swing across the pit by using
    the two vines. You'll land near a Tiki statue, on the other side. From
    here, keep going right, until you reach another sand pit. Kill the snake
    hanging over it, and use him, to climb up to a branch in the tree.
    Head to the right, as far as you can without leaving the tree, than drop
    down, to the ground again. Avoid the warthog, and swing over the next sand
    pit. Climb the vine into the tree, and kill the two monkies. From here,
    head left, along the branch.
    On the left, there's a hanging snake. Kill him, and grab onto his body,
    pulling yourself up, to a vine. Climb the vine, and you'll reach a 
    pulley. Grab it, and you'll slide to the finish. That was a short level,
    wasn't it?
    From the start, jump across the water, to the platform on your right. Kill
    the dragonfly that's here, then jump from stone-to-stone, until you reach
    a vine. Jump to it, then to the pulley to the right of it, and you'll
    slide down to the first Tiki statue in the level.
    Now, wait until you see a crocodile in the water. When you do, jump on
    its head, and wait for it to move under the vine. When it does, grab the
    vine, and climb it, jumping off, to the right at the top. Jump to one
    more vine, and then jump off to the next platform. You'll fall, but grab
    onto a horizontal vine, going across the water.
    Climb to the right, until you reach a rock. Drop down off the vine, and
    land on it, jump to the turtle in the water, then jump to the next 
    island. Jump to the dead snake, then fling upwards, and grab the vine.
    Climb to the right, as far as you can go, then drop down, onto the 
    Jump onto the first crocodile in the water, then to the second and the
    third, and finally, to another vine. Jump from the vine, back to the
    water, landing on the turtle, and from there, you can jump to another 
    stone; One with a Tiki statue on it.
    Jump across the turtles and crocodiles in the water - Remember to wait
    for the crocodiles to move, before you try to jump - to make it to 
    another island. Jump up the stone steps, killing the monkies, and go 
    through the door on the right, to finish the level.
    First, head across the wooden bridge, and drop down onto the tracks. Get on
    the mine cart, and start riding down the trail. Now, from here on, the 
    level is just a big mini-game!  There are three tracks, each with a light 
    on it. If a light turns red, get to another track quick, but if it's green,
    just stay there. After a while, you'll reach the exit - If you're on the
    middle track that is, if not, you'll fall off the platform.
    Head right, across the room, and jump up onto the statue's tongue, to be
    flung through the hole in the ceiling, into another room. Once up here,
    grab on to the vine below the hole on the left, and pull yourself up another
    floor. Jump to the platform on the right, and run until you drop to the
    platform below.
    Kill the skeleton on the left, then jump into the green goop on the right.
    You'll have to just walk across, but remember to mash the jump button, or
    you'll sink. When you climb out of the other side, jump into the hole, and
    walk to the left, falling off the platform, to find a Tiki statue.
    From here, walk right, until you're in front of a sand pit. You'll have to
    wait for the platforms to come out of the walls before you can jump, though.
    Do this for the saandpit that follows the first one, as well, to go through
    a whole in the ceiling, to reach another room.
    Head to the rightm, and jmup up to the ledge. Kill the snake here, and 
    begin sliding down. Toss a rock at the switch on the right, and drop to the
    floor - Stay to the right, or you'll land on spikes. Crawl through the 
    bottom of the door, on the right.
    Kill the skeleton on the right, and jupm on the first statue's tongue,
    bouncing up to a platform. Jump from step to step, until you reach the top
    of the room, and use the dead snake to climb into another room. Defeat the
    two jaguars on the right, the exit is on the left.
    Head right, and soon, a man will appear. You can kill him, and then head
    farther to the right, until you reach a wall with a spider web on it. Crawl
    under the wall, and go to the right, to reach a second room. When there,
    jump down the gap, to reach another room. When you land, head to the right.
    Drop down another ledge, in the next room, and jump on one of the moving
    platforms. Ride it as far to the right as you can, and climb the rope up to
    a Tiki statue. from here, head upwards, through the hole in the ceiling, and
    pull the switch.
    rom here, head left, and avoid the spiked ball, heading through the door on
    the left, before it closes. jump to the next platform, and dodge the four
    spiked balls, to reach another tiki statue. Next, head to the top platform,
    jumping from the rocks.
    Head to the left, until you reach a huge statue. From here, turn back to the
    right, and run past some more spike balls. Jump up the stones, to reach the
    ceiling, where there are some hooks you can swing from. Swing to the left, 
    and jump across the next platform. The exit door will be farther to the left.
    This level is basically, just a boss. To defeat him, try to throw a 
    boomerang or a stone, then dodge his attacks, where his body shatters, and 
    he tries to hit you. Stay away from him when he does this, and when he comes
    back together, jsut repeat your strategy, until he's defeated. Oh, and if
    you need it, theres some life in the corner of the room. When he's beaten,
    the level is over.
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    (                \_______        5. FAQ         _______/                )
     \    =======            \_____________________/            =======    /
    Q. What systems is this game for?
    A. This one is for the SNES, Genesis, 32X, Jaguar, and finally, PC, 
       although, there are other pitfall titles on all sorts of systems.
    Q. Are t here any extras in this game?
    A. There seems to be traces of the 2600 version of the game left, in a
       debug menu, but nothing seems to be too polished in it. So, probably
       not, but keep a look out.
    Q. What weapons do you have?
    A. You have whip, and a boomerang, as well as some rocks.
    Q. How many levels are there?
    A. There are 11 levels, and 6 different types of areas.
     ________________________/                     \________________________
    (                \_______       6. Credits      _______/                )
     \    =======            \_____________________/            =======    /
    + Chris "SayainPrince" Quigley, for creating this guide.

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