Why didn't my FAQ get posted?

There are quite a few reasons a guide won't get posted on GameFAQs. The most common are:

  • Improper Formatting
    GameFAQs does not accept files written in HTML, in proportional-width word processor fonts, or using word processor features (such as images and varying font styles). These kinds of files are generally not even reviewed for content, as they cannot easily be converted to plain text, which is the format for 99% of all files posted on GameFAQs. If you want to submit a guide with HTML type formatting, we provide an online editor for our Formatted FAQs which support some basic HTML.
  • Low Quality/Content
    If you file has little or no gameplay information, multiple grammar and spelling mistakes, or a hard-to-read layout, it will likely not be posted. Very short FAQs (under 10KB) are rarely posted, and files in ALL CAPS or no caps won't make it online either.
  • Unacceptable Guide Type
    Multiple-game guides, FAQs for unreleased games, placeholders, online cheats, fictional works, and a few other types of files are not posted on GameFAQs. See the full unacceptable file list in the Before You Start help file.
  • Oversaturation/Incompleteness
    Once there are multiple complete guides for a game, incomplete guides are no longer accepted, and new guides must match the quality and content of what has already been posted. See the "Will you accept a FAQ..." section of the Before You Start help file for specifics.

How can I find out exactly why my guide didn't get posted?

Check your FAQ's status on the Contribution Status page in Contributor Central. You can always re-submit it and request a more detailed reason if you don't understand the response.

Also, you should try asking those on the GameFAQs Contributors - FAQs and Guides message board for a peer review. Other contributors can usually spot obvious problems in your guide that you might have missed.