What are the important rules to submitting a Top 10 list?

  • The title of your list absolutely must start with "The Top 10". No deviation to this rule is allowed, not even "Top 10" or "The Top Ten". Also, if your list contains any spoilers at all, your title should have a warning (like "*SPOILERS*").
  • Your list should cover 10 unique games. Your list can focus on any facet of the games like a character or music, but it should be 10 different games except for very rare exceptions.
  • Not writing any reasoning behind your list is the easiest way to ensure it will not be posted. Write reasons for your choices, how they relate to your theme, and use proper grammar and spelling.
  • Being positive (or at the worst case neutral), and focusing on a unique binding concept are the best ways to get a Top 10 list posted. Also be sure that the scope of your list isn't too narrow (Top 10 Final Fantasy games is a bad idea because there aren't many more than 10 to choose from).