What types of Box Images are accepted by GameFAQs?

GameFAQs accepts scans or high quality pictures of game boxes. Images are accepted for the following: the front of the box, the back of the box, the spine, and the top flap.

What do I need to know about my image before submitting it?

The maximum display width for an image is 640 pixels. If yours is larger then it will be reduced. Your image should not have any form of watermark or other alteration made to it. Your image should only be of a final released game; images submitted of pre-production games often change during production and become obsolete. The game you are submitting for needs to have a valid gamespace on the site or you will need to submit this information first before submitting a box image for it.

Images already on the site are rarely replaced unless your image is a significant improvement over the quality of the originally posted image. A box image is considered Fair Use of copyrighted material and as such will not be removed by request after being posted. You will receive credit on the site for your submitted image.