What types of screenshots does GameFAQs accept?

GameFAQs will accept any high-quality image from any game in our database. The following should be taken into consideration when taking and submitting screenshots:

  • All screenshots must be taken by the contributor submitting them. Images should not come from other sites.
  • Screenshots should be taken using direct capture methods, such as a video capture card or video capture software. Photos of screenshots will almost never be posted.
  • Screenshots can be taken using an emulator provided that the quality of the image is not compromised in any way by the emulator.
  • All screenshots should be free of watermarks or other added identifiers.
  • While GameFAQs does provide coverage of many games with offensive content, GameFAQs will not post any "not safe for work" images including excessive sexual content or extreme violence.
  • Screenshots should only be submitted for games with an existing gamespace on GameFAQs. If the release doesn't currently exist in the database, you should submit the game data first before submitting the screenshots.
  • Screenshots are considered Fair Use of copyrighted material. Once they are posted they generally will not be removed. You will be credited for your submissions.