What do I need to do in order to be able to contribute to GameFAQs?

In order to contribute, all you need is an active GameFAQs account. All that's required to get one is a working email address, and as soon as you confirm that address, you'll immediately be able to visit Contributor Central and start sending in contributions.

My message board account was banned, do I need to create a new contributor name as well?

No. You can register any existing contributor name with any message board account, and your existing contributor account can always be renamed, so there's no need to create a new identity as a contributor. If you want to change your contributor name or other information to match your new account, just use the form at Contributor Central once you've registered it.

How can I change my contributor name or make other changes to my contributor page?

Once you've had your first contribution posted (but not before), you can visit Contributor Central and use the Update Contributor Information form. From there, you can change your displayed information, link and unlink message board accounts, and even merge contributor accounts together.

I have multiple contributor names listed on the site; how can I combine them into one?

Visit Contributor Central and use the Update Contributor Information form. The accounts will be compared to ensure that the same person is indeed in control of both accounts, and assuming there's no problems, they should be merged fairly quickly.

How can I see the status of something I've contributed to GameFAQs?

Go to Contributor Central, then visit the Your Contribution Status page. From there, you'll see the status of your last 7 days of contributions, and you can also change the number of days to view using the form at the bottom of the page.

How can I remove a contribution I have posted on GameFAQs?

From Contributor Central, simply visit the Request Contribution Removal form. Note that you can only remove your own original work contributions; cheats, game data, and game credits are factual and may not be removed (unless they contain incorrect information).

How can I see how many views and recommendations my contributions have gotten?

From Contributor Central, you can navigate to Your Contribution Hits/Recommendations. On this page, you'll see the total number of views that your contributions have gotten over set time intervals. You will also see total recommendations. If anyone has left a comment on one of your guides, you will see a » symbol next to the recommendation count. Clicking the count will take you to the comments.

Comments are not moderated, so it is possible that some offensive content may be found. If you do not wish to see feedback left by users, you can turn this option off on the Update Contributor Information page.

How are FAQs and Reviews sorted on a game's page?

General FAQs are sorted by:

  1. Official GameFAQs Guide
  2. Recommendation Status
  3. Completion Status (Complete, Incomplete, Skeleton)
  4. Title
  5. Contributor Name

In-Depth, Maps and Charts, and all other FAQs are sorted by title, then contributor name.

Reviews are grouped by type, then sorted by Recommendation Status, then contributor name.

Official GameFAQs Guides are guides that are written for GameFAQs with very specific requirements to ensure that they are top quality guides.

Recommendation Status is the sum of the points for following three possible awards that can be given to a FAQ or Review:

  • Top Rated: 4 points
  • Most Recommended (discontinued): 2 points
  • FAQ/Review of the Month: 1 point