Review by KFHEWUI

Reviewed: 06/22/12

Frog Bog is a better multiplayer game

It is a nice cool day on the pond, and two frogs decided to have a contest to see which one can eat the most bugs.

Frog Bog is a nice looking game with blue pond, green lily pads, grass, and trees, and a light blue sky with white clouds. The frogs are colored purple and grey, and the bugs are black. As the game progresses the background changes colors to represent the change in time, and the last change makes the background black to represent night, and the bugs flash gold to help distinguish them from the background. Once the game has ended, the game shows the frogs sleeping on the lily pads at night with the crickets chirping, and it is cool looking scene.

The sound effects are irritating for the most part with "wam" noise when bugs are eaten, and the tongue makes a lashing sound. Each time the frogs jump they make an annoying "er or" noise. The game does have a great sound effect of chirping crickets at the end of the game.

The gameplay is very simple, and it involves jumping back and forth between lily pads while eating the bugs. Once the time runs out, the player with the highest score wins. The bugs fly from either left to right or right to left, but sometimes they will fly to the left side of the screen then back to the right side of the screen and vice versa. Jumping back and forth all willy nilly will get the player nowhere because timing is required. Once the player gets the hang of the timing, Frog Bog becomes a fun experience even though the controller is not that great. The controls can be frustrating at first due the awkwardness and clumsiness of the controller.

Sadly the computer controlled frog does very little to put up a fight, and for most of the game, the frog sits still. Once I reached about two hundred points, the computer decides to put up a fight, but by this time, it is too little too late. Luckily there is a two player mode which is where most of the enjoyment factor will come from, and Frog Bog is a pretty fun multiplayer game.

Frog Bog is a nice looking and fun multiplayer game, and the single player campaign is okay however the awful computer does offers no challenge at all.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Frog Bog (US, 12/31/82)

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