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                _----._   DDD          AAA        U   U        AAA
               / _-._  \  D  D  RRR   A   A  CCCC U   U L     A   A
              /|\  _ '\/  D   D R  R  AAAAA C     U   U L     AAAAA
              ||    '- (  D  D  RRR   A   A C     U   U L     A   A
              \_\  -.__.> DDD   R  R  A   A C      UUU  L     A   A
              --._.__\/_.  |    R   R    |   CCCC     | LLLLL
              \_     \/ /                  |      |          |
                \     |/      |    |                 |             |
    Dracula for Intellivision
    Version 1.0 (09/2/2005)
    Version History:
    -3/27/2006, added 1up as a host.
    1.0: Basic Guide Complete - (09/2/2005)
    This Guide is Copyright, 2005, Matthew McIntyre
    This guide may not be used on a website or in any public forum
    where it is protected by copyright without the consent of the author.
    To contact me: entropiclobo(at)yahoo(dot)ca or chaos(dot)wolf(at)gmail(dot)com
    Websites with permission to use this Guide:
    Game by Imagic
    *                            Table of Contents                               *
    *To jump to a section, hold the Control Key and press F, then type in the
    section number as it appears (ie type D1)
    D1: Intro
    D2: GamePlay
    D3: Enemies
    D4: Catching a Meal
    D5: Credits
    |                                   D1: Intro                                |
    "Ah the children of the night. What music they make!"
    -Dracula in Dracula (1931, played by Bela Lugosi)
    Hey cool dudes and foxy mammas, welcome to this guide for Intellivision's most
    sultry sultan of the night - My main man - Dracula! Now you see, the
    Dracmeister has a problem. See, the dude's hungry and as we know he can't get
    his eats from your grocer's freezer. So what's a swingin' vampire cat to do?
    Knock on some doors in the middle of the night and eat the residents!
    Now, what appeals to me most about that game is just that: You're Dracula and
    you're running around taking people's blood. And this game takes it to a new
    level with how Drac opens his mouth. It's not "I vant to suck your blood"
    anymore, it's more like "I vant to bite off your face!" And that's why this
    game is a bit of a guilty pleasure.
    |                                D2: GamePlay                                |
    Move Drac around and use left/right buttons to bite. The top button is for
    changing Drac into a bat.
    Move Dracula to chase villagers, and press bite to make him chomp. Attempt to
    bite a villager for extra points. Lure villagers out of their houses with a
    knock to their door.
    Whenever you bite someone, you'll get a brief look at the subscreen. The red,
    bottle shaped meter is your blood meter. This is also a lifebar for the Drac
    man in that it isn't wise to let him run out of blood. You'll also see score
    and time.
    The time matters because when the sky turns orange, get back to your coffin!
    If the sun comes up while the Dracster is still stalking his prey, you will die
    and get game over. It is adviseable to use the bat (mostly) to reach to reach
    your coffin. Maybe you shouldn't stray too far away from your coffin anyhow.
    You see, enemies and victims scroll. Say a constable is seen twirling his baton
    and you boot it downtown somewhere. Well, as you charge away you'll eventually
    run into the same constable. So running away really isn't the greatest option
    when sunrise is taken into account. I have tested this theory by seeing if I
    could scroll the same coloured villager on screen by running away, and I have
    been able to.
    You'll notice that Drac is kind of plodding, pretty slow for such a powerful
    vampire. Well, his speed is dramatically increased when he's a bat. And wolves
    and constables cannot reach him. What's the downside? Well, you can't kill any
    villagers and a owl could come and try to carry you offscreen to your demise!
    Use the bat with discretion and skill.
    Two player? Yes, second player controls the zombie that Drac sometimes makes.
    One or two player chosen at title with 1 or 2, Easy/Normal/Hard chosen with
    3,4,5 and game started with 8.
    To end a night, stand in front of the open space in front of the graveyard and
    hold up to turn into a bat and fly to your coffin.
    Overall, it's a game about the points. So just eat people and have a good time.
    The screen:
    |+--------++--------+  |     +-------|
    ||  +--+  ||  +--+  |  |  t  |  +--+ |
    ||  |..|  ||  |  |  |  | tt  |  |  | |
    ||  +--+  ||  +--+  |  |-''-_|  +--+ |
    ||  +--+  ||  +--+  |  |     |  +--+ |
    ||  |  |  ||  |  |  | /      |  |  | |
    ||  |  |  ||  |  |  |/       |  |  | |
    | /             //             /     |
    |/             //             /      |
    |             //             /       |
    |                                    |
    Dracula has free reign over the streets and can go up to the doors to knock.
    The stage cosnsists of buildings with hills behind them. The other backdrop is
    the graveyard, a longer area with a characteristic gate.
    -----------[   ]-----------
    |||||||||||     |||||||||||
    You can see Dracula's coffin behind the gate. As discussed, press up to return
    to it.
    |                                 D3: Enemies                                |
    Even the lord of the night himself has enemies. In Dracula, this amounts to
    wildlife and would-be belmonts.
    -A cop swinging a baton in front of himself. Blue.
    Alright, so how do we handle these guys? Well if you manage to bite one he will
    be momentarily stunned. It isn't much but it's something. The constables throw
    stakes at you. When these puncture Dracula, he is stunned for a few seconds.
    He is best avoided, and if you have to return to your coffin, fly over them.
    -A purple bird swoops down on Dracula when he is a bat. If it carries you
    offscreen then you're through. If it grabs you, jam the transform button quick
    to turn back into a vampire and it will drop you. They _can_ turn around, so do
    not tempt them.
    -A large white wolf. Drac can not bite while the wolf is on screen, and if it
    bites Dracula - walking speed is severely hindered.
    |                              D3: Catching a Meal                           |
    Dracula has a meter of blood as so:
    /  \
    Alright, you know Dracula is low on blood when he turns pure white. This isn't
    good, vampires need blood to survive, you know? Eat a few people to get your
    colour back. Always have a victim nearby, and if you can't find anymore, you
    may want to rest the rest of the night away. Humans are hard to catch, they run
    and run from you. Well, you can't exactly blame them but it _does_ get
    aggravating when you're gulping air. The fact of the matter is, the hit
    detection in the game isn't up to scratch at times.
    But even with this limiting factor, you shouldn't have terrible trouble with
    catching someone. This is because you should be able to anticipate _how_ they
    run away from you. They will move up/down on the street while moving left/right
    from you. Follow them to the best of your ability but - !remember! - don't
    stray too far from home or the consequences could proove dire.
    If a villager gets a good distance away from you, briefly change into a bat.
    A short flight with the bat can actually close a lot of distance between you
    and your food, and is especially useful if there is a constable in the way.
    Speaking of constables, in your pursuit of a meal chances are you may just bite
    one if it's in the stage and gets in the way.
    If someone turns into a zombie and you have no second player, you will have to
    wait a few moments until it disappears to get your points and any new victims.
    So how does a vampire find someone to eat? Ther are two ways in this particular
    Some villagers come walking up the street. They will run when they notice the
    vampire but shouldn't be too hard to chase. They appear from either side of the
    screen, so a brief bat flight may be in order.
    The other route is to knock on a door. The following may happen:
    |  +--+  |
    |  |..|  |
    |  +--+  |
    |  +--+  |  O
    |  |  |  | -|\
    |  |  |  |  | \ 
    |  +--+  |
    |  |..|  |
    |  +--+  |
    |  +--O  |
    |  | -|\ |
    |  |  | \|
    >>Press up to knock<<
    |  +--+  |
    |  |  |  |
    |  +--+  |
    |  +--+  |  O    --  O
    |  |  |  | -|\   -- \|/
    |  |  |  | / \\  -- / \
    >>Victim Runs for his life<<
    Chase him and suck his blood like any other dude.
    Now say you come upon a few buildings:
      /        //        /|
     /        //        / |
    +--------++--------+  |
    |  +--+  ||  +--+  |  |
    |  |..|  ||  |  |  |  | ???
    |  +--+  ||  +--+  |  |  O
    |  +--+  ||  +--+  |  | -|\
    |  |  |  ||  |  |  |     | \
    |  |  |  ||  |  |  |  
    Which is the logical choice?
      /        //        /|
     /        //        / |
    +--------++--------+  |
    |  +--+  ||  +--+  |  |
    |  |..|  ||  |  |  |  | !!!
    |  +--+  ||  +--+  |  |  O
    |  +--+  ||  +--+  |  | -|\
    |  |  |  ||  |  |  |     | \
    |  |  |  ||  |  |  |  
    The logical choice would be the building with the eyes in the window. This
    means there is someone in the house and knocking on his door will scare him out
    so you can eat him. Note that eyes in the window is _not_ a failsafe meal. If
    there is someone onscreen human already, another will not appear. Also, I find
    that knocking while the subscreen is still displayed  will waste an eye window.
    Both sources must be utilised to keep Dracula healthy enough to continue on
    thorugh the nights.
    |                                 D5: Credits                                |
    Thanks to Bram Stoker for Dracula. He's deviated greatly from the original
    character, but I like both stereotypical Drac types.
    Thanks to the movies Nosferatu (1922) and Dracula (1931, both English and
    Spanish) for being such apt representatives of vampires.
    Thanks to Imagic for the game, it is superior.
    Thanks to the hosts for letting you read this.
    Websites with permission to use this Guide:
    Game by Imagic.

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