Review by KFHEWUI

Reviewed: 06/22/12

Astrosmash is decent, but it wears itself out quickly with the weak difficulty

Astrosmash pits a lone spaceship up against rocks, spinners, and satellites that are falling from the sky, and the spaceship must fight to survive not only the falling objects but boredom.

The graphics are not bad but sparse. The background is black with white dots representing stars, and the ground is a bold green line. The spaceship is green and there is a mountain out line that is green. Rocks have a lot more diversity when it comes to color, and they have all kind of colors from yellow, orange, light blue, and purple. Also the background changes colors after a certain main of points are obtained.

The gameplay is as simple as it can be, and the player controls the spaceship and shoots the rocks, satellites, and spinners that rain down from the sky. Destroying the objects will net points however if the rocks, spinners, and satellites hit the ground, the player loses points, and every 1,000 points the player gains an extra life. The rocks come into several sizes from large to small, and the larger rocks will split into smaller rocks when they are shot. The spinners also come in large and small, and they slowly spin as the fall to the ground. The satellites are fast and will home in on the player then launch down quickly towards the ground.

Sound effects are minimal and not bad except for the spinners which make a loud humming noise. When the objects are hit they make a pop noise that sounds nice.

Controlling the spaceship is very easy, and the controls are solid. The only major problem with the controls is the actual controller, and the disc was a terrible choice and makes it easily one of the worse controls released.

Astrosmash starts out to be pretty fun, but the difficulty of the game brings the enjoyment factor done. It did not take me long to build up a large selection of lives, and the game also has an rapid fire which I suggest against using since it makes the even more laughably easy. There is also a teleport ability, but I found it to be completely useless since destroying the rocks, spinners, and satellites is very easy. In one instance, my cat decided to jump up in front of my television, and even with most of the screen blocked, I was still able to destroy the objects with easy. With the game giving out lives like candy, it drags the game out way too fast. Unfortunately, there is only one player, and this is definitely a game that could have used a two player option and a difficulty adjusting.

Astrosmash is not a bad game however the weak difficulty hampers the game along with the lack of a difficulty.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Astrosmash (US, 12/31/81)

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