Conceived and designed by Tom Loughry.
For one or two Worm Whompers.
Just yesterday, Felton Pinkerton took his lovely wife, Peg, to the County Fair. He knew that he should spray his beautiful towering corn with pesticide, but he figured it could wait. After all, spraying for bugs isn't Felton's idea of a good time. Unfortunately, not spraying was a big mistake.
And early this morning, as Felton lazily ambled down to his corn field, he found, to his horror, hundreds of hungry, horticultural pests--inchworms and snails, giant purple moths and horned caterpillars, banana slugs and other bugs--just about to zero in on his golden sweet corn.
The situation is desperate. Felton is up to his overalls in banqueting bugs, and they must be stopped! Grab a spray gun and start pumping pesticide. Roll pulverizing plough balls--squish! Do everything you can to help Felton save his field of corn. Do it for Felton. Do it for Peg. Do it for the price of corn!!
All Activision video game cartridges are covered by Activision's limited one-year warranty. See details enclosed.
This Activision video game cartridge may also be used with the Sears Super Video Arcade.

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