-Not designed for the iPhone 3G-

Terrorist Zombies is an action packed 3rd person zombie survival game. Unlike the many other zombie games, there is no limit to how many zombies will attack you at once. Not to mention there are plenty of incredible explosions from grenades, artillery, and even air strikes. Oh, we almost forgot to mention Adrenaline mode, it’s a form of bullet time, and it’s awesome.

Visit for a trailer and more.

The better you get, the more zombies the game throws at you. Don’t worry though; you have all kinds of weaponry to defend yourself.

-12 Weapons(+a laser pointer):
1)M9 Beretta
2)Colt .45
3)Desert Eagle
5)M1 Garand
7)Sawed off Shotgun
10)Grenade Launcher
12)Laser Chainsaw

Adrenaline Mode (Slow motion)

-Air Strike
-Artillery Strike
-Remote Detonate (detonates all the Terrorist Zombies’ bombs)

Also includes OpenFeint Support so you can compete against the world.

We really can’t stress enough that there can be an infinite number of zombies on screen at one time; things can really get crazy.

Download now, and find out just how long you’ll SURVIVE.

Got an iPad? Check out Terrorist Zombies HD

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