Categories of Props : *
Sighting Telescope: be able to see the routine which next six bubbles will play out *
Bomb: blow up bubbles within a certain range *Color Bubble
Ball: can eliminate all the bubbles in the same color.

Story Mode (Story Mode): *
When the launched bubbles haven’t eliminated other bubbles for accumulated five times, a new layer of bubbles will appear on the tree.*The new added layer of bubbles must be in one kind of colors which still remains on the screen. *Knock down all the bubbles on the trees and you will pass the level, you can enter the store and exchange fruit for the items you need. *If the clock has completed a circle or the bubbles on the tree have reached 13 layers, the game is over. *Each level has time limit, after passing the level, the time left will be converted into fruit.

Challenge Mode: *
The number of Bubbles will be unlimited, every time the clock completes 1 lap, a new layer of bubbles will increase on the top *The clock will move faster and faster, the game will end once the remaining bubbles are more than 13 layers *Remove the bubbles containing items so as to get the relevant items.

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