The goal is, obviously, to rebuild the entire image splitted in 48 squared pieces.
The way to play is simple: tap first on the piece you want to move and than on the piece to substitute.
When you open a puzzle, you will see, for few seconds, the solution; then the image will be randomly splitted and the game will be ready to start.
You can SAVE the puzzle each time you want, so, if you either close the app or change puzzle, you will be able to restore the game. All 10 puzzles can be saved separately!

During the game, you can also see the solution, but - VERY IMPORTANT - DON'T FORGET TO SAVE THE PUZZLE before choosing that option, because every changes after last saving will be lost.

- Ten Puzzle to solve
- Ability to save each puzzle separately
- The saved puzzles remain in memory even after quitting/exit game
- clearing memory from each saved puzzle by clicking "reset" button

Note: this puzzles are quite challenging... But if you 'Save', see 'Solution' and then 'Restore'...

The next update will cover the management of the scores.

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