Without a shield and a sword, a gladiator must find ways to defend himself or even lure numerous enemies to death for only one reason… SURVIVAL! Simple gameplay and funny action bring an endless excitement with “Oww!” and “Ahh!”


How long can you survive, in an arena of brutal gladiators, beasts and obstacles? Use tilt control to run and dodge harmful elements. Don’t worry! You can always pick up useful items to get well armed (shield) and powerful (invincible) against them. Can you become the toughest player in this Arena Arcade?


- Shield item, Invincible item that help you survive longer

- Enemies: homicidal knights, rolling rocks, crazy beasts and an immortal giant

- Light and sensitive tilt control

- Fast pace gameplay helps improve your sensibility and dexterity

- Local & global leader board

How to play:

Use tilt control to run and avoid dangerous obstacles as long as you can for the high score.

Collect shield and invincible items to survive longer.

Play with a headphone for awesomeness!

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