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    Speed Run Walkthrough by tskisoccer

    Version: 6.0 | Updated: 12/09/16 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    NoWorries presents:
    the "How to" for speedrunning Shining Force
    Game: Shining Force I
    System: Sega Genesis
    FAQ: Beating Shining Force I in under 7 hours
    Written By: NoWorries
    Best Time: 5:03
    Allowed Website: www.gamefaqs.com
    *If you have a website you would like to post this at just shoot me an email*
    **As always, the most up-to-date guide will always be found at gamefaqs**
    Version History: 1.0 Submitted 28 of May of 2014
                     1.3 Submitted 02 of June of 2014
        -Updated with the actual link to the online video
        -Improved a number of descriptions regarding paths
        -Completely rewrote a few sections to now include Guntz as a hero
                     1.7 Submitted 15 of July of 2014
        -Updated a few spots
        -Updated some times
    	-Updated the Ideal Time as well added a sum of my best chapter times for
            what could be considered as "segmented". So as it stands, my best
            "single segment time" is 6:26 and "segmented" is 6:10
        -Updated with a new best time and a new video link
                     2.0 Submitted 30 of January of 2015
        -Updated some times
        -Rewrote a few sections to adjust for strategy changes
        -Broke an hour on Chapter 6!
        -Broke 70 minutes for Chapter 8!
        -Set a new personal best: 6 hours 4 minutes
                     3.0 Submitted 22 of July of 2015
        -SMASHED my previous Chapter 1 & 2 time
        -Broken 2 hours for first 3 Chapters
        -Broken 4 hours through 6 Chapters
        -Completely updated the ideal time to more accurately reflect what they
            should be by roughly calculating out of battle time
        -Updated a number of times and spots
        -Added a mini-section concerning a challenge: Minimalist
                     4.0 Submitted 24 of October of 2015
        -Added a new video for my best segmented run. As it stands, my best time
         is 5:54 and segmented is 5:51:25
        -Added and changed a few details for some battles to make them easier to
         understand and replicate
        -Added some new contact. I have started streaming about once a week and
         added a twitter as an easy way to let you know when that happens. Both
         are under tskisoccer, AKA twitter.com/tskisoccer and twitch.com/same
         There's other stuff as well, but that's the premise to find me if you
         want to watch some livestream.
        -Added some major details regarding a number of battles and what heroes
         to use for optimal starting positions
                     5.0 Submitted 12 of April of 2016
        -Whole bunch of random updates and fixes
        -Had to completely rewrite a number of spots to incorporate completely
         new strategies. Not to disregard old ones, I've tried to include "both"
         pieces when necessary. Those should be noted along the way as they emerge
        -Got a new best at 5:41 which is awesome and still tons to improve
        -As my two year anniversary approaches, might as well get a new vastly
         improved guide uploaded!
                     5.5 Submitted 15 of August of 2016
        -Updated strategies once again
            -overall better team member management
            -eliminated the warrior class from the run
            -eliminated Kokichi and Zylo entirely as well
        -Completely rewrote parts of the guide to make things as clear as possible
        -New best time of 5:26
        Here is a link to my best run so far
                     6.0 Submitted 09 of December of 2016
        -Been putting in a ton of time racing against ty2358 as we race to the
         be the first to sub 5 hours. As a result, many new strategies have
         evolved and the time has improved quite a bit. As a result, I will be
         including NR around certain sections as a NEW RUNNER may want to start
         with safer and simpler strategies. Hopefully this will be clear in the
         text below
        -New best time is 5:03:24, hopefully sub 5 happens soon
        Link to my best run now (5:03)
                Table of Contents
            1. Introduction
                Character Overview
            2. The Guidelines
            3. The Walkthrough
                Chapter 1
                Chapter 2
                Chapter 3
                Chapter 4
                Chapter 5
                Chapter 6
                Chapter 7
                Chapter 8
            4. Discussion
                End Remarks
                Abuses and Glitches
                A new Challenger approaches!
            5. Conclusion
    -Who should be reading this FAQ?- #The NoWorries Contract to Greatness
        I put this in every faq I've ever written, and it goes something along the
    lines like this. By writing this, I commit to you the reader that I will bring
    to you not only my vastness of knowledge but do it with a sense of humour. I
    understand it's easy to get bogged down in detail as well as a mush of opinion
    but I strive to bring you something more than just a guide to greatness.
        So who should be reading this? This is a guide on how to beat the game,
    Shining Force, in under 7 hours. It's a speed run. It's hard, it's tedious,
    it may test you at moments, but rest assured it is a good feeling beating the
    game with half a team of level 6 promoted heroes. There is a great level of
    expert required skill for this run so if you are a newer player I don't want
    to discourage you from trying this but it is going to be hard. For the more
    veteran players, I wish you the best of luck.
        There will also be an accompanying video available on youtube on my
    channel which will be a complete runthrough of the game. That particular run
    is 5:03 which is currently my best published run. So on with this!
    When it comes to speedrunning, there's always some rules, restrictions, and
    guidelines to be set forth. For Shining Force, there's nothing completely
    radical or insane to be made aware of. The game itself is extremely simple,
    take Max and your team of up to eleven other characters and go forth into the
    rather ordinary world of Rune as you battle your way through thirty battles
    to vanquish Dark Dragon and accomplish one of the more reasonable RPG's for
    speed running. Oddly enough, later Shining Force games are much more difficult
    to even consider speed running as the games themselves are much longer as well
    as the victory conditions for a number of battles is "kill them all" whereas
    in glorious Shining Force I, we will be killing them all only a handful of
    Right away you're probably thinking well that's just dumb. The game takes 10
    hours at least, your party would be far too weak to actually beat some of the
    battles, and just a couple of those first missions: how do you not kill
    everything? What about the rng (random number generators)? How do you now
    kill yourself over that?
    Trust me, this is a question and a topic I've debated a number of times with
    my older brother Frolki a number of times. The beauty of the situation is
    that because the game operates on rng (but not TRUE randomness) there are
    certain patterns and exploits to be worked out. Things like, Domingo's and
    Max's tendencies to get focused over their allies is an exploitable factoid;
    whereas getting Max to point A in a number of spots, winning the battle
    despite there being a batallion of Rune Knights storming down his throat is
    a purposeful aspect that they the game programmers put into the game that one
    might as well exploit.
    So how long does it take? As of right now, the time is highly variable as the
    path continues to get improved and continues to change as newer methods are
    developed. Dark Kobold would say that it takes just under 2 hours to beat the
    game using tas (tool assisted speedrun) and that's using Lua and matlab to
    really take advantage of the rng. Some of the people on the sgd (speed
    gaming demos) would say the time is right around 7 hours. The ideal time I
    have worked out is around 4:40 with my best sticking to just under 5:30. My
    goal right now is 5:15 so I'm about 12 minutes off it. Progress!
    As for some of the most "specific" things regarding speed running, the first
    and foremost is that this is "rts" or "real time strategy" or "real time
    playing" AKA playing on a console and not an emulator. This is done for a
    number of reasons and the biggest is the obvious difference between tas
    and real time running. This is where the rng would seemingly get in your way
    and make a glorious mess of things but that's where knowledge and skill come
    into play and give us the advantage over the enemy. Now, that's not to say
    that playing on an Emulator is frowned upon (I use one as my Genesis is, well,
    let's just say it has seen better days). The difference is playing on an
    Emulator and using something called
                                        Save States
    If you play on an Emulator (like I do) don't use these things and you'll be
    just fine. Most Emulators allow for saving just like a console would. I use
    the Fusion and it required a bit of reading and figuring out how to create
    the right folder so that it would save, but after that it was easy. The
    Emulator saves, resets, and handles just like a console (mine even records).
    Just don't be using Save States to redo misses and stuff. That's called
    Ahem, anyways
    So what do we have going for us? Luckily, there's not a whole lot of variable
    concerning the things that matter most. Misses, level ups, enemy movements,
    those are all rng and for the most part, we cannot control those. We can
    control however things like, starting stats, people in our party, our hero
    movements, in battle saving, as well as things like enemy placement and
    victory conditions never change so we know exactly what we are up against
    every step of the way.
    We also have something else handy, and that's magic. How do I explain this...
    The first advantage of magic is that it never misses. With SF1 setting the
    standard on insane evasion, magic is and will always be an answer for us.
    The second advantage of magic is that AoE spells always provide an inflated
    value of EXP. In other SF games, if your mage is sufficiently overleveled, she
    will gain 1 EXP, maybe up to 5 or so if you hit lots of things that are
    "close" to your level. In SF1, your level 9-10 Tao can hit 3-4 enemies that
    otherwise give no EXP and still scrap together some. Additionally, an attack
    that might otherwise yield 10-15 points could grant 40-48 points because of
    a nice AoE splash.
    The third advantage (and biggest) is that magic deals proportionally more
    damage in SF1 than any other. While the damage stays roughly the same across
    all SF games, the enemies in SF1 never gain as much health as the enemies in
    the other titles. For instance, the strongest enemies we encounter will have
    50+ HP in Chimaera and Dragons, but in SF2, we encounter that much health
    pretty much be around post-Creeds. Similarly, enemies already get into 30+
    range by the Desert battles whereas in SF1 we don't really see 30 HP enemies
    until chapter 7 (no joke). As such, the magic we learn is infinitely more
    useful here as 35-45 damage from Blaze 4 kills everything we will ever
    encounter basically. Freeze 4 literally does kill everything except for Dragon
    enemies thanks to their resistance.
    We combine advantage 3 with the enemies clumping together more, and well, you
    can see why the run has evolved from "Tao+strong fighters" to "always give
    Anri > Tao > Balbaroy experience priority".
        Character Overview
    This is a very quick "spoiler" style section so that you can have an idea just
    what each character will do for this run. As it is a speed run, every action,
    every choice, every character; they must be important otherwise we are losing
    out on valuable precious seconds. Things like moving right to the shop as
    opposed to left to do other stuff first... it all makes a difference and adds
    up. I suppose a quick note; I'm not getting all the characters. Some people
    have discussed "100%" for this game including all the characters but let's be
    realistic. There is nothing in this game that actually counts (or is countable
    towards a goal) that could be considered "100%". For example, Donkey Kong 1,
    2, and 3 all give the percent completion due to the sidequests in the game.
    Banjo Kazooie has a definitive "100%" if you get all the notes, puzzle pieces,
    and break all the doors getting all the cool stuff (Cheato maybe not needed).
    In Shining Force, there is none of that. What's 100%? Grab all the chests?
    Kill all the monsters? Find all the useless items hidden throughout the game?
    It makes no sense. Therefore, the game is technically "any percent" as we
    don't grab all the characters though frankly, defining "100%" as getting all
    the characters is lame in my opinion. Anyways:
    If you are familiar with my character guide available on gamefaqs, that will
    help you to understand my stance towards certain heroes.
        The "Required Bunch"
            This is everyone you either use, are forced to use, or serve some
            purpose. It is different than the next section which includes some
            required characters, but they are never placed on our team and we
            will never need their services
    #As of Dec 5, 2016, a new record of was set that changed how we use some of
    the characters. As such, this list has been updated to completely reflect
    new strategies
        Another much needed update to Max's description; what we have found is
        that Max never needs to be promoted. After chapter 5, Max will likely
        never throw another punch so there's no real point to promoting him and
        punishing his stats. Basically, we hope to get him to 20 attack by
        Alterone so that he can be OHKOing the enemies and have him strong
        enough to get attacked, but more details on that below.
        Ken is not great but as he's required (to get Tao) then we'll use him
        for about half the game. His attack tends to get decent (around 30 with
        Power Spear) so we'll use him through 5-1 and then replace him with
        Mae is completely awful with the new changes, it is even better to revive
        Ken if he dies in lieu of using Mae. We need her in our party for
        positioning so dead is a good option
        Some new changes have elevated Pelle from strong member to "only knight"
        as we now skip Guntz entirely and just use Pelle who becomes much stronger
        now. The change resulted from having two 3/4 knights but now we have one
        full knight. While the former seems stronger, they die more easily and
        result in lost damage so the latter is better.
        I'm leaving Vankar in the list just because if Ken dies in 3-2, recruiting
        Vankar is faster than reviving Ken and Vankar is likely going to be better
        than Ken in most cases. In this event, only use Vankar until 5-1
        Luke serves a very important 2 battles. His high base power makes the
        first two battles breezy. However, his damage falls off as does Gort and
        because we are remembering TMM, we elect to let Luke perish and 1-2 and
        not look back
        Tao is our fiery queen and super useful for this run. If you can promote
        her by Chapter 3, do so, as having Blaze 3 for Chapter 4 is super helpful.
        Also, lots of Blaze 4 really does help. Her level reqs look something like
        4 by 1-4
        8 by end of 2
        10 by end of 3
        P2 by end of 4-1
        P10 by end of 6
        It's not required to have Blaze 4 by the end of Chp 6, but having it for
        Chaos does really really help as Blaze 3 is beginning to fall off here
        The major changes to the route have all revolved around Anri as Freeze 4
        kicks so much ass it's unbelievable. As such, she always has EXP priority
        as we need to ramp her 20 levels in a very short time to get to Freeze 4.
        If she doesn't level twice in the first battle (2-2) it does hurt A LOT
        but you can still get her to Freeze 4 by the end of the game
        5 by 2-2
        8 by 3-2
        10 by 4-1
        P3 by end of 4
        P6 by 6-2 (for Kane)
        P13 by 8
        Getting her to 5 grants her Freeze for the Circus Tent which is important
        as 8+8 (Freeze+Blaze 2) kills all the dolls. Blaze 1 likely won't cut it
        Getting her to Blaze 2 is essential as it allows her to level like mad
        as well as combo with Tao
        She needs P3 by chapter 5 as Freeze2 + Blaze3 kills most enemies whereas
        Blaze 2 may not cut it
        Having Freeze 3 for Kane not only is a necessary evil for continuing
        damage, it grants her the range to begin exploding in levels. It also
        lets her attack Kane (described below) and allows her to try and have
        Freeze 4 by chapter 8, the sooner the better, but she must have it for
        Dark Sol and Dark Dragon
        To think my first run skipped Domingo... the only thing is getting him
        those early levels because it makes such a difference. We need Freeze 3
        at level 13 for Chapter 8 ideally, and level 10 is a good Chapter 7 goal
        Lowe is good for soaking up Dark Dwarves in battle 1
        Khris is strong enough to damage bats (~3 damage or so) but have her die
        before you finish Chapter 1, we don't need her. Though, and this is what
        I find truly fascinating... if Mae dies in 1-3 for whatever reason, then
        simply throw the Bronze Lance over to Ken and FIGHT with Khris. She's very
        resiliant and will soon get the almighty Power Staff which likely makes
        her the hardest hitter! Her movement is quite bad so it's not the best
        solution, but she does work out for a few battles though
        I tend to bring Torasu in Chapter 8 (grabs chests in 8-1, takes two lasers
        in 8-2, and then Shields against Dark Dragon) and yeah.
        Hans, like Lowe, should taste the blunt axe of a Dark Dwarf
        With the major changes to the run, Balbs is pretty much the clutch hero
        now. He takes over the run, and even solos several strong snipes for us.
        Thanks Balbs!
        Sadly we won't be using this chick (no pun intended) a whole lot. Balbs
        has better starting stats so let her get axed right away
    Musashi "Moose" Powerhouse
        There are few words worthy to describe Musashi. He brings your best non
        legendary sword weapon to the team, he hits hard, he has amazing defense,
        he simply rocks this shit
        WHAAAT you might say! Jogurt is useless, don't get me wrong, but there is
        one important feature that he serves: He's the LAST person on your list.
        What does that mean exactly? It's simple: Jogurt will always go to spot 12
        Let me explain. In Shining Force games, your team is put into spots for
        each battle, basically numbered 1 through 12. In SF2, dead people do not
        occupy spots so you can control where people start and who is in your
        party by using dead people. In SF1, this is not the case, and dead people
        still have a spot reserved for them. As such, spot 12 is usually the worst
        spot (where Musashi, Kokichi, Zylo, and Hanzou) spend much of their time
        being so far in the back of the list. By having Jogurt in the party, he
        can effectively move people around by occupying that spot. The most
        notable spot is the double snipe done in Chapter 4, but there are other
        uses as well. Simply put, I'd go ahead and grab him.
        The "Not so helpful for the Speed Run"
            This will be divided into "don't use" and "new runner"
      Don't use these folks for a Speed Run
        He's weaker than all knights when he joins and takes too long for stats
        He joins weaker than Pelle, Vankar, and likely Ken
        We don't need healers in this run and Gong takes time to recruit
        She's not required to grab so go ahead and skip her as archers are slow
        and weak for a speed run
        I'm tempted to throw him in the NR section because he helps out quite a
        bit but really just skip him
        I can't imagine a time where putting in a weak slow 5 moving flying unit
        would be helpful
        I can't imagine a time where putting in a weak slow 4 moving land unit
        would even scratch the surface of thought
      Possible options for a New Runner
        Guntz is a 4 moving unit but he is not deterred by terrain which makes
        both 6-3 and 7-1 much easier than using Pelle. However, Guntz tends to be
        a tad weak and steals experience from Pelle (see above description) so the
        best strategy is to skip Guntz, but he does help newer runners for sure
        The warrior class has been eliminated from the run entirely but for new
        runners, having the Atlas and a Gladiator can be extremely useful;
        especially in the chapters that are most difficult to get through, 1, 2,
        3, and 4 and having a warrior can really help here. As such, I suggest
        Gort (always have) because he tends to get tankier and Luke dies in 1-2
        for strategy
        The best strategy is to skip Alef entirely. This results from her losing
        experience from the changes to Chaos. However, this is a tougher strategy
        and Alef uses magic so for a new runner I suggest you still grab her and
        promote right away to gain access to Bolt 2 in just one level. She does a
        lot of helpful things through chapter 8, but is not required at all
        This new section now gives Kokichi a brief shot as he is certainly an
        option to new runners. I've debated scrapping him entirely due to his long
        recruitment and general lack of stats, but for a new runner, Kokichi is
        a powerful addition since he gets knight weapons and those are best
        The wolf basically makes the NR category and is largely why I'm doing this
        now as opposed to earlier. Zylo is extremely powerful when he joins. The
        battles he joins for are some of the tougher battles in the game and Zylo
        requires little thought to just run around and kill things. He's a very
        safe option for new runners to include. We skip him at the top tier due
        to his long recruitment and the fact we can do those battles without him
        A surprising addition I'm sure, this came about when I realized that he
        really only contributes in Dark Dragon and somewhat in Dark Sol. In 8-1,
        he just stands around due to magic reigning supreme. Both 8-2 and 8-3 he
        does nothing, and well there you go. By skipping the ninja, we save time
        on him not taking his turn. For the last two fights, he does help though
        for new runners
    2. The Guidelines
    As with any good challenge, we have to have order and guidelines to measure
    fairness and have accuracy for what we are accomplishing. So here's the list:
    1. Time starts after naming Max. Not in that screen, but when you actually
       accept the name for him and the game begins. This is done mostly to reduce
       the frustration of speeding through naming, not to mention gives you a
       chance to be creative with the name and not worry about it adding time.
       Time ends with the lethal damage being dealt to Dark Dragon. Not at the
       beginning of your attack, but once the damage is dealt and he has faded
       from sight. This is important to note, as your character might level from
       killing Dark Dragon. The last input needed is to exit that screen and that
       is when time ends as you've lost control of your character.
       Some have asked about letting the timer run to some artificial spot as you
       can scroll the text faster still. The problem there is that you can scroll
       the text faster ALL THE WAY THROUGH the end cutscene (until you get the
       show at the end) which seems silly. As the LAST MEANINGFUL INPUT is to exit
       out of the screen with the fatal blow to Dark Dragon, stop the timer there.
       Otherwise, you might as well do "J style timing" where you time from power
       on until you see "The End" on the screen. The timing I use is more "West
       style" or "TAS style" which goes from gaining control to last meaningful
    2. Just to reiterate, this should be done on console and not emulator. I
       understand many people don't have consoles or would prefer to play on an
       emulator. That's fine, just be prepared to receive grief as it's not what
       is "standard" by the guidelines set forth. Assuming you don't use any save
       states to "abuse" the rng, it could be questionably OK though a number of
       spots use in battle saves (IBS) which for an emulator takes less than a
       second to both use and to save whereas the console can take 5 seconds each
       time rather easily.
    Other than that, I don't think there's a whole lot else. There's no known
    obvious glitches to abuse, there's no super skipping ahead or anything like
    that. Just our wits versus the game! Let's do this!
    3. The Walkthrough
        Chapter 1
    It makes hardly any difference, but naming Max a single letter (Z) instead of
    Max (or any other name) saves 1 frame each time his name is displayed. A frame
    is the shortest instance in gameplay (think FPS) and NTSC (American Gens) runs
    at 30 fps so 1 frame is 1/30 of a second (you can go from there) basically,
    it's a minimal amount of time but it can add up.
    Anyways... the game starts up, you talk to Lowe and we're ready to go. Now, I
    imagine we can't skip getting the basic core heroes without tasing so go right
    to the King (the lady in the central walkway can block you so be careful). For
    text, always holding up or down makes it scroll faster and I found holding B
    instead of A or C is safer as you can't try then talking to someone after it
    ends. Just be mindful of spots where you need to say yes so you don't cancel
    out right away! Now head south, get your team to join, return to the king
    (not return of the king) and get your 100 gold from the king. From here on,
    you can buy items (for marathons, buy healing) but otherwise, we've been
    skipping buying healing as we've really not needed to, it saves almost an
    entire minute.
    Once inside the battle, I turn off battle messages and turn up the message
    speed to 4. It just smooths out the gameplay.
      Battle 1
        Ideal   6:31.95
        My Best 7:46
    *Ideal is best split, My Best is the split for my PB run
    The ideal split is available on youtube
    We've been collecting our gold splits. Not all are mine and not all are
    there (we're missing 4 as of this update).
    Here's what has to happen
        -Max must level
        -Tao must level (+3 magic points is a minimum)
        -Lowe must die
        -Hans must die
        -Ken must die
    Possible reset considertaions: Luke only having 17 attack with the Middle
    Sword, Tao gaining +2 MP, certain people not dying, the battle going over 9
    minutes long
    Lowe and Hans dying seems simple, so Ken? Well, killing Ken allows for some
    time saves through 1-2 and 1-3 and we can revive him and allow him to level
    in the Alterone fight.
    NR                                                                          NR
    Keep Ken alive as he can be a solid rock to smooth out the battles for you
    NR                                                                          NR
      Turn 1
    Ideally two goblins move down so that Max and Ken can hit them. This is kinda
    important. Everyone else just moves up. I would try to have Tao get kills on
    her first two blazes which simplifies her not having to kill to level.
      Turn 2
    Hopefully there's a dead goblin on the left; this allows Hans to move up and
    to allow Lowe to move up to trigger the upper enemies. This hopefully results
    him in dying to Dark Dwarves. Clear out the other two goblins giving EXP to
    Max and Tao
      Turn 3, 4, and 5 (to the end of the battle)
    It's important to focus on giving Max and Tao experience. Get your fodder
    eliminated; the Rune Knight does a ton so you can feed them up there if you
    need to.
    Once the battle is over, swap Max's and Luke's weapons as we want Luke to deal
    8 damage to goblins and Max deals 4. Often, Luke only has 17 attack but there
    is still a chance to deal 8 which is why this is important. Otherwise, your
    guys probably deal 5 and 6 which is not enough obviously.
      Battle 2
        Ideal   13:55
        My Best 15:47
    Basically keep moving forward and attacking. There's not much strategy so here
    instead are some tips.
    -The Goblins don't formation until you are at melee range with the initial 3
     on the right side. If Max goes first and none of those have moved, you could
     just move him 2 spaces to guarantee Luke hits
    -This is important as our goal in levels here is Max at 3 with 85+ experience
     and Tao at 3 or even 4 (can happen if she gets some club kills)
    -The Goblins 6 man formation is just interesting. The back ones are trying to
     go forward and the front ones are trying to go back. This results in clumps
     and how you kill a Goblin only to have its spot filled. Pay close attention
     and it is possible to abuse this by minimizing attacks made by the enemy
    -Each attack (credit to Dark Kobold) is at least 7 seconds. If you can
     minimize those attacks, it is easy to save a ton of time
    -The next trigger point is in the middle of where the 6 man formation starts.
     Number 1 2 3 for the top row and 4 5 6 for the bottom row, spot number 5 does
     not trigger the enemies to move; spot 2 does as well as any spot higher or to
     the left of those spots. Be aware of this as you don't want to trigger the
     extra goblins to move too quickly less you get attacked a lot
    -Similarly, pay attention to the Dark Dwarves as there's no point to give them
     a free attack on us. They'll move if they get within 1 spot so be aware
    -To win, attack down there with Luke and kill it with Tao. If she has 4 blazes
     then she can only attack 1 Goblin most likely, 5 blazes gives more
    Once that is over, go get Mae and then go to the treasure room, grab the
    bottom 2 and upper 2 chests for an Antidote, Medical herb, Power Potion, and
    Defense Potion. Use the Defense Potion now on Max.
    NR                                                                          NR
    Go ahead and recruit Gort as he helps a lot. Maybe consider buying some herbs
    NR                                                                          NR
      Battle 3
        Ideal   21:51
        My Best 23:49
    There's 2 ways to approach this battle and it is mostly dependent on Maxexp
      Max has 60+ experience
    If Max has 85+, he needs to simply move to the Rune Knights and proceed to
    sneak in (described below). If Max has 60 to 84 experience, he needs just an
    attack on a Dark Dwarf. For movement, move Max to the left of the bridge T1,
    T2 move up and around the Dwarf (if it didn't move because it went before Max
    on the previous turn, just move up and around the river bend (2 spaces) as to
    avoid drawing the bats. We want to minimize the other dwarf movement as well
    T3 and T4 are moving Max further up there for the sneak (described below). Mae
    and Tao focus on killing the bats and getting Tao to Blaze 2.
      Max has 0 to 50 experience
    He needs to have 85+ to level off the Rune Knight so pending his EXP, get him
    some before moving up. Bats give full EXP here (45-48) and Dwarves give around
    36 points. Attacking a Dwarf is about 10 depending on Max's attack. Adjust,
    then send Max up there. If Max has 0 exp, 2 dwarf kills is about 70 experience
    so technically you could do the above description but pause at the edge to
    finish the dwarves. This however is slow, and again why we focus in 1-2 so
    much on Max getting him to that EXP value we're looking for.
      The Max Sneak
    At level 4, Max tends to gain speed, 1, 2, or 3. The plan then is to get Max
    right to the edge of the trigger zone, it's the tree line right above the
    water, about 7 spaces from Alterone. We need most of the Knights to move, then
    Max can move forward hit the Knight, ideally level and get 2 or 3 speed, then
    he turn orders sooner and sneaks in. Saving before the level is optional as
    a +1 or sometimes a +2 speed results in Max still seeding poorly and getting
    The Speed Ring glitch is described below, but the premise is this:
      Turn order is calculated at the very end of the previous turn. Faster people
    tend to go sooner, but for calculating turn order, your "seed" is modified
    by a variable, call it X (speed + or - X = turn order seed). By gaining speed
    on your turn, you are now Speed + gain which helps to place you higher in the
    seed and boom double turn.
    NR                                                                          NR
    With Gort (and Ken), you can take a safer and slower route which kills more of
    the enemies and allows for assistance up there with Max. By placing a hero to
    his right, the Rune Knights cannot block him (Ken or Mae can reach there) as
    well placing someone in front of the left Knights prevents them from going to
    Max. Tao can also draw aggro is you must
    NR                                                                          NR
    After the battle, go grab the healing seed in the lower right building where
    you talk to the dude to gain access to the castle. You probably had to heal
    Max, NBD. Grab the Power Potion as well. If Max has 20 attack (he gained at
    least 6 attack from levels 2, 3, and 4) then you can power potion Max twice.
    At 22 attack, he OHKOs most enemies in this battle, at 23, he OHKOs everything
    But if Max has 18 or 19 attack, then I wouldn't bother. Instead, you can try
    to get him to level 6 where hopefully he gains the missing attack, then you
    should potion him! Maybe, we'll talk about it. Anyway, inside the castle,
    grab the Def Potion (use it on Max) and then save the Bread of Life for Anri.
    Those are the top and bottom chests on the left in the treasury. Revive Ken
    and do the rest of the story stuff
      Battle 4
        Ideal   34:45
        My Best 39:30
    The hardest part of this battle is turn 3 if someone goes before the bats so
    we don't have this awkward turn where nobody comes to us. Basically, go up
    instead of right. We only have to "fight" two Rune Knights and all the bats
    as everything else is stationary. As such, clumping enemies for Blaze 2 and
    focusing down the bats is important. Have Khris perish, try to get Max and Tao
    up to level 5, and hurry through it. Ideally, Tao will have 17 MP but here are
    some suggestions as to what to do if her MP is a certain amount (we always
    want to Blaze 2 the Archer/Mage group in some manner of speaking).
    (worst) 14 or less MP
        2 Blaze 1's and 1 Blaze 2 (cause one for group)
    (bad) 15-16
        3 Blaze 1's and 1 Blaze 2 (maybe just all Blaze 2 if you can group)
    (common) 17
        1 Blaze 1 and the rest Blaze 2
    (good) 18-19
        1-2 Blaze 1 and the rest Blaze 2
    (best) 20+
        Blaze 2 for days, maybe just 1 Blaze 1
        My best is 22 MP on Tao, that was awesome, but that rarely happens, so
    understanding different ratios by mod 5 arithmatic (basically, what do you
    have left after using Blaze 2) allows for maximum damage and EXP out of Tao.
    Also, she can whack archers and mages with her staff for a few points of
    damage IF she is lacking on MP (less than 17). Generally speaking, you want
    to blase the archer/mage combo from across the river, but if she has little
    magic (less than 17), you can instead blaze the 3 dwarves and the archer once
    they regroup as she'll be near to club them. Mix it up
    Once you end the battle (first kill them all we've had darn it!) sprint to the
    king then use the dragon head (grab that seed) and bail out on this chapter!
        Chapter 2
    In Rindo, all you've got to do is grab the Speed Ring (second row, third
    house), talk to the Mayor and move out (leave the Speed Ring on Max)
    NR                                                                          NR
    Buying a Power Staff on Tao if she has 17 or less MP can be helpful as those
    attacks are more than Blaze 1 meaning you can save magic for hard to hit
    enemies (or Blaze 2)
    NR                                                                          NR
      Battle 5
        Ideal   44:45
        My Best 52:12
    This is one of my most exciting improvements. First things first, if you still
    haven't gotten rid of Lowe, Hans, or Mae now is the time. The next thing is
    make sure Max has the Speed Ring not equipped. Take out the dwarves and bats
    (if you move to max movement each time, Ken or Max should be able to kill one
    of the dwarves that Tao blazes) allowing you to put people through to avoid
    getting choked. Try to get off as many blaze 2's here to clear things out, and
    with any luck by about 6-7 minutes you're heading towards Manarina. Send
    everyone left and careful to not block Max or Tao. By all going left, the
    troops never organize leaving themselves spread out which is quite nice as Max
    is less likely to die though you have to be careful as they tend to not aggro
    unless they can move within range and attack.
    The movement here is tricky, but I've largely figured out how to do it the
    right way each time, so here's how it works. Note, Max needs to OHKO the Dark
    Mage so that's really helpful, otherwise Ken or Tao need to be in position.
    Our goal here is to avoid healing so that we still have 2 seeds.
    -The lower left Zombie is our marker, when Max is 3 spaces from him (he can
    be either 3 down or 2 down) the Zombie won't move. If you are 1 down and 2
    to the left, the Zombie will move.
    -We want to have it move (Max needs the Speed Ring through all this) so
    position accordingly. That way, Max can move and hit and Tao can blaze and
    kills the Zombie
    -At this position, this draws down the Dark Mage, this is why Max needs to
    OHKO it. Unequip the Speed Ring here as we are hoping the other Dark Mage then
    out turns Max the previous one
    -Move and equip the ring; if Max has 9 or less life, heal him if he outturned
    the Mage, otherwise you're fine
    Inside Manarina, we have only 2 things to do so talk to Anri, then follow her
    but grab the Domingo Egg first, and then talk to her recruiting her. Give her
    the Speed Ring but don't equip that on her yet. Go ahead and dive into the
    earth (using that Bread of Life if you saved it)...
      Battle 6
        Ideal   54:05
        My Best 1:02:10
    This is a very turn-specific battle (my split is named "Bad Turn RNG") so here
    goes my best way to explain it (the biggest thing here is having Anri level
    twice as it really really helps)
    TURN 1
    Tao zaps the right Zombie, Anri EQUIPS the Speed Ring and kills it. Everyone
    else surrounds and kills the other Zombie. Note! If your team cannot kill it,
    then leave an open space and it will retreat backwards, mildly changing turn 2
    TURN 2
    Anri outturns Tao and moves over to zap the Zombie by the bridge. Tao now can
    Blaze 2 the Zombie-Mage-Archer (if the Zombie moved over, zap the pair and the
    Mage instead). Hopefully you can kill the Mage before it goes (hence the Bread
    of Life shoving Anri out of 8|9 health range). Get Max|Mae over there, Ken
    can attack with the Spear depending on the situation
    TURN 3
    UNEQUIP the Ring from Anri as she roasts the weakened Archer and levels. Tao
    and Ken can take out the other one safely (Ken could attack it honestly on
    Turn 2 depending on turns). Get Max near the bridge and time crossing the
    bridge with most of the bats moving.
    TURN 4
    Get across the bridge. Max can buffer the bats to group up for Blaze 2 and
    whatnot. Re-EQUIP the Speed Ring here
    TURNS 5-7
    Kill Bats. Get Ken closer to Power Ring. Try to save some magic, ideally, 7
    on Tao and 2 on Anri. Unequip the Speed Ring as you move into position
    TURN Engaging the Dark Mages
    Depending on how well you've done (and your peeps have leveled) we may have
    magic still. If we have enough to Blaze the Skeleton twice, then don't Boost
    as it could crack. Otherwise, we need to clear a path/take out the Mages.
    Unequipping the Speed Ring can let Anri double turn a Mage, whacking it with
    the Power Staff. Everyone else just does good damage.
    It's important to note that for Anri to 3-->4 she needs two kills and one
    extra hit. But to go from 4-->5 she needs 4-5 kills so be weary. As stated,
    having Freeze for the Circus is huuuuuge. Consider boosting Anri to kill the
    Skeleton for 48 experience; she will deal 14 so it needs some damage. If you
    have magic remaining, 2 blaze 1 can do it as well.
    Time to go advance some story and head back to Rindo. If the Power Ring
    cracked, repair it and buy some healing seeds (some on each hero).
      Battle 7
        Ideal   1:00:30
        My Best 1:09:31
    This is a rather straight forward battle in all reality. Before that battle
    starts, this is important:
        Ken have the Power Ring
        Anri have the Speed Ring EQUIPPED (not worried about glitching here)
    Basically, Tao should Blaze 2 the dolls and everyone else tries to clear them
    out before they move (hence why Freeze is so important). The purple ones tend
    to be faster than the Evil Doll so keep that in mind.
    Turn 2 just move left outside the tent. If the Evil Puppet outturns Ken, then
    allow Anri to kill it. She could kill it regardless, but if Ken goes before it
    then it is faster. Ideally, Ken can reach the top of the floor on the left
    side here though there is nothing wrong with waiting a turn
    Turn 3 move on up to the tent: if Ken made it up, then Max+Tao can kill the
    Evil Puppet. Ken should IBS and boost himself
    Turn 4, kill the other dolls (stay to the left to avoid the bats) and boost
    Max with Ken
    Turn 5, save before your attacks and clear Marionette. Try to keep getting
    EXP onto your Mages
    After that, just grab the most top right chest for the defense pot then head
    out. Chat to the mayor do the whole burning thing and head out. Before
    starting Shade Abbey, make sure the Ring isn't broke, use the defense pot on
    Max, and give Max 1 herb and 2 seeds (buy some if you need to).
      Battle 8
        Ideal   1:07:30
        My Best 1:18:13
    NR                                                                          NR
    If you have anyone else besides Ken, Anri, Tao, and Max, just adjust the
    strategy accordingly IE Gort can tank some and whatnot
    NR                                                                          NR
    Max stays put and attacks or heals depending on his need.
    Anri moves left and blazes the Zombie, Tao moves and kills it. Ken blocks for
    Tao and can boost himself. Ideally the Zombie moves first, but whichever,
    you'll have 2 to 3 enemies clump. Kill them. Now Ken needs to hit the Ghoul
    with the Spear while Tao and Anri clear out the enemies. Try to get Tao to
    level 10 and Anri to 8.
    After Balbaroy joins, give him the Power Ring and then go talk to Amon. The
    reasoning here is simple: in a new chapter, your menu is defaulted to Max, so
    we want that Speed Ring on Balbs but that would require more tedious movement.
    It only saves a few seconds but it's a good habit to get into
        Chapter 3
      Say hello to our best hero! Balbs is essential to this run and yeah, not
    much else to be said. Repair the Power Ring if you need to and talk to the
    "Queen" and head into battle.
      Battle 9
        Ideal   1:11:13
        My Best 1:21:56
    We're going to drop the Master Mage so here's the best plan adjusted. Balbs
    moves down normally, but at the spot just to the right of the stairs, don't
    put him there, instead put him up and right one (it's 7 spaces from the Mage).
    Tao and Anri can move down, use Amon and Ken to form a wall. Only kill the
    Skeletons with Tao/Anri, trying to get them to level (if Tao can get to 10,
    great). Don't move Max at all. Balbs can OHKO the mage with a crit or double,
    but likely it'll be 2-3 hits over a few turns depending if the priest heals
    or not. Yeah it's random and stinks but oh well.
    So we're grabbing Zylo? No, just leave immediately. Repair the ring if needed
    and buy 2 power spears. Promote if needed.
    NR                                                                          NR
    This is where you recruit Zylo and watch the Kokichi cutscene if you want
    NR                                                                          NR
      Battle 10
        Ideal   1:22:26
        My Best 1:36:07
    Balbs should have the Speed Ring EQUIPPED as well as have the power ring.
    NR                                                                          NR
    If Zylo is in your party, you'll boost him instead of Max
    NR                                                                          NR
    Turn 1 is all about setting up for turn 2. The nearby archer marks the spot to
    which you must move past in order to aggro the enemies and prevent the lower
    P Knights from moving across the map, hence the Speed Ring on Balbs. You'll
    want to IBS and boost Max with Balbs. Max will kill the nearby Skeleton, move
    your mages over to the left and send Ken all the way up left to hit the left
    Skeleton from below. This is all prepping for Archer movement. If Amon is
    still alive, send her up and left as well. The Archers have weird movements,
    so protecting the mages is the number one priority as the die in one shot. Max
    is tougher and boosted can eliminate enemies quickly especially if we get
    lucky with the boost glitch, see below for more details.
    On turn 2, Balbs should move up past the mountains and again, IBS and boost.
    Use your mages to eliminate the skeleton although you may need to stagger
    depending on the Archer/Amon taking their turn.
    From here, Balbs should take out the 2 P Knights on the right, I'd IBS for
    his attacks because missing. Depending on how much EXP he got from the Mage
    (was it 1, 2, or 3 hits) you can squeeze in an extra skeleton kill as well
    before Balbs loses his Boost. At this point, you should be able to position
    for AOE on the Priest and Lizardman, and position for the next P Knights to
    Their trigger is kinda hard to explain, but from where the Priest is: it's
    about 3 spaces up from there. The actual marker is defined from the right P
    Knights (the higher one draws the line across that you must break). Position
    someone to prevent the Knights from extending their movement too far (to force
    an AOE) and then eliminate them. Balbs will need to IBS and boost and then
    take out the upper enemies.
    From here, all you need to know is that P Knights are the only real EXP for
    Tao if she's promoted, hopefully she is. Our goal is to get Tao to 60+ EXP
    but not actually leveling and to get Anri to 10.
      Battle 11
        Ideal   1:26:34
        My Best 1:41:42
    Not much to say, fly Balbaroy over and kill the Silver Knight before the
    Laser Eye attacks. Boost him about a turn before getting there and I'd suggest
    Speed Ring glitching on his second turn (equipping it at the end of his second
    turn) as this bypasses the Pegasus Knight movement and keeps his speed higher
    for the battle.
    For inventory management, you can drop Max's sword and make sure he has a
    rather empty inventory heading into chapter 4. If you don't have 10 on Tao
    or 8 on Anri, you can lure the nearby Lizardman down for some extra EXP.
        Chapter 4
    There's quite a bit to do here as the Chapter opens up so let's optimize.
    First, head up and recruit Jogurt and promote if needed. From there, go see
    Elliot to knock that out. Now go to the leftmost wagon and grab the Chest
    and buy 2 Longswords. Balbs and Max want one, and the Bread of Life can
    wait for later. Head to the front wagon now, grab the Quick Chicken and
    tell them they can leave.
    NR                                                                          NR
    Kokichi will join here if you looked for him in chapter 3; make sure you have
    enough Power Spears if you plan on him. If Ken died and/or is weak, Vankar is
    a quick recruit and can be a nice option as well (he joins with 28ish HP and
    about 28ish damage with the Power Spear). You only need 2 knights for Elliot
    but if you are newer, having additional members can certainly help
    NR                                                                          NR
      Battle 12
        Ideal   1:43:12
        My Best 2:01:08
    This battle is done in 3 stages, so we'll break it down like that. Remember
    that if you have additional heroes, filter them in as needed.
    Stage 1, the clash
    It takes 3 turns to move across the battlefield and trigger the nearby group
    of enemies. Ideally Pelle does this before any enemies take their turns. The
    Lizards hurt, especially the Heat Axe; the Knights give better EXP but are
    harder to hit. But if Pelle moves 7 and then 7 and then 3 spaces (all to the
    right) he triggers the enemeies and stays mostly out of harm. You end up with
    a conga line of enemies lining up for Max. This is essential as Tao+Anri can
    do great damage with Tao leveling into a Blaze 3 (that's a full clear) and
    Anri can move and equip the Speed Ring to attempt to double turn for near
    clears on P Knights. Ken should position to block below the line and Balbs
    should IBS and boost Pelle as we want Pelle to get good exp. Max should mostly
    stay put to keep enemies clumped. It should take about 2 turns to clear the
    enemies, mostly on turn orders and ability to hit flyers.
    Stage 2, the knights
    The Dark Priests in the middle mark the line to cross for the Silver Knights.
    These are great for pushing Anri up levels (to 11 if she wasn't promoted, or
    to 2 if she was and hasn't) and giving more EXP to Pelle and Balbs. Max is
    very low priority and Ken has no priority here. Priests give such low EXP but
    can give EXP to Max or Ken, Pelle or Balbs if 8.
    Stage 3, Elliot
    We want Pelle to hit 10 here so you might have to adjust pending how the
    previous stages went, but regardless, if you boost Pelle and save for his hits
    he can eliminate Elliot in 2 to 3 rounds. You can also save for boost but
    it just depends really, I've done both with just Pelle or Pelle and Ken; it
    depends on Pelle's EXP. Regardless, Pelle should be 10, Tao and Anri should
    both be 2, Tao could hit 3 but it's unlikely. Balbs hopefully is 10 but it's
    more likely he's very close to 9 or is 9.
    Afterwards, go ahead and recruit Domingo. There's a Steel Sword available in
    the wagon as well. Promote your people, give Pelle both the Speed and Power
    Ring. Exit the town to the right and then reset to get to HQ more quickly to
    then swap Domingo in for Lowe.
    NR                                                                          NR
    Grab Guntz. You'll want to delay promoting Pelle. Swap out Mae and Lowe for
    Guntz and Domingo. If you have Kokichi and or Zylo, swap out people like
    Luke and at this point, Ken. Put the rings on Balbs
    NR                                                                          NR
      Battle 13
        Ideal   1:52:11
        My Best 2:12:12
    The new strategy for this fight is quite cool to be honest. By dumping Lowe
    instead of Mae, our turn 1 is now moving Tao up (Blaze 2) on the upper Knight
    and then killing it with Domingo. Anri and Ken can kill the left Knight, and
    Pelle who's slow now can move up above Tao. Don't equip the Speed Ring yet.
    The next turn is going to be moving into position; Domingo will move up and
    break the trigger for the enemeies. If we get unlucky here, Domingo dies, but
    that is a critical or double attack from the fire breath so hopefully that
    doesn't happen. Pelle moves and can hit the Hellhound. Move everyone else up
    Use your mages to clear the nearby enemies, more P Knights are on their way so
    get ready for that as well. Pelle is continuing to move up except here he can
    equip the speed ring and boost himself. Balbs is also continuing to move. See
    Pelle is going to kill the Silver Knight on the wall and then the Hellhound;
    Balbs is going to hit the Artillery twice to defeat it. Continue giving EXP
    to Mages.
    Afterwards, recruit Ernst, promote if Balbs is 10, otherwise head along
      Battle 14
        Ideal   2:00:49
        My Best 2:22:38
    There's not much to this battle either, just blast blast blast things away.
    Your first turn should frankly be setting up your team to protect your squishy
    heroes and whatnot. Blaze 3 + Blaze 2 makes short work of EVERYTHING here so
    do that and proceed forward. Getting more levels on your casters is crucial
    and yeah. Surround and stab Balbazak when ready.
    Your levels at this point should be your Mages 3-4 and Pelle 3 as well. Any
    higher is fine as well. Also, make sure Pelle doesn't have the Speed Ring
    equipped during the end of the battle and IBS for boosting because we need the
    ring in the next battle.
        Chapter 5
      Battle 15
        Ideal   2:08:19
        My Best 2:30:37
    Alright, if Balbs hit 10 during Balbazak, Egress (either that Angel Wing or
    Speed Ring) and promote Balbs.
    The set up and execution of this battle is precise and changes heavily if you
    have additional members, though, it still plays out largely the same.
    Turn 1
    Move Tao to the right 2 spaces. Move Anri to the left, placing her 2 spaces
    below the barrel. Move Domingo down 2 and right 3. Balbs should be promoted
    and should go after the Conch has moved into his range, move over and attack
    it from above. Max is going to stand on the stairs, Pelle can move 1 space
    and equip the Speed Ring and boost himself. Move Ken down 7 towards the P
    Turn 2
    Move Tao above Max, position Anri up one and left one from Tao. Move Domingo
    over and onto the ship near Balbs. Pelle should kill the nearby Conch. Move
    Ken 7 spaces down again. Balbs can attack the Conch again. Max stay put.
    Turn 3
    Blaze 3 and Freeze 2 kills Sea Bats, do that. Position Domingo to the right of
    the stairs to form a nice set up once those P Knights move up. Pelle keeps
    killing enemies. Balbs collects more experience. If Ken did poorly last turn,
    he has to stay near to keep those Knights moving up, otherwise he can move up
    and start fighting, try to form a blockade for AOE. Max is useless.
    Finishing the battle
    AOE is your friend, so keep clumping the enemies. Pelle hits hard now, switch
    over to the Power Ring unless boost hasn't ended. Your levels on mages should
    be looking spot on, 5-6 and hopefully Domingo is 4+
    Afterwards, swap Jogurt in for Ken and give all 3 rings over to Balbs. Grab
    the two right chests as well and use those on Max.
      Battle 16
        Ideal   2:14:51
        My Best 2:37:12
    This battle is improved upon even more than before. I'm currently 10/10 on
    the 3 turn snipe and I think it will stay that way. So here's how it works.
    Turn 1
    Move everyone straight up; Pelle gets free EXP from the Skeleton. Make sure
    Balbs is moving 9 spaces.
    Turn 2
    Tao moves in front of the Worm, uses Blaze 3. Anri moves to the right and
    uses Freeze 2. Domingo just moves up 5. Depending on turns, Pelle might get
    another hit but otherwise just move him down towards Max. Put Max up a bit.
    Put Jogurt over on the right. Balbs moves up 8 and over 1, equips the Speed
    Ring and boosts himself.
    Turn 3
    Collect EXP if you can, but Balbs kills the Mage. The reason this works better
    is by breaking the trigger on turn 2 sooner, the Worms harmlessly move up 2
    spaces which frees up the whole process for Balbs. Very exciting.
    Afterwards, give the Mobility to Domingo and Speed to Pelle. You could buy a
    Steel Lance for Pelle if he's gained about 6 attack since he can OHKO now, but
    it's your call.
      Battle 17
        Ideal   2:24:12
        My Best 2:47:42
    The second ship battle, AKA battle 17 AKA 5-3 is the single easiest battle to
    lost an inordinate amount of time on and it all comes down to execution. The
    battle can easily be accomplished in less than 10 minutes, but a single
    mistake can put you into the 13 or 14 minute time frame. So let's begin.
    The first move needs to be getting your people down. Domingo is essential for
    his placement as 3 seabats move up towards your group and Domingo needs to get
    the bats to group up (less they come up spread out). Using the two pieces of
    the ship below us as our guide:
    The two outer seabats can each move to POT and CRATE, the other can move below
    PILLAR. By putting Domingo in either spot in front of POT or CRATE, you'll
    achieve a nice grouping. This lets them get roasted on our next turn by Blaze
    3 and hopefully Freeze 2 from Anri. The shells are going to move up, Pelle can
    equip the Speed Ring and go after the one on the left, move Max. If Jogurt is
    alive, he can tank a hit. Balbs can boost himself to OHKO enemies which helps.
    On Domingos next turn, he needs to get down to the left of the center pillar
    where he alongside Pelle will aggro all the enemies into a huge clump. Now we
    rinse/repeat magic damage and obliterate everything. Simple right?
        Chapter 6
    Before we can head out we have a few things to do. Krin and Karin are sisters
    whom need to be talked to before battle 18 and before battle 20. Other than
    that, repair if needed and head out.
      Battle 18
        Ideal   2:28:58
        My Best 2:53:19
    By sticking close to the mountains you don't spawn anything and Domingo/Balbs
    make short work of the boss, the Dullahan. Have Balbs boost himself the turn
    before and you're ready to roll. The 3 Artillery need to be killed and frankly
    I'd give them to whomever is close to a key spell. Tao always is a good choice
    as Blaze 4 is essential, but Anri is the preferred option since Freeze 3 and
    Freeze 4 exist. Pelle can give the Speed Ring to Balbs on turn 2 here.
    Once that's done, repair the Ring if needed and then collect the Broadsword
    from the north-eastern house (if Boken is standing like in your path, ignore
    it for now), as well the Halberd and Shower of Cure from the house where Bleu
    is. We won't be using Bleu much, but before fighting Kane let's move that
    Halberd to Pelle. I also find giving all my Shower of Cure to Ernst to be
    nice housekeeping.
    #Team Update#
    Max (Long Sword, 3x Healing Seed) 12-14
    Mae {dead}
    Pelle (Halberd) 4-6
    Luke {dead}
    Anri (Mobility Ring) 6+
    Tao 6+
    Domingo (3x Healing Seed, Speed Ring) 5+
    Khris {dead}
    Hans {dead}
    Balbaroy (Broadsword, Power Ring) 2+
    Amon {dead}
    Jogurt {dead}
      Battle 19
        Ideal   2:39:38
        My Best 3:04:45
    This battle has changed slightly and if you have more members, you can adjust
    basically on Gargoyles but largely the plan is the same. On the first turn,
    move Max up into the HQ area, positioning him down and right one, blocking
    so that only one person can make it to him. Move everyone else to the right.
    If the Master Mage out turns Anri, she can move over and use Freeze 3;
    otherwise I'd just use Blaze 2. Also, try to keep 20 MP on Anri for Kane, so
    do some maths to plan accordingly.
    On your next turn, don't move past the Golems until all Gargoyle have moved:
    this is because triggers. Otherwise, continue to kill everything with magic.
    Turns 3-4, move people over to the right. Position Domingo up so that's 5
    spaces from the upper Dullahan, unequip the speed ring on him the turn before
    you are planning on moving in. Boost Pelle as well.
    Once you are over there, Tao can stand below the Dullahan to blaze and Anri
    can assist. Don't hit Kane until you are ready to move in. Tao is fast, so
    ignore her for now. Anri can Freeze 3 Kane to hit the Priest as well; Domingo
    hopefully doesn't outturn Kane and can move over to use Freeze 2, killing the
    Priest and hitting Kane. Move Balbs down and right one from Kane, Pelle can
    hit Kane. I'd only save if your MP is limited. You can see Kane runs away and
    doesn't attack anyone. Max is going to get attacked by Gargoyles, basically
    heal him after each attack mostly.
    From here you gotta head back to Rudo after doing the Kane thing; talk to both
    sisters and then head out (making sure everything is repaired again). Head out
    but make sure to give Balbs the Mobility Ring.
      Battle 20
        Ideal   2:56:42
        My Best 3:25:59
    This battle keeps getting changed but hey, I'm trying to make it faster so
    let's just keep changing it. Domingo with the Speed Ring here is essential to
    prevent him from getting double turned; later you can give it to Pelle before
    Mishaela. Just move everyone to the right, including Balbs who should move 9
    On turn 2, depending on Gargoyle RNG, you may have to kill it with your Mages.
    Regardless, make sure Domingo can move 5 and stay on the mountains. Pelle
    should focus on continuing to move far. Move Balbs way over to the right, but
    keep him on the mountains, 4 spaces from the Bowrider to avoid being attacked.
    This is to draw up all the Belial so that we can kill em with magic.
    Tao and Anri will need to position for the Belials in the middle coming;
    Domingo should be able to reach and cast Freeze 2 on the Gargoyle and Bowrider
    and equip the Speed Ring. Pelle hopefully goes (save for Halberd use) but if
    he cannot, just move him over. Move Balbs down 9 more spaces.
    Ensure Domingo doesn't die, (heal if he's below 20) but keep clearing up top.
    Balbaroy can IBS and boost, move him just below the mountain range to draw up
    the Golem. If he's a lower level, you may want to do this later and clear the
    lower mages and Golem first to avoid tricky turn orders with the Golem.
    Keep clearing up top, you can move down once you are ready to clear out the
    mountain enemies. Moving 5 spaces from a mage aggros it. Balbs needs about 7
    turns to clear out the bottom 6 enemies, save for boost and save for the
    Priest kill. Adjust as needed.
    Give the Mobility Ring to Tao and Speed Ring to Pelle
      Battle 21
        Ideal   3:08:22
        My Best 3:38:40
    Best way to break this down is turns.
    TURN 1
    Move everyone up and towards the right side of the staircase. Equip the
    Speed Ring on Pelle.
    TURN 2
    Anri is going to Freeze 3 the Bowriders (two of them) and Domingo can Freeze 2
    the center; this allows Balbs to attack the furthest one, eliminating them all
    because they're dangerous. Hopefully we got a good formation so that Tao and
    Pelle can kill the Gargoyles (hence the Speed Ring). Don't bother saving for
    Halberd here. Keep moving Max to the left as his goal is to grab the Evil and
    Black Ring.
    Turns 3 to Master Mages
    Move over to the Mages. When you are positioned, blast away on the 4 (leaving
    the further Mage to be attacked). Pay attention to your levels/magic, as AOE
    is fine, but if we can, leave enemies to be attack as Dullahans and Belial
    are more important magical targets.
    Turns Master Mages to Mishaela's platform
    I'd move Balbs to go grab the White Ring/Shower of Cure, he doesn't really
    help out here and grabbing those saves like 40 seconds of Max walking later.
    The Belial will start to move down, deal with them as you see fit but like I
    said, having magic for the Dullahans can really help. Mishaela takes virtually
    no damage from magic so don't worry so much about her. Before moving onto
    the platform, have the Belial taken care of and everyone else grouped up
    (Balbs not so important)
    Getting on the platform
    Pending your magic, you may have to adjust, but basically Dullahans are tough
    at 22 HP to kill as Blaze 3 + Freeze 2 kills them. Otherwise, they'll go for
    Domingo, so use that as well. IBS for boosts, send a Mage to grab the Light
    Sword, use Domingo on the left to aggro Mishaela, kill Mishaela with Pelle
    and Balbs. Not much to be said.
        Chapter 7
    We're nearly done but now things are getting REALLY tough. It is evident that
    our team cannot keep up with these enemies, hence why Musashi "Moose" Master
    has joined our team and hopefully we are sporting some very strong magic in
    combo with our newly acquired Evil Ring/Bolt 3. Let's briefly run through who
    we still have.
    Max | He'll have the White Ring and Black Ring for this next battle, give him
    a Healing Seed and Shower of Cure for Chaos, after that he'll just have the
    White Ring and 3 Showers.
    Pelle | Give him the Halberd, Mobility, and Evil Ring for the next battle,
    Evil Lance and Mobility for Chaos
    Anri | Freeze 4 at P13, that is the goal
    Tao | Blaze 4 at P10, get there
    Domingo | Give him the Speed Ring and triple Healing Seed for now, hopefully
    he doesn't die in 7-1
    Balbaroy | Should be getting up there in level, 6-7+ ideally. He'll continue
    with the Power Ring for now
    MOOSE! | Musashi is incredible but we'll pick him up after Chaos and add him
    to our party in chapter 8
    Alef | we'll be neglecting her entirely
    Torasu | Leave him out of our party until after Ramladu
    NR                                                                          NR
    The plan here has changed dramatically, and largely doesn't reflect any new
    runner strategies. If you are using other people like Guntz, Kokichi, or even
    Zylo, adjust accordingly. Guntz will likely be your #1 instead of Pelle, and
    Kokichi could honestly be your Evil Ringer. Zylo should be dropped here
    NR                                                                          NR
      Battle 22
        Ideal   3:18:25
        My Best 3:56:44
    An extremely tricky battle here but hopefully with some luck we can get out of
    here without too much trouble. Turn 1, move everyone over to the right.
    Domingo should move 4 right and up 1, Balbs should IBS and boost himself. Make
    sure to move Balbs above the mountain range.
    Turn 2, Pelle should be able to IBS and bolt 3 a group of 4 (Belial, Jet, and
    2 Dullahan). Domingo can move over into position as well, Balbs can hit the
    Jet ideally, but maybe the Dullahan if Domingo can get into position. That
    closer one drops the Doom Blade, an essential drop. Tao and Anri can kill the
    closer of the Belial.
    Turn 3, move Domingo down as far possible, we want to start moving the enemies
    over so that our Bolt 3 can be really strong. Equip the Speed Ring on him here
    but you may have to wait, it depends how many enemies have moved so pay
    attention. Pelle will likely just attack a Dullahan, but again he could IBS
    and bolt 3.
    Rinse repeat to clear out the battle, try hard to avoid anyone dying; Domingo
    with the Speed Ring should avoid being outturned. You don't have to IBS for
    Bolt 3 on your last use.
    Afterwards, grab the Devil Lance and Turbo Pepper (Lance is going to Pelle)
    give all the rings to Balbs
      Battle 23
        Ideal   3:21:40
        My Best 3:56:44	
    Move Balbs up above Max and keep him on the wall. Turn 2, move him 8 spaces,
    equip the Speed Ring and boost himself. Turn 3, move 9 and kill the Demon
    Master. Your only source of concern here is if Balbs is very fast and goes
    before the Jets on turn 2, in which case you might have to save with Max
    to get a turn order that keeps Balbs from getting blocked, but that doesn't
    really happen often.
    Afterwards, and one of the biggest changes here, just head back to the King.
    If your Power Ring cracked, go ahead and repair it first (recruit Musashi
    as well) but you don't have to party him. Give Tao the Turbo Pepper in her
    inventory, and give Anri the Speed Ring. If Balbs has less than 27 speed,
    leave it unequipped. If Balbs has over 28 speed, have her equip it. Give Balbs
    the Dark Sword and Power Ring, Pelle the Mobility Ring and Evil Lance
      Battle 24
        Ideal   3:34:21
        My Best 4:10:29
    Here's the deal, this battle works but is totally insane. I strongly suggest
    watching Ty2358 doing it during his best run which is about 90 seconds slower
    than mine but his went flawlessly, my first recorded attempt did not.
    Regardless, here's the general plan. If Balbs is slower, IE less than 27, it
    will be a turn 2 kill but much simpler. Otherwise, it will be a turn 2 kill
    but more complicated. Chaos has 32 speed which is where those numbers are
    derived from. Pelle with Evil Lance and Balbs boosted with Dark Sword is more
    than enough damage to kill Chaos, so that's the plan; we need to bring him
    down towards us.
    If the Demon Master outturns Tao, move her over and Blaze 4 (I really hope
    you have it now) otherwise Blaze 3 and Pelle can use Bolt 3. If she goes
    first, IBS and use the Turbo Pepper (turn on Battle messages and reset if you
    don't get +2). Where that Demon Master moves is very important, as the space
    next to it marks a dangerous spot to stand, so don't put anybody else there
    until after the worms and Torch Eye have moved. Keep that in mind, as Anri
    can move near there if Balbs is slower than Chaos. Otherwise, Anri will need
    to move up to the nook in the corner, that aggros Chaos.
    Balbs and Max will likely get attacked, they should both be OK here. That's
    where the Shower is for, you may have to use it on Max's turn depending on
    the damage that went down on that first turn. Move Pelle up and over near Max;
    his exact position changes depending on Balbs; because HE aggros Chaos unless
    you need to bring Chaos down sooner because Balbs may be too fast.
    Balbs can move up and over, IBS and boost himself, EQUIP the Dark Sword.
    If Domingo is alive, he should move to that space 2 away from the Demon Master
    as that properly draws down the enemies.
    I realize this is tricky, but the video is a great tutorial so use that as
    Your turn 2 involves killing Chaos; Max moves over and gets shielded between
    Domingo and Tao (or Tao will shield him on her turn. Blaze 4 the Demon Master
    or Blaze 3 if you don't have it. Anri and Domingo are great blockers for Max.
    Save for Balbs and Pelle and defeat Chaos after he moves. Ideally, Chaos goes
    and then Balbs and Pelle can harmlessly attack him, that's why Balbs being
    faster here can complicate things.
    Go ahead and give Balbs the Chaos Breaker and all the rings. If you didn't
    Turbo Pepper Tao here, do it in the next battle.
      Battle 25
        Ideal   3:39:28
        My Best 4:15:54
    It takes Balbs 5 turns to reach and kill the Armed Skeleton at the bottom
    who is the boss. The turn before, equip the Speed Ring and boost himself. You
    can move Max twice to be a little closer, but don't keep moving otherwise
    enemies will aggro. If Balbs has 75 or less attack, go ahead and IBS before
    the attack as I've had very rarely him not do enough damage. He DOES do enough
    but sometimes the game is weird. Now let's roll out.
        Chapter 8
    Aahhhh Runefause, the glorious end is upon us! This is the hardest and most
    twisted chapter yet, not to mention we are tired from playing for 5 hours
    but press on! The battle is nearly over. Let's quickly review our team and
    what they'll all have.
    Max | White Ring, 3 Showers (possibly 2 if you had to use one)
    Pelle | Evil Lance, Evil Ring, Halberd
    Luke (dead)
    Anri | Speed Ring (unequipped for now)
    Khris (dead)
    Hans (dead)
    Amon (dead)
    Balbs | Chaos Breaker
    Moose | Katana, Power Ring, Mobility Ring
    Jogurt (dead)
    So swap Musashi in for Mae. After Ramladu, put Torasu in for Khris. That's it.
    It looks insane, but we save a ton of time by minimizing turns and this works.
    Let's continue
      Battle 26
        Ideal   3:50:49
        My Best 4:27:15
    With the above set up, it works. Tao can move out and Blaze 4 the Chimaera and
    avoid getting attacked. Everybody else sets up on the right. On turn 2, Tao
    is triggering the Chimaera to move so with ASCII art
    C C X C C Wall
    That's the general set up. The left most Chimaera hopefully dies. With Max on
    the right, our general set up will keep Moose there and the two Chimaera will
    move down into that position, the other moving over keeping a space. That's
    a good Bolt 3 on turn 2. To do that, move Tao up far enough so that she
    doesn't get attacked by the moving Chimaera. Pelle can block the left Chimaera
    From there, you can clear them out and then the battle is basically over.
    Domingo and Balbs can kill the left group with Freeze 3 and 2; IBS for
    Pelle to bolt 3, once on the Dragons and once on the skeletons but after
    Anri has used Freeze 3. Tao can then clear the Dragons with Blaze 4, Moose
    can take off the Bowriders.
    It's a tricky set up, but it works and is generally faster than what you can
    hope for otherwise.
      Battle 27
        Ideal   3:54:06
        My Best 4:31:11
    So Blaze 4, Freeze 4, Freeze 3, and Moose kill Ramladu. Obviously move up.
    Domingo will need to shield Max unless the nearby Steel Claw goes before
    Musashi. Putting Tao to the right of Ramladu prevents his heal. Yeah we have
    to revive afterwards but it's the real way to get it done fast. That's about
    Once Ramladu falls, go back and revive our party and make sure everything is
    repaired. Add Torasu to our party, give our rings to Balbs, and head out.
      Battle 28
        Ideal   4:09:24
        My Best 4:46:54
    This battle really has come so far and is much easier to pull off now thanks
    to a better understanding of the movement. Balbs is going to keep moving while
    everyone else kills things; let's elaborate.
    The nearby Chimaera are coming down, hopefully Anri waits to allow one to move
    over so she can Freeze 4. Moose is going to position over on the left to block
    for Max. Everyone else position nearby, keep Max in his spot. Balbs needs to
    move up and over, keep him away from Chimaera, but move 9 spaces. Domingo
    similarly needs to move up and over.
    The Dragon cannot reach Max from where it moved, use someone to block, maybe
    Moose, and Tao can kill it next turn with Blaze 4. Anri and Pelle should be
    able to eliminate the Chimaera that position up around Moose. IBS for the
    Evil Ring, last time we'll have to. Move Balbs and Domingo more. Don't move
    Balbs up too high yet, focus more left.
    Someone needs to move between the columns at the start, as this aggros the
    enemies once Balbs now breaks that trigger. Use Moose. Move Balbs so that he
    moves 8 spaces from the left Colossus head which draws it over safely. Keep
    moving Domingo because he'll draw that head down towards him. Once the Jets
    and Skellies are moving down towards Moose, you can pull him back, basically
    set up a fort to get some good clumping to eliminate them quickly.
    Balbs is now moving onto the nearby wall; it prevents the skeleton from
    attacking him and gets him into position for the next turn. Move Domingo as
    to not be attacked by the skeleton but so that the Colossus head moves
    after him. If Balbs gets attacked, oh well, but the goal is to avoid having to
    use a Shower here.
    IBS and boost Balbs. Move him onto the cliff, keep him about 9 spaces from the
    center head. If Balbs has 79 or more attack with the Power Ring, he can equip
    the Speed Ring for a double turn attempt on the center head (if he took
    damage) otherwise just double power ring attack. Save for those hits.
    Afterwards give the Power Ring to Max, Mobility to Moose, and Speed to Anri.
    Use that Chicken on her now as well.
      Battle 29
        Ideal   4:16:49
        My Best 4:54:59
    The battle here is planned to take 4 turns, Dark Sol dying on turn 4.
    Turn 1
    Move Tao up to the middle of the path, position everyone else near but avoid
    the Torch Eyes. Keep a space open for Anri to move 5 (hopefully Pelle goes
    after them and can bolt 3 the left side)
    Turn 2
    Move Tao up and Blaze 4 the right Torch Eye. Anri Freeze 4 the Torch Eye in
    the middle. Move everyone else up. Domingo should be on the right side, Max
    IBS and on the left, boosting Musashi. The dragons can move to the lower
    platform, so keep a space for them to move there as they're coming now but
    we want to avoid attacks.
    Turn 3
    Move Tao to the middle and Blaze 4 the left Torch Eye (should just be a Steel
    Claw now) and if you moved correctly the Dragons will move straight down but
    not reach anyone. Moose can move and hit Dark Sol (consider saving) as well as
    Pelle. Anri use Freeze 4. It makes a lot more sense when you just do it in
      Battle 30
        Ideal   4:25:33*
        My Best 5:03:24
    *Best split is 7:57:39, the error of a nearly 45 seconds is from dropped
    tenths of seconds throughout the guide
    This is it. Our whole run has been building to this one fight and now
    everything is on the table. If something needs to shatter, let it. If you
    have to use a Shower of Cure, do it. We must win.
    Our party is super small but luckily if you've followed my advice, this
    should take around 8 minutes and wham bam pizza man. The first turn is all
    about setting up; we want to avoid anyone getting attacked by the Skeletons.
    Torasu is going to move up so that he can Shield himself on the spawner, Max
    is going to go to the left and sit on that spawner soon as well. Because of
    this, we're focusing the left head first but stay with me.
    Musashi is going to get attacked by Dark Dragon, so he can move up and hit
    but keep everyone else spread out. Max can boost Balbs.
    Your next turn, put Domingo near the center head to draw focus, hit it with
    everything you got; well, Tao can Blaze 4 one skeleton and Balbs will kill
    the other. Save before Max moves onto the square.
    The dragon should go down quickly here, Domingo will tank that first hit.
    Move over to the left head thereafter and hit it. Any time Max is exposed,
    save before you take his turn to avoid Bolt 4. The left head goes down very
    quickly though; Shower if everyone is low. Rinse repeat then for the right
    side, stop that timer once the last head is defeated!
    There. We've done it!
    4. Discussion
        End Remarks
    Concerning my most recent run; all I can say is: DARN! I missed by under 4
    minutes getting the sub 5 and had a pretty crappy beginning. It's OK, we'll
    run through it now
    Chapter 1 was OK. Normally, sub 40 chapter 1 is considered godlike, but with
    some improvements here, we expect a sub 40 chapter 1. Unfortunately, I posted
    a 39:30 Alterone which is about a 40:30 chapter 1. The problem arose from my
    Alterone battle itself, where I didn't have enough magic and Max slept; he
    also couldn't OHKO which is a problem. Could be improved by 3 or 4 minutes
    Chapter 2 was pretty bad. My desert battle is consistently down to 10-11
    minutes, this one took nearly 12 minutes thanks to a number of bad rng
    outcomes. 2-2 and 2-3 were fair, but then Ken got blown up by a Skeleton in
    Shade Abbey which greatly slowed that down. Ken actually really hurt the run
    in general. He actually didn't level through chapter 2 because he kept missing
    and yeah; he was terrible. Could be improved by 3 or 4 minutes
    Chapter 3 was very average. I finally got the turn 2 kill on the Master Mage
    which is great, but then the forest went slowly. Posting a 142 chapter 3 is
    fair but not what we are looking for. We really want a 1:3low at this point
    My chapter 4 continues to struggle with outrageous bad luck. I went ahead
    and grabbed Vankar; I lost quite a bit of time in Elliot thanks to some bad
    luck, Pelle missing a lot and well, Vankar missing everything. My 4-2 did
    finally go well though; a minor plus. Balbazak stunk though. Could easily
    be 5 or 6 minutes faster (lost 3 minutes alone on Elliot)
    Chapter 5 was good. The 5-2 fiasco is beyond us, and 5-3 is improving with
    our Mages levels. Could be improved by a minute or two.
    Chapter 6 stunk. Power Ring troubles kept me repairing constantly and I lose
    4 minutes in 6-3 thanks to a deviation in strategy that actually is horrible.
    I didn't describe it in this guide because don't do what I did in the actual
    video, do what I describe instead. Mishaela went well and should largely stay
    that way if you can get the turn 2 clear on Gargoyles with Tao and Pelle.
    Could easily be 4 minutes faster
    Chapter 7 was not good. I saved a bunch of time over my previous splits, but
    I should have saved much more time. My Evil Ring battle went extremely poorly
    and bad turn RNG resulted in Pelle and Domingo dying, a huge amount of time
    loss. As a result, my Chaos battle didn't save nearly the time I expected due
    to needing to revive both Domingo and Pelle. Could be improved by another 6
    minutes I expect
    My chapter 8 was the best posted so far. A sub 50 chapter 8 was an impressive
    run to be sure. My Chimaera battle was good, even a gold split, but it could
    have been improved due to weird turn orders on the first turn, with Tao being
    outturned by a Chimaera. Colossus went fine. Once again, my Dark Sol was slow,
    could still be about 90 seconds faster.
    In total, the number of "better" battles was more than "worse" but in the run,
    I even said in chapter 3 "well, if we can do this without Ken we'll continue,
    otherwise I'm resetting" indicating a poor start and things not going as
    intended. In total, the run could be improved by another 10 minutes easily,
    with potentially 20 minutes being the godlike run. The next question is, 4:30?
    I'd have to say, maybe, but you'd need a good run or a new strategy. That's
    largely what has happened here. Smaller teams and better experience allocating
    has resulted in major time saves in the late game and right now I need a run
    that has a better early game, where RNG can really get the better of you.
      Collecting the Sidenotes
      Side Note: Stat Items and Rings
    Defense Potions:    Max
      These things are rather useless for the most part. However, they are quite
      essential early for Max not dying as there are a number of spots (like Shade
      Abbey) where he must get attacked. Later, you can use these on Domingo if
      you so desire as Max shouldn't ever get attacked post Chapter 2 for the
      most part.
    Power Potions:     Balbaroy
      Save these for Balbaroy and use them before Colossus unless his attack with
      the Chaos Breaker equipped is less than 55 before the Armed Skeleton
      As explained earlier, if Max has 20 attack after 1-3, you can power potion
      him for the OHKO, a strategy that speeds things up quite a bit and is better
      But Max won't always get there so just keep in mind
    Bread of Life:     See Below
      These aren't so good but I tend to use some on Max if he's struggling but I
      try to save them for Below. The first one on Anri can be huge if you can
      save it
    Legs of Haste:     Anri
      Using this at the end of the game with the Speed Ring should boost her up
      to speeds that we want
    Turbo Pepper:      Tao
      Use it on her. Make sure she gets +2 movement
    Power Ring:        Whomever
      This goes on whomever we need it to. Refer to the walkthrough
    Speed Ring:        As needed, then Anri
      This thing gets tossed around a lot, refer to the guide
    Mobility Ring:     As needed
      This thing gets thrown around like a frat mattress. It's always for who we
      need to have it
      Side Note: Bread of Life
    I've mentioned a couple of times HP thresholds, so let's talk about it. There
    are a total of (3) three of these things. The first one is for Anri, as it can
    push her well out of Blaze 2 range. The latter two aren't so important, and
    can even be skipped, but they can prove useful.
    The first is available in Chapter 4. If my Max doesn't have 22+ HP by 4-3,
    then this is a good time to use one. The reason is that Max will tend to take
    7 points of damage from Sea Bats. Giving him 22+ HP obviously gives you an
    extra turn to live.
    Other than that, let's look at exact HP amounts that are important.
    18+ will push you out of Freeze 3 range. Demon Masters use Freeze 3 and it
    is the strongest not-bolt 4 spell to be faced by Dark Dragon. 
    22+ will push you out of Torch Eyes laser attack. It can do 18-22 on a normal
    hit so pushing someone to 23+ can guarantee their survival. Most people hit
    this naturally, but Tao really struggles on her HP so she's a decent candidate
    27+ will push out of the fire breath from Chimaera. Most heroes prefer this as
    the regular claw attack annihilates all but Guntz, Hanzou, and Moose.
    30+ will push out of the frost attack from Dragons. Their attack is stronger,
    but having more than 30 health should keep you alive
    35+ will keep you alive against Demon Breath hopefully. It doesn't seem to do
    more than that and well, if it double hits then GG you're dead
    So you can see where the breakdown occurs. Anri will usually get to Demon
    Breath range, Tao hovers usually around 20 HP or so, and Hanzou can have more
    than 40 health but giving him 45 is basically insurance to survive 3 lasers.
    This is why I say the Breads aren't super helpful but you can see how pushing
    Anri or Domingo into that extra HP range can speed things up as you can play
    more fast and loose.
        Side Note: End Team
    This is basically how our end team will look:
    Max - White Ring, 3x Shower of Cure
    Pelle - Halberd, Devil Lance, Evil Ring
    Tao, Anri, Domingo
    Musashi - Mobility Ring + Katana + Black Ring
    Balbaroy - Chaos Breaker
      Discussing the Glitches/Abuses
        The Speed Ring
    Not so useful later on, but early that +4 agility can make someone get their
    turn much faster. It can be used on someone to get 2 attacks in a row, or
    more importantly to allow Max to move twice in a row. Later on, the Speed Ring
    should be on someone slower who needs more turns, usually Pelle or Anri
    The game programmers decided these two almost always have priority. In fact,
    it goes something like
    Max > Domingo > Healers/Mages > Archers/Flying Units > Everything else
    To the point to where enemies will move past viable targets to stand in line
    and not attack just because they're closer to someone. As a result, this is a
    very helpful abuse especially once Domingo can take a hit or two. For Max
    sadly this run you won't be using this so much later on however early you can
    still get some nice use out of it. In Domingo's case, I believe he has such a
    high priority as he is both a "flyer" and a "caster" which puts him above
    everyone besides "hero"
        The Boost Glitch
    This is definitely a glitch as the game will even say "boost has ended" but it
    actually hasn't. Boost is supposed to go away after 1-3 turns, but in fact
    stays until you've taken damage, or gone up a level. Curse damage does not
    count as damage; you have to be attacked. This is the most helpful and abusive
    of all the glitches as you can boost someone for 8 or 9 minutes so long as
    your careful. It reduces the need to BS as much as well as allows you to take
    out many more enemies being able to take advantage of knowing not to level or
    who recently leveled and whatnot. Many thanks to Darkkobold for this one
        Turn Order Manipulation
    Something I talk about often but not in great detail so here goes. The Turn
    Order, or Battle Order, whatever you want to call it, is calculated at the
    very end of each turn (by the person who moves last). This is very easy to
    notice as you can save with the last person to move and restart to see how
    the turns change each time. Early on, this has practically no use as the
    speeds are too close to each other and too hard to manipulate but later on
    once people are faster then it is more controllable. Basically, each person's
    speed stat can "change" by about 12% for turn order calculation. To explain,
    in Dark Kobold's TAS of this game, he explains that Max needs 22 speed for the
    Mishaela battle, as that speed allows Max to get outturned by the Bowriders
    (to avoid being blocked) but then when he equips the Speed Ring he then can
    outturn Mishaela and OHKO with double crits. It's fascinating, and we use it
    in a couple of spots, most notably 8-3 and 7-2 to make sure bad things don't
    happen to Balbs.
        Cliff Aggro Manipulation
    Weird, but grounded enemies will not attack flyers on a cliff/wall unless
    their end of turn positions puts them in that spot. This is most obvious in
    Colossus as Balbs sits very near an Armed Skeleton but the walls keep him
    safe. This does not work against enemy flyers though
        A new challenger approaches!
    So basically, I had this idea of trying some new way of beating the game. As
    hard as it may seem, replaying this game ten or eleven times can become a bit
    boring and stale, so I wanted to try a new challenge, deemed, "Minimalist".
    The premise is simple: We collect that only which we need to defeat the game.
    This means that our party will be just 12 members. Max, Mae, Khris, Balbs,
    Amon, Pelle, Ernst, Bleu, Alef, Torasu, and Adam are all required and Gong
    will tag along because Max needs some help early in that first battle.
    How do we skip the others like Tao, Luke, Gort, Ken, and Hans? There is a
    video, but basically there's a blonde hair'd guy walking around we need to
    "push" lower and let him block the guards. That lets us leave town and shazam
    we can skip the other characters. Strangely enough, this is the starting mark
    for this time as well, as timing the process of doing that is tedious and
    stressful as getting it perfect is just a waste of time.
    Anywho, I'm also uploading a video of this to my same account, titled
    "SF Speed Run Minimalist" for your pleasure. The strategy largely stays the
    same (hence no new guide) and I'll probably not go nuts trying to improve it
    but we'll see. The major difference is using Khris (Quick) to do some cool
    things and Balbs gets the Turbo Pepper for imba 9 movement which helps. Not
    collecting Musashi, Kokichi, or any casters early makes this fairly tough
    early, but later on, Max and Pelle become absolute beasts. It's a fun
    challenge to say the least, and I've gone and done a speed run of it! My
    current time is 6:47 which is still better than my first "any" percent run
    done a long time ago, but it's nearly an hour slower than my current best.
    Good luck and have fun!
    5. Conclusion
    This is copyright me, Todd Lesinski AKA NoWorries. As such, you cannot use
    copy any part of this guide and claim it as your own. I'm not a stickler so
    long you make a reference somewhere saying that this guide was so helpful for
    whatever purpose you are using this for that would be great. If you are a
    cheat bastard then may a ball-eating plague be struck upon you and all
    consequent men in your family until you right this wrong.
        Contact Info
    If you feel the need to contact me about ANYTHING pertaining to THIS guide;
    you may contact me at         (AT)   [.]
    Please specify "SHINING FORCE I SPEED RUN" to differentiate from my other
    Shining Force guides/works out on the webs. I do appreciate your time. If you
    don't do this, I probably won't respond. I may also not respond because I'm
    very busy but I will do the best I can.
    You can also follow me on twitter NoWorries tskisoccer @tskisoccer
    You can also follow me on twitch to know when I'm streaming
    Gamefaqs - For getting me into guide writing
    Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) - For getting me into Speed Running. It is
        technically run through the Speed Game Demos
        Which is their channel. AGDQ is their charity event that raises money for
        Cancer and it's fascinating even if you are not big into video games. But
        big thanks and shout out to them for getting me serious into actually
        doing this and maybe you'll see me at AGDQ 2016 running this game if I
        can consistently get it down to six, six and a half hours.
    DarkKobold - The brave soul who TASed this game in under two hours. Your
        video was both awesome to watch and extremely helpful for giving me ideas
        how to run this faster. Naturally I'm not tassing so I can't get the
        double crits like you do with Lua but I think I worked it out pretty well
        for myself =)
        But the Boost Glitch was invaluable, thank you
        His webpage: http://tasvideos.org/DarkKobold.html
    Twitch - For adding a fun and new interesting dynamic into speedrunning. Huge
        shoutouts to everyone who routinely comes and watches me play!
    Ty2358 - My strongest competition, I enjoy racing and suffering the bad RNG
        with you my friend
    BowieTheHero - My British lad from overseas, he and I are running Shining
        Force 2 at RPGLimitBreak 2016 and he and I talk way too much Shining
        Force in general as he complains that I get lucky and I try to remind him
        of my bad RNG which does happen
    Myself - For enjoying this game far too much. It's unhealthy
    You the reader - Well, without you folks, this isn't nearly as fun. Also, I
        hope you enjoy the video. Just don't be too harsh as it's far from
        perfect; I just wanted you to have something to have in tangent with
        this guide as words aren't perfect sometimes
    Camelot Software Planning and Sega - obviously, for making the game
    Length - 94867

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