***** BIG PIXEL SALE - FREE GAMES FOR 48HRS ONLY *****Set in modern-day Tokyo, a giant Happy Cat has travelled back in time from the year 2336 AD, where everything is just too happy, to bring happiness and destruction to the city’s inhabitants!PRESS REVIEWS“It's hard not to enjoy this title and is definitely a must-try experience. [5/5]” - App Spy “Meow Meow Happy Fight is absolutely stunning, an instant buy in our book [5/5]” - MobileTechReview“The game is just too darn fun! [4/5]” - 148Apps“Attractive presentation, striking visuals and playability through the roof. [8/10]” - AppTilt“One of the happiest games in the App Store [4/5]” - AppSmile“The gameplay is fast-paced, the AI is very good, and the style is absurd. It really is a lot of fun.” - Touch Arcade“The professional character design, stunning backgrounds and attractive Japanese music all add to the game’s appeal” - Appmodo“The game is packed with visual stimuli, you haven't seen anything quite like this on the App Store” - GameZebo“You can’t really go wrong with this one, an easy recommendation” - Games Uncovered “A solid dual stick shooter with a unique cute style” - App AdviceWIN YOUR WAY TO THE TOPAn all new style of dual-stick shooter, Meow Meow Happy Fight puts you up against a series of contestants to battle it out in the dazzling neon settings of Tokyo. With a massive 30 action-packed levels, 20 characters to unlock, 15 super power-ups and, of course, 1 giant Happy Cat, this game really takes the dual-stick shooter to the next level!POWER-UPS GALOREAs you progress through epic battles you will unlock some awesome power-ups which need to be mastered in order to succeed. Just being quick with your thumbs will not be enough, tactics and quick thinking will be put to the test!A WEALTH OF CHARACTERSNo less than 20 highly individual characters, each with their own skills and traits can be unlocked. Using Happy Points earned during the game, you can choose which characters to spend points on to unlock and master.FEATURES• 30 action-packed levels• 15 power-ups (including Quad Damage, Invisibility, Super Speed, special weapons and more)• 20 different characters to choose from• Easy to follow tutorial to get you started• OpenFeint integration for high scores, achievements and more• Game progress is auto-saved as you play• High quality audio tracks and sound effects• iPod music library access• Classic dual-stick controls plus • ‘Auto-Aim’ option for beginnersNOTE TO USERSIf you are finding the game too difficult to begin with, please try turning on AUTO-AIM mode in the Options menu. Also don’t forget you can upgrade to more powerful characters by spending the Happy Points you’ve earned in battles.CHARACTER SYNCINGYou need version 1.2 or later on both devices in order to sync your unlocked characters. If after first login they don’t automatically sync, you may need to log out of your OpenFeint account, and then log back in again.------------------------------------FOLLOW USFacebook: @BigPixelStudios------------------------------------

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