Cannon Cadets, the hot new physics game from the people that brought you #1 hits Little Metal Ball and Marine Sharpshooter! 80 beautifully illustrated levels, addictive gameplay and lots of re-playability are just a few reasons why Cannon Cadets is the new must have game!

"The game physics are a lot of fun -- there are objects in higher levels that are more like Rube Goldberg devices than just knock 'em down structures, with spinning and swinging bits that are a delight to work with." -- Steven Sande,

"One thing that I like a lot about Cannon Cadets is the secret levels that are unlocked by hitting various targets in the game world. I thought the golden egg portion of Angry Birds was really awesome, and this just takes that a step further..." -- Eli Hodapp,

"Cannon Cadets delivers on all levels. The graphics are excellent, the game-play is precise, addictive, and smooth, you can play as four different characters, and the shear number of levels and the addictive nature of the game make it well worth the download." -- Ryan Johnson, (5/5)

"It is in no way a cheap imitation, in fact with it's high production values, I see Cannon Cadets as more of a younger sibling to Angry Birds, with a lot of similar traits and features, but with some unique abilities all its own." -- Brett Nolan,


Not that long ago, in a galaxy not really very far away, a group of heartless scientists, driven by greed and a desire for power, carried out unrelenting experiments on a little monkey named Gordo. Each experiment chipped away at Gordo’s friendly demeanor, leaving him hardened and bitter. In a high-risk experiment to test a new type of rocket booster, Gordo was blasted into space. The rocket misfired and crashed on a nearby planet where both the experiment and Gordo were abandoned and soon forgotten.

Gordo’s despair and anger became all encompassing and the beauty and happiness of the world around him only fueled his rage. Using everything he learned as a science experiment, he built an army of robots with the goal of making the rest of the world as miserable as he was.

Gordo now travels the galaxy, rounding up those most joyous and happy, trapping them in cages and leaving them behind, guarded by his robot minions. But one happy little boy has escaped Gordo’s grasp. Armed with a rocket and fueled by fun, the little RocketBoy is building an elite force called the Cannon Cadets. You must help RocketBoy free his friends so they can restore fun to the Galaxy and show Gordo how to have fun again!

-80 beautifully illustrated levels
-4 playable characters (RocketBoy, RocketGirl, Pop, and Granati)
-Hidden Bonus Levels
-Amazing game physics including hinged and moving objects, and complex levels that would delight even Rube Goldberg and Heath Robinson

For more, follow us @XMGStudio on Twitter! Level walk-thrus available on YouTube:

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