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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Robyrt

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    Infinity Blade: FAQ/Walkthrough by Robyrt
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    |       by Robyrt       |
    |Version 1.0,  1/24/2011|
    2. COMBAT
    	2.1. Introduction
    	2.2. Defense
    	2.3. Offense
    	2.4. Magic
    	2.5. Bloodlines
    	3.1. Experience
    	3.2. Stats
    4. ITEMS
    	4.1. Swords
    	4.2. Shields
    	4.3. Helms
    	4.4. Armor
    	4.5. Rings
    	5.1. The River
    	5.2. The Hanging Tree
    	5.3. The Courtyard
    	5.4. The Balcony
    	5.5. The Bridge
    	5.6. The Stairs
    	5.7. The Battlement
    	5.8. The Elevator
    	5.9. The Throne Room
    	5.10. The God King
    Infinity Blade is wildly popular, it's addictive, and it looks fabulous.
    Fortunately, it's also largely self-explanatory. This FAQ is not going to take
    you through the opening tutorial, because the game already does that. Instead,
    I'll go into a little more depth on the game's mechanics, and help you chase
    after those elusive achievements.
    2. COMBAT
    2.1. Introduction
    Combat in Infinity Blade is unlike other medieval combat games you may have
    played: you must first defend against the enemy's blows until "BREAK!" appears
    on the screen, then start attacking. Aggression has only one purpose: to make
    the enemy start an attack pattern, and thus make battles happen slightly
    There are three types of enemies: small, medium and large. Human-sized enemies
    like the Assassin, the Hedge Knight and the God King are "small," plate-wearing
    enemies like the Paladin, the Marrow Fiend and the Dark Knight are "medium,"
    and club- or mace-using monsters like the Feral Troll and Golem are "large."
    Each type has the same set of attacks, regardless of their different names.
    Press the Info button in the bottom right before fighting enemies to get an
    idea of what equipment they're using. At lower levels, this will reveal that
    they are just as under-equipped as you are (they will have no special icons
    underneath their name), but at higher levels, expect enemies to have a status
    effect on their sword and protection from 3/5 of your own effects. Since this
    is still pre-combat, you can go into the menu and swap out your sword and
    shield to be most effective against each enemy.
    2.2. Defense
    This is what you'll spend the majority of the game doing. There are three
    methods of defense: parry, dodge and block.
    Parry by swiping the screen to attack in time with an opponent's attack, either
    in the same or the opposite direction from which the attack is coming. Parries
    are the strongest method of defense; a Parry Break will always let you sneak in
    a 4-hit or 5-hit combo. The window for a successful parry is quite generous -
    any time the opponent's blade is pointed towards you will work, and a swipe
    from bottom left to top right will usually register as a rightward parry even
    though technically it's diagonal. Parrying is easier when you are mirroring the
    opponent's blow (swipe left to parry a strike coming from the left side of the
    screen). Only attacks with a weapon can be parried; kicks, stomps and headbutts
    must be dodged or blocked.
    Occasionally, when you parry, you will be prompted to "TAP!" the screen as fast
    as possible. The faster you tap, the more your blade will advance on screen. If
    you tip the enemy far enough backward, they will become stunned, allowing you
    to get in a large combo. If you fail to tap quickly enough, you will take
    damage as if they had successfully hit you.
    Dodge by tapping the left or right third of the screen in time with an
    opponent's attack. Dodge in the direction an attack is coming from - i.e. tap
    left to dodge a strike coming from the left side of the screen. Most vertical
    attacks can be dodged in either direction. Punches cannot be dodged, and must
    be blocked. Note that you can only dodge for a certain amount of time before
    automatically returning to the center, although the timing window is very
    generous. Dodging is the easiest method of defense, but a Dodge Break won't
    open the opponent up for very long, so you can only get a few hits in. When
    avoiding a long attack pattern, try dodging the first few hits and waiting to
    parry a big telegraphed strike.
    Block by holding in the center third of the screen. You can block at any time,
    but only as long as you have points left in your block meter, a small shield in
    the bottom center of the screen; each blocked attack will deduct points from
    the meter. More powerful strikes will deduct more points. Attacks that charge
    forward and shield bash moves cannot be blocked; they must be dodged or
    parried. A Block Break will leave the opponent open for a beating, with the
    size of the possible combo depending on how quick you are to react.
    2.3. Offense
    The most basic form of offense is a Hit: swipe across the screen in the same
    direction repeatedly. This is very fast but only does normal damage. If your
    sword has a status effect attached, it will be displayed as "Fire Hit", "Ice
    Hit," etc. when you perform this attack.
    A Huge Hit (3-hit combo) is performed by alternating opposite swipes (left-
    right-left, up-down-up, etc). The final hit has a special combo animation and
    does 200% damage. You will almost always be able to land a Huge Hit whenever
    the opponent is vulnerable. If you're fast, you can land a Huge Hit with only 1
    preparatory hit instead of 2, after you've completed another combo. (The last
    hit of the previous combo counts as the first hit.)
    A Mega Hit (4-hit combo) is performed by swiping twice in opposite directions
    (left-left-right-right, up-up-down-down, etc). The final hit has a special
    combo animation and does 250% damage. You can usually land a Mega Hit after a
    Block Break or Parry Break.
    An Ultra Hit (5-hit combo) is performed by swiping in all 4 directions, then
    one opposite swipe (up-down-left-right-left, right-left-down-up-down, etc). The
    final hit has a special combo animation and does 300% damage. You can usually
    land an Ultra Hit after a Parry Break, Super or Stab. You should always attempt
    one of these when given the chance, as 300% damage more than makes up for the
    lower speed of swiping in different directions compared to frantically mashing
    the touch screen.
    A Scratch occurs when you strike the opponent while they are attacking. It does
    only 25% damage, but can safely be inserted in between parries against slower
    opponents, or used to finish off the last chunk of health from an enemy.
    Scratches do not trigger your sword's status effects.
    A Stab occurs during special points in each enemy's animation, or right after a
    Break. Tap the screen where the white circle appears and your opponent will
    become vulnerable for a long time (5-7 hits). Small and Medium enemies are
    stabbed in the chest or the back, while Large enemies are sometimes stabbed in
    the foot or head as well. The Stab itself does 200% damage; if you swipe
    instead, you will just get a Hit and the opponent will recover immediately.
    Stabs are an important part of the later stages of the game, as many opponents
    will be vulnerable to a Stab much earlier than they are to a Parry Break. On
    very rare occasions, enemies will need two stabs at different points before
    they are stunned.
    Tapping the Super icon in the top left of the screen will interrupt all enemy
    attacks and let you unleash a full combo on your opponent. This can be an Ultra
    Hit, or even a Mega Hit + Huge Hit together. It builds up slowly as you swing
    your sword or take damage, so save it for emergencies like a particularly
    tricky move.
    2.4. Magic
    Tapping the Magic icon in the top right of the screen will prompt you to draw a
    particular spell on the screen. Time does not stop here, and being hit will
    interrupt your spell casting, so cast spells only when the opponent is doing a
    slow move or has just blocked your attack. The game is extremely generous at
    interpreting your gestures, and even provides a small list of possible spells
    at the bottom of the screen. Your opponents will never use magic against you,
    so consider it compensation for being so lowly compared to their ever-
    increasing power.
    Using magic will interrupt the enemy's attack and trigger a splashy visual
    effect. This means that in a pinch you can get out of a troublesome attack by
    drawing an easy spell like Fire very quickly.
    Each ring can cast spells at different levels. Higher levels of spells are
    vastly more effective than lower levels; where a Heal 1 might heal 400 life
    points, a Heal 3 could heal 4000. The command used does not change by level.
    Offensive spells include Fire (a circle), Ice (right, then down), Poison (an X
    connected at the bottom), and Shock (a lightning bolt pointing to the bottom
    left). These all do massive chunks of damage based on your Magic stat, which
    can be improved by leveling up or purchasing better rings. Poison and Shock
    also do small amounts of additional damage over time. Enemies who are resistant
    to these effects will be dealt only 1 damage per point of Magic, so avoid
    casting spells on resistant enemies at all costs!
    Defensive spells include Heal (a U shape) and Shield (an upside down U). Heal
    will restore your life, while Shield will restore your block meter. Because
    higher-level enemies are increasingly resistant to your offensive spells, and
    free life points in the form of potions or leveling up is increasingly rare,
    Heal becomes more and more important as you progress through the game. Try to
    experiment with offensive rings first, but make sure to have a healing-capable
    ring on hand for particularly tricky fights.
    The Magic meter refills over time, so if you really need another spell, just
    stall for time by playing defense until it recharges.
    2.5. Bloodlines
    At the start of the game, you are prompted to "Start Bloodline." Each bloodline
    represents one run through the castle up until your fight with the God King.
    Each new bloodline increases your enemies' level and makes the treasures more
    valuable. Higher level enemies have better equipment, better stats, different
    or faster attacks, and often different names and models to reflect their
    increased strength. For example, a "Frozen Paladin" is covered in ice, using an
    icy blade and an Ice-resistant shield; a higher-level Frozen Paladin may also
    be resistant to Fire and Bleed. The God King does not level up normally;
    instead, each time he is defeated he goes up 50 levels. The God King at level
    100+ is resistant to all forms of magic, and usually has a poisoned blade.
    If you run through the castle quickly, you may find the enemies are too tough
    for you. In this case, the best thing to do is choose "Save and Restart Castle"
    when you die, which will allow you to grind through the enemies you are
    currently facing for more experience. You can also choose "Restart from
    Bloodline 1" from the Options menu, but I don't recommend this unless you are
    achievement hunting, as you'll have to play through the entire game several
    more times just to get to where you were. It's very easy to get bored with the
    game doing this, and you run the risk of over-leveling and slowing down your
    progress (see below).
    After about Bloodline 10, you've seen all the possible enemy attacks, although
    they will still increase in power. Now is the time to start working on your
    skills, and on mastering the game's lesser swords before they become totally
    impractical to use in combat.
    3.1. Experience
    The primary goal in Infinity Blade is to kill the God King and his minions.
    Each victory grants you experience based on the level of your fallen foe, plus
    several modifiers:
    Super Used (more is better)
    Magic Used (more is better)
    Shield Meter Remaining (blocking less is better)
    Kill Speed (faster is better; this is the most important modifier)
    Damage Dealt (i.e. Finishing Bonus; more is better)
    The total experience is divided by 5, with 20% sent to each of your five pieces
    of equipment. You are actually draining experience out of the equipment as it
    grows closer to "Mastered" status; if you use a Mastered item in a fight, it
    will not grant you any more experience. As a result, you should use Mastered
    items only when there is no other option you can afford. It already takes a
    long time to master every item, you don't need it to be any longer.
    Every time you master an item, you gain 1 point to increase your stats (see
    below). Its resale value also doubles, although you still won't gain much money
    from selling it. These are further incentives to master even the most worthless
    of items.
    With enough total experience, you will level up, refilling your health
    completely and giving you 2 points to increase your stats. Each successive
    level costs more experience to gain; you can increase this rate by wearing
    items with "XP" or "XPGain" enchantments.
    Because fighting enemies with all Mastered items does not grant any experience,
    mastering everything will put you at a maximum level of 40. Past this point,
    only achievement hunting will advance your progress, although you are welcome
    to play for fun and see if you can take on a level 500 God King.
    3.2. Stats
    Choosing "Character" from the menu will bring up your stats screen. This shows
    your four core stats, plus any enchantment on your helm like "Gold+" or "XP++".
    (Enchantments on your other items are not listed here, but they are still
    effective.) Each stat can be boosted by your equipment, represented by its icon
    on the left of the screen:
    HEALTH is how much damage you can take from enemy attacks before dying. Each
    point of Health gives you 60 HP. You'll want a lot of this, as higher-level
    enemies can do upwards of 1000 damage with a single swing. You can gain up to
    42 extra Health (i.e. 2520 HP) from equipment by wearing the Oroku helm and
    Helios Armor.
    ATTACK is how much damage you do with each hit. Each point of Attack translates
    directly into 1 point of damage. This is extremely useful early in the game,
    but once you acquire the Infinity Blade it is only a small bonus. You can gain
    up to 204 extra Attack from equipment by wearing the Adamantine helm and the
    Infinity Blade.
    SHIELD is how many attacks you can block. Each point of Shield translates
    directly into 1 point on your block meter. This is your least important stat,
    because you have access to a Shield spell to refill this meter if necessary, it
    recharges after every battle, and higher-level enemies can take upwards of 6
    damage off your block meter with a single swing, so an additional few points
    will have only a small effect. You can gain up to 56 extra Shield from
    equipment by wearing the Legion helm and The Wall shield.
    MAGIC is how much damage or healing you do with magic spells. Each point of
    Magic translates into 10 points of damage. Magic is always useful, as it can
    shortcut fights against regular enemies or allow your Heal spell to become a
    "free" life potion. You can gain up to 36 extra Magic from equipment by wearing
    the Ring of Ice and Fire and the Mana Crown.
    Reader Selsenay has some more precise numbers on how Magic works:
    	Heal3 has a base heal amount of 2250, plus 25 for each point of Magic.
    	So with 40 Magic, you would heal for 3250.
    	With 90 Magic, you would heal for 4500.
    The maximum number of stat points you can invest is 171: 88 from levels 2-45,
    plus 83 from items. You start with one  point in each category. For reference,
    here is my end-game build, optimized for my low play skill:
    78 Health
    30 Attack
    1 Shield
    62 Magic
    This gives you an idea of the proper ratio of Health to Magic necessary to
    fully heal me with each Heal 3 spell. Those more confident of their defense
    than I, or those who prefer blocking to parrying / dodging, should obviously
    have different builds. While theoretically a PvP build (scheduled for a future
    patch) would be even more lopsided, I didn't want to waste time trying to
    finish off entire castles with the Ruin and the Thorneblade, so I pumped some
    stat points into Attack as well.
    You can save up stat points for later, but there's really no point in doing so.
    They are always useful, and you won't miss out on any options by investing
    Equipment is central to the Infinity Blade experience. As you play, you'll
    acquire dozens of swords, shields, helms, rings and suits of armor, located in
    your inventory. If you've mastered everything of a particular kind in your
    inventory, you can go to the store and buy another one. Try to master
    everything as you progress through the game to maximize your stats, and to give
    you a wide variety of gameplay options.
    The more powerful a piece of equipment is, the more it costs; items in the
    store are sorted by type and then cost, so scrolling to the bottom of the Armor
    list will give you the most durable armor. You can sell back equipment in your
    inventory for 50% of the asking price once you have mastered it, or 25% before
    you have mastered it.
    Equipment is viewed in the Inventory or Store screens; its stat bonuses, status
    effects and enchantments are listed below the experience bar for that weapon.
    You can see your current equipment visibly on your body in game or in the
    Character screen; equipment you're using also has a check mark in the Inventory
    screen and a grayed-out symbol in the Store screen (you can't sell what you're
    You can access your inventory at any time outside of combat by pressing the
    Character button in the pause menu, then the Inventory button. You can also
    quickly switch between the Inventory and the Store in either window by clicking
    on the top left corner of the screen; note that you will always be set to the
    closest possible item in the list when switching between windows, so if you
    have something you want to sell, just tap Store and it'll be right there. You
    can also filter your view by clicking on the bottom left corner. (I never use
    the filter myself, as it's quick enough to scroll through the possible options
    by switching between Inventory and Store.)
    If you find yourself under-funded (quite likely at higher levels), you can buy
    gold for real money in the Store for the following exchange rates:
    25,000 Gold for $0.99 (25,252 Gold / $1)
    150,000 Gold for $4.99 (30,060 Gold / $1)
    750,000 Gold for $19.99 (37,518 Gold / $1)
    2,500,000 Gold for $49.99 (50,010 Gold / $1)
    For perspective, a full suit of the most expensive equipment is 1,222,300 Gold.
    Buying gold is for those with more money than time, and no desire to play for
    multiple bloodlines doing nothing but grabbing cash for the Infinity Blade.
    It is NOT required in order to enjoy and complete the game in a reasonable
    4.1. Swords
    Swords provide most of your Attack stat, and most also have status effects or
    minor enchantments. Never fight with a mastered sword unless you have no other
    choice, as swords are the hardest type of item to master because there are so
    many of them.
    A status effect on a sword makes different things occur when you hit enemies:
    Fire and Ice do more damage.
    Shock and Poison do more damage, plus small amounts of extra damage over time.
    Drain does slightly more damage and grants you that much health.
    The Lady Finger sword has a special graphic effect: instead of Drain, it has
    rainbows and hearts. This doesn't affect its stats.
    Sword Name		XP	Cost	Attack Bonus	Status Effects
    Steel Sword		640	320	4
    Talon			820	450	5
    Bronze Axe		665	570	4		XPGain+
    Dawn Blade		720	910	4		Fire+1
    Wormwood		750	1340	6		Ice+1
    Gemini			800	1950	6		Drain+1
    Sword of Storms		900	2400	5		Shock+4
    Slither			800	2850	7		Poison+3
    Oathborn		1000	3600	10		XPGain+
    Claymourn		1800	4000	12
    Saw Tooth		1500	5400	8		Poison+4, XPGain++
    FireBrand		1900	5500	11		Fire+2
    Kludd			2200	7500	10		Shock+4
    Marrow			2400	8200	15
    Riptide			2900	9600	13		Drain+5
    Incubus			2200	11400	14		Ice+2
    Fang			2600	11420	12		Fire+3
    Thorneblade		7777	13000	3		Drain+30
    Lady Finger		4200	14900	18		Drain+2
    Bolt			3800	15800	15		Shock+4
    Iron Claw		4400	17500	20
    Ruin			9900	19360	1		XPGain+++
    Unfaithful		3900	21540	22
    Glimmer			3600	24200	14		Poison+4
    Ellorium		3600	29200	24
    Kraken			3600	36600	18		Shock+8
    Ember			5600	40000	20		Fire+8
    Brunt			3400	45200	30
    Aeternum		5800	61500	25		Drain+15
    Frostbite		6400	74300	24		Ice+10
    Nerrix			5400	92400	28		Shock+10
    Khill			8800	158000	32		Poison+12
    The Infinity Blade	15000	514900	200
    4.2. Shields
    Shields provide most of your Shield stat, and most also have minor
    enchantments; higher-level shields have protection from certain status effects.
    Because countering an opponent's status effect can make a big difference in a
    fight, you should keep a variety of shields around in the late game. Note that
    it is relatively cheap to acquire a shield with a high Shield rating, if you
    like blocking more.
    A status effect on a shield negates the effect of an enemy sword's status
    effect, even when you're not blocking. There is no way to prevent the Drain
    status effect.
    Shield Name		XP	Cost	Shield Bonus	Enchantments / Other
    Wooden Shield		600	60	9
    Iron Guard		1420	200	10
    Grummun			2000	960	8		XPGain+
    Aegis			2000	1720	14
    Osseous			2200	4920	12		Fire, Ice
    Odin Guard		2600	7940	16		Shock
    Dorn			3000	9700	15		Poison
    Prime			3100	11900	22
    Supreme Shield		3200	14600	18		Ice, Shock, Poison
    Silverlight		4200	16500	20		Fire, Ice
    Ruby Shield		4400	23500	21		Fire, Ice, Shock
    Sunstorm		6200	31200	25		Shock, Poison
    Hailstone		5600	43000	28		Ice
    The Wall		9400	60100	50		XPGain+
    Norsal			6360	71500	32		Ice, Shock
    Elith			12000	82000	36		Fire, Shock, XPGain+++
    The Patriot		9100	145200	44		Fire, Ice, Poison
    4.3. Helms
    Helms provide minor stat bonuses, but mostly they are a source of enchantments.
    Unless you are looking for a specific achievement or a quick way to earn extra
    cash, there is no reason to use any helms but the best one you can afford.
    Helm Name		XP	Cost	Stat Bonuses / Enchantments
    Steel Helm		180	210	Health+2, LifeDrop+
    Gold Fury		920	360	Attack+1, Gold+
    Plated Crown		1200	420	Shield+4, ItemDrop+
    Raulum			2800	900	Health+1, Shield+2, XPGain+
    Titanium Horn		1500	1350	GoldDrop+
    Blue Steel		2600	1500	Health+2, Gold+
    Phoenix Helm		1200	1800	Health+3, LifeDrop+
    Mighty Helm		3600	2700	Health+4, XP+
    Holiday Helm		1000	3000	Magic+2, ItemDrop++
    Midas Helm		3600	4500	Attack+2, Gold++
    Dark Helm		3600	4550	Shield+4, ItemDrop++
    Gladius			3600	4620	GoldDrop++
    Legion			5360	10500	Shield+6, Gold+++
    Iron Skull		3600	11800	Health+6, LifeDrop++
    Odin's Wisdom		4200	14350	ItemDrop++
    Mana Crown		5040	19500	Magic+6, ItemDrop+++
    Adamantine		9999	28200	Health+6, Attack+4, XP++
    Trajan			5800	37900	Shield+4, Gold++
    Kaldan			6400	62100	XP+++
    Oroku			7800	124900	Health+8, Magic+4, LifeDrop++
    4.4. Armor
    Armor provides most of your Health bonus, and occasionally a minor enchantment.
    Each upgrade in armor lasts a long time and is strictly superior to the one
    before, except for enchantments. And frankly, you should just be using a better
    suit of armor regardless of what the text box says.
    Armor Name		XP	Cost	Health Bonus	Enchantments
    Leather Armor		3800	1900	6
    Bronze Armor		7200	6400	10
    Iron Armor		10000	20750	15		XPGain+
    Plate Armor		13400	40850	21
    Adamant Armor		16000	96000	28
    Helio Armor		18000	204000	34
    4.5. Rings
    Rings are the exclusive provider of Magic bonuses, and determine which spells
    you can cast. Choose your rings wisely for each battle, as the proper spell can
    be incredibly powerful on offense or save your bacon on defense. Make sure to
    get all the cheap rings out of the way early, as level 1 magic is worthless
    against higher-level enemies. You can expect to be spending a good chunk of
    early-game money on rings, as they level up very quickly.
    Oddly, there is no ring that can cast Poison 3 or Shield 3. You are unlikely to
    miss them, though, with the Ring of Ice and Fire supercharging your spells.
    Ring Name		XP	Cost	Magic Bonus	Spells
    Shattered Circle	320	490	1		Ice 1
    Ring of Flames		940	520	3		Fire 1
    Lightning Round		940	540	3		Shock 1
    Rusty Ring		940	590	4		Heal 1
    Ring of Elements	900	2440	6		Shock 1, Fire 1, Ice 1
    Shield Halo		1700	4810	2		Heal 2, Shield 1
    Venom Ring		1600	5990	3		Poison2, Fire1, Shield1
    Frozen Band		1900	6400	4		Ice 2, Heal 1, Shield 1
    The Conduit		6140	14500	13		Heal2, Fire2, Poison2
    Zeus Loop		6500	29200	8		Shield 2, Shock 3
    Circle of Life		8350	38800	16		Heal 3, Shield 2
    Ring of Ice and Fire	14200	75300	30		Heal 3, Fire 3, Ice 3
    Warning: This section contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.
    As you progress through the castle, you are able to tap the screen to pick up
    collectible items including gold, life potions, and chests. Swipe on the screen
    to pan the camera, which usually reveals more of these items. Bags of gold,
    sacks of gold (3 bags in one spot) and life potions appear semi-randomly, and
    you can get more of them to appear by wearing a helm with "LifeDrop" or
    "GoldDrop" enchantments. Chests are always available, but the items they
    contain are also randomized. You can increase your chance of finding items in
    chests or on enemies by wearing a helm with "ItemDrop" enchantments.
    I'll take you through the castle (as of Bloodline 1; future excursions will
    vary for each player) and explain where all the known collectibles are. If you
    see one I've missed, please let me know!
    Note that you can only pick up life potions if you have 4 or less, and you can
    only use life potions if your health is not full. If you ever find yourself in
    a situation where you have 5 life potions and full health, alter your health by
    equipping an item with more health (or swap between two which grant different
    amounts of health); your health will not recharge so you can use a potion and
    pick up the new one. This is handy when achievement hunting, as you probably
    have an excess of potions at this point.
    5.1. The River
    In the opening cutscene, there is a sack of gold by the base of a tree in the
    foreground, then a bag in the branches of a tree, one by the base of the
    Hanging Tree, and one on a rock amid the stream. Some of these can also be
    picked up in the pre-fight view. After fighting the medium enemy, pan left and
    right for a bag and a potion.
    1. Lvl 1 Horned Guardian
    2. Lvl 3 Inferno Paladin
    3. Lvl 11 Venom Paladin (Poison weapon / Poison shield)
    4. Lvl 16 Brute
    5. Lvl 21 Inferno Paladin (Fire weapon / Fire shield)
    6. Lvl 26 Horned Guardian (Fire, Ice shield)
    7. Lvl 31 Storm Paladin (Shock weapon / Shock, Poison shield)
    8. Lvl 36 Venom Paladin (Poison weapon / Poison shield)
    9. Lvl 41 Venom Paladin (Poison weapon / Poison shield)
    5.2. The Hanging Tree
    Some of the bags of gold from 5.1 can be picked up here if you missed them
    the first time around. After fighting the medium enemy, pan right and down
    for a chest and a bag of gold.
    1. Lvl 1 Marrow Fiend
    2. Lvl 4 Brute
    3. Lvl 15 Storm Paladin (Shock weapon / Shock shield)
    4. Lvl 18 Inferno Paladin (Fire weapon / Fire shield)
    5. Lvl 23 Horned Guardian (Shock shield)
    6. Lvl 28 Marrow Fiend (Fire, Ice, Poison shield)
    7. Lvl 32 Frozen Paladin (Ice weapon / Ice shield)
    8. Lvl 37 Brute (Fire weapon / Fire, Shock, Poison, Drain shield)
    9. Lvl 42 Storm Paladin (Shock weapon / Shock shield)
    5.3. The Courtyard
    In the opening cutscene, there is a bag of gold behind a column to the troll's
    right, and one by the doorway as you walk through. In the pre-fight view, pan
    left for two separate bags of gold and right for another bag. Pan right to
    visit area 5.4 before fighting the large enemy here. After fighting the enemy,
    there is a bag of gold behind a pillar to your right. Pan right to see a chest
    and a life potion.
    1. Lvl 1 Feral Troll
    2. Lvl 5 Executioner
    3. Lvl 13 Feral Troll
    4. Lvl 18 Executioner (Poison shield)
    5. Lvl 23 Feral Troll (Drain weapon)
    6. Lvl 29 Feral Troll (Drain weapon / Fire, Poison, Drain shield)
    7. Lvl 34 Feral Troll (Shock weapon)
    8. Lvl 37 Feral Troll
    9. Lvl 43 Feral Troll (Shock weapon)
    5.4. The Balcony
    In the opening cutscene and pre-fight view, there is a bag of gold to the
    knight's right and a sack and potion to his left. After fighting the small
    enemy, you will open the chest behind him, then return to the Courtyard.
    1. Lvl 1 Hedge Knight
    2. Lvl 13 Assassin
    3. Lvl 17 Hedge Knight
    4. Lvl 21 Assassin
    5. Lvl 28 Hedge Knight (Ice, Shock shield)
    6. Lvl 32 Hedge Knight (Drain weapon / Fire shield)
    7. Lvl 38 Hedge Knight
    8. Lvl 41 Hedge Knight
    9. Lvl 46 Hedge Knight (Fire weapon / Ice, Shock, Drain shield)
    5.5. The Bridge
    In the opening cutscene, there are two bags of gold and a potion to your left,
    one visible in pre-fight, and another bag on the column supporting the bridge.
    After fighting the small enemy, there is a bag of gold to your left. You can
    choose to approach the door or the stairs from here.
    If you choose the door, you will fight a large enemy. In the victory
    cutscene (!!) there is a sack in the background, and post-fight there is a
    chest to the left and a potion in your field of view. You can then choose to
    go up the stairs to 5.6 or through the door to 5.8.
    If you choose the stairs, pan right for a sack and left for a potion mostly
    hidden behind the scenery, then continue upwards to 5.6.
    1. Lvl 1 Hedge Knight
    2. Lvl 6 Hedge Knight
    3. Lvl 12 Hedge Knight (Fire shield)
    4. Lvl 17 Hedge Knight (Shock shield)
    5. Lvl 21 Hedge Knight
    6. Lvl 28 Assassin (Shock weapon)
    7. Lvl 32 Hedge Knight (Poison shield)
    8. Lvl 38 Hedge Knight (Ice, Shock shield)
    9. Lvl 42 Assassin (Fire weapon)
    1. Lvl ? Feral Troll
    2. Lvl ? Plated Golem
    3. Lvl ? Feral Troll
    4. Lvl ? Iron Golem (Poison shield)
    5. Lvl ? Iron Golem
    6. Lvl ? Feral Troll
    7. Lvl ? Feral Troll (Poison weapon / Drain shield)
    8. Lvl ? Iron Golem
    9. Lvl ? Plated Golem (Poison weapon / Fire shield)
    5.6. The Stairs
    Fight a medium enemy, then pan left and right for 2 more bags of gold and a
    potion before heading upwards. In the climbing cutscene, there are 3 bags,
    two on the far left of the screen and one on the right by the vine you climb.
    Be vigilant!
    1. Lvl ? Horned Guardian
    2. Lvl ? Marrow Fiend
    3. Lvl ? Marrow Fiend (Shock weapon)
    4. Lvl ? Horned Guardian (Poison weapon)
    5. Lvl ? Frozen Paladin (Ice weapon / Ice shield)
    6. Lvl ? Horned Guardian
    7. Lvl ? Horned Guardian (Drain shield)
    8. Lvl ? Horned Guardian (Fire weapon)
    9. Lvl ? Inferno Paladin (Fire weapon / Fire shield)
    5.7. The Battlement
    In the pre-fight view, pan left and right for two bags of gold by the railing.
    You can choose door or enemy. If you choose the door, skip to section 5.8. If
    you choose the enemy, fight a small enemy and you will automatically open the
    chest behind him. There is another bag visible behind the chest.
    1. Lvl 3 Assassin
    2. Lvl 20 Assassin (Shock weapon / Fire, Poison shield)
    3. Lvl 21 Assassin (Fire shield)
    4. Lvl 28 Assassin (Shock weapon / Fire, Ice, Poison shield)
    5. Lvl 30 Assassin (Shock weapon / Ice, Poison shield)
    6. Lvl 39 Assassin (Shock, Drain shield)
    7. Lvl 44 Assassin (Ice, Shock, Drain shield)
    8. Lvl 49 Assassin (Shock weapon / Shock shield)
    9. Lvl 55 Assassin (Ice weapon / Fire, Poison, Drain shield)
    5.8. The Elevator
    The introductory scene from above shows a bag of gold by one of the supports.
    When you enter, pan left and right for a bag of gold and a life potion, then
    advance forward to trigger a cutscene. In the pre-fight view, pan left for a
    sack of gold, then fight the large enemy. After the fight, open a chest
    downstairs before heading up the elevator.
    1. Lvl 5 Iron Golem
    2. Lvl 13 Feral Troll
    3. Lvl 16 Iron Golem (Shock weapon / Ice, Shock, Poison shield)
    4. Lvl 21 Feral Troll (Fire, Drain shield)
    5. Lvl 27 Executioner (Shock weapon)
    6. Lvl 33 Plated Golem
    7. Lvl 36 Plated Golem
    8. Lvl 41 Executioner (Poison shield)
    9. Lvl 47 Executioner (Poison shield)
    5.9. The Throne Room
    In the opening cutscene, there is a sack in the background as your character
    walks to the screen's left. In the pre-fight view, pan left for a bag of gold
    by a window (and right for that sack again) before fighting the Dark Knight.
    1. Lvl 8 The Dark Knight
    2. Lvl 15 The Dark Knight (Shock weapon / Poison shield)
    3. Lvl 20 The Dark Knight (Poison shield)
    4. Lvl 25 The Dark Knight (Ice weapon / Shock, Drain shield)
    5. Lvl 30 The Dark Knight (Ice weapon)
    6. Lvl 35 The Dark Knight (Fire, Shock shield)
    7. Lvl 40 The Dark Knight
    8. Lvl 45 The Dark Knight (Shock shield)
    9. Lvl 50 The Dark Knight (Drain shield)
    5.10. The God King
    In the opening cutscene, there is a sack in the bottom right of the screen and
    a bag to your left. In the second pre-fight view, open the chest beneath the
    throne and pan left for another bag. The God King's first interstitial cutscene
    is mandatory, and lets you choose to join him or attack him.
    1+. Lvl 50 The God King
    2+. Lvl 100 The God King (All shield)
    3+. Lvl 150+ The God King (Shock, Poison or Drain weapon, All shield)
    If you choose to join him, the alternate ending cutscene and credits will play,
    and the fight will restart. If you choose to fight, the other 2/3 of the battle
    happens normally. If you lose to the God King, a cutscene will play and you
    will advance to the next Bloodline. If you defeat the God King, the true ending
    and credits will play, and you will advance to the next Bloodline while gaining
    lots of precious experience.
    Once you've mastered the gameplay of Infinity Blade, what's left? Achievement
    hunting! These encourage you to play the game in a variety of different ways,
    or alternatively just playing over and over for several hours.
    There are 48 total achievements in Infinity Blade for a total of 750 points.
    I'll go through them in detail. Four of the achievements are secret; these are
    marked accordingly.
    One general note: If you're at level 39 or 40, choosing "Restart from Bloodline
    1" makes many of the achievements much easier. A single Fire 3 spell will
    instantly kill an enemy and earn several achievements, for instance.
    1. Minuteman - Defeat an enemy in under 60 seconds. (20 pts)
    	This should occur naturally in the first couple bloodlines once you
    	acquire a decent sword. If you're having trouble, save up to use both
    	magic and super attacks on an enemy at the start of the round.
    2. Inconceivable! - Defeat an enemy without taking any damage. (20 pts)
    	Brush up on your parries and dodges here, there are no shortcuts except
    	dumping a lot of points into Magic and blasting away with a Fire or Ice
    3. Last one standing - Fight ten enemies in a single playthrough. (15 pts)
    	This achievement is easy: just make sure you hit all 10 enemies
    	described in "The Castle" section of this FAQ.
    4. Cinderblock - Block 10 attacks. (10 pts)
    5. Brick wall - Block 100 attacks. (15 pts)
    	These are self-explanatory and should occur through natural play.
    6. All right, little man - Perform a Combo Attack. (10 pts)
    7. Now THIS happens - Perform 50 Combo Attacks. (15 pts)
    8. The bigger they are - Perform 200 Combo Attacks. (20 pts)
    9. The harder they fall - Perform 1000 Combo Attacks. (20 pts)
    	These are self-explanatory and should occur through natural play. Note
    	that combos done during the Finishing Bonus count toward this
    	achievement, so you can speed up your progress by doing 2 more combos
    	every time you kill an enemy.
    10. Variety is the spice - Do each type of combo in the same battle. (15 pts)
    	The easiest way to accomplish this is to do a Super during a battle
    	followed by a 5-hit combo, then during the Finishing Bonus do a 4-hit
    	combo followed by an immediate 3-hit combo. Do everything else as
    11. En Garde! - Perform 10 Parries. (10 pts)
    12. A reed in the wind - Perform 50 Parries. (15 pts)
    13. You've got the touch - Perform 200 Parries. (15 pts)
    14. Epic! - Perform 1000 Parries. (20 pts)
    15. Roger dodger - Dodge 10 times. (10 pts)
    16. Artful dodger - Dodge 100 times. (15 pts)
    	These are self-explanatory and should occur through natural play. It
    	may seem daunting to go for 1000 Parries, but remember that just
    	parries (no dodging or blocking) will often cause you to parry 5 or
    	more attacks in a row before allowing a Parry Break or Stab, so it only
    	takes a few enemies to earn this if you do it exclusively.
    17. Full of holes - Perform 5 Stab Attacks. (15 pts)
    18. Like Swiss cheese - Perform 100 Stab Attacks. (20 pts)
    	These can be a little tricky. Get used to tapping the screen
    	reflexively on the opponent's chest every time you get a big Parry
    	Break. This usually won't count against you, and may get you a lucky
    	Stab even if your reflexes are so poor you would never get one on your
    	own. Higher-level enemies will also give you an opportunity to Stab
    	after certain attack chains, so you can just wait for those to happen.
    19. Wizard! - Cast a magic spell. (10 pts)
    20. You shall not pass! - Cast 100 magic spells. (15 pts)
    21. Warriors only - Perform a Super Attack. (10 pts)
    22. No, THIS is Sparta - Perform 50 Super Attacks. (15 pts)
    23. Working hard - Acquire 1,000 gold pieces. (10 pts)
    24. Hardly working - Acquire 25,000 gold pieces. (15 pts)
    25. It's own reward - Acquire 100,000 gold pieces. (20 pts)
    26. Payday! - Open 5 treasure chests. (10 pts)
    27. Jackpot! - Open 100 treasure chests. (15 pts)
    	Again, largely self-explanatory and nothing unusual needs to be done to
    	attain them. The Grammar Nazi points out that properly, #25 should be
    	"Its own reward." #27 may seem ridiculous, but it's no more so than the
    	20 Bloodlines achievement. Note that it is cumulative across
    	characters, so you can reset and it still counts upward.
    28. Waste not, want not - Find all world treasures in a play-through. (20 pts)
    	Strategy coming soon!
    29. Only what ya see - Purchase an inventory item. (10 pts)
    30. Well-equipped - Increase your inventory to at least 10 items. (15 pts)
    31. Bag of holding - Increase your inventory to at least 50 items. (20 pts)
    	If this doesn't occur naturally, you can get this at high levels when
    	you are filthy rich by buying all the cheap swords, shields and helms
    	for under 50,000 gold pieces. This should put you over the limit. The
    	image for #31 appears to be glitched, as it is the same as #32 instead
    	of a gold version of #30.
    32. If ya got it, use it - Master an inventory item. (10 pts)
    33. Master of disaster - Master 10 inventory items. (15 pts)
    34. Intimately familiar - Master 50 inventory items. (20 pts)
    	If you didn't progress naturally up the chain of items and instead
    	bought the most expensive thing you could afford, trying for #34 could
    	be very awkward for you as you are forced to wander into battle with a
    	dinky +5 sword and a helm of ItemDrop++ against a level 150 God King.
    	So plan ahead and master the easy ones first, saving your impressive
    	equipment for later in the game. There are well over 50 items, so you
    	don't have to chase down the Infinity Blade to get this achievement.
    35. Ding! - Reach level 5. (10 pts)
    36. There is no try - Reach level 10. (15 pts)
    37. Like dustin' crops - Reach level 20. (20 pts)
    38. Prodigal son - Complete 1 Bloodline. (10 pts)
    39. Skips a generation - Complete 2 Bloodlines. (15 pts)
    40. Back in my day - Complete 5 Bloodlines. (15 pts)
    41. This is on a phone! - Complete 20 Bloodlines. (20 pts)
    	#41 may seem daunting, but at higher levels the fun comes back. Enemies
    	are powerful enough to take plenty of hits from your Infinity Blade,
    	and you have to really hone your defensive skills. Completing it is
    	very satisfying.
    42. Don't back down - Win a battle without dodging or blocking. (15 pts)
    	Frankly, if you love to parry, this should happen naturally. You can
    	brute force your way through as usual by saving up Magic and Super so
    	you only have to parry a few times. This achievement is easier to get
    	towards the end of Bloodline 1, where you have access to super and
    	magic attacks for free damage, and enemies can't kill you so easily
    	even if you're terrible at parrying.
    43. Pen is mightier - Win a battle without swinging your sword. (20 pts)
    	This achievement is best attained at bloodline 1, where enemies can be
    	easily dodged and 2-3 magic spells will kill the enemy. Note that you
    	must forgo the Finishing Bonus as well to get this achievement.
    44. Now stay down! - Defeat the God-King. (30 pts)
    45. Not in Kansas - Get the alternate ending in the game. (25 pts)
    	These can both be obtained in Bloodline 1 by going for the alternate
    	ending first when the God King prompts you to join him instead of
    	fighting, then restarting the battle and killing him. Of course, it is
    	incredibly unlikely you'll kill the God King on your first try, so
    	it'll take some doing. Don't give up, it is totally possible!
    46. Insult to injury - Kill the god king with Ruin. (20 pts)
    	This is a little tricky, but self-explanatory. It will likely be 2 or 3
    	Bloodlines before you're able to afford Ruin, and you'll need lots of
    	points in Attack to make it happen. You can brute force it by
    	restarting at Bloodline 1 with the Ring of Ice and Fire and zapping the
    	God King several times instead of relying on your sword.
    47. Four on the floor - Perform a four-hit combo. (10 pts)
    48. Fists of fury - Perform a five-hit combo. (15 pts)
    	Just for reference, you can do a four-hit combo after most breaks,
    	stabs, or supers with Left, Left, Right, Right, and you can do a five-
    	hit combo after a large attack like a super or stab with Up, Down,
    	Left, Right, Right. In any case, this should happen naturally.
    49. Higher and higher - Reach Level 45. (20 pts)
    	This should work out nicely with the 20 Bloodlines achievement.
    	You'll need to master every item in the game, so get started!
    Special thanks to Selsenay for chrunching the numbers on the Heal spell,
    and the forumites at epicgames.com for finding the gold bags I missed.
    This FAQ is copyright (c) 2010, Robert Marney. You have permission to reproduce
    all or part of this FAQ for non-commercial purposes as long as this copyright
    notice is retained in its entirety. Other rights reserved. Thank you!
    Version History:
    0.9, 12/16/2010: Initial version.
    1.0, 12/22/2010: Added updates from the latest patch; added to 5.1.
    1.1, 1/24/2011: Added new treasures and contribs from readers.
    Enjoy! Contact me at robyrt@marney.org if you have any questions or updates.
    Thank you.
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