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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Cylun

    Version: 0.7 | Updated: 06/30/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu
    Iphone Arrange FAQ
    Version 0.7 (7/30/2012)
    Written by: Cylun
    This document is Copyright (c) 2012 to Cylun.
    Table of contents
    1 Introduction
    2 Mechanics
    3 General Advice
    4 Stage by stage guide
    4a: Stage 1-Tokyo
    4b: Stage 2-Dividing Road of Fate
    4c: Stage 3-Numerous Blinking LIghts in the Night Sky
    4d: Stage 4-The World Darkens
    4e: Stage 5-Battles fought only to "Inherit the Future."
    5 Stage by Stage guide-the second loop
    5a: Stage 2-1-Tokyo
    5b: Stage 2-2-Dividing Road of Fate (to be completed)
    5c: Stage 2-3-Numerous Blinking LIghts in the Night Sky(to be completed)
    5d: Stage 2-4-The World Darkens (to be completed)
    5e: Stage 2-5-Battles fought only to "Inherit the Future." (to be
    5f: "Your fortitude is an obscenity." (to be completed)
    6 Enemy Glossary 
    1 Introduction
    This is an attempt to compile a list of strategies, tips, and insights into
    game mechanics of Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu's Iphone Arrange. While the
    arrange's drastically different scoring mechanics have been lauded as a new
    way to play the game, there isn't much information available about them.
    This guide seeks to remedy this. While this is partially a scoring guide,
    survival is part in parcel with obtaining high scores. While you are no longer
    constantly held under a gun and virtually forced to reset your run at the
    slightest sign of inadequate gameplay in the first loop, you will have a
    -little- more freedom here. At the very least, this is a scoring system where
    the world record scores are less than six times the threshold for the second
    extend (compare that to the 500+ Billion that superplayers were capable of
    achieving in the original's strong style alone.)
    The competition isn't exactly barbaric, here, so this guide should give you
    This guide will (hopefully) contain strategies catered to players of a variety
    of skill levels.
    2 Mechanics
    At first glance, the mechanics seem daunting. Indeed, you have up to four
    buttons on the side of the screen, the multiplier gauge, the SM gauge, the
    hyper gauge, and multiple methods of obtaining points. An explanation of each
    of the areas should be order.
    Points: These are good. You want as many of them as possible. In order to get
    them, you have to blow up enemies. However, as long as your multiplier is
    at 1, you're going to be getting virtually nothing.
    Stars: dropped by enemies and canceled bullets. Unlike DFK 1.5, these are a
    substantial contributor to your score. Grounded stars drop more points than
    aerial ones, and large stars drop more points than smaller ones. The higher
    your multiplier is, the more points these will give you. If you destroy a
    producing enemy , its laser will disintegrate into a bunch of stars. In hyper
    mode, it will break into large stars. While canceling bullets in hyper mode,
    point blanking them will produce large stars, as long as you are in slaughter
    Multiplier: This will multiply the amount of points you get from enemies, and
    it ranges from 1 to 1000. Needless to say, You'd rather be at 1000 than 1.
    Bombing, whether manually or automatically, and dying will instantly push you
    multiplier down to 1. This is every bit as painful as it sounds. In order to
    actually get any reasonable amount of points from this, you must utilize the
    S&M gauge.
    S&M Gauge: This suggestively titled gauge will control your every action, if
    you want to score, so understanding it is absolutely essential! If you'll
    notice, at the start of the game, a red aura will surround your ship. Whenever
    a bullet enters the aura, it is loosely considered to be a "graze." The more
    you graze, the larger this aura becomes, until it finally caps out.
    Correspondingly, the larger the aura, the more filled up the right half of the
    gauge is. and the less filled up the left half is. The right half of the gauge
    represents your menace rating
    On the other hand, if you avoid the bullets, and instead kill enemies, the
    will change to an orange hue and will gradually shrink until it is hardly
    bigger than the sprite itself. The more enemies you kill, the more filled up
    the left half of the gauge is and the less filled up the right half is. The
    left half of the gauge represents your slaughter rating
    Menace Mode: When your bar extends to the right by any length, you are in
    menace mode. While in this mode, grazing bullets will increment your hyper
    meter and boost your multiplier, up to a value of 1000. Lest you think that
    this is the obvious high scoring mode, enemies in Menace mode will drop less
    points than they would otherwise. If you are not grazing bullets while in
    menace mode, you are getting virtually no benefit out of menace mode, and you
    are probably wasting your time. The hyper meter WILL increment even if you
    avoid grazing, but the main boost to it comes from grazing bullets.
    Maximum Menace: If you've REALLY been grazing bullets, the bar will glow with
    electricity and the M at the far end of the gauge will get bolded. Your hyper
    gauge will grow rapidly even if you aren't grazing bullets, and your
    multiplier will increment at a much faster pace. You probably want to go into
    this mode immediately after bombing, in order to regain your lost multiplier.
    Any killed enemy at all will send you out of this mode, at least briefly.
    In order to stay in this mode, you are probably going to need to leave your
    laser off at times.
    Slaughter Mode: When you're done building up your hyper and multiplier in
    menace mode, you have to actually put these to use. Slaughter mode is the way
    to go, for that. This is acquired by killing several enemies, and it can rise
    very quickly when you are attacking any of the insane volleys of popcorn-style
    foes the game throws out at you. When you slaughter gauge is positive at all,
    your multiplier will plummet, but enemies will give away a lot of points on
    Absolute Slaughter: While in this mode, grazing becomes very difficult.
    become FAR more powerful, and your laser visibly changes. It's easy to
    enemies here, but it's very hard to push yourself back down to menace mode,
    and you are liable to either watching your multiplier sink to 1, or dying in
    attempt to augment your multiplier. It is difficult to get out of this mode,
    but holding your fire and grazing bullets is a surefire way to do it.
    Surprisingly, your multiplier drops slower here than it does in normal
    slaughter mode
    Hyper Cannon: When your hyper gauge is full, you can activate the Hyper
    This allows you to get a ludicrous amount of points, depending on your ability
    to abuse it. The Hyper Cannon is more complex than it appears: it is a two
    affair. When activating hyper mode, your ship freezes in place, but becomes
    virtually immune to bullets. It fires a powerful shot that cancels any bullet
    that crosses its path. You can move your finger around the ship to aim the
    bullets, and the more you rotate it, the more powerful the resulting laser
    be. The rules of slaughter and menace mode still apply: while in menace mode,
    being near bullets or lasers will add to your hyper. While in slaughter mode,
    cancelling bullets will earn you points. If you cancel any bullets while they
    are immediately beside you, you will get far more points than you would
    otherwise. Just be careful: if the bullets go uncanceled, you will get hit.
    Once the laser fires, you can just sit back and relax. You are completely
    invincible once the beam fires off. There are three levels of charge, as
    indicated by a green, yellow, and red ring around your ship. The levels push
    you towards the slaughter gauge, 33%, 66%, and 100% respectively.
    The first tier beam can be used while milking bosses that fire low density,
    long duration bullet patterns. You can cancel these bullets without doing a
    lot of damage to the boss.
    The second tier beam is useful if you want to cancel bullets with your laser,
    but don't wish to do as much damage as possible
    You will primarily be using the third tier beam
    Ideally, you should active the hyper cannon while the menace meter is maxed
    out. When you are setting it up, if you delay it slightly, your hyper gauge
    will refill automatically. You can then fire ANOTHER laser.
    Solid Objects: The bane of your existence while in hyper mode. These include
    almost all aerial enemies (The 3-B midboss, Kakou  is an exception), the orb
    projectiles that the stage 4 boss produces, laser
    generating energy balls, the stage 5 boss's canisters and explosions, and
    large lasers fired by the enemies. They can hit you out of the shot portion (
    which, in addition to lowering your multiplier to 1 and dropping your bomb
    count by one, will cause you to careen across the screen humiliatingly
    depending on whatever leftover momentum you have from the spinning.) You
    know about these and take them into consideration, because they will seriously
    take the wind out of your sails.
    Bee Tokens: Newer players will struggle to find these in order to progress
    the open second loop, but if you're going for scoring, these really should be
    a given! You have to hit these with the first few frames of your laser to
    expose them. While green, they push you into menace mode. This will make it
    easier to break out of situations where your multiplier is falling or when you
    absolutely want to hyper, but relenting on the enemies will result in a huge
    mess of bullets. While yellow, they will push you into slaughter mode. As it
    actually fairly easy to leave menace mode via the hyper cannon, this is more
    less useless, unless you are dead set on immediate powering up your laser.
    While flashing, the bee tokens will up your multiplier by 150, which is
    absolutely essential to maintaining your score while in slaughter mode.
    Bombs: You get three of these per life, and there are five  bomb pickups in
    each loop. A rather wimpy bomb will fire off if you get hit with at least one
    bomb in your inventory. You can manually activate a much more powerful bomb.
    Either way, your multiplier will go down to 1 the moment you bomb.
    Do note that while you bomb, all bullets will be cancelled, and you will be
    rendered invincible. Enemy lasers are NOT cancelled, and you can immediately
    pivot into maximum mode if you manually bomb and  position yourself  on top of
    a laser.
    Streaming: Not a mechanic, but a concept that you should be familiar with.
    Streaming involves gradually moving your ship around to avoid shots aimed at
    you, breaking into quick movement if (or when) you are ever going to to be
    cornered, and then doubling back with gradual movement.
    Reading: A catch all term referring to a player's ability to "read" bullets
    in the distance, so that you can dodge them in advance. You want to be able to
    train your eyes to figure out where the enemy bullets will be going, rather
    than simply focusing on the ship and its immediate vicinity.
    "Danger" Lasers: These enemies pop up in any given stage if you hyper
    frequently, but only during you hyper mode period. They are not a substantial
    threat in the first loop, so don't worry that much about them
    3 General advice
    The above section might be a bit confusing. The idiosyncrasies of the system
    take awhile to get used to, and you might have trouble even deciding when you
    should be in either mode. These are some general rules of thumb you should
    -If you are not grazing while in menace mode, you are not building your
    multiplier. You should graze as much as possible while in menace.
    -Bullets aimed directly at you are the easiest way to build the menace gauge
    -Do not worry that much about killing enemies while in menace mode. They
    be giving you that many points anyway.
    - You can house up to two hypers at once by filling out your hyper gauge and
    menace gauge. Use your first hyper in situations where a brief but intense
    volley of firepower is expected (so that you can get the pickups once you
    into slaughter mode) and use your slaughter hyper when a prolonged volley is
    headed your way.
    -You should hyper at least once against any given boss. You can use this to
    help plan your route in each stage.. If you are feeling gutsty enough, you can
    fire off the hyper point blank. If you manage to do this, the midboss's
    will plummet and you might see a huge improvement in your score.
    -If you are in menace mode while you spin around to boost your hyper, you can
    deal with any issue with your multiplier if you cross through lasers during
    setup. The segments in stage 4 dominated by aimed lasers are good examples of
    this, and can seriously mitigate the consequences of bombing and damaging your
    multiplier. In some instances, your multiplier can shoot up all the way from 1
    to 1000 in this way.
    -You can fire your hyper shots away from normal enemies in order to keep them
    alive just a little bit longer, enabling you to cancel more bullets.
    -Boss milking is HUGE here. If you have the ability to endure a boss's
    attacks, you should almost NEVER fire your weapon at it. Instead, you should
    shift into menace mode and prepare a hyper laser to milk points off of it.
    - Sorry 1.5 fanboys; point blanking things with the laser isn't going to be
    getting you anything any time soon!
    -In many instances, the strategy will be similar to that of the original game.
    Build your hyper ASAP at the start of the stage, fire it off a few times, then
    ride out the rest of the stage primarily in slaughter mode. In the more bullet
    dense areas, though, you might want to throw in additional hypers if you can
    survive the temporary pacifist gameplay while in menace mode.
    -If the enemy bullets corner you have absolutely NO other options, swipe your
    finger across the screen in an attempt to jump from one end to the other
    -- If you point blank bee tokens as you uncover them, you might get them as
    they flash and boost your multiplier. This is no simple task,
    and I have never been able to pull this off consistently.
    -Your multiplier does not deplete while you are waiting for a boss to spawn or
    die ,but your multiplier still builds up! If you can simply ensure that you
    kill a boss while in maximum menace mode, you will almost certainly max out
    your hyper before the level ends.
    -Familiarize yourself with your hitbox. While in shot mode, it flashes white.
    In laser mode, it is a plainly visible purple.
    -To enter the hidden route, in stage 1, destroy the three oil tanks near the
    middle of the screen before the enemies run over them. If your S or M gauge
    are maxed out(either) you will proceed to the hidden route.
    Obtaining every bee token in stages 1 and 2 will allow you to access the
    hidden route in stage 3 and onward, anyway
    -You have less bombs than you do in 1.5 (max: 21, 31 if you include bomb
    . Hopefully, you won't be using that many of them prior to the second loop.
    -Obtaining 35 bees in a one credit clear grants you access to the second loop.
    Obtaining all 45 bees in a one credit clear grants access to the hidden second
    loop, which is even harder than the open second loop.
    -The second loop, in normal mode, is still harder than the first loop on hard
    mode. You could try to use it for scoring, if you want, but  normal mode  has a
    drastically lower possible point yield.
    4 Stage by Stage Guide
    Before you begin, you will be tasked with selecting your ship. The differences
    in their offensive prowess are relatively miniscule due to the way movement
    works on the iphone, as well as the changed hyper system.
    Briefly, however, the red ship has the strongest shot,the blue ship has the
    widest range, and the green ship compromises between the
    two with a directed shot, but also happens to have a stronger laser than the
    other two
    There is a fourth ship , unlockable, as well. It uses the iphone's gyroscope
    to determine the angle of its regular shot, and is armed with the greatest
    offensive power.  To unlock it, either clear the ura loop (continues are
    allowed) or select the ships in this order:ABC ABC BCA BCA CAB CAB
    One part of the ships DOES matter, however. When you enter hyper mode, the
    guns that orbit your ship will be locked in a certain position. The  red
    ship's weapons are in front of it, the green  ship's weapons are to the side,
    and the blue ship's are behind it.
    You will have to point blank cancel bullets frequently if you want to achieve
    a high score, and you need to position your guns directly by or over  where the
    projectiles will be generated in order to easily do so. The secret ship loses
    out here, as its guns basically directly border its body, rendering point
    blanking bullets to be a menacing task. In all cases, you  should familiarize
    yourself with  the intricacies of your shot. Randomly switching between ships
    will make it very hard to familiarize yourself with  their sweet spots.
    You may select the difficulty as well. If you know anything about bullet hell,
    for the love of all things holy, pick hard mode. Normal mode is a viable
    option for first time players, but you will find that many of the same
    things will be killing you (collisions with solid objects,
    getting cornered by streams of bullets, collisions with
    lasers while you are milking bosses).
    Novice mode is for casual game reviewers and can safely be ignored.
    4a- Stage 1- AD 2008 Tokyo
    Bee token guide:
    1 right side of the dock
    2 left side of the oil tank plant
    3 right side of the oil tank plant
    4 (hidden route): left side of the second oil tank plant
    5 (hidden route): behind one of the oil tanks at the second plant. Should be
    exposed automatically.
    6 (hidden route): Along the first seam you hit on the road as you sweep back
    the main area.
    7: The platform jutting out beneath the road. It's the same position in both
    routes, though it appears for a much shorter time in the hidden route
    8: Immediately across the river leading into the final segment of the stage
    6(open route only): at the far right end of the road leading to the right
    offscee, near the end of the stage
    9 near the left end of the screen at the very end of the stage, should be
    directly below your hyper gauge, horizontally
    I: the dock
    General survival tips:
    If you're aiming to build your menace gauge, you're going to have to stream.
    Virtually all of the shots are aimed here. If you'd rather not build a hyper,
    the enemy opposition is pathetic. Just know that the large tanks will shoot
    rather decent bursts for this point in the game. The only shots that can hit
    you here are those from the boats. Boats and tanks fire aimed shots, but they
    cannot fire in the same number of angles that helicopters can. While this is
    rarely ever noticeable in the first loop, you MIGHT(emphasis on MIGHT) get hit
    if you attack any enemies point blank here.
    You will start the stage with your gauge in neutral. You want to change that
    Deactivate your shot and stay near the bottom. All of the enemy shots here are
    aimed. To the first time player, this onslaught may seem intimidating.
    you can deal with this by slowly drifting to the left or fright. You can fire
    at the enemies sporadically, if you choose. Your goal should be to max out the
    menace gauge as soon as possible. then fire off a hyper. The hidden route,
    should you choose to take it, is more lucrative than the standard route, but
    the midbosses are harder
    Switch to laser, then deactivate your shot. Head to the far top right corner
    and stream downwards So long as you hug the right edge of the screen and move
    downwards, none of the helicopters will collide with you, and you will graze
    off of their shots.
    Stream to the left when it is possible. You will need to
    briefly activate your laser to get rid of a small rush of helicopters. Double
    back and fire your laser to expose the bee token on the docks. Snag it while
    it is white, then IMMEDIATELY enter hyper mode and  fire off a level 3
    hyper as quickly as possible while allowing for the gauge to refill. Your goal
    here should be to have a multiplier of ~800 by the time you resume control,
    though getting more than that can't do you any harm.
    Expose the second token (to the left of the oil tanks, but immediately focus
    on getting rid of the oil tank in the middle. Get the token while it is
    flashing, sweep around the screen to get all of the stars while your
    multiplier is maxed out, then move to the right to expose token 3.
    Blast the final oil tank, then get rid of the final large enemy. Get the token
    at the last possible moment that it is flashing, then move forward and
    demolish as many enemies as you can. Once the white light flashes and jumps you
    into the hidden route, Move near the left end of the screen ,gradually move
    down, then sweep right. Point blank as many ships and tanks as you can,
    (including the ones behind it) but make sure to move down as the midboss
    35,000,000 is a good "ideal score" for this point
    IIa Tulip
    THIS is the first midboss in the game? Well, it's so pathetic that its
    patterns do not merit mentioning. Queue up your hyper and try to let the
    shot portion last as long as you can. The midboss will fire off a laser,
    it will get quashed by your own, and you will get several points without doing
    any sizable additional harm to the boss.  Your laser will last much longer than
    his, so you will probably finish it off with your hyper.
    IIb: Suzaku 2008
    Ideally, you should enter into this fight with a maxed out slaughter gauge, a
    maxed out hyper, and a multiplier near 900.
    The first boss from dodonpachi has returned. Should you not have hyper mode
    available, this might be a surprisingly hard fight for this point in the
    game... but you most certainly WILL have the hyper ready. You might be tempted
    to fire it off immediately, but this is a bad idea. Suzaku's first pattern -
    and the only one you will ever really encounter- involves it firing off blue
    aimed shots that are flanked on either side by three-wide rows of red shots.
    The rows of bullets can be picky to dodge through, and will almost certainly
    push your menace gauge back up. As such, you should rush through the gap
    between the blue and red bullets.
    Use slow movements to make the bursts convenient to dodge through, then pass
    the projectiles. Make note: if you are trying to avoid damaging the boss, you
    will still need to fire off your laser sporadically to get rid of the missiles
    fired from the central cannon
    Beginner: stay near the bottom and activate hyper after dodging the third
    burst. Maintain the hyper as long as you possible can before shooting out the
    cannon. Your laser will collide with its own, giving you a large amount of
    Intermediate: Dodge the third burst and move to the RIGHT side of Suzaku (the
    left end of the right turret, ideally) and fire your hyper. Your shots will be
    virtually guaranteed to point blank cancel the bullets it fires. You'll know
    this is working if its health starts tumbling into the toilet. While your
    laser will fire off pointlessly after the boss is dead, you will have gotten
    more points than you would have in the beginner route. Be warned: Suzaku will
    always move slightly forward and to the left. As it is a solid object, this
    will ruin your run if you attempted to point blank hyper it from the left
    Advanced: You're going to want to  point blank hyper him AND  ensure that your
    laser collides with his own.   In order to do this, you can either delay your
    hyper activation until the fourth burst, or control your rotation so that you
    are facing away from him whenever you are safe from his shots.
    If you time your hyper right, the laser will fire off right as Suzaku fires
    own. If you pull this off with an ideal multiplier beforehand, you will almost
    certainly get your first extend before even encountering the stage boss.
    IIIa: Past the river
    General survival tips/scoring
    Having downed tulip, you still have a bit to go before the boss. There is
    absolutely no way that you're going to get any meaningful hyper off at this
    point in the stage, and you'll be transitioning to menace mode during the
    fight, so you needn't worry about grazing anything. If you haven't already,
    grab token 7, 8, and 6(open route), ideally getting them while they are
    IIIb: sweeping across the bay
    General survival tips/scoring:
    From this point on, the strategy is fairly simple. Uncover bees 4-9, and
    collect all of them in their flashing state. Some of the oil tanks will drop
    large stars, and yo will get a decent amount of points for collecting them.
    You should get the bee tokens first, if possible, and get the stars while
    your multiplier is at its apex. The 7th bee token is surprisingly
    easy to point blank, but you won't get much of a scoring boost for doing so.
    The final bee should be will almost certainly be collected while green,
    which is good, because that is the most helpful state for it to be in.
    If you scored >100 million by this point, you will have already obtained the
    first extend, and you will be well ahead of the curve, possibly capable of
    getting into the top 50 on the leaderboards if you keep it up
    This boss is absolutely trivial in terms of survival, and she drops a minimal
    number of points anyway. The only really notable challenge here is the risk of
    colliding with her lasers , which nudge side to side very slightly as she
    moves. That being said, you can get upwards of 15 million, sometimes even over
    20 million, off of her.
    This is enough to be significant. You should note that you have
    virtually no time limit here. Bosses take FOREVER to time out in this game. If
    you hurt her purely through the use of hypers, more power to you. AI utilizes
    three patterns, and will use weaker versions during her first cycle.
    Pattern 1: Her first pattern is a basic streaming attack followed by a basic
    reading attack. She will fire short lines of shots at you in quick succession,
    as well as an arc-shaped row of projectiles and occasional spread out shots.
    This is little more than a basic check to see if you can manage aimed shots
    properly. This lull in the fire will provide you with an ample opportunity to
    build up your hyper. Should you find that the bullets of the reading portion
    of the attack are just moving TOO fast(and they really are not), you can
    migrate over to the bottom left /right corner of the screen, fire off a hyper,
    and take your sweet time spinning around as her attacks get pointlessly
    Pattern 2: Her second pattern involves her firing aimed bursts before moving
    into a laser attack. Be cautious about using your own laser here, as you
    don't want to damage her too quickly. That being said, you virtually HAVE to
    to survive. Don't stray too far to the right or the left. There's a wall of
    bullets on either side here. You can graze off of them, but don't collide
    with them!
    Pattern 3: Her third pattern is more difficult than the others, and involves
    her shooting out aimed shots, supported by unaimed bursts and shots that
    aren't aimed, but whose position are aimed based on your position (IE , they
    are shot at a preset angle from you).
    While it may appear to be overwhelming, it really is little more than a test
    of your ability to move to the left and the right to herd the enemy bullets
    AI always follows a strict 1-2-3-2 pattern order
    Your menace hyper will be best absorbed by her second pattern's lasers, which
    will pave the way for you to fire two, possibly even three hypers on her
    without killing her.
    An effective overall strategy would be to spend most of the first pattern
    grazing off of bullets, fire your hyper laser prior to the second to the last
    wave of her first pattern's second phase, and clean out the bullets on her
    second pattern. Hyper shot against the third pattern.
    After you have decided that she will not be taking any more hits from your
    hypers, you should make certain to set the multiplier, menace gauge, and hyper
    to maximum. If you find this boss to be too hard to milk against, you are
    probably not going to fare well in the stages to come.
    4b- Stage 2- The Dividing Road of Fate
    Bee toke locations:
    1 At the left end of the railway near the start of the stage
    2(hidden route ) Beneath the overpass
    3(hidden route) at the far right end of the overpass
    4 near the middle of the screens, the first stone circle in the ruins
    5 near the left side of the screen, the second circle from the bottom
    6 The fourth small circle from the bottom, at the far right, opposite the
    large stone circle
    7-9: the three remaining circles after the large circle in the ruins
    i The opening path
    General survival tips:
    With a maxed out menace gauge, you have two hypers at the ready. The large
    enemies shoot out several bullets, but all of their shots are based on your
    current location(though only a few are aimed at you. You can dodge the large
    enemies' projectiles by standing in place when they first fire, then waiting
    until the shots aimed directly towards you approach you before moving to the
    side. you will only need to pass through one gap between projectiles to
    achieve this. This method will almost certainly move you closer into menace
    Alternatively, you can direct the shots to one corner of the screen, then
    rapidly move to the other side. The swarms of enemies that shoot purple
    bullets pose not only a threat to your survival, but a threat to your ability
    to stay
    in menace mode as well. you CAN hold your fire here. They will eventually stop
    firing as they near the bottom of the screen, which means that vertical
    streaming, if you are cornered will allow you to survive without killing any
    of them. You'll lose some points for this, though.
    Do be cautious about getting close to the hyper button. You might press it
    by mistake. If your finger ever nears one of the buttons, you might want to
    lift it and shift it in another direction.
    If you are on the hidden route, you might want to preserve a hyper for the
    mid-boss, Senkou: It's a bit hard for this point in the game. You can use the
    bee token near the start to help ensure that you are in menace mode, or to
    augment your multiplier. However, transitioning into menace mode is virtually
    impossible here, and it's really more trouble than it's worth. In the open
    route, the simplest strategy here is to activate hyper almost immediately, use
    it, then use it again before the two large ships (Reuin) In the hidden route,
    you should definitely save a hyper for the midboss. As you're not actively
    trying to build your hyper, feel free to demolish every enemy that comes your
    way. After destroying the first Reuin, helicopters will spawn from the top
    right, swarms of fighters(Hollyhocks) will pop up from the left, then from the
    right, then
    from the left again. After the pair of Reuins, more fighters spawn from the
    top left and top right
    Advanced: While it might seem ridiculous, it IS possible to transition into
    menace mode, through VERY careful streaming. you'll still want to fire off a
    hyper near the beginning, so you can get much of the point value of the early
    stage. However, you'll need to aggressive graze and perform a near pacifistic
    run.. You'll have to keep on building your hyper throughout the early part of
    the fight to come.
    iia Pine
    As with Tulip, this is incredibly weak. Those aimed shots aren't really doing
    anything here, just keep moving and don't go all over the place.. Its second
    pattern might be a bit unnerving, but as long as you pay attention to the
    "tunel" of bullets heading your way, it's extremely easy. Scoring: Feel
    free to graze as much as you want. Despite having a pathetic lifebar, this
    sees fit to go through its tree pitiful patterns TWICE before retreating.
    Surprisingly, the third pattern won't earn you a lot of points. The second
    pattern is the most bullet heavy. You will have had ample time to max out your
    menace meter and multiplier. As long as you can handle the third pattern, you
    should be able to hyper into the second repetition of the second pattern and
    get most of the points you could form it. A level 2 hyper will give you some
    additional time to work yourself back to maximum menace, so you'll be able to
    enter the rest of the stage with a hyper ready.
    iib Senkou
    This midboss screws you over right from the moment it spawns. The enemies that
    it rolls over will actually push you closer to the slaughter end of the
    spectrum! If you wanted to push up your multiplier before firing off a hyper,
    you're almost out of luck. Senkou's patterns are mildly obnoxious, and are
    usually relegated to being countered by hyper shots in 1.5. The first pattern
    involves an aimed burst, flanked by a very wide spread shot. The cannons on
    the side of the tank will shoot five lines of bullets outwards, each. You
    basically want to stay near the center of the aimed shots and cross through
    only one
    line of bullets at a time. If either of the side cannons is offscreen, that
    simply won't fire. The second pattern is ridiculous, but brief enough to be
    dealt with through proper streaming of the aimed shots and a basic reading of
    the unaimed shots. The third pattern features aimed shots, accompanied by
    drastically more noticeable laser generators. You will almost certainly NOT be
    dealing with this pattern, as it is not the 7x multiplier enabler that it is
    Regardless of which strategy you use, if Senkou dies at the right end of the
    bridge, when the scrolling stops, make sure to collect a flashing bee token
    before collecting the bulk of the stars.
    Beginner: About as pointless as you can get. Immediately hyper, try to stretch
    it out as
    long as possible, and then allow the hyper to get your points for you. The
    boss will have next to no no life remaining (if any at all) and you can finish
    off with your laser.
    Intermediate: There's a bee token beneath the overpass, and you can collect
    it while it is flashing. You'll have to either uncover the toke, then VERY
    quickly charge up a hyper and release-in which case you'll drift right
    through it as you prepare the hyper laser- Alternatively, you can simply
    uncover the
    token and wait for it to flash, before firing off the hyper. You should catch
    the majority of pattern 2 for a large amount of points, either way.
    Advanced: If you built up hyper beforehand, you can use the bee toke to max
    out menace mode. Fire up your hype as soon as your multiplier nears the cap,
    rotate at a moderate pace to rebuild your hyper to the max and fire off a
    level 2 hyper. You should reach slaughter mode. IMMEDIATELY rush up in front
    boss and point blank, right outside of where its bullets will spawn. You
    should get a hefty amount of points. If you can keep it alive for the onset of
    pattern 3, more power to you.
    iii the ruins
    General tips:
    Six, count them, SIX bee tokens are located here. The hidden route throws in a
    few more of the enemies that fire purple bullets at you, this time coming from
    the top. You can use these guys to help yourself graze if necessary. The
    enemies that fire aimed lasers are harmless, so long as you are firing your
    own lasers. The large tanks will make movement difficult for you, but you
    focus on slow, streaming-like movements. Just make sure to dodge through the
    gaps between the pink bullets they fire when absolutely necessary. The swarms
    of fighters have returned as well, and can be annoying with their aimed shots,
    especially when the tanks start firing stuff. They come in from the top left,
    then the top right. They return near the end of the stage, from the top right,
    then from the top left. The two Reuins that show up at the end of the stage
    are problematic, at the very least because you have to collect the three bee
    tokens beneath them to access the ura loop, but can be dealt with through fast
    movements or focused streaming, as with before.
    The final enemy carries a bomb, but is virtually harmless. You can use this to
    graze for several bullets, just make sure to kill it before it flies off.
    Coming out of the open route, you'll have a menace hyper at the ready. Coming
    out of the hidden route, you might not have a hyper at the ready. If you came
    out of Senkou in slaughter mode, take out the first wave of helicopters with
    your laser, then stream off of the purple bullets shot at you. Once you reach
    the brief strip of road, you can fire the first hyper almost immediately. Wait
    sure to utilize the the flashing portion of the bee tokens in order to max out
    your multiplier. It's hard to really determine WHEN you should hyper, but
    firing off the hyper when a large tank is onscreen , possibly between the
    second and third bee tokens of this segment, might be a good idea The ending
    this stage can normally get fairly hectic, so you could save your slaughter
    hyper for there, as well.
    A sizable upgrade over AI in every sense of the phrase, NEXT-EXY is still a
    virtual nonthreat, and you will be afforded with several opportunities to
    score against her. Exy shoots a huge amount of bullets , more than the next
    bosses you will face, but she is still easier than them by a large margin
    Her first phase is divided into three patterns.
    -Pattern 1: As with AI, the first pattern is little more than a warm up. This
    time, however, the columns of aimed shots are much more sizable, to the point
    that finding gaps in them is challenging, and the bursts of projectiles will
    increase in ferocity until the attack is a bit hairy. You're going to want to
    graze the bullets as much as possible here, most of the time. This will come
    naturally with the intended strategy for the attack: streaming. You can use
    the lateral bursts of projectiles she fires as an excuse to break off of your
    movements and reverse directions. She will punctuate this with one final burst
    of projectiles before moving onto her second pattern
    -Pattern 2: The second pattern is a pure test of your streaming abilities.
    While it might seem like she's firing bullets in every direction at first,
    once you dodge the first shot, the remainder can be dodged simply by moving
    very slowly in either direction. Immediately after this, she will fire aimed
    shots..which are dealt with in exactly the same way. She will proceed this
    with a somewhat more troubling volley of shots that is nevertheless solved in
    exactly the same way. If you ever decide to face this attack outright, you
    will almost certainly enter menace mode.
    -Pattern 3: Her third pattern is actually quite challenging. If you are
    playing without slowdown, it's actually quite brutal. She will fire an
    amount of unaimed shots, along with a few lateral spreads of partially aimed
    You should not hesitate from "passing" the blue projectiles at your first
    convenience.Staying at the bottom won't be working miracles for you here. As
    long as you pay attention to the pink bullets, you should be able to find some
    openings in the volley and only have to micro-dodge things a few times.
    Pulling off lower level hypers here will do very little damage, and your score
    will improve greatly because of it.If you are using type B or type C, you can
    position yourself to the side of her, so that your left/right turrets are
    barely touching the enemy, and rack up an even higher score, here
    Phase 2.
    Next-EXY's second phase contains three attacks as well, though her lifebar is
    relatively small.
    -Pattern 1: The first involves rotating lines of large, fast moving
    projectiles alongside a handful of partially aimed shots. Dodging through the
    lines might
    seem like the intended way at first, but this is not at all the case. You will
    almost surely fail if you do that. Instead, start off near the middle of the
    screen and wait for her to shoot, then follow one of the paths between the
    lines. By the time you are cornered, she will already have reversed direction.
    Once you make it to the other end of the screen, you will only at most have to
    pass through the line once.
    -Pattern 2: Her second attack involves her firing a bunch of laser generators,
    as well as some bullets that kind of follow the same trajectory as the lasers.
    The lasers will cause some red projectiles to trail off, and they will slowly
    move around the screen while she shoots aimed shots at you. This pattern is
    pretty pathetic, as you simply need to dodge between the first wave's bullets
    and stream while paying the minimal amount of attention needed to dodge the
    red bullets. Immediately before transforming, she is completely invincible. Do
    note: in later reptitions of this attack, her shots will not necessarily be
    aligned with her lasers.
    -Pattern 3: Her final pattern introduces large lasers, though it's only a
    single one in this case. You can only cancel the main laser she fires while in
    slaughter mode, or with your own hyper laser. Instead of staying near in
    middle, you have to dodge through the projectiles that she fires outward. It
    would be a good idea to wait near the laser before dodging the first wave of
    bullets. After that, you need to pay attention to her shots to avoid getting
    hit. While it is easier to dodge near the large laser, you NEED to fire off
    your laser to cancel out her smaller lasers, and you WILL do some minor damage
    to her.
    Scoring in Exy's first phase is fairly clear-cut. You should only be damaging
    her via hypers (especially considering the fact that she has NO lasers at this
    point.), and you should never by hypering against her first attack. Generally,
    whenever you hyper out of menace, you should focus on ensuring that the third
    and fourth portions of her second pattern get converted into stars. Slaughter
    hypers should obviously target her third pattern. As the bullets in the third
    pattern all come from a single narrow area, you can get away with firing a
    lower level hyper. Do keep in mind, though that the weaker hyper lasers last a
    shorter period of time, and will thus remove less bullets. Level 2 hypers
    won't do much damage to her. Level 1 hypers won't cancel many of her
    but upon resolution, they will cancel all of the bullets on screen. You should
    generally fire off a level 2 hyper beam right as the first volley in her
    pattern resolves, then fire a level 2 or level 1 hyper against her third.
    Her second phase is a bit more complicated. While it would seem obvious that
    you should abuse her large laser as much as humanly possible (she takes NO
    damage from hypers while it is out) you won't be getting that many points off
    of it while in menace mode, and her HP count here is very low. If you can
    handle it, you should hyper only on her third attack and completely hold your
    fire otherwise. falling short of that, hitting her with two or three total
    hypers should be acceptable.
    You could theoretically have as much as ~300 million points by this point,
    though much of this stage's score coming EXY's first phase.  Type B players
    can push the scoring even higher
    4c- Stage 3- Numerous Blinking LIghts in the Night Sky
    If you have acquired 14 or more bee tokens by this point, you will be put on
    the hidden route no matter what.
    Bee tokens:
    1-2: Directly adjacent to one another, on a pathway in the middle of the
    screen, at the outskirts of the floating fortress
    3: in the path of the laser right as you sweep to the left
    4: At the top of the grey platform as you start to descend, when enemies pour
    out from the top of the screen.
    5(hidden route): in the middle of the path (notices the notches on the
    platform) as you double back towards the center
    6(hidden route) atop the grey platform at the edge of the central courseway,
    soon after 5
    7 naturally exposed if you focus on the right portion of the enemy wall soon
    after the midboss
    8-9: at the very far edge of the stage, in the middle of the screen
    I Arrival on the Agamemnon
    General tips:
    The vast majority of the enemies in the first portion of the stage fire aimed
    shots, but the wave of enemies from the top is pretty continuous. While the
    helicopters can be safely spared, the enemies that teleport in will stay in
    place until they hit the bottom, so you'll need your beam to cut a path
    through them. The saucer-like enemies("Ladybugs", apparently. Who gave these
    enemies their names?) absolutely must be dealt with, barring absolutely
    miraculous gameplay on your part. You will encounter two varieties of gun
    emplacements: one that shoots out chains of bullets in sets of three, another
    that fires pink aimed shots continuously and occasionally fires blue bullets
    out in several directions. The large ships(Marigold Destroyer), as well as the
    humongous ground enemy, clear all of the bullets on the screen, turning them
    into stars in the
    process. Do be warned: The large lasers will overpower your own if you are in
    menace mode
    While you might be able to graze off of the enemies in the earlier part of
    segment, things will get fairly hard if you leave them all alive. If you have
    menace mode maxed out, you can hyper almost immediately and use the bee tokens
    as well as your slaughter hyper to get some points down. Firing it the moment
    the two lasers fire off around the large enemy might be a good idea.
    Otherwise, you might want to simply progress normally. After destroying both
    the large
    ships, you can use the massive ground enemy to build your hyper a bit. Due to
    the massive amount of tanks in the upcoming segment, though, you'll find it
    hard to maintain menace mode
    If you don't have a hyper ready (and due to the nature of Next-Exy's final
    pattern this is often the case) , you have ample time to prepare it. Stream to
    the left as the helicopters come in, double back swiftly as the other enemies
    teleport in and start firing blue projectiles. You can fire your laser to
    break a hole in their lines and progress forward, full hyper ready. If you
    obtain the bee tokens without killing any enemy, wait for one of the enemies
    to spawn in front of it before firing the laser, immediately deactivating it
    afterwards. From there, you'll want to use your menace laser against the
    large enemy, much in the same way that you would do in an easier strategy.
    that, you'll have to wait for your next hyper, until a bit before the other
    Marigold Destroyers come on screen. Prepare your hyper, then fire it right as
    the laser prepares to fire. At the very end, try streaming against the large
    enemy to
    support your menace gauge If all goes well, you'll be able to get a
    substantial amount of points from this. If you DO have hyper ready at the
    start, be cautious about firing off a hyper at the start: you want to have a
    maxed hyper gauge by the time the first destroyer shows up.
    If you're able to set up a slaughter hyper at the start of the stage, whether
    it be through the destruction of the enemy helicopters or a deliberate
    strategy during the exy fight, you can kill the helicopters, then activate
    hyper mode
    and deliberately fire your bullets offscreen in order to maximize the amount
    of bullets the enemies produce.
    If you're feeling REALLY gutsy, when you get near the destroyers, focus your
    fire on the helicopters and avoid
    killing any ground enemy prior to setting up your second hyper
    Advanced: Once you get near the two bee tokens, try firing off a level 1(or
    level 2) menace hyper while your gauge is full, firing it in such a way that
    you collide with the bee tokens while they can boost your slaughter meter.
    point blank as many enemies as possible while you are still under your
    invincibility frames, then, immediately rebuild your menace meter to max and
    fire a level 3 hyper as soon as possible. Avoid point blanking the first
    When you near the formation of enemies lead by the two large ships, move
    yourself immediately beneath the beam firing enemy between them. If done
    properly, this section can yield upwards of 70 million points. An easier way
    perform this might be to come into the stage with max menace, fire it off,
    collect the bee tokens while they flash and resume the strategy as you
    would. It's an easier way
    ii Sweep to the left
    General tips:
    This little segment is annoying. While the area is crawling with tanks, they
    won't all fire at you. Mainly, a few of them will attack after you pass the
    large enemy laser. When you begin to descend downwards, a massive rush of
    enemies will descend upon you. They fire aimed shots on death, so you can't
    avoid streaming. In this case, you're going to actually want to move
    diagonally up across the screen, then down as you near the edge, then
    diagonally up in the opposite direction, repeating the process. This almost
    figure-eight shaped pattern maximizes the amount of leeway you have when you
    have to reverse direction. Note that there is wall-like enemy that appears as
    you descend down. It won't fire on you, but if you are shooting rather than
    firing your laser, it will probably obstruct your shots long enough to be a
    liability. The huge enemy fought at both ends of it isn't really annoying on
    its own, but after the streaming segment, you might find dodging its
    projectiles to be worrisome. If you are on the left side of the screen, it
    will be likely to hit you. You want to end up on the middle-right of the
    Beginner: Collect the first bee token while it is flashing, if you can, but
    it's virtually impossible to get the second token in its flashing state
    without point blanking it. Your gauge will be ailing here, but it will be very
    hard to get any of it back. Due to the amount of enemies headed your way
    during the rush, it is more or less impossible to maintain menace mode for the
    time, even if you try. If you aren't on the hidden route, the midboss to
    follow won't even give you that many points to begin with, and can be used to
    build your multiplier.
    Intermediate/advanced: The first huge enemy will give you enough bullets to
    enter into menace mode. While you almost certainly won't have a hyper ready
    by the time you reach the midboss, you can try to enter it with a respectable
    multiplier. You might as well point blank the second bee token, as getting it
    while it is green will do nothing for you. By the time you're through with
    this segment, you should have a decent multiplier and a maxed out slaughter
    mode. You DEFINITELY want to max out slaughter here, as the enemy tanks will
    net you a sizable amount of points
    IIIa Curry 2008
    Despite the silly title, this is the first open route midboss that actually
    puts up a fight. The basic gimmick here is that the boss fires multiple waves
    of bullets at the same time, each following slightly different rules. You want
    to pass through each of the waves as quickly as it is convenient, soas not to
    get cornered. It will fire partially aimed shots that might prove problematic,
    you'll want to direct them in one direction and head to another. Its second
    pattern involves a it sending out lasers and aimed shots. As long as you hit
    it back with your laser(whether hyper or otherwise) it won't get a chance to
    truly menace you. Try to fire up a level 2 hyper against its second phase.
    Scoring: the bullet count here is ridiculously low in comparison to what oyou
    might have been dealing with before, despite the fact that it's harder than
    the ones seen in the previous stages
    IIIb Kakou
    This guy is absolutely annoying, and as the toughest pattern of any of the
    first four stages, in my humble opinion. It will begin by firing aimed shots,
    alongside several unaimed shots with rather small openings. The main threat
    here will be the unaimed variety, which you should pass at your first
    opportunity to ensure that you don't dawdle and get killed by the aimed shots
    it's going to be very easy to build your menace meter. The boss will then
    briefly enter into a pattern where it fires arcs of bullets that can be fairly
    easily navigated so long as you move through them swiftly before transitioning
    into its final pattern, where it shoots out a ridiculous amount of bullets,
    alongside laser generators. This is quite frankly absurd, Even DOJ's second
    loop variation of this attack is more tame. You're really just expected to
    use the hyper you acquired on the way to it to bust through it. (in 1.5, at
    if you point blank destroyed the tanks on the way to the boss, you wouldn't
    even need to get a bee token to max out your hyper)
    Do note that this boss utilizes destructible cannons. Two of them are on the
    front, and fire aimed bullets. If you destroy one of these, the other will
    shoot a larger amount of aimed bullets.
    Two of them are on the sides(and have two seperate phases) and four ,the ones
    that generate the bullets for its first pattern, are located at the back.
    you can point blank any of them to get points, you will greatly subtract from
    the boss's lifebar in doing so, and it will die before you can harvest its
    bullets in hyper mode.
    you're just going to have to suffer through the first attack, then proceed to
    hyper it whenever you feel like it. If you're shooting for the ura loop,
    you're obviously not a "beginner," otherwise, you can simply skip one of
    the two tokens, as getting both can be somewhat challenging.
    Simply focus on dodging/grazing the first pattern, then proceed to point blank
    both of the tokens (or acquire them normally) to augment your multiplier fire
    two hypers into him in a row, you'll get a ludicrous amount of points from
    IV exiting the airship
    General tips:
    Try to rebuild your menace meter to full, but don't be afraid to fire on the
    large wall if you fear that it might destroy you. You'll want to stay near
    center after you destroy the
    large enemy, starting up a hyper out of maximum menace as soon as possible.
    There are a lot of large enemies that are positioned near the center.
    Fire a level 3 hyper, and queue up another hyper. You should be able to catch
    most of the eye-shaped boss(presumably the core of the Agamemnon but it's
    never named) with your laser. It'll drop an extend, to boot. Make SURE to get
    your hyper off around the time that it appears onscreen, as a point blank
    laser will almost instantly destroy it. The remainder of the stage goes by so
    quickly that menace mode is very hard to obtain, so you should just focus on
    staying alive and catching the final two tokens while they are in menace mode.
    A bomb ship is present at the end of the stage , but don't be too worried if
    you kill it while you are still in slaughter mode.
    At last, a stage boss that actually pulls some weight. This battle consists of
    three phases, all of which are laser-happy. Raising your menace gauge will be
    problematic at points, as this boss will actually put up a fight, but it's
    still possible to avoid the hard parts of the fight entirely through diligent
    use of hypers.
    Phase 1
    Perfect's first phase is so short that it barely deserves merit. It consists
    entirely of a single pattern repeated over and over again ad nauseum: She
    fires aimed lines of bullets at you before progressing into slow, unaimed
    finally concluding with a one-two volley of pink columns of shots and more
    dense, but shorter, volley of blue bullets. These can be dodged through
    streaming, fast movement, and finding a safespot from the pink bullets while
    preparing to dodge the blue ones, respectively. The real annoyance with this
    attack (completely contrary to the original version) are the rotating lasers
    that emerge from the dish she deploys. If you are trying to stream into menace
    mode, you will have to sporadically shoot out your laser to push back her own.
    As with all of her laser based attacks (as you will find out) survival here is
    literally impossible without canceling her lasers.
    Phase 2: This is the main phase of the battle, and it consists of four
    -Pattern 1: Perfect shoots out a somewhat fast moving fan-shaped wave of
    bullets, but the density is so lacking that it is a nonthreat. This is
    supported by missile fire. As with her first attack, you might want to flicker
    your laser on and off, as you're going to have to cancel her missiles. This
    is a great pattern to build up your multiplier off of, as once you're in
    mode, it's virtually impossible NOT to be grazing something. In order to
    facilitate dodging, you want to be below her, a nd you want to follow her
    -Pattern 2: Perfect deploys several turrets. They fire aimed shots at you at
    an obscene pace, and perfect shoots out a narrow wall of bullets to complicate
    the issue. Dodging is still fairly simple. Just move around at a brisk pace,
    making sure not to get cornered. The final wall of the bullets is very large,
    but you
    can loop around it with ease thanks to the touch controls available to you.
    -Pattern 3: The turrets transform into maids (!) and rotate around, shooting
    lasers. You definitely do NOT want to be in need of additional menace mode
    time here, as you would need to constantly cancel their lasers to do so.
    shoots out a fairly weak volley of bullets, supported by fast moving arcs of
    large bullets with blatant gaps in t hem. Should you choose to engage this
    pattern, you will want to focus mainly on the faster moving bullets, finding
    the gaps and moving towards them. It might seem daunting at first, but once
    you get a hand on bullet hell, you will find that doing a miniscule bit of
    here or there won't effect your reading skills very much
    -Pattern 4: the main point-scoring pattern of her second phase, you will
    never see the tail end of this one in any superplay video for the game. That
    should tell you something. Perfect deploys a shield in front of her (it still
    takes damage for her). This shield will generate pink spike-shaped bullet
    arrangements with noticeable gaps near the middle. Perfect herself will fire
    mainly vertical arrays of bullets, but they will occasionally rotate around in
    inconvenient ways. I personally find it easiest to stay beneath the shield and
    pass through the gap in the center of the pink bullets at the soonest possible
    convenience, then focusing on the blue ones. At the very end, she will send
    her laser generators down at you. They can be destroyed, but you'll want to
    swiftly move out of the way.
    Phase 3:
    This one is only two patterns long, but it can be dragged out for ages if you
    handle it properly.
    -Pattern 1:
    Perfect moves around erratically, firing off low density, high speed patterns.
    You'll probably want to stay directly below her and dodge to the side of the
    bullets in the center. You'll actually need to have a pretty quick reaction
    time to deal with any of this, especially without slowdown.
    -Pattern 2:
    Perfect fires a large volley of lasers. You'll notice that these are
    off-color. This is your first experience with lasers that yield bullets, and
    they certainly yield a lot of them. While executing this attack, she is
    virtually invulnerable, even to your standard fire. You will want to stream
    from one end of the screen to another, but you might need to micrododge a few
    projectiles here or there. Trying to dodge every little projectile is sure to
    get you killed.
    Perfect's first phase has a rather poor bullet count, and should mainly be
    used for grazing. Should you choose to hyper it anyway, the final segment of
    the pattern is the most lucrative one.
    Perfect's second phase's first two attacks are almost total graze fodder,
    though her second could be put to some use if you plan on your hyper going off
    early in the third pattern. Her fourth is the most important one, and you
    should prioretize getting a slaughter mode hyper against it.
    Due to Perfect's frankly ridiculous projectile speed, the third phase can be
    a serious pain to milk. You're going to want to time your hyper as such that
    the entirety of the laser is blocked off by her second pattern's laser wave.
    first pattern is sufficiently brief that you can queue up a hyper immediately
    after your first, only to empty your laser into her second pattern again
    4d- Stage 4- The World Darkens
    Bee token locations:
    1: to the left of the screen before the first clifftop
    2-3(hidden): After Raikou, you will come to an island with a laser turret on
    it. The first is to the left of it, the second is to the right of and above
    4-5: after your descent into the cave, you will find one of these on either
    side of the screen
    6: Immediately before the bridge in the cave, to the left, over the abyss
    7-9: all three are in a row (!) to the right side of the bridge, on the strip
    of soil
    I The Cliffsides
    General survival tips:
    This stage will feel very unorthodox to you at first, and you might lose a
    life here if you haven't practiced adequately. No matter what your danmaku
    are, you can't dodge some of the laser volleys without canceling them.
    There are a LOT of enemies that fire unavoidable lasers, as well as
    helicopters coming from the top. However, unlike with the previous stages, the
    isn't exactly overflowing with popcorn enemies. As such, you should feel more
    to use your laser than in other stages.
    The three main attractions in this segment are the laser laser battery (its
    name apparently means "Pink,") the returning midboss from Dodonpachi
    Flytrap") and the swarms of medium sized fighters("Kuro-Uba") that pour
    from the top at various points.
    The laser batteries require you to fire off your laser (or shots, as long as
    you are in hyper mode) to deal with them. They do fire walls of bullets
    outwards, but, because these enemies clear the screen of bullets on death,
    that won't matter much. Though you might be tempted to fire off your hyper
    onto them, this is a bad idea. As long as your hyper is active, they will drop
    large stars on death. The more of their lasers are on screen, the more stars
    will be generated. It is FAR more efficient to pointblank hyper them
    Venus flytraps shoot a decent bullet hell barrage. You have to pay attention
    to the red shots, which can cage you in if you don't read them. The blue
    are much easier to deal with if you stay underneath the center of the ship.
    They clear all the bullets on the screen upon death.
    The Kuro-Ubas fire aimed shots and vertical shots. Wedging yourself between
    the vertical shots will be very effective in pushing you towards menace mode.
    have a decent amount of health, which means that they can push out a lot of
    bullets if you aren't serious about destroying them...and also means that
    they are extremely good at soaking up the damage from your hyper laser. The
    threat they offer comes immediately after the second venus flytrap falls,
    where a serious number of them spawn.
    Begginer: As with stage 3, even if you aren't in menace, you can probably
    grind your way into menace mode by the time you need it. A bunch of laser
    enemies appear at the edge of the first cliff, so watch out about going
    pacifist here. Try to stream the enemy projectiles at the start, unless
    you're already in maximum menace mode. Gettign a slaughter hyper off against
    of the venus flytraps will get you a decent amount of points.
    Intermediate: You're going to want to point blank hyper the laser battery
    while in menace mode, As you are scrolling up, you can achieve this by
    activating the hyper underneath it and letting your shots take it down. Do NOT
    fire your hyper laser before you destroy it. After destroying it, fire off a
    level 1 hyper(watch out for getting it by the battery's to allow yourself to
    return to to menace mode out of the hyper. Build yourself back to maximum
    menace and queue up a level 3 hyper. It should be soaked up by a wave of
    Kuro-Ubas. Get close to the second flytrap and get a bit farther than point
    blank from it( the small ring that forms around your ship should be just below
    the very bottom of its sprite) Fire your hyper, holding it out as long as
    Instead of firing a level 1 hyper after destroying the laser battery, fire a
    level 2 hyper. Start up another hyper, using the same almost-point-blank
    technique as before. Destroy the wave of Kuro-Ubas with your hyper mode, but
    allow the wave after that to push you closer to menace mode. You're going to
    need to be VERY adept at dodging the flytrap's patterns as you build your
    menace meter back up. level 2 hyper again, allowing the kuro-ubas to soak up
    the the beam. Using your invincibility, approach it as you did the previous
    one and fire off another hyper. Use the final few waves of enemies to push
    yourself up back into menace mode. You're going to want it against Raikou.
    IIa Fake Eye(?)
    Possibly the easiest boss encounter since Pine. It has two patterns, but only
    a miniscule amount of health. Its first pattern involves the boss shooting a
    pretty pitiful trio of aimed shots. Its gloves light up and fire out both
    lasers and shots, one by one. As long as you stay near the middle and stream
    the bullets, you should have absolutely no trouble. Its second pattern is
    another near-non-threat. The second pattern fires off more bullets than the
    first, but the boss doesn't have much stamina at this point. Just keep your
    laser up and stream against its primary shot as you read the other shots.
    IIb: Raikou
    The manliest of all of the bosses from Dodonpachi, Raikou is neither a roaming
    pokemon nor a laughing matter. While you probably might assume that its
    laser-burst pattern is a point goldmine, that is definitely not the case. The
    battle consists of tree patterns, the first one repeated twice. The first
    pattern consists of a row of aimed shots, alongside multiple waves of unaimed
    shots. You're going to want to move horizontally fast enough to avoid the
    aimed shots, and aggressively enough vertically to push through the waves of
    blue, unaimed projectiles. The second pattern involves the boss attempting to
    point blank YOU with lasers. He will base his vertical position at the start
    on your own, so you might want to move upwards to give yourself more room.
    Staying far away from him will make the attack far more manageable. You
    definitely don't want to get in the path of the lasers. The final pattern
    involves a huge mess of unaimed shots, which requires micrododging.
    Scoring:Use the first pattern to build up your menace meter, and make sure to
    move upwards before Raikou moves into the second pattern. Even if you fire off
    your level 3 hyper, if you have not positioned the boss upwards, you will
    point blank him with the beam itself, and the damage you do to him will be
    unreal. The lasers the boss fires are another major hazard, and you should do
    everything in your power to avoid being in the path of his large lasers. The
    third pattern gives you a large amount of stars, so you should definitely fire
    your slaughter hyper there.
    III: The Dam
    General Survival tips/scoring:
    There's nothing really new here at all, so you don't really need to know a
    lot for survival. There are several more Kuro-Ubas, which allow you to rebuild
    your hyper meter and the segment culminates in a large emplacement of enemies
    at the very end. You should make sure to build your hyper back to max before
    firing it off, destroying the lesser laser emplacements with your shot. Try to
    build menace off of the first few waves. Use your hyper shots to get rid of
    the first laser battery, then get two bee tokens to return to menace mode.
    you reach the wall of lesser laser enemies, destroy them with your hyper shot
    fire off a level to hyper. When you get to the blockade at the very end of the
    IV: Into the CAVE
    General survival tips/scoring:
    With six bee tokens and multiple huge enemies, this segment is full of ways to
    score. There's really nothing new here, as with the previous segment. If you
    collect the three bee tokens that are positioned one after another in a row,
    when all are in menace mode, you will probably max your menace mode. Again, in
    order to score against one of the large ships here, you should use your hyper,
    but avoid point blanking the ship itself. For the laser batteries, you should
    kill them with your hyper shot. The kuro-ubas and other such enemies can help
    you get into menace mode, but direct contact with them will ruin your scoring
    capabilities in this part.
    This segment could very well net you an outrageous amount of points, depending
    upon how you handle it. You're going to want to get both of the bee tokens at
    the start immediately, then pump up your menace mode. The Kuro Ubas can
    provide some points, but it's nowhere near as worthwhile as attacking the
    batteries with hyper shots. Ideally, you'd want to keep the large ship alive
    towards the end, canceling its shots and destroying the laser batteries in one
    fell swoop
    Rayne is normally a surprisingly tame boss for stage 4, especially when faced
    by players who use strong or power style in the original. Here, there is NO
    guaranteeing that you will be able to cancel her main laser, and the battle
    itself is very solidly object heavy, meaning that you'll have to be careful
    about using your hyper. Grazing for menace mode will be frustrating as well,
    because several all of her challenging patterns are stationed at the end of
    the phases they belong to.
    Phase 0.5:
    Hopefully, you will have used the bomb carrying ship to build your menace mode
    up, but this segment gives you another chance to build it up further. The
    pattern is very tame, as long as you destroy the individual segments of the
    ship as they break off, there won't be too many bullets on the screen at
    You might have to stream upwards, if the rocket thrusters near the bottom
    Phase 1 :
    This phase consists of three patterns. For scoring, hypering against the start
    of the second pattern is a complete no go, as you will point blank her for
    ridiculous damage every time, unless you get hit out of it by the boss itself.
    The third pattern s is brutal, and should only be entered into when you are in
    hyper mode.
    -Pattern 1: her first pattern. she sends out several horizontal spreads of
    bullets and fires several pairs of columns. You want to stay within one of the
    pairs and follow her movements. This one is relatively easy.
    -Pattern 2: The second pattern involves her deploying several solid objects to
    the side and sending them down towards you, supported by bullets. She will
    send bullets outward as they send bullets downwards (and in other directions.)
    This pattern is absolutely ridiculous, especially considering the near
    of moving away from te objects that will spawn the bullets.
    You basically want to ensure that you don't have to dodge multiple sets of
    bullets at the same
    time at any one point, but with your space as confined as it is, this is
    If you are aiming for milking her, be careful about pulling off a hyper, as it
    might advance her to the next phase.
    Otherwise, queue up your hyper before the attack starts and release it for
    massive damage.
    -Pattern 3: You can get several points here, simply by firing a max power
    slaughter laser. Do note that this is, like pattern 2, well above the
    difficulty curve. You obviously want to aggressively move around her laser
    wheels, but the arcing trails of bullets are still something more befitting of
    a final boss, reminiscent of one of the final boss's attacks in ESPGaluda II.
    She follows  strict 1-2-1-3 pattern order, here.
    Phase 2 :
    This phase has two patterns. Neither of them are very good for scoring at all,
    and the second will almost certainly get you killed if you try!
    -Pattern 1: If you want to cheap shot this one, misdirect her main cannon to
    the far left or right end of the screen. It loses most of its firepower! In
    the meantime, you're going to have to read her bullet waves, which come out
    -Pattern 2: This pattern involves several laser turrets spinning around,
    requiring you to fire off your own lasers. She fires off a wide range of
    bullets that are aimed at your general location, but most of the bullets will
    be coming from the turrets. You'll want to misdirect her shots and make wide
    movements, being careful to not get caught by the projectiles from the
    Phase 3:
    This phase involves two patterns. The first of them is absolutely pathetic.
    The second is absolutely brutal, but will probably not be active for very long
    to her tiny amount of HP remaining
    -Pattern 1: Here, she fires an array of bullets, as well as an aimed burst of
    bullets, all based on your position. You simply need to follow beneath her and
    break to the left or right whenever she kicks. The density here is so pathetic
    that it's really nothing much of a hazard.
    -Pattern 2:
    Rayne fires off several solid objects, which explode on the sides of the
    screen and shoot bullets inward. Getting past these is fairly simple..it's
    combination of aimed shot-spawning lasers and explosions present after the
    opening that make it difficult. You'll want to move slowly horizontally,
    paying attention to the blue bullets as well. It's not something that you are
    expected to survive for extended periods of time. Do note that, with this much
    stuff around you, you might get knocked out of hyper mode by uncanceled
    projectiles if you aren't careful!
    Scoring: You probably aren't going to get a lot of points from this battle.
    Her final phase is the only one that lends any serious amount of points, and
    the huge amount of lasers and solid objects here, as well as Rayne's tendency
    to put herself in positions where your laser attack will point blank her for
    massive damage, renders any attempts at milking here highly dangerous. If you
    hyper properly, and avoid the solid objects she spawns you can avoid the bulk
    of the onslaught in her third phase's second pattern, build your menace back
    up during her other pattern, and drag the phase out as long as possible
    4e- Stage 5- Battles Fought only to "Inherit the Future.": scoring section to
    Bee Token Locations:
    1-2(Hidden route only): At the end of the descent right after the Renkou
    on the left and right.
    3: immediately beneath the bullet producing enemy that rests near the top
    of the first shot ring
    4: near the first laser-producing ring, soon after 3
    5VERY briefly present as you descend in the laser ring segment, beneath the
    ring of lasers to teh right of the screen
    6: near the bottom of the screen near the end of the in the laser ring
    when the enemies fire out horizontal spreads of blue bullets.
    7: Above and to the right of 6. Easier to acquire once the screen stops
    scrolling horizontally
    8-9: Immediately before Shooty, on the small platforms, one on either end of
    the bomb ship
    I Gatling laser gauntlet
    General Survival Tips:
    The notorious final stage has begun! For those unfamiliar with the game, you
    might be surprised to find out that this stage is more or less in a completely
    different league than the others. Depending on the amount of boss milking you
    undergo and the lag you can accrue, you might find yourself playing for
    upwards of twelve minutes. If your fingers are feeling sore, you might want to
    take a
    break during the downtime. Survival here is actually a thorough challenge
    The opening salvo here is, like all of the stages beforehand, nothing more
    than a streaming segment. The bullet density is serious, though, and the first
    of enemies MUST be fired upon, as they fly towards you. After dealing with
    those enemies, you will come across some ground enemies and some medium sized
    arial enemies. The arial enemies appear from left to right, then right to
    left, so you should deal with them in that way.
    The next segment contains laser-producing walls on the right side of the
    screen. These are known as "Gatling Lasers." They are solid objects, and
    their HP count is out of this world. As with all laser producing enemies, they
    will drop the most points when killed with hyper shots... but their HP count
    is so big that this is virtually impossible to deplete it. You should focus on
    the large tank(Nipenzishu). It will fire both aimed and unaimed shots, and
    supported by enemies that also fire aimed shots. As long as you stream, you
    should be able to shrug off the aimed shots and be able to focus on the
    unaimed ones. The gaps between the unaimed shots are fairly forgiving, and
    basically form vertical paths for you to move through. At low HP, Nipensizhu
    will switch to a different pattern, one purely unaimed. You'll have to pay
    attention to this one, as the waves of bullets it fires are unaimed. Make sure
    to almost constantly have your laser active, as it is best suited to dealing
    with the tank, and the gatling lasers will punish you for having your shot
    You will encounter a horizontal line of small tanks that appear at the end of
    the gatling laser track, alongside several helicopters. These will fire an
    ungodly amount of aimed shots if left unanswered, and you should be careful to
    getting forced into contact with the gatling laser! You'll want to get rid of
    as many of these as you can when they spawn, though you can leave a few alive
    to stream off of. After another mini-wave of enemies, you'll encounter
    another gatling laser emplacement, this time on the left, with the Nipenzishu
    tank on
    the right. A handful of tanks will join in on the fray, pouring out from under
    the gatlng laser. Don't be afraid to destroy them, just keep in mind that a
    turret that fires aimed shots will be covered by the last gatling laser.
    Finally, you will encounter a handful of enemies that will allow you to build
    back up your menace meter. You'll want to do that for the lucrative midboss.
    IIa "Perfect" Shadow Great:
    These midboss designs are getting increasingly ridiculous. Apparently this is
    supposed to be a copy of Perfect Well, it does kind of appear to be in some
    sort of robotic dress. Freaky. Either way, this bulky cyclopic dress-bearing
    is actually the harder of the two first-portion midbosses in the stage.
    Leading up to the boss, a set of helicopters will attack you, left, right,
    then left and stationary. If you're unprepared, you might just get cornered
    their shots.
    The boss has three patterns, though you will almost certainly never face the
    The first pattern consists of aimed shots, low density waves of fast unaimed
    shots, alongside high density waves of slow moving unaimed shots. You're
    going to have to stay near the bottom and gradually move around. A pair of
    just near the middle of the fastest moving shots, and you should ideally stay
    there, moving to keep up with the boss.
    The second pattern involves the boss sending out several bombs, which blow up
    into waves of projectiles. They aren't exactly dense, and they move slowly.
    Stay near the center, as the boss will soon fire several columns of bullets,
    with the center as a clear safespot.
    The third pattern involves the machine activating two cannons at once, one
    firing a light bullet hell barrage, the other shooting out spreads of three
    bullets in several directions. Its aimed hsots will pick back up here. The
    density of the attack is light enough to a allow you to dodge it without using
    too precise movements, just make sure to pay attention to the red shots.
    IIb: Renkou
    Leading up to Renkou, a set of medium sized ships will spawn, from the right
    to the left, then from the left to the right. Even if you don't destroy them,
    Renkou will.
    You have absolutely no excuse for not maxing out your menace during this
    fight's first portion. His first pattern (which is more like two
    is entirely aimed, and can be literally solved by just moving slowly to the
    left or right continuously(no, seriously. Pure streaming, and you won't even
    need to break to either direction.) The boss's second pattern is very
    lucrative, but also very challenging, and should be overcome using your hyper
    laser. Should you not hyper through it, you will need to micrododge several
    projectiles. It's just not worth it. The final attack is the classic
    "missile spam" gimmick. While it's a cool attack, the humongous explosions
    cannot be
    canceled, and the popcorn enemies that spawn after the death of the boss are
    worth far more points than this attack ever will be. Make sure you never
    encounter this attack.
    After defeating Renkou, you will be struck with an onslaught of popcorn
    enemies and medium sized ships like you have never seen before, all firing
    shots. You should hyper if possible, but that won't always be the case, and
    hyper won't always span the duration of the rush. Recall the figure eight
    pattern you moved in during stage 3. You'll be using that movement, too. Just
    pay attention to the large enemies, as they might bump into you if you ignore
    them. Type A players may stay near the middle and use their slaughter mode
    shot as well.
    III Tiger Lily Hotbed:
    General Scoring Tips
    This segment will destroy you the first time through, this is more or less a
    certainty. This is the single hardest portion of loop 1. Invincible rings of
    projectile spawning enemies ("Tiger Lily Seeds," which produce shots, and
    "Tiger Lily Vines," which produce lasers) will converge around the screen or
    travel from one end to another. Some other enemies will occasionally get
    caught up in the mix, such as tanks and an enemy that shoots a wave of bullets
    it, the bullets separated into groups of three. Tiger Lilies are solid
    objects, which means that they are very effected at halting your hypers and
    your dreams.
    As you start heading to the right, two rings will converge around you, both
    firing lasers and shots outwards. You're going to want to take out the enemy
    inbetween them with your laser, as it's actualy the only thing firing inward
    at the moment. Never forget that the tigerlily seeds fire in predictable
    patterns, and their horizontal spreads of shots can be dealt with without ever
    micrododging- as long as you move straight to the right without moving
    vertically, you will be unhurt. The next pair of rings will be more testing,
    and the inner bullet ring might just seal off your access to a bee token!
    Tanks will be hiding behind the tiger lily rings here, so you should be
    Make sure to progress to the right at a decent pace, breaking through the line
    of projectiles coming from the tanks at the soonest possible convenience. If
    you want to menace hyper here, be my guest, but make sure not to collide with
    any of the tiger lilies.
    After stopping moving to the right, you will move up, and encounter the next
    defining enemy of the segment: the scramble station. This red box will deploy
    various enemies, and shoot out several crescents of bullets of its own. You
    will need to stay well below it and move to the left and right sporadically to
    avoid its projectiles. On death, it will clear bullets.
    The next segment is relatively tame, but be aware that the spinning enemies
    will shoot out large chains of fast moving aimed bullets, and this requires
    you to move quickly. As you stop moving to the left, the screen will prepare
    down. Do NOT get yourself caught at the bottom, you WILL get hurt. A ring of
    tigerlily vines will spawn from the bottom left, then one will spawn from the
    bottom right. Move from right to left accordingly. You can briefly venture
    into either to get rid of the takes that are using them for cover. Be aware
    that a
    bee token is right below the second one in this descent, and it is almost
    impossible to get unless you are very deliberate.
    The screen will then move to the left, and you will mainly face aimed shots. A
    scramble station lies at the end of the path to the left, so you can destroy
    it to clear the screen of bullets if you just got yourself cornered. YOu might
    want to use this part to build up your hyper.
    After the screen stops moving to the left, building up your hyper no longer
    becomes a realistic option.
    The next segment is little more than torture. Even in loop 1, many good
    players, in the original, would simply hyper here and use their invincibility
    frames to survive. After you stop ascending, rings of tiger lilies will come
    in from the right. You're going to want to stay near the bottom and dodge the
    shots from the tigerlily seeds with as little movement as possible, collecting
    the bee token at the same time, then move out to the right and continue to
    evade the bullets. Be careful, as more tigerlilies will pop out from the
    Fire a Hyper (possibly a level 1 hyper, if you want to survive) if you ever
    a clear chance to do so
    IV a "Perfect" Shadow Ace
    Yet ANOTHER perfect "Clone" that doesn't even look like her! The first
    pattern consists of several waves of blue shots and several columns of red
    shots. The red shots kind of converge upon each other in some situations, so
    you're going to want to make sure you don't get trapped by moving forward
    It will pause before its next pattern, so you have a chance to move to either
    side. This one is purely streaming (thus, your menace is sure to go up) You
    can either move VERY slowly to stay between the pink shots that emerge form
    lasers and the blue shots it fires, or you can move a bit faster to evade both
    of them. The latter is more convenient, but will not be an option in the
    second loop.
    The final pattern involves some aimed shots, alongside several enemies that
    shoot little clusters of bullets from the sides. You just need to move up and
    down and focus on the bullets from the sides. Streaming will get rid of the
    threat of the aimed shots.
    IV b Kouryu
    You know things are looking bad when the normal final boss of a bullet hell
    shmup like Dodonpachi appears as a midboss. Thankfully, Kouryu has gone
    through quite a nerfing this time around, nevermind the fact that hitboxes are
    now than they were in the original game!
    You will only ever encounter three patterns off of this guy, and they may
    appear daunting at first. You can absolutely cheese this guy, though, and
    it's even beneficial to scoring.
    His first pattern involves him shooting out several converging columns of
    bullets that are based off of your position, alongside aimed shots. If you
    move near the middle of the screen, to the left or right of the boss, you can
    rid of any serious dodging in the attack.
    The second pattern involves more aimed shots, but they are supported by
    vertical lasers that break away into shots. You are going to want to to move
    swiftly but cautiously to the left and right, making sure not to get cornered
    by the bullets that spawn from the lasers.
    The final pattern involves his classic wave of bullets that fan inwards and
    outwards, with aimed shots complicating your attempt to stay in the middle.
    The fanning shots aren't much of a threat anymore, but the red ones that
    out from his lasers can be. Just get a good idea of the width of the gap in
    middle of the pink shots and dodge to the left and right to deal with the
    To get a good score out of this guy, you'll want to fire two hypers off
    against him. Really, it's just about that simple. Its movements render point
    blanking impossible, and the bullet density is relatively consistent
    throughout the fight.
    Medium sized enemies will fill in for either midboss if you kill them early,
    and you can use them to rebuild your menace meter. If necessary.
    V. The final pathway
    You're almost there! This segment offers a HUGE goldmine of points. If you
    want to score, you're going to have to come into the horizontal segment with
    a maximized multiplier and (ideally) a maxed out hyper.
    The segment begins with a confrontation with a Nipenshizu, supported by
    several enemies to the side. Don't worry about rushing down the bomb unless
    literally have nothing else left. It won't be vanishing offscreen any time
    soon. You'll need to stream more aggressively here than you did before, as
    the bullet density is more intense. A scramble station shows up a bit later,
    should be dealt with as you did before.
    The next wave of enemies starts out modestly, but if you hold your fire, you
    will find yourself dealign with a ridiculously dense batch of aimed shots. A
    venus flytrap will show up later, and you don't need to deal with all of
    those bullets at once. If you want to score, you should treat it as you did
    so long as you are in slaughter mode. In all likelihood, that won't be the
    case. Should you not be able to hyper, you'll need to stay near the bottom
    and watch for its red bullets. Vertical lasers show up, and it is absolutely
    impossible to avoid dying without your laser active.
    Another venus flytrap shows up, and will probably be protected by enemy
    lasers. You're going to want to destroy the ground emplacement that shoots
    bullets in
    groups of three, but you shouldn't worry too much about the tanks. You'll
    probably be hypering a lot through this segment.
    After dealing with the second flytrap, you'll hit a brief lull in activity.
    You'll want to get ready for a bit of a psuedo-midboss. The stage 4 midboss
    from Dai Ou Jou shows up (no, it doesn't have an extend. Sorry), and is
    supported by several helicopters. You can easily misdirect its shots if you
    move close to it, to the left or right. This will make you more vulnerable to
    the aimed shots, however, and you will need to move quickly. Alternatively,
    staying near the bottom is your best bet. Hopefuly, after defeating this
    enemy, your multiplier will be high and your slaughter will be maxed: the
    mother of
    all popcorn enemy rushes is headed your way. Either fire off a hyper or move
    near one end of the screen and prepare to stream the entire thing. You might
    even have to move vertically at the end. Use the final bee tokens to get into
    menace. If you have collected 43 up to this point but do NOT want to enter
    the hidden second loop (which is even harder than the open second loop), only
    collect 1. Either way, get the bomb and brace yourself for the stage 5 boss.
    Scoring: Point blank hypering the Nipensizhu might seem like an option here,
    but generally speaking, the venus flytrap and the vertical lasers are going to
    give you absolutely enormous amounts of points.
    Shooty has a humongous amount of health, almost all of her patterns are
    absolutely lucrative, and she is surprisingly easy for a stage 5 boss. Some of
    her patterns are problematic, and the shells that she fires off at you are
    treated as solid objects, as are her explosions. Once you get around those
    hazards, though, this is defiinitely a boss you should milk for all its worth.
    In fact, declining to milk here will deal a huge blow to your overall score.
    Phase 1:
    This phase consists of three patterns
    -Pattern 1
    Shooty will fire crisscrossing shots and horizontal spreads of bullets. The
    gaps in the horizontal spreads are wide enough that you can dodge between the
    bullets, but you won't be able to do it consistently. Only do so in a pinch.
    The only problematic waves are the final two. You will want to move away from
    the horizontal bullets when you see the penultimate wave of blue bullets come
    down. Alternatively, you can attempt to dodge between the bullets in her
    at the very end
    -Pattern 2
    The horizontal spreads are still here, but instead of firing crisscross shots,
    she fires eight lines of circular bullets. They will rotate to the left and
    right gradually. You need to follow the opening in the middle. The horizontal
    bullets aren't numerous enough to render this any more than moderately
    challenging, even with slowdown disabled.
    -Pattern 3
    A brutal novice killer in every sense of the word. Four columns of canisters
    rain down from the top, emitting vertical bullets as they head down.
    this are aimed shots. If you enter hyper mode, the canisters will speed up.
    They count as solid objects, so starting up a hyper here is often going to be
    a bad idea. Staying at the bottom is a bad idea, too. You should stay near the
    middle and move alongside the gaps between any two of columns of canisters,
    shifting from one gap to another if you are ever stuck.
    Phase 2:
    This phase consists of a jaw dropping FIVE patterns.
    -Pattern 1
    Shooty will cast out a line of canisters and support it with lasers(which can
    be cancelled) and aimed shots. It might seem more susceptible to hyper shots
    tha the previous canister based attack, but this is not the case-the canisters
    whip out to the side. You're going to want to observe the canisters before
    they go off, then, once you are certain that you are at the proper vertical
    level, move to the left or right in order to a avoid her aimed shots.
    -Pattern 2
    As with the canisters, the explosions here are solid objects. Due note that
    their hitboxes are MUCH smaller than the sprites themselves, mainly consisting
    of the white-ish portions (IE, roughly 1/3 of the sprite isn't actually a
    hitbox, and the parts that flare out are definitely not part of the hitbox.)
    You might need to graze the outer edges of the explosions in order to survive.
    You're going to have to find an opening before rushing through it. If you
    ever see an opening amongst the blue shots, utilize it.
    -Pattern 3
    Shooty opens up by firing an incredibly tame volley of aimed shots downwards.
    It's really not worth mentioning. She then swings out rows of lasers at you,
    randomly selecting between the left and right half of the screen. Bullets show
    up wherever the lasers would, regardless of the direction in which she swings
    them. The biggest gap between the bullets is near the center of the pattern,
    so  you might want to utilize it. At least that way, you won't have to figure
    which way she is going to swing. The final two swings are so close to each
    other temporally that they are very difficult to evade. You will want to fire
    your laser here.
    -Pattern 4
    Shooty fires out straight lines of bullets, but they will occasionally rotate
    around, switching their positions. You're going to need to focus on dodging
    the bullets when the lines move. You'll want to move up slightly as the
    pattern nears its end, in order to deal with the increasing frequency in which
    the lines rotate
    -Pattern 5
    At first glance, it appears to be pattern 1 again. This is not the case. This
    time around, the canisters explode one by one and shoot out aimed shots.
    You'll want to stream here. It's almost impossible to dodge this without
    canceling her lasers. Don't even try. Even if you're trying to score, the
    risk/reward ratio is just too bad here
    Phase 3:
    This phase only has two patterns.
    -Pattern 1
    This is visually similar to her first pattern in phase 1, but it's overall
    vastly different. She will shoot out a cascading wave of bullets, the spinning
    occasionally accelerating at some points and slowing down at others. You'll
    have to meticulously dodge the bullets, ideally passing forward when the gaps
    in the blue shots coincide with the ones between the pink shots.
    -Pattern 2
    This is similar to her second phase's second pattern. The explosions will
    outward slowly, rather than falling down. Remember that the hitboxes are
    smaller than the sprites themselves. Lasers will be thrown into the mix here.
    As you are probably trying to build up your hyper here, you should be very
    careful about managing your laser. Pacifist play here could result in a
    collision with one of the lasers, certainly a bit of egg in your face
    immediately prior to the second loop.
    Scoring: Phase 2 Pattern 3 and phase 3 pattern 2 are absolutely dead in the
    water, score wise, but they can be used to build your menace meter. Phase 3
    Pattern 1 and Phase 2 pattern 4 are very good for scoring, though. The bullet
    count is high overall here, and you'll want to drag this fight out for as
    long as humanly possible. Level 2 hypers (or even level 1 or beamless hypers)
    be used over and over and over again, giving you an obscene amount of points
    of the fight. Her canisters partially dampen the effects of hypers that target
    her, making her first phase's third pattern and her second phase's first
    pattern actually viable scoring options.
    Only the most fiendish
    and violent murder machines
    await you beyond this point
    5: The Second Loop:
    Pat yourself on the back. If you have been playing properly thusfar, you will
    have 1-ALLed the game. Good job! You can brag to all of your friends that you
    can survive the ridiculous bullet hell barrages this game has to offer. In
    fact, if you have used proper scoring tactics up to this point, you'll be in
    the top 1% of all of the scores for sure.
    And then comes the total downer: you aren't even halfway through the game
    Did you think it was over yet? Hardly. Assuming you have 1-credit-cleared the
    game and obtained at least 35 bee tokens, you will be presented with a chance
    to return to stage 1, keeping your score, stock, and meter, just as if you
    were about to enter another stage.
    If you obtain 45 bee tokens, the colonel will inquire if you are "ready for
    the storm of tears and sweat." This means that you are headed to the hidden
    second loop, which is permanently stuck on the hidden route. A stupidly
    difficult boss lies at the end of this playthrough.
    Either way, the difficulty shoots THROUGH THE CEILING. Hypering causes enemies
    to go berserk and the hyper-mode exclusive laser enemies to spawn in
    incredible numbers; cancelled bullets transform into aimed shots; the bullet
    increases across the board; virtually all lasers are upgraded to ones that
    break into bullets upon destruction; many of the boss' patterns are modified
    to accommodate for whatever strategy you probably used during the first loop;
    furthermore, in the ura loop, helicopters shoot bullets in three directions,
    rather than one. Already roughed up from the first loop, you will find that
    only one additional extend is available. Look at the leaderboards: If you've
    been playing properly, you will have accrued about 900 million points, give or
    take 100 million. Roughly 00.1% of all people appearing on the leaderboard can
    that 1 billion you could have conceivably scored. Don't expect to be able to
    score freely here.
    Before even beginning with the second loop, there are a few general things you
    will want to know:
    -micromanaging your angle during your hyper is more important than it was in
    first loop. Because of the bullets that cancel into other bullets, carelessly
    spinning around might still result in one getting through. Usually, you will
    still be safe, but when the "Danger" lasers show up, many of these bullets
    will take more than a pair of passes for you to clear them
    -You will be in menace mode more often, whether or not you want it. The screen
    is going to be loaded with bullets half the time.
    -If it seems like the pattern you are facing is ~impossible~ and not just so
    hard that it's silly, it probably is. Don't feel overwhelmed by this
    possibility, though: you can prevent such situations from occurring by
    eliminating enemies, and you will often be able to put up an offense while
    still staying in menace mode.
    -The lasers that break into shots can seem impossible at first , until you
    consider actually NOT firing at them with your laser all the time. This will
    show up in plenty of boss fights.
    -Because bullets cancel into other bullets, you are MUCH more likely to clear
    them point blank. This can turn certain dense patterns into cash cows that
    obscene amounts of points., sometimes even yielding over 100 million from a
    single point blank hyper. You should be careful about spinning around here, as
    the bullets have a high chance of hitting you. Try keeping the bullets trained
    on the main target, rather than spinning around like a crazed shikigami.
    -Don't feel like you have to visually understand everything that is going on
    to survive it. Even the superplayers take notes and memorize the stages. If
    're dealing with aimed shots, you can simply stream them.
    -The first time you progress through the second loop, use as many continues as
    you want. You'll want to unlock the stages in practice mode.
    -Unlike 1.5, there is actually a reason to  survive with as many bombs and
    lives as you possibly can at  the very end, provided you are playing in the ura
    loop.  The true final boss's last attack  can be milked for so many points
    that you could theoretically get 1,000,000,000 points through that fight
    alone(no, really.) For every extend you preserve to the very end, you get an
    additional 20,000,000 points. For every bomb, you get 5,000,000. Because of the
    relative inferiority of   preserving your extends to milking hibachi, you
    don't REALLY need to  beat him for scoring.
    -"Rank," which refers to the dynamic difficulty of the game within the
    pre-set difficulty levels, is virtually undetectable in the Arrange's first
    loop. This is not the case in the second. The more you hyper, the higher the
    rank goes. Dying lowers your rank. In the first loop, your rank would reset
    back to 0 at the start of the stage. In the open second loop, your rank is cut
    in half (rounded down) between stages. In the hidden second, your rank is only
    subtracted by one. The higher your rank, the more "Danger" lasers will spawn
    and the more jacked up any patterns are during hyper mode
    -Remember which enemies cancel bullets on death:
    All boss phases
    Marigold Destroyers
    The large wall enemies in stage 3
    The 1-UP carrying enemy in the third stage
    "Pink" laser batteries
    Venus Flytraps
    The final large enemy in stage 5.
    5a: Stage 2-1 - Tokyo.
    i Arriving at the docks
    By now , you should be used to fairly dense streaming segments. The difficulty
    will increase even further here. In the Open second loop, you will still be
    able to use the same strategy from before (if you need to shift into menace
    mode.) In the hidden second loop, however, the helicopters will be shooting
    three way shots at you point blank, rendering streaming at that close range
    almost superhumanly hard. Instead, you should stay near the bottom. As long as
    you collect the bee token, you should be able to get to max out your
    no matter what. If you already have maxed it , feel free to blow up the
    (seafaring) ships, which now fire large amounts of bullets.
    Do note that all of the minor boats will fire aimed shots. There's a large
    amount of them, so the width of the stream of bullets aimed at you. This will
    make breaking very hard if you keep them for awhile. You should focus on
    eliminating the boats at your first convenience, using the enemies to maintain
    your menace meter.
    The medium sized enemies now fire bullets outward, but still based on your
    position. This will render doubling back in a stream more difficult than
    normal, and pacifist play will basically result in a certain death here.
    The tanks now fire twice as many bullets as before, and they shoot lasers as
    well. A hyper will be very potent here. Don't worry about entering into the
    hidden route here. It can be beneficial to your score to delay your hyper
    Remember: Once you get into the second loop, you are locked into the
    open/hidden route. The open midbosses actually yield a fair amount of points
    this time around, so don't feel too bad about facing them.
    Scoring: This time around, you are probably armed with a menace hyper laser.
    This time around, firing off a hyper at the initial wave of enemies is
    an option.
    Intermediate: The main cash cow here will be the enemy tanks, which now fire
    lasers that absolutely shelter them from your hyper laser. You can harvest
    their points with reckless abandon. Feel free to bust open the enemies freely
    as you stream near the bottom of the scree,focusing on the boats. Both Tulip
    and Suzaku drop decent amounts of points this time around, so you should have
    slaughter hyper built up.
    Advanced: As with before, you should allow yourself to build up a maxed
    slaughter meter before facing the midboss. This time, though, you can try to
    fire off a total of three hypers here, instead. Fire your first hyper on the
    enemies at the dock, then use the three bee tokens to rebuild your menace
    meter. fire another hyper aginst the tanks. Do note that the lasers drop large
    stars if you destroyed them while in menace mode. You might want to use your
    hyper shots to get rid of them .
    iia: Tulip 2.0
    Tulip's first pattern is drastically different this time around. If you pay
    attention to his shots, you will notice that very few of them are directed
    directly beneath it,and you can generally cautiously move around beneath it to
    survive. Its second pattern involves narrowly concentrated large lasers. If
    you're not in absolute slaughter mode, this is going to be hellish. You
    follow its movements, staying near the edge of the area you're provided. Its
    lasers will cancel into bullets. Combined with the pink bullets, the blue ones
    are hard to evade. Alternate from side to side, ensuring that the blue bullets
    will only descend towards blank air, rather than right down on you. In menace
    mode, you're not going to be doing much of any damage to him here.
    Scoring: Could it be any simpler here? Fire off a slaughter hyper, point blank
    if possible. It will probably escape, but that shouldn't matter to you.
    iib Suzaku 2008 2.0
    The bullets have switched colors! This is merely a trick designed to fool you
    into thinking that the pattern has changed more drastically than it had before
    . It has not. Suzaku's columns of bullets have sped up, the streaks of aimed
    shots get longer ,and the lateral rows of bullets are now five wide, rather
    than three wide. The faster columns of bullets will lead ahead of the lateral
    sets of bullets. This means that you are likely to evade them by moving to the
    sides. The rows of bullets are going to be much harder to dodge. In order to
    dodge his transitional attck, you might want to move to the bottom left or
    right corner, past the blue vertical shots. There should be a slight gap in
    intensity of the bullet barrage. It's much harder to dodge if you stay at the
    very bottom.
    The final pattern is visually similar to his original version, but there are
    several more lateral spreads of bullets. Streaming alone won't get you
    this. To make matters worse, the lasers cancel into bullets. In order to get
    past these, you're going to want to regulate your laser and do your best to
    swiftly move left and right, around the descending bullets
    Scoring :
    If you can somehow point blank him (which is a much harder proposition than
    before) You will run a SEVERE risk of getting hit by one of the bullets that
    appear out of cancelled bullets. You can try moving a bit lower than you
    normally would in the first loop for a similar effect. The first two waves of
    projectiles will still be relatively "easy," so you can ride your hyper past
    this guy quite conveniently.
    iiia Past the River
    Most of the threats are concentrated near the center. Make sure to focus your
    laser on the enemies near there, in order to minimize the number of bullets
    iiib Sweeping across the bay.
    Don't get cornered here. The bullet density is such that you will need to
    actively stream, rather than just focus on collecting bee tokens this time
    If you haven't realized it already, this fight will cement the reality that
    the second loop is hardly like the first. Even AI is a challenging fight. Her
    attacks have been upgraded across the board
    Pattern 1:
    AI's aimed shots have been multiplied by five, but unless you are moving at
    incredible speeds, this is mainly aesthetic. What IS different is the fact
    her bursts of shots are now three-row-long arrangements of bullets that trail
    behind her aimed shots. You're going to have to herd the bullets more
    aggressively than you did before, but this part isn't that bad. The second
    part of this pattern has changed completely. The waves of bullets are now
    rows long , supported by short chains of pink bullets. There are two ways to
    dodge this.
    You can stay near the center and decide whether to pass slightly to the left,
    the right, or stay in the middle as the bullets approach you, or you could
    to one of the far bottom corners of the screen, where the bullet density is
    much lighter. You will have some leeway here, but don't be surprised if you
    get pinned by the pink shots. Occasionally, the cannons will slow down their
    spinning, and the shots will come down almost as a solid wall. In this case,
    you are in the center , you should move up. If you are on one of the sides,
    prepare to pass through the narrow gaps provided
    Pattern 2:
    Yes, AI has upgraded her walls of shots into large lasers. This completely
    changes the scoring dynamic of the fight, obviously. The aimed shots from
    before are back, but this time, the aimed shots are fired for much longer
    periods of time, so much so that reckless movements will result in you either
    getting cornered or obliterated by stray shots. Furthermore, AI will
    occasionally mix it up (it's unpredictable) between clusters of aimed shots
    and more spread out aimed semi-aimed shots. You're going to need to look up
    her cannons to see which one she is sending down at you. Slowly stream if she
    is shooting out the shots at multiple angles, move quickly if they are all
    being fired out in a burst. While you aren't streaming the aimed shots,
    you're going to have to pass between her red bullets. She fires them from two
    directions, and you will want to pass one set completely before passing the
    other, unless their gaps are clearly coinciding
    The smaller lasers that AI shoots all break into bullets when struck by your
    own, and the bullets travel down their normal paths. As you've already been
    moderating your laser in order to preserve her health during loop 1, you
    know how to deal with this. Simply flicker your laser on and off, limiting the
    number of shots generated from her lasers. Do note that she will move the
    lasers around this time around, so you're going to have to move to the left
    and right this time around.
    Pattern 3:
    Little has changed in this pattern, though AI has replaced her central shot
    with a slight shotgun burst, two shots flanking it to the side. It might seem
    tense, but streaming between two of the central bullets will allow you to
    the volley. The supporting shots are more numerous, and this time around, some
    of them will be aimed towards the sides (Which happened to be a bit of an
    opening in the first fight with her), so you might have to break your standard
    herding attempt in order to survive.
    Scoring: As you have learned with Next-Exy and some portions of stage 3, large
    lasers completely cancel out the damage capacity of your hyper beam. This
    AI from a miniature windfall into a decent supplier of points. Your lower
    hypers will actually damage her, as they don't touch the lasers. While her
    first and third patterns are more lucrative than before, your hypers should
    only be touching the second pattern. If you have wait control on, the lag will
    be far more prevalent here than it was in loop 1. If you're using AI's
    "three, two, one" as an audio cue telling you when to hyper, you will be
    sadly disappointed. Instead, wait for her to transform into her humanoid form
    before firing the laser.
    As with before, you should end this fight with a maxed out menace gauge. While
    this may seem foolish, especially after seeing what the tail end of her first
    pattern can do, you will have a fair opportunity to pull this off during her
    second and third patterns. If you want to ensure that you can survive to milk
    this attack without losing any bombs or lives, try hypering against her first
    Do be aware: the more you hyper, the more supporting laser enemies pop up to
    shoot you down as you hyper. You will need to spin more quickly and possibly
    even occasionally pause to defend against the lasers.
    5b: Stage 2-2 - The Dividing Road of Fate. To be completed
    i The opeing path.
    General survival tips:
    In the Ura loop, the difficulty hike will be quite obvious. Even in the open
    second loop,  the enemies will be far, far more aggressive than ever before .
    Most notable, however, are the upgrades that the Reuins have gone through.  The
    patterns they fire will seem  visibly unbeatable. This isn't because of any
    deficiency on your part: their bullet barrages are designed to be solved
    through logic, rather than twitching.  All of their shots are aimed-both the
    primary barrage of bullets and the  supporting chains of bullets- are aimed.
    You simply  need to  stream their bullets -or herd them, if you're feeling
    confident.   So long as you are gradually moving, you will be spared from their
    volleys. You might have to break forward hastily to avoid  the supporting
    chains of bullets. The HolleyHocks shoot more bullets than before-thrice as
    any, actually- and at a greater speed. They still have the same inability to
    fire as they near the bottom of the screen, and as long as you don't collide
    with the Reuin pair that shows up ,you should be able to   freely reverse your
    stream, even in the presence of all of those bullets.  Try to think of this as
    nothing more than a more demanding version of the first loop stage. All of the
    shots here are aimed, so reckless movements will result in you becoming less
    confident, which will only result in more reckless movements.
    Scoring:  While you hyper,  most of the normal enemies that fire streaming
    bullets will see a tremendous increase in their firepower during the second
    loop. This segment is full of copters, tanks, and medium fighters ,all of whom
    soot aimed shots. As such, you can get a good portion of points while hypering
    here. Just be cautious about using your slaughter hyper in the ura loop, as you
    might not want to be stranded without a hyper for the upcoming midboss
    iia Pine 2.0
    Pine has been scaled up, just as Tulip beforehand.
    While its first pattern's blue  aimed shots will see only  marginally better
    than before ,they are backed by a more elaborate volley of red bullets. You
    should avoid drastic movements if you can, but you might need to move swiftly
    in order to position yourself properly to avoid this attack.
    The second pattern's density has gone through the ceiling,and will seem
    unbeatable at  first. Its lasers now break away into shots, which will confine
    your movements, and the blue shots seem to go in for the kill. If you notice,
    though, they will compress into tight columns  as they near the bottom, and if
    you read the trajectories properly, you will be able to tell where the bullets
    converge and dodge between the columns. The final pattern is quite similar to
    its first loop iteration.
    iib Senkou 2.0
    An absolutely brutal ura loop boss. You will want to hyper here at your soonest
    convenience. If you cannot,  you are going to have to dodge  at the very least
    his first pattern.
    This time around,  his red shots are so numerous that you cannot conveniently
    maneuver through them. Instead, try   dodging the middle of the main cannon
    bursts ,then  maneuvering up and down in place to get around the red shots. The
    slowdown might make this doable.
    The second pattern has experienced a huge increase in bullet density.
    Furthermore, its main cannon will  shoot shots that are aimed away from you,
    but the lines of fire will quickly converge around you. You're going to need
    to stay near the middle at the start, but break  to the right or left as they
    converge. This is a really hard pattern to deal with, so you're going to want
    to hyper over it if possible.
    iii The Ruins
    You can still work up your menace meter to maxing out here, and you will want
    to do so, both for survival and scoring.  The large tanks are now plausible
    threats, and will necessitate careful movements to avoid both of their aimed
    shots.  You're going to want to  seize upon every bit of freedom you have.
    Once the crisscross shots pass you, you'll need to move  to the side , as
    other enemies will have surely fired at you.  Getting out hyper shots on the
    laser enemies is much harder here. You should instead focus on ensuring that
    you get a level 3 laser every time you fire a  hyper. Otherwise,  you will be
    losing a lot of points.  The end of this segment is the height of
    ridiculousness, and you'll want to be at one side of the screen when the Reuin
    duo starts  unloading  bullets onto the screen
    While AI 2.0's patterns were arguably  on par wit Shooty's, Exy 2.0 goes
    above and beyond the call of duty  in giving you trouble. This is, in fact, the
    first boss that you might want to manually bomb against.
    As with before, the fight is divided into two phases.
    Phase 1:
    -Pattern 1: The opening to this fight is surprisingly tame.  As with before,
    she will fire  increasingly long lines of aimed shots alongside her waves of
    unaimed shots. While the unaimed shots are far more numerous than before, the
    aimed shots actually have smaller hitboxes(and sprites) than the  ones
    encountered before. She will be shooting shots aimed away from you as well, and
    will in fact occasionally fire  nothing but shots aimed away from you (she
    chooses between firing two  pairs of columns that are aimed away from you and
    two sets of three, with one aimed at you.). You will need to move  slowly in
    order to avoid getting cornered. Her final  burst of bullets here is twice as
    deep as the previous one.  You should try staying more or less in place . You
    can avoid the individual bursts simply by moving  to the left or  right of a
    bullet, and then doubling back to where it was. Hypering might be an option
    Pattern 2: If you were thinking that the basic  streaming motion from the
    first loop would return, you are wrong. The bullet density  here has shot
    through  the ceiling,and her cannons no longer  leave blatant gaps in their
    trails. The first wave of bullets is still avoidable as long as you stay near
    the bottom of the screen and  VERY gradually move to either side. If you feel
    as if you are about to collide with a bullet, feel free to reverse directions.
    The aimed shots move much more quickly than they did before, demanding that you
    continue to meticulously stream the bullets.  Her second wave of projectiles
    here is absolutely absurd.  You CANNOT consistently avoid  it through slow
    movements unless you're a godly player. Instead,  note that the spinning
    cannons will leave occasional  "gaps" (IE areas with a lower bullet density)
    that you can move through.  Finally her last burst of aimed shots is so fast
    and intense that it's silly. All you can do is constantly move very gradually.
    -Pattern 3: This one just got hiked through the ceiling. Her blue shots are now
    tripled in number, and travel at varying speeds, her pink shots  are more
    numerous, and a pair of  large lasers force you near the middle. If you aren't
    using your hyper here, then you  will want to  use the differences in speed
    between the clusters of blue projectiles to dodge through them.  You can dodge
    between the, but the pink bullets will make it virtually impossible to dodge
    Phase 2:
    Pattern 1: This is absolutely obscene.  Even if you attempt to stream her  pink
    projectiles , the blue ones will hurt you.  Just hyper or bomb here. It is
    virtually impossible to dodge.
    Pattern 2:  The laser generators she fires at you now break away into bullets.
    The density is upped as well. You will really want to hold your fire (if
    possible) during the startup of the  pattern, and then focus on   evading her
    red bullets. The blue rings of projectiles have tripled in number, but are
    still streamable.
    Pattern 3:  the laser now lasts far longer than it did before, turning it into
    a real cash cow.  You absolutely need to stay relatively close to  her large
    laser: the smaller ones will break away into shots, but they  fail to  cover
    the area by the laser. The shots that pour out onto you are smaller this time.
    You'll need to micrododge between them, but  there will occasionally be
    horizontal gaps that you can  brush through.  If you bombed her first attack,
    you will almost surely never see this one.
    5c: Stage 2-3 - Numerous Blinking LIghts in the Night Sky(to be completed)
    5d: Stage 2-4 - The World Darkens. (To be completed)
    5e: Stage 2-5 - Battles fought only to "Inherit the Future." (To be
    5f: "Your fortitude is an obscenity." (To be completed)
    6 Enemy Glossary.
    Popcorn boat "Water Lily."
    Appears in: Stage 1, Stage 4
    These fire slow moving blue aimed shots. They can only fire at a limited number
    of angles, so moving too slowly  while streaming their shots could result in
    them overtaking you. In the first loop, their rate of fire is laughable. In the
    second, it has increased dramatically, and their shots can cover a much wider
    Popcorn Helicopter "Fluffy."
    Appears in: Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4, Stage 5.
    These helicopters come in three flavors more or less, though there is no visual
    distinction between them. Some of them will linger on near the top of the
    screen, some will  rush you down immediately, and  others will wait before
    rushing you down. They fire aimed shots at a wider range of angles than tanks
    or boats, which makes them even better for grazing. In the second loop, they
    will fire shots at a faster clip. In the hidden second, they shoot three way
    shots instead, and you will need to take caution when streaming their bullets
    Popcorn Tank "Dovetail Jaw"
    Appears in: Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4, Stage 5
    These tanks are basically land versions of water lilies,  though they are more
    likely to move around than the boats.It generally takes two bullets to kill
    these things(as if you'd ever notice that with your level of firepower) though
    the first will remove their  ability to fire at you. In many situations, they
    can be practically ignored. They're only seriously threatening during the
    Tiger Lily heavy segment inf stage 5, though you should watch out about leaving
    tanks alive in the second loop: their rate of fire can be so aggressive that
    their bullets form a solid wall.
    Heavy Popcorn Tank: "Rat Jaw".
    Appears in: Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4, Stage 5
    These things are hardly distinguishable from the standard popcorn tanks, but
    they last longer and fire larger bullets at a slower pace.  It's almost purely
    an aesthetic difference.
    Minor Turret: "Dogwood."
    Appears in: Stage 1,Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4, Stage 5
    These enemies shoot  short bursts of aimed shots. They will generally  amount
    to little more than yet another producer of streamable bullets. They have a
    slight bit of HP, so  killing them generally requires a number of shots or
    contact with a laser. In the second loop, they shoot some projectiles outward s
    well, making fast movements  challenging.
    Medium Aircraft: "Arrow."
    Appears in: Stage 1, Stage 5.
    The first legitimately annoying enemy you encounter, these guys are designed to
    make doubling back  while you are cornered  a challenge. They  fire  three
    bursts of bullets at once, one aimed at you, two flanking it. In the second
    loop, this is adjusted up to six   bursts of bullets (two aimed at various
    speeds, with  the faster one being flanked by four others), and the outermost
    of them all can really punish you  for reckless movements. You're going to
    want to prioritize getting rid of these guys with your laser over getting rid
    of the basic popcorn enemies. Don't be afraid to use shots on them if it's
    your only option.
    Do note: the ones in stage 5 fire more narrow spreads of bullets. This is
    notable in the second loop.
    Medium Boat: "Lotus Root."
    Appears in: Stage 1.
    These enemies don't really do much of anything in the first loop. In the
    second loop, they fire partially aimed barrages of bullets, with several others
    shooting outwards, based on your position. Getting rid of them quickly is a
    good idea.
    Large Tank: "Turtle Jaw."
    Appears in: Stage 1.
    These enemies  try their hardest to prevent you from accessing the hidden
    route, what with rolling over the oil tanks and all.  In the first loop, they
    will fire ridiculous aimed volleys that  will require nothing more than fast
    movement to evade. It's really not that bad, though their unaimed shots might
    trip you up. In the second loop, their unaimed attacks are far more imposing,
    and they fire one of the few lasers in the second loop that won't  break away
    into bullets. You'll ahve to fire your lser at the outer edges of the tank to
    destroy it in a timely manner
    "Danger Laser"
    Appears in: Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4, Stage 5, Stage EX
    These  guys will spawn from the top of the screen and fire lasers that are
    continuously aimed at you, but only while you are in hyper mode.  In the first
    loop, they won't show up very frequently, probably only showing up during
    stage 5, and, in rare occasions, stage 4 depending on how often you hyper. In
    the second loop , they will spawn in  large numbers  while you hyper. Their
    lasers make it harder for  you to cancel enemy bullets and will directly
    threaten you,  which can result in them colliding with your ship.
    Minor laser turret: "Lily"
    Appears in: Stage 2, Stage 4.
    The most basic of laser enemies, these guys fire aimed lasers at you. They
    usually only get two or three lasers off before vanishing off screen if you
    leave them alone. Like all laser enemies, their lasers break away into large
    stars if you destroy them while in hyper mode. In the second loop, their lasers
    break away into shots, which means that you might want to evade them rather
    than   counter their lasers with your own.
    Advanced turret
    Appears in: Stage 2(hidden route only), Stage 5
    Recolors of "Dogwood,"  these enemies shoot an intermittent stream of
    bullets, firing them off in pairs in the second loop.  There's nothing much to
    say about these guys, other than the fact that they have a relatively low HP
    count. They only actually attack in stage 5, and are more or less just for show
    /for preserving Senkou's lifebar in the original arcade release to that point
    Medium fighter, "Hollyhock."
    Appears in: Stage 2
    These guys shoot out impressive barrages of aimed bullets,  but they stop
    firing as they near the bottom of the screen. You can pass over them if
    necessary. In the second loop, their streams  are upgraded to three bullet
    spreads, resulting in a truly menacing wall of projectiles that really should
    be dodged around rather than through
    Assault Ship, "Reiun"
    Appears in: Stage 2
    These guys  fire out two sets of bullets: a wide ranging barrage with a central
    shot aimed at you, and a  pair of slower moving aimed shots.  You really just
    need to stream these guys, but their shots can be  evaded via  swift movements
    at close range, as well. In the fist loop, passing through the gaps in the
    barrage is a viable option, in case you ever need to make a quick movement.  In
    the second loop, their  main assault is far more dense,and the supplementary
    aimed sots fire off almost constantly, lashing out at faster speeds. You can
    still deal with them by streaming, as unbeatable as the patterns they produce
    might seem.
    Large Tank, "Rhinocerous Jaw"
    Appears in: Stage 2
    Like Reuins, these things fire multiple sets of aimed shots, one a barrage,
    another a simple stream of bullets.   You're going to wnt to dodge through the
    "Walls" of the barrage at some point. In the second loop, their aimed shots
    are upgraded to multiple pairs of crisscrossing shots which will seriously
    inhibit your movement, and you should focus on getting rid of them as quickly
    as possible.
    Bomb Carrying Craft, "Acorn."
    Appears in: Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4, Stage 5
    These enemies fire only a nominal amount of aimed shots,and possess a tiny HP
    count. They drop a bomb upon death, allowing you to collect it. You can use
    these to build your menace meter  before a boss,  but they stop firing at all
    in the second loop
    Advanced Popcorn Aircraft, "Beetle."
    Appears in: Stage 3, Stage 5
    These enemies are similar to enemy helicopters, but  are even more aggressive.
    They will rush you down, almost surely requiring you to blast them down with
    your laser. They will fire medium sized shots aimed at your direction, which
    are generally harder to pass than the shots of the helicopters, largely due to
    the fact that the enemy's position will vary based on your own. In the second
    loop, they  will fire shots at a slight angle from their flight path on
    death,meaning that you will have to moderate your movement to an almost insne
    Teleportation-capable-craft, "Bullet Stalker."
    Appears in: Stage 3
    These enemies will warp in out of nowhere and spew out  very slow moving aimed
    shots at an insane rate, even moreso in the second loop. You might have to move
    forward in order to get past their walls of bullets, though they can be easily
    dealt with  if you destroy them quickly. Their rate of fire is upped in the
    second loop
    Automated Tank, "Aster."
    Appears in: Stage 3
    These enemies shoot  bursts of five slow moving bullets at a time. In the
    second loop ,they shoot a more sizable volley.   This can make navigating the
    later portions of stage 3 a bit annoying, especially when they come in a group
    of four after the midboss. You'll want to get above their bullets as soon as
    it is convenient. In the second loop, they fire  their burst of bullets twice.
    Double-Laser-Bearing Destroyer Craft, "Shoun"
    Appears in: Stage 3
    They fire out wide spreads of bullets in addition to their laser assaults.
    Alone, they aren't much of a threat...but the latter half of stage 3 can be
    pretty hectic. Staying near the middle is a good way to deal with them quickly.
    In the second loop, they are practically shooting lines of bullets..but the
    amount of horizontal leeway you are afforded(which is generous) is unchanged
    Heavy Cruiser, "Hydrangea"
    Appears in: Stage 3
    These humongous enemies amazingly only fire a few bullets, and don't clear the
    screen of bullets either.  They fire out three way bursts  of shots that you
    will have to carefully dodge around. In the second loop, they fire seven way
    shots, making them a far greater threat. You will need to pass through the gaps
    between the individual bursts of their shots when possible.
    Heavily armed Destroyer, "Marigold."
    Appears in: Stage 3
    Several aimed shot generating cannons lie on the center of the craft, and will
    explode into bullets upon death. They have laser cannons, as well. In the
    second loop, they will add some wide ranging bursts of projectiles and shoot
    more bullets in general. These are the best enemies for scoring in stage 3.
    Agamemnon Cannons
    Appears in: Stage 3
    Sadly, all of the emplacements in stage 3 have no official names.
    These come in several varieties, but the main ones shoot prolonged chains of
    bullets, shoot unaimed pink blue shots and aimed pink shots, and  trios of
    partially aimed shots. These are good for building your  menace meter.
    Agamemnon Bridge
    Appears in: Stage 3
    Two of these enemies pop up in stage 3, one  before the first Hydrangea, the
    other  after the midboss.    They will shoot an impressive volley of blue
    unaimed shots alongside pink spreads of bullets at varying speeds. You will
    almost certainly have to dodge no ore than one or two of the spreads of bullets
    before these things die and cancel all of the bullets on screen. If you are
    cornered, don't be afraid to dodge between the pink bullets.
    Agamemnon Core
    Appears in: Stage 3
    This eye-like enemy carries an extend in both loops. In the first loop, as long
    as you avoid its almost solid chains of small bullets, you shouldn' thave too
    much trouble dispatching it. In the second loop, it adds another volley of
    projectiles. While you could attempt to pass through it  repeatedly as you
    avoid the other bullets,  you absolutely want to kill this thing while in hyper
    mode. If you bomb, it will NOT leave an extend. It is absolutely essential that
    you get the extend both times
    Anti-Air tank, "Dryad Fang"
    Appears in: Stage 4, Stage 5
    Yet another grounded enemy shooting aimed shot at you. This one is particularly
    aggressive, firing long bursts of shots.  There are large pauses between the
    shots, however, meaning that you  can freely reverse your direction  inbetween
    shots (or, more fittingly, kill these guys.) They fire their attacks more
    frequently in the second loop.
    Medium Aircraft, "Kuro-Uba"
    Appears in: Stage 4.
    They appear in  large swarms and should be dealt with using lasers. It's
    possible to kill them from above, if you're worried about the escaping. They
    shoot both stationary and aimed shots. You can position yourself between their
    unaimed shots ,but you'll have to sprint out between bursts  if the aimed ones
    threaten to corner you.  They fire an additional line of unaimed shots as well
    as two shots aimed away from you in the second loop
    Laser Battery, "Pink."
    Appears in: Stage 4.
    These foes clear the screen upon death. They can drop an uncanny amount of
    large stars if killed in hyper mode. Other than their lasers breaking into a
    few shots in the second, their patterns don't really change between the loops,
    : They fire unaimed spreads of shots as well as spinning lasers. You basically
    HAVE to  be firing your laser whenever these are on screen. They're honestly
    not very menacing at all
    Massive aircraft, "Venus Flytrap."
    Appears in: Stage 4, Stage 5.
    They shoot loosely packed columns of blue bullets that follow along their
    flight path as well as  not-exactly-predictable chains of red bullets.  You
    need to be able to read the bullets above you to avoid getting cornered. Do NOT
    head to the corners when fighting things: their bullets move diagonally
    there, making it much harder for you to dodge them
    Gatling Laser
    Appears in : stage 5
    These will basically force you to use your laser as you progress through stage
    5. In 2-5, these will break into basically unpassable walls of bullets if you
    fire your laser at them. In order to pass it, you must briefly fire your laser
    through it only to pass through it, and rely on shots  to deal with whatever
    enemies lie on the other side of it instead of your laser.
    Tigerlily  Seed(shot) and Tigerlily Vine(laser):
    Appears in : Stage 5
    These things will give you nightmares.  These indestructible enemies form
    wheels that rotate in place, sometimes converging, sometimes diverging,
    sometimes moving from one end of the screen to another. The blue variety
    produce shots, the pink produce lasers (that,  ridiculously, break into near
    solid chains of pink bullets in the second loop.) You will absolutely need to
    memorize their positions to solve them, as only a narrow path will be
    traversable while they are onscreen. They have the added ability to shelter
    enemy tanks from shots, creating truly unfair situations in 2-5
    Rotating Mechanism," Blue Bottle."
    Appears in: Stage 5.
    These  will fire out  long chains of aimed shots , forcing you to move at
    fairly high speeds . They do not meaningfully differ between the loops.
    Scramble Station
    Appears in : Stage 5
    These produce  Blue Bottles, but they shoot a barrage of bullets of their own.
    They are notable vulnerable from underneath, where only one or two of their
    barrage's bullets will wind up
    Gun Deck
    Appears in: Stage 5
    These large blue stationary enemies shoot out bullets in bursts of three. Get
    rid of these at your soonest convenience, as they fore you to move around
    carefully to dodge their shots. They fire out two waves of shots in stead of
    just one in the second loop.
    Heavy Tank, "Nipenzishu."
    Appears in: Stage 5
    The midboss from DDP's second stage , this enemy fires both aimed and unaimed
    shots. In the second loop, the density is far greater. Its unaimed shots  move
    diagonally, but at a very slight angle, meaning that you can generally pass
    through them vertically at your leisure. The aimed shots will force you to
    occasionally  push yourself through some of the gaps the unaimed shot provides
    you with, horizontally
    Laser Arrays
    Appears in: Stage 5
    Two arrays of these lasers appear in stage 5, necessitating that you use  your
    laser  while they are on screen.  While your hyper mode is active, they will
    shoot out two  lasers. In the second loop, they will fire two additional lasers
    (for a total of five while you are in hyper mode.)  You definitely want to
    hyper  against these things. The point payout will be absurd.
    Appears in: Stage 5
    The midboss from DOJ's fourth stage. It will fire a seemingly unaimed set of
    bullet spreads, but they're actually aimed at you. You can exploit this by
    point blanking it and herding its bullets around. It will fire several pink
    unaimed shots from the sides in addition to this in the second loop, however,
    completely invalidating the previous strategy and instead necessitating either
    alternating between streaming and fast movements  or utilizing the hyper
    laser/a bomb

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