Ever imagined of playing FPS in real-life?
Don't worry, you won't be harming anyone. Not at all.
But you can still shoot.

Select over 11 different weapons of your choice, including,
SK-47 (Assault Rifle)
TAUER G-7 (Double Action Pistol)
VR-10 (Bolt Action Sniper Rifle)
ECP-90 (Submachine Gun)
SR-500 (Pump Action Shotgun)
MAGNUM (Double ACtion Revolver)
HIGHLANDER 780 (Multi-barreled Shotgun)
CHAINGUN (Multi-barreled Machine Gun)
MG-50 (Heavy Machine Gun)
BRETTA (Double Action Pistol)
K4A1 (Assault Rifle)

3 different selectable crosshairs
4 Add-Ons (Night vision goggle, Scope, Silencer, Selector Switch)
Realistic animation and mechanism
Cool sound effects including battle ambient and more
Weapons can be aimed through their sights

In App Mini-Game : Target Mode
Clay target shooting
Military training
Sniper in the building

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