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Rocket rocket rocket, let's rocket!

Intercept rockets using only one key. One-touch controls allow for a relative easy and addictive gameplay experience. Start operating your "Collision Courses" today.

Use your best strategy; Click on the missile to maneuver your direction, then click on the launch button to intercept the missiles. But be careful, you must be precise with your aim because as the levels increase, the game is sure to strike a nerve. Timing and strategy play important roles in this ever-changing, but addictive game.

In all, 40 levels of challenges await you. The number of missiles will increase as your skill increases, and the time limit is sure to bring you some stress.

Work fast and accurate to collect the 3-stars. Highly competitive and addictive title.

This game will be your best reason to kill some time. Put the missiles at your finger tips and your brain to work.

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