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Powerful Action!!!
-It shows a dynamic and great action by using various skills such as Two-handed sword,
Disc-armor, Chain-spear, Multi-luncher, Hand-cannon and etc.


(This story is about the course of life that Ares, a dragon slayer, took until he participated in ‘Castle War’)

In the year of 972 at Shineland, a Kingdom of Sword and Magic
Dark magicians, who had been persecuted under the shadow of long-standing peace,
discovered how to open up a Dark Portal by using ancient spells.
Evil monsters generated by the magicians flooded out of the Dark Portal and started to attack humans.
Knights put up courageous fights against monsters; however,
they had to endure endless defeats as the monsters in their world were way too powerful for them.

Neclord, the master of Dark Magicians, dispatched an assassin to eliminate the last and
only threat remaining, a descendant of Dragon Slayer.
Ares, who had been living in a small town deep into the mountains in Highland,
finally picked up a sword he had been hiding for years in order to fight against the assassin of
death that suddenly emerged.

- Appear 22 different monsters
- 10 Step Combo Attack available
- Makes you more tension by appearing enemies from unexpected places such as the front, back,
forest, ground and etc
- Strong boss will appear in a special stage, and it makes more challenging
- A total of 9 types of Character Ability Values and Skill Upgrade
- Unit placement accommodating the characteristics of each stage
- Supporting 3 levels of difficulties
- Able to use various skills by a simple and easy control

- When facing an enemy running long-range attack, it is more effective to run long-range attack with Disc-armor or stray bullet or to attack pulling them with chain spear.
- In basic attack, quick attack can be deployed as the skill is to be immediately performed.
- 10 Step Combo Attack: Combo button appears at the location of basic attack button by pressing directional key after raising attach point up to 5 level, and this combo button is to be used for 10 Step Combo Attack.

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