WELCOME TO NINJATOWN!The world of Shawnimals comes to life with adorable characters and top-notch production values that combine to create a memorable world and addictive gameplay unlike anything else! - (4/4) "With a clear emphasis on putting perfected gameplay and mechanics first, Ninjatown: Trees of Doom earns our highest recommendation." - "...a never-ending, delightful challenge that demonstrates exactly what iPhone games should be about." - (4.5/5) "I can't recommend Ninjatown enough." - "I'm spending more time trying to get a Wee Ninja up a tree than being a responsible adult... if I can pry the iPad/iPhone away from my wife who is also addicted." - (4/5) "Trees of Doom is the next game you should put on your shopping list."(Reviews of original iPhone/iPod Touch game)AMAZING iPAD GRAPHICS!Is that a playable cartoon on your iPad? Why, yes! It's called NINJATOWN: TREES OF DOOM!, and it will make your friends ENVIOUS! The incredible high-resolution iPad display results in Venan Arcade's best-looking game yet! CLASSIC AND TIMED MODES!Play Classic Mode for the original TREES OF DOOM experience, or Timed Mode for a heart-pounding race against the clock! Climb as high as you can in Classic Mode without getting knocked down by Mr. Demon's devilish crew, or scale the heights in Timed Mode as you hit checkpoints to keep the timer from running down to zero!UNLOCKABLE NINJAS!Wee Ninja isn't the only denizen of Ninjatown trying to climb the TREES OF DOOM! See if you can find them all!HAND-DRAWN SCRIBBLE SKIN!Want to see the world of Ninjatown in a whole new way? Try tapping the game logo on the main menu for a more SCRIBBLY visual experience! Tap the logo again to switch back to the classic visuals!IMPRESS YOUR ELDERS!Ascend the TREES OF DOOM as you try to climb higher than any other Wee Ninja in Ninjatown! Ol' Master Ninja will be most-impressed, thanks to the easy-to-learn controls that make it super-simple to dodge Mr. Demon's evil minions.DODGE DENIZENS OF THE DARK FOREST!The nefarious Mr. Demon doesn't like it when Wee Ninjas climb his trees, so he's sent some goons to knock you off! Watch out for the bat-like Flying Devils, the tenacious Deadly Swarms, and gooey Dark Syrup!COLLECT POWER-UPS!Seriously, collect them! Blow giant bubble gum shields, vanish into thin air with candy smoke bombs, rocket through the air as Super Ninja, and hitch a ride on flying Mucho Macho Moustachios! What other game lets you ride on a giant flying moustache? Yeah, that's right: NONE.GAME CENTER, TWITTER, AND FACEBOOK!Earn over 30 Game Center achievements and stack your scores against Wee Ninjas across the globe on the worldwide leaderboard! Post your scores to Twitter or Facebook and impress your friends!To learn more, visit www.venanarcade.comFollow us on Twitter @VenanEntJoin us on Facebook:

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