5 Awesome Games in One!

RatTats comes to life in this ultra-fun pack of mini games! Experience first hand what it's like to be a part of the gang and earn the respect you deserve with your very own power tat!

Rat Blaster
Grab hold of 'dem grips, take aim, now goooooooo! I don't know what I'd do without you kid! Those pesky varmints are after my precious cheese wagon again. Good thing for this trusty rat blaster, you can take them out one by one! Tilt the device left and right to control the direction of the ammo.

Cheese Defense
Berkley's done it again, and now it's up to you to clean up his mess. Quickly set traps, drop stones or feed rotten cheese to those hungry rats to stop them from eating all the delicious swiss that was on it's way to Ned city. Oh man, can you do it?! All of Ned city is counting on you! Use your finger to squish those little buggers and keep them away from the cheese until the cheese can be recovered.

Sgnarly Shot
You wanna play a game of b ball against Sgnarly? You talk tough now, let's see what you got!

Squeeler's Ride
Drop the cheese ball into Squeeler's mouth for Mega Points.

Want to try your luck on this fun filled gameboard? Earn extra points by getting the silver ball across the obstacles and into the slots at the bottom of the board.

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