Zammoth is a great and unique turn-based strategy game supporting Game Center Multiplayer. It plays like chess, but adds more possibilities! Fight on different maps consisting of different kinds of tiles all with unique possibilities and limitations! Choose one of two armies, who both fight for domination of the world of Zammoth, and lead it across dry land, through cold snow, prepare for delay in the desert and hide your characters in forests..

Each turn you can move one character, but choose wisely, they all have their characteristics and special rules. Let your wizard attack with magic, move your invisible spy through enemy lines and dazzle them with your astral walker!

Play against the computer or start a great GAME CENTER MULTIPLAYER game. You can invite your friends or be connected to anyone in the world and chat with them using text-based or Voice Chat! Improve your score by winning online matches!

And it doesn't stop here: updates in the future will provide achievements, new maps and more characters!

* gives Zammoth 8 points out of 10! *
* score: 9.0 and receiver of 'The Wirebot Big Wup Award! *
* Listed in 'The Very Best Games From The Last 24 Hours'! *
* App Store: Featured in 'New and Noteworthy' and ' What's Hot' in many countries! *


Welcome to the world of Zammoth!

Some time ago, a peaceful and prosperous world got hit by a poisonous meteor from outer space, killing a million souls and mutating even more.
Ever since, half the planet was covered by a dark, evil cloud and no one ever heard from the people still living there.. until now..
Driven by grudge and anger the mutated came out of their hiding places with only one thing on their mind: War!


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