• Bigger is better: now updated with high-resolution graphics for your iPad • "The World of Warcraft of pick-up-and-play games." -Finger Gaming "This is a game that is so ridiculous, you can't help but to love it."-Touch Arcade "A simple to learn and delightful casual game that you'll enjoy for weeks and perhaps even months to come."-Modojo "Highly addictive. This game is one that will get you to come back for more."-No Dpad "Robot Unicorn Attack Halo"-Some Guy on Our Message Boards (Quotes refer to original iPhone version.) The goal of Adult Swim's ROBOT UNICORN ATTACK is to gallop, leap and dash through the sky in pursuit of your dreams, all to the tune of "Always" by Erasure. (Unicorns are big Erasure fans, and robot unicorns are no different.) Once the magic of ROBOT UNCORN ATTACK takes hold of your heart, you'll never want it to let go. Make your dreams come true!

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