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    FAQ/Walkthrough by AudibleKnight

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 04/27/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Game:    Across Age DX 
    Type:    Game Guide / FAQ
    System:  Apple iOS Devices (iPhone / iPod Touch)
    Version: 1.00 
    Updated: 04/27/2011
    Author:  Peter Dalope (AudibleKnight)
    Table of Contents 
    0.0 Legal
    1.0 Introduction 
    2.0 Tips 
        2.1 Character Tips 
        2.2 General Game Tips 
        2.3 Combat Tips 
    3.0 Found Items and Tips 
    4.0 Sequential Guide 
    5.0 Sidequests 
    6.0 Items 
        6.1 Item Shop Inventory 
        6.2 Weapon Store Inventory 
        6.3 Found Items 
        6.4 Accessories 
        6.5 Rebirthing 
    7.0 Achievements 
    8.0 Cheats 
    0.0 Legal
    This document is Copyright 2011 by Peter Dalope (AudibleKnight)
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    without written permission from the owner except for personal, private use. If 
    found elsewhere, please report it to me by commenting on my blog here:
       - http://goo.gl/TeHTS
    Hosting this guide elsewhere without advance written permission is copyright 
    infringement and plagiarism. 
    1.0 Introduction 
    Across Age is an iOS game © 2010 FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co. KG / ExeCreate 
    Inc. While writing this guide, I was playing Version: 1.6.7. The game is a 
    top-down 2D action RPG similar to old school Zelda games. You play as 2 
    characters: Ales (A knight) and Ceska (A mage), switching control between the 
    two characters to fight enemies, solve puzzles and save the kingdom. As of 
    April 2011, there are 4 versions of the game in the App store: 
     - Across Age: The original game. I do not recommend buying this one and 
       instead opt for the DX version which has many improvements. 
     - Across Age EX: Across Age demo with in-app purchase to upgrade to full game. 
     - Across Age DX: Retina version of Across Age with active battle system, 
       better animation, additional dungeon/boss, and minimap. 
     - Across Age HD: Same as DX but in iPad HD resolution. 
    The game itself is fun and interesting, however suffers from some issues. The 
    controls can be a bit finicky due to using the touch screen for the D-pad. 
    This can make things especially tough while navigating around pits, and 
    traversing moving platforms. The other issue is that there often is a lack of 
    guidance within the game. True to old school games, there's usually a general 
    goal in the "Memo", and a basic hint for the main puzzles. However there are 
    often points where the player is assumed to know how to make the same steps of 
    logic as the developers. This often leads to situations like: 
       "I don't know what to do next" 
       "Why won't X happen?" 
       "Why can't I find Y?" 
    While playing, I was shocked to find there were no guides or FAQs for the game, 
    and that numerous people were stuck in countless different points in the game. 
    Sure you may be able to google "Across Age" and a specific item or location, 
    and try and search through various forum threads and posts for a solution. I 
    decided to take it upon myself to record all the info I could while playing the 
    game to help ease the pain of getting stuck while playing Across Age. 
    I thank all those who played this game before me and posted answering 
    questions, providing tips etc. I personally got stuck a handful of times. 
    However without all you anonymous players, I'd probably still be stuck just 
    like everyone else swearing up and down at my iPhone. I've done my utmost to 
    ensure all content found here was created by me, and not copied from someone 
    else. I spent a number of hours recording information, double-checking stats 
    and items, re-playing the game and writing up this FAQ. 
    -AudibleKnight aka Peter Dalope 
    2.1 Character Tips 
    Ales is a knight and uses his sword to attack. For the beginning of the game, 
    he swings his sword, attacking one square in front of him. After learning his 
    first skill, he will attack with a sword wave attacking a few tiles in front of 
    him. Each sword wave has a slight lag, preventing you from attacking as quickly 
    as Ceska. If you press the attack button too quickly, or hold down the attack 
    button, Ales will charge his equipped skill for use. 
    Ales is able to learn 3 different skills by fighting through a different Skills 
    Cave for each skill. 
     - The first skill: Pierce Dash allows Ales to rush forward to attack an enemy. 
    Each level of charge, Ales will charge a bit further than the previous. 
     - The second skill: Spin Cutter shoots out blade projectiles radiating from 
    Ales. At level 1, 4 blade projectiles at the same time will shoot out to Ales' 
    forward, back, left and right directions. At level 2, 8 blade projectiles will 
    shoot in all directions from Ales. At level 3, 12 blade projectiles will shoot 
    in all directions from Ales. 
     - The third skill: Spin Dash spins Ales like a top slicing any monster he 
    touches. Each level of charge, Ales will spin a bit longer than the previous. 
    Each skill will eventually level up if you have it equipped and use his basic 
    Personally the only skill I really found useful was Spin Dash, as it killed 
    enemies fast if more than one monster got too close to me. The other two skills 
    usually ate up too much SP, without much benefit so I preferred using his sword 
    wave general attack or just switching to Ceska. 
    Ceska is a mage, who at the beginning of the game does not have any attacks. 
    Her first spell and basic attack is Air Shot, which is a ranged projectile. I 
    used this spell as her main attack due to the low cost of MP. If you also equip 
    the Magical Earrings (found in Ujammi Ruins), Air Shot will home in on enemies 
    when the accessory is rebirthed (it will somewhat track enemies in its original 
    form). This will easily make her your preferred character to use, as you can 
    spam her attacks quickly and without needing to aim much. 
    Ceska is able to learn 5 spells that you must obtain to proceed through the 
    game (see below for details). 
     - The first skill: Airshot is a basic attack projectile that can track or home 
       in on enemies if you equip the accessory Magical Earrings. Airshot does not 
       have a charged attack, so you can quickly spam the attack. 
     - The second spell: Fireball will shoot a single projectile at level 1, a 
       larger clumped fireball at level 2 and three fireballs lined widthwise 
       together for level 3. 
     - The third spell: Ice wave will shoot a single projectile at level 1, 4 
       projectiles at the same time in to Ceska's forward, back, left and right 
       directions at level 2 and 8 projectiles at the same time in all directions 
       at level 3. 
     - The fourth spell: Thunderbolt will shoot a single projectile at level 1, 2 
       projectiles at the same time in front and behind at level 2 and 4 
       projectiles at the same time to Ceska's forward, back, left and right 
     - The fifth spell: Windstorm will shoot a single projectile that will move 
       forward in a wave patter at level 1, 1 projectile straight ahead at level 2 
       and 6 projectiles at the same time in all directions except to Ceska's left 
       and right. 
    Personally, I mostly used Ceska's Airshot at all times unless required to use 
    one of her other spells for a puzzle or if required during a specific stage of 
    a Boss' attack pattern. 
    You are required to take several different actions to progress through various 
    parts of the game. This includes: 
     - Pushing heavy blocks with Ales 1 step forward (Entire Game). 
     - Picking up/Carrying/Throwing heavy blocks with Ales (Entire Game). 
     - Picking up Ceska with Ales and throwing her to a higher platform, or across 
       a gap (Entire game). 
     - Using a warp tile (has 4 feathers on it) so Ceska can travel to the past or 
       back to the present. 
     - Using Fireball to burn down Vines (Forest Cave) and light statue heads (Cave 
       of Seabed). 
     - Using Icewave to create ice tiles to cross water (Ujammi Ruins, Dedekint 
       Marsh, Garden). 
     - Using Thunderbolt to destroy crumbling walls and start generators (Vaskaver 
     - Using Windstorm to blow open curtains (House of Clocks). 
    Before pushing heavy blocks with Ales, take a moment to look at the items in 
    front of you. The game typically only allows you to push each heavy block 
    forward one tile without pulling it back or to the side. 
     - Sometimes a single heavy block blocking a single tile hallway is meant as an
       exit only shortcut. If pushing the heavy block does not open the path, 
       explore the rest of the area, and you'll probably find yourself circling 
       around from the other side. 
     - A typical generic video game puzzle has 3 or more blocks in a row impeding 
       your progress. Move the two blocks on the side forward 1 block, than move 
       the middle block across to line up with one of the side blocks to proceed. 
    2.2 General Game Tips 
     - While exploring an area, try to do so in a comprehensive and systematic 
       manner. Try to keep track of different junctions and which paths you did not
       take. Typically there are main paths through a dungeon, with branching 
       paths. Almost all branching paths will either end with a treasure chest, a 
       switch, or puzzle that will allow you to proceed in the main path.
     - If you cannot proceed further, first try using your new spell or throwing 
       Ceska across the gap. If that doesn't work try and backtrack to find the 
       required switch or spell.
     - If you're running around in a dungeon feeling like you explored the same 
       thing 100 times, and can't figure out where to go next it's most likely 
       because you keep on missing the one path which would allow you to proceed. 
       As I said before, take note of all the different avenues and you'll 
       eventually find the one you've been skipping. 
     - As far as I am aware, accessory effects only occur when you are controlling 
       the character who has the accessory equipped. For example, you will still 
       slip on ice if your passive character has equipped Spike Shoes. It isn't 
       until you switch characters that you will be able to walk normally on ice. 
       The same will happen when one of your characters has the Merchant's hood 
       equipped, you will only get the store discount if the one wearing the 
       accessory talks to the vendor. 
     - As with any RPG, save regularly! There's nothing more frustrating than 
       having to redo a number of rooms because you forgot to save. 
     - You are allowed to save the game anywhere as long as you are on a "safe" 
       tile and not in combat. Take advantage of this while progressing through a 
       frustrating puzzle that sends you back to the beginning if you mess up. 
     - The Southwestern house in the town has a woman that will allow you to sleep 
       in her home restoring your HP and SP/MP. 
     - Wings are convenient items which you can find or buy in the store. They will 
       return you to the town when you are outside (not in a dungeon/cave). Some 
       may prefer to walk back in order to build XP by killing all the monsters on 
       their return trip, but it can be quite convenient if you're tired and just 
       want to get back to the town. 
     - If it matters to you, I recorded just under 13 hours playing the game the 
       first time through (not including a lot of time used to record info/take 
       notes). When I beat the game, Ales was level 51 and Ceska was Level 52. 
    2.2 Combat Tips 
     - For the most part of the game, you should be able to progress past an area's
       monsters with minimal problems. If you are struggling, I suggest either 
       investing in better equipment, or leveling up your characters. Also, take a 
       look at the accessories you have available to equip, as some may help you in
       specific situations. 
     - Some enemies are only weak to Ales' attacks (or only to Ceska's attacks). If 
       you aren't damaging an enemy try switching characters. The one exception is 
       the spiny monsters on Ujammi beach/ruins which can not be killed unless you 
       throw a heavy block on them. 
     - The game is quite generous in providing consumable items in treasure chests. 
       Don't be afraid to pull open the menu, as it will freeze all combat so that 
       you can eat an Apple, drink some Soulwater etc. How considerate of your 
     - If one of your characters dies, you will be prompted to "Retry" or "Title 
       Screen". By choosing "Retry" you will re-enter the screen as you first did 
       (same HP and SP/MP). There don't seem to be any consequences to retrying, so
       take advantage of this to evaluate a tough room of monsters or a boss. 
     - Enemy Projectiles hurt! Your best bet is to hide behind something that will 
       block the projectiles while allowing you to attack the enemy. If there's 
       enough room, you can also try dodging them. If that doesn't work, push 
       forward and take the damage while killing the enemy as quickly as possible. 
       If there are too many enemies all shooting at you, consider using a smart 
       bomb which will damage all of them at once. 
     - Bosses all have a repeating pattern of attacks. When first fighting a boss, 
       take note of how they attack. For almost all bosses, you will have to defeat 
       them using a combination of Ceska's new Magic Spell that she learned in the 
       area followed by attacking with Ales. The one main exception is the Golem in 
       the Vaskaver Mine where you just throw a boulder at it. 
     - Once you start carrying elixirs, they will automatically be used when one of 
       your character's HP hits 0. This can be a pain, since you can only get 
       elixirs by finding them in treasure chests, or by rebirthing Soulrocks. If 
       this happened unexpectedly, you can either choose to commit suicide and 
       restart the room, or equip Golden Apples to your character which will be 
       used first. This is preferable since Golden Apples can be bought in the 
    3.0 Found Items and Tips 
    Throughout the entire game of Across Age, you will find plenty of treasure 
    chests. There are two types: Red/Gold chests and Blue/Brown chests. The 
    Blue/Brown chests are found more often and contain consumable items. More 
    often than not, you'll bend over backwards trying to get a chest just out of 
    reach, to receive a small Apple/Apple when you finally do open it. Thus, don't
    sweat it too much if you can't open that elusive Blue/Brown chest. Below, I've
    listed the Red/Gold chests which contain equipment along with any important 
    characters you may want to talk to. Most of these chests contain weapons, armor
    or accessories which cannot be found anywhere else. 
    For those who would like to play Across Age with minimal guidance, I've 
    included some tips in each area, for the most likely places you may get stuck. 
    If you're stuck and there isn't a tip in this section, you can always try the 
    more in-depth Sequential Guide down below. If that doesn't answer your problem, 
    try asking at the Across Age Facebook page: 
    Cave of Trial
    Student Rod
    Bear Necklace
    West Field (SW Exit)
    Hungry Villager
    Crab Necklace
    Lapincot Forest
    Sage Bushami
    Stone Ring
    Forest Cave
    Fireball Spell
    Long Sword (Store Item)
    Fairy Wand
    Mirror Armor (Behind Petrified Vines)
    Past Clock
     - Upon reaching the upper level, one pathway leads to a time portal which dead
       ends at a treasure chest. If you continue to the right and up, you will be 
       able to find a set of 4 vertical blocks which you can move with Ales. This 
       path will lead you to the fireball spell.
     - To destroy the petrified vines, you'll have to travel to the past and 
       fireball on it. 
    Dedekint Marsh (SE Exit)
     - You can walk on the large lily pads in this area
    Ujammi Beach
    Injured Villager
    Skills Cave 1 - Pierce Dash (Southwest of Ujammi Beach)
     - Upon getting his first skill, Ales will now have a wave slash, extending 
       his normal attack a few tiles in front of him
     - Talk to Hawk, then check the sightseeing spot sign to the right of Hawk's 
       shack to get him to talk to you further
     - After obtaining the wine, go to the house for rebirthing, travel to the 
       past, and drop the wine in the Rebirth Pool. Pick it up in the present and 
       it will be "Vintage Wine"
     - The Schoolmistress will provide a rebirth stone if you used all of your 
       found ones already. She will also prevent you from placing the wine in the 
       Rebirth Pool in the present.
     - While Using Hawk's boat/raft, you cannot control your movement. You cast 
       forward, and continue until something stops you. This segment of the game is
       especially frustrating, as you seemingly ride around in circles.
     - If you manage to reach the southern islands at the bottom of the screen, I 
       recommend saving, as you can then easily reload that save if you end up 
       taking a wrong turn from there.
     - If you're especially frustrated check out the Map for Ujammi Beach here with
       the official path to solve this puzzle: http://goo.gl/Dlb5g
     - There is one Blue/Brown treasure chest in the area which cannot be opened 
       later on. You need to reach this island on the boat, so that you have Ales 
       to throw Ceska onto the higher level where the treasure chest is.
    Ujammi Ruins
    Magical Earrings (Past)
    Spiked Shoes (Present)
     - After clearing the beach, you can use Ales to throw Ceska onto any of the 
       islands you may have missed to pick up treasure chests or talk to the 
       injured villager. There is one treasure chest that you will not be able to 
       open as noted above.
    Cave of Seabed
    Rapier (Store Item)
    Merka's Robe (Store Item)
     - You can walk on the spider webs that cover the pits.
     - First switch unlocks two bridges (back track 3 screens to hit a switch 
       before proceeding up the stairs).
     - The stairs after the long bridge are easy to miss. It is located in the top 
       of the screen in the center.
     - To create the 2 part bridge you have to burn 2 statue heads one in the 
       screen with the sign (up), one in the screen with the bridge (right).
     - The switch after 2 part bridge opens the bars by entrance of cave.
     - There doesn't seem to be any treasure after killing the spider boss.
    Ujammi Ruins
    Ice Wave Spell (West Side)
    Elf Cloak (Trapped Room in West Side)
    Nimbus Ring (West Side)
    Gladius (Trapped room in East Side) (Store Item)
    Beautiful Clock (East Side)
    Old Ring (East Side)
    Future Clock (North Side)
     - When returning here after defeating the spider boss, travel the West path 
       first to learn the Ice Wave Spell.
     - After learning Ice Wave, travel the East path to find the Face Key.
     - After the split path puzzle downstairs on the East path, there is an empty 
       room with a heavy stone. Pick up the stone with Ales, as you will have to 
       carry it through several screens to throw it on a switch requiring 
       "something heavier".
     - Once finding the Face Key return to the central area and travel the North 
       path to use it.
     - To level the two statue heads in the North Side, throw boxes onto the left 
       area on the ground.
     - After obtaining Present Clock, rebirth stones are available in Item store.
     - Before traveling to Dedekint Marsh, I strongly suggest stocking up on Golden
    Dedekint Marsh (NE Exit)
    Skills Cave 2 - Spin Cutter Skill (South of Marsh Cave)
     - You can walk on the large lily pads in this area
     - Use the Ice Wave to create ice stepping stones 1 tile large (usually next to
       large lily pad)
    House of Clocks
    Golden Amulet
    Silver Amulet
     - If you are struggling with this frustrating main battle you can always 
       return to town by heading South through the Garden, and then East through 
       West field. You will end up at the Northwest exit of the town, and then can 
       purchase better equipment or stock up on Golden Apples.
    Mt Vaskaver (N Exit)
    Life Orb (Jump off cliff after crossing bridge)
    Old Man (Head south after crossing bridge)
    Mystic's Charm
    Skills Cave 3 - Spin Dash Skill (South of Vaskaver Mine Entrance)
    Vaskaver Mine
    Swordsman Badge
    Armored Suit
    Thunderbolt Spell
    Miner's Memo 
    Dragon Wand (Past)
    Present Clock
     - To be honest, this dungeon can be a pain in the butt. It's extremely large, 
       you have to find 6 bricks located all over the place, and then carry then 
       back so you can throw them into one of the holes above the puzzle room.
     - One tricky room requires shooting a first generator at an angle to start 
       platforms, then later picking up Ceska, and throwing her onto another moving 
       platform to start a second generator
     - If you can't find 1 last brick (like me!), then all you can do is 
       systematically check through the entire dungeon, taking note of each path 
       and making sure you've explored every one.
     - Once you've found all 6 bricks, refer to the Miner's Memo: A red note with 
       the letter 'T' in blue" 
     - If you're not finding much success using Thunderbolt on the golem boss, try 
       using Ales to throw the boulder at it.
    Engagement Ring (Requires talking to villager who lost it first)
    Tasking Cave (Freeze river on Southwest edge by bridge)
    House of Clocks
    Water Necklace
    Dragon Armor
    Apple Necklace (After regrouping, backtrack through Ceska's Path)
    Windstorm Spell
    Dragon Cloak
    Merchant's Hood
     - In order to proceed, you must separate in the room with 3 bars blocking 
       progress. Ales should take the bars in the Northwest corner, and Ceska 
       should take the bars in the Northeast corner.
     - In the room with several moving platforms that you must ride while throwing 
       boxes onto tiles, try saving in a safe area before a tricky throw. This way 
       you can reload the save, rather than having to re - cross the moving 
       platforms and picking up the box to try again.
     - There is a puzzle that has 8 curtains that need to be blown open with 
       Windstorm. The goal of this puzzle is to match pairs of the same monster to 
     - There's another room where it doesn't seem like the moving platforms touch 
       to allow you to continue on. Try picking up and throwing Ceska.
    If you want to continue playing the game, save before confronting Count Argean.
    Saving afterwards will lock you out of the main game, and you will have to play
    the entire game over again.
    4.0 Sequential Guide 
    This guide is not a walkthrough. Trying to explain describe every detail would
    take forever to write up, especially since some of the dungeons seem to keep
    going and going and going. Instead the following is simply the bare bone 
    actions required to proceed with the storyline of the game with the minimum 
    amount of spoilers. 
    Cave of Trials
    Begin Game
    Find Ceska in Magic School (Northwest of Town)
    Travel through South Field to Cave of Trials
    Split up Ales and Ceska so they both stand on the switches at the same time
    Push both heavy blocks on the side up, and the middle heavy block to the side
    Reach Sign requiring a magic spell
    Catch Ceska
    Return to Town
    Learn Airshot
    Return to sign in Cave of Trials
    Cast Air Shot on bars blocking passage
    Receive Student Rod
    Return to Town
    Past Clock
    Talk to Schoolmistress
    Travel through West Field (Southwest Exit) to Lapincot Forest
    Talk to Gravekeeper
    Travel to past
    Talk to Sage Bushami
    Receive Cave Key
    Travel back to present
    Use Cave Key to enter Forest Cave
    Push past 4 vertical heavy block puzzle on upper level with Ales 
    Learn Fireball Spell
    Use Fireball Spell on vines to clear paths
    Get past split screen puzzle
    Defeat Plant Boss (Cast Fireball to open up the Flower and attack with Ales)
    Receive Past Clock
    Return to Town
    Future Clock
    Travel through Dedekint Marsh (Southeast Exit) to Ujammi Beach
    Talk to Hawk the pirate in the shack
    Read Scenic point sign (Just east and a bit south of the beach)
    Talk to Hawk the pirate in the shack
    Visit Skills Cave 1 (Southwest of Ujammi Beach in South Forest)
    Return to town
    Talk to Barkeep
    Push barrel through southern storage exit
    Talk to Barkeep
    Receive a bottle of wine
    Visit Rebirth house
    Talk to Schoolmistress
    Travel to past, and drop bottle of wine in Rebirth Pool
    Return to present and receive Vintage Wine
    Travel through Dedekint Marsh (Southeast Exit) to Ujammi Beach
    Talk to Hawk and give him vintage wine for use of his raft
    Use raft to wander aimlessly in order to reach Ujammi Ruins entrance near south 
       of map
    Travel to past in order to proceed through ruins
    Jump off ledge to lower level
    Return to present
    Head south (West path is blocked by spider webs, North and East paths need to 
       be taken later)
    Activate switch which drains the beach
    Exit ruins and regroup with Ales
    Enter Cave of Seabed
    Activate first switch
    Backtrack 3 rooms to cross a new bridge and activate another switch
    Return to the first switch and proceed on
    Cast Fireball on first statue head located in same room as Puzzle Clue
    Return to room on right
    Cast Fireball on second statue head located in same room as unfinished bridge
    Defeat Spider Boss in order to remove Spider webs in Ujammi Ruins 
       (Attack with Ales, Cast Fireball when it covers itself in Spider webs)
    Return to Ujammi Ruins
    Proceed through West path (previously blocked by Spider webs)
    Walk past boulders that "Own" you if you get hit
    Activate switch with Ceska
    Switch to Ales, and have him activate second switch on lower level of same room
    Learn Ice Wave
    Return to central area
    Proceed through East path
    Use Ice Wave to create platforms to cross water
    Go downstairs and solve split path puzzle (Ales on left, Ceska on Right)
    Proceed up Left path and in new room pick up heavy block with Ales
    Travel while carrying the heavy block through 2 rooms south, 1 room west, 
    Throw block on any monsters you meet to kill them
    Throw heavy block on switch requiring "something heavier"
    Obtain Face Key
    	*Map for East Side of Ujammi Ruins: http://goo.gl/Dlb5g
    Return to central area
    Use Face Key to unlock door
    Use Ales to throw boxes on the left tiles to level the heads
    Defeat Octopus Boss (Freeze with Ice Spell, then attack with Ales)
    Obtain Future Clock
    Present Clock
    Travel to Mountains
    Find Boulder blocking path
    Return to Town
    Get sexually harassed by Belladonna
    Stock up on Golden Apples
    Travel to Dedekint Marsh
    Use Ice Spell repeatedly to create ice blocks (usually next to Lily Pads) to 
       travel to east side of screen
    Travel south to Skills Cave 2
    Travel to Marsh Cave in Northeast corner
    Separate from Ceska
    Automatically transported to Garden
    Travel north through Garden to House of Clocks
    Travel north and meet Count Argean and Ceska
    Defeat Count Argean (Equip Golden Apples and eat all the painful projectiles)
    Rescue Ceska and Exit House of Clocks
    Receive Bomb from Violet
    Travel through Garden and West Field
    Return to Town
    Travel to Mt Vaskaver
    Enter Vaskaver Mine
    View 9 modules puzzle, hit switch
    Throw green and brown boxes on marked tiles (2 green on left sides, 2 brown on 
       right sides)
    Learn Thunderbolt
    Use Thunderbolt to destroy crumbling walls and start generators
    One tricky room requires shooting a first generator at an angle to start 
       platforms, then later picking up Ceska, and throwing her onto another moving
       platform to start a second generator
    Carry 6 bricks and throw them into puzzle area (Very Tedious and annoying)
    	-Throw the brick onto enemies to kill them
    Travel to Past to find Dragon Wand
    Move 9 bricks into a blue capital T formation
    	Miner's Memo: A red note with the letter 'T' in blue"
    Defeat Golem Boss (Throw heavy rock at it)
    Receive Present Clock
    Travel south to Skills Cave 3
    Return to Town
    Final Confrontation
    Travel to Dedekint Marsh to talk to Violet
    Pick up Crate in Northwest Corner
    Travel to Past
    Receive Clock Hall Key
    Return to Town
    Travel to the House of Clocks through West Field and Garden
    In the room with 3 bars blocking the way, split up (Ales to upper left bars, 
       Ceska to upper right bars)
    Ales Only
    Throw 3 boxes onto marked tiles (Green on upper tiles, Silver on lower) while 
       on moving platforms (Stupid annoying)
    Activate Switch
    Ceska Only
    Follow the Image of Sage Bushami as you walk on invisible tiles
    Activate Switch
    Fall into jail cell
    Get Rescued
    Learn Windstorm
    Use Windstorm to blow open curtains
    Place Future Clock on pedestal
    Blow Away Curtains and match 4 sets of monsters
       Zombie  Knight   Knight  Candle
       Fire    Candle   Fire    Zombie	
    While on moving platform throw Ceska to hit switch, then to reach side door
    Hit switch
    Travel to the past
    Talk to Lady
    Kill Monsters to help Lady push switch
    Jump down pit
    Return to Present
    Hit Switch
    Put Past Clock on pedestal
    Put Present Clock on pedestal
    Talk to Sage Bushami
    Defeat Count Argean (Grey Projectiles Attack with Alec, Colored Projectiles 
       match with Ceska's Magic)
    If you want to continue playing the game, save before confronting Count Argean.
    Saving afterwards will lock you out of the main game, and you will have to play
    the entire game over again.
    5.0 Sidequests
    There's two trading sidequests. The first is a long string of trades throughout
    the game which results in receiving the Rune Staff (+130 ATK), Ceska's best
    weapon. The second trading sidequest will net you 3 action figure key items
    which will unlock an achievement. There is also an optional Tasking Cave,
    featuring 25 rooms of enemies and resulting in you receiving Excalibur (+130
    ATK), Ales' best weapon. 
    Trading Sidequest
    Story Item => Lunch Box
    West Forest Exhausted man => Rock
       *For the most optimal path, after receiving the Rock, proceed back to the 
       town and trade until you have the Flower Seeds before traveling to Lapincot 
    Pub Artist => Portrait
    Sneezing Boy => Flower Seeds
       *You must talk to Sage Bushami a 2nd time to pass the Gravekeeper's 
       greetings in order to have the Gravekeeper ask for Flower Seeds
       *I suggest visiting the Gravekeeper for his trade before visiting the Forest
    Gravekeeper => Sage's Book
    Magic Schoolboy => Bunny
    Hurt Villager at Ujammi beach => Letter
    Wife in house next to store => Dried Fish
       *You must talk to Magic Schoolboy first after receiving the letter
    Old Man in Mt Vaskaver => Rune Staff
    Action Figure Sidequest
    Shiny Rock near Hurt Villager at Ujammi beach => Pretty Shell
    Shell collector on west side of town => Gaudy Sarah
    After visiting House of Clocks for the 2nd time, talk to new old man in Pub
    Tree right of Magic School => Memento
    New Old man in Pub => Tardy Michael
    After visiting House of Clocks for the 2nd time, talk to new guy near NW exit
    Pond in northeast of Garden (Need to use Ice Wave) => Engagement Ring
    Guy near NW exit => Rainy Joe
    Rainy Joe: No 1 in the Mad Heroes action figure series.
    Tardy Michael: No 2 in the Mad Heroes action figure series.
    Gaudy Sarah: No. 3 in the Mad Heroes action figure series.
    "For the side quests, please note that obtaining the 3 action figures is the 
    end and we have not found a use for them so far."
        -http://goo.gl/Qateo (Official Comment)
    Tasking Cave
    The Tasking Cave is an optional dungeon. Similar to a skills cave, you talk to
    an NPC in front, then proceed through several rooms killing monsters. This 
    time, both Ales and Ceska are allowed to enter, and you will have to fight
    through 25 rooms of monsters. Every 5 rooms, there will be an empty room with
    a Blue/Brown treasure chest. At the end of the cave, you will find Excalibur,
    Ales' strongest weapon (+135 ATK).
    In order to find the Tasking cave, freeze the water to step over to the far 
    left in the Southwest Side of Garden. Then travel South into West Field, where
    you will find the cave entrance.
    5 Rooms
       Apple Bread
    5 Rooms
       Small Apple
    5 Rooms
       Apple Bread
    5 Rooms
       Small Apple
    5 Rooms
      Excalibur (+135 ATK)
    6.1 Item Shop Inventory
    Small Apple: Restores HP by up to 50% [100G]
    Apple: Fully restores HP [250G]
    Apple Bread: Restores the pair's HP by up to 50% [500G]
    Apple Set: Fully restores the pair's HP [1,000G]
    Soulwater Drop: Restores SP or MP by up to 50% [200G]
    Soulwater: Fully restores SP or MP [500G]
    Soulstone: Restores SP and MP by up to 50% [1,000G]
    Soulrock: Fully restores SP and MP [2,000G]
    Golden Apple: Prevents from dying [6,000G]
    Wings: Takes you back to the village [300G]
    Smartbomb: Damage all enemies [6,000G]
    Hourglass: Stops all enemies for a short time [7,500G]
    Phantom Stone: Become invisible for a short time [1,500G]
    Chameleon Powder: Turns even the hardest foes into wimps [1,500G]
    Rebirth Stone: (5,000G)*
    *Rebirth Stones are available in the Item Shop after obtaining the Future Clock
    6.2 Weapon Store Inventory
    Light Sword +21 ATK [1,000G]
    Sword Breaker: +25 ATK [1,500G]
    Long Sword: +40 ATK [4,000G]
    Rapier: +50 ATK [8,000G]
    Bastard Sword: +90 ATK [12,000G]
    7-Star Sword: +110 ATK [16,000G]
    Light Staff: +22 ATK [1,100G]
    Magic Wand: +35 ATK [2,000G]
    Holy Rod: +55 ATK [8,000G]
    Wing Rod: +85 ATK [11,000G]
    Light Armor: +25 DEF [2,200G]
    Plate Mail: +35 DEF [6,500G]
    Steel Plate: +60 DEF [15,000G]
    Chain Mail: +70 DEF [20,000G]
    Leather Cape: +23 DEF [2,000G]
    Witch Robe: +30 DEF [4,500G]
    Merka's Robe: +40 DEF [8,000G]
    Fairy Cape: +60 DEF [20,000G]
    Saint Tunic: +75 DEF [26,000G]
    6.3 Found Items
    These items cannot be purchased from the store, but instead can only be found 
    in a treasure chest.
    Gladius +70 ATK (5,000G)
    Excalibur: +135 ATK (15,000G)
    Student Rod: +19 ATK (N/A)*
    Fairy Wand: +37 ATK (2,500G)
    Dragon Wand +105 ATK (7,000G)
    Rune Staff: +130 ATK (10,000G)
    Leather Mail: +18 DEF (750G)
    Mirror Armor: +50 DEF "(5,500G)
    Armored Suit: +80 DEF (15,000G)
    Dragon Armor: +90 DEF (17,500G)
    Short Robe: +15 DEF (600G)
    Elf Cloak: +50 DEF (7,500G)
    Dragon Cloak: +85 DEF (16,000G)
    Elixir: Provides instant recovery when defeated (10,000G)
    Life Orb: Fully heals the pair of any status ailment (10,000G)
    *Elixirs can also be made by rebirthing Soulrocks
    *For some strange reason only Rebirth Stones and the Student Rod cannot be sold 
       back to the stores
    6.4 Accessories
    Accessories can only be found in treasure chests. Rebirthing the accessory in 
    either direction will result in the same item (with the exception of the 
    beautiful clock).
    Personally, I think the best accessories are:
     - Magical Earrings: Ceska has homing projectiles! She can shoot around an 
       object, and it'll home nearly 180 degrees to find a monster.
     - Rusty Clock: This item will net you an achievement, and will also slow all 
       enemy projectiles (include Count Argean's).
     - Silver Charm: With Ceska shooting everything, Ales needs everything he can 
       get to keep up with her leveling.
    Bear Necklace: +5ATK "A necklace giving the power of a bear" (1G)
    Lion Necklace: +10 ATK "Gives its wearer the power of a lion" (1G)
    Crab Necklace: +5DEF "A necklace with a crab pendant" (1G)
    Turtle Necklace: +10DEF "Grants its bearer a hard shell" (1G)
    Stone Ring: Reduces melee damage taken by enemies by 10% (1G)
    Mountain Ring: Reduces melee damage taken by enemies by 20% (1G)
    Magical Earring: Gives airshot the ability to search enemies (1G)
    Magical Earrings: Gives airshot homing ability (1G)
    Spike Shoes: Prevent slipping on ice but will consume SP/MP every step (2,500G)
    Nimbus Ring: Reduces long range damage taken by enemies by 10% (1G)
    Aura Ring: Reduces long range damage taken by enemies by 20% (1G)
    Old Ring: +10ATK, -5 DEF An old and sleazy ring (1G)
    Cursed Ring: +20 ATK, -10 DEF "A ring with a strong curse..." (1G)
    Beautiful Clock: "A beautiful clock with a strange dial..."
    Shiny Clock (New): "A valuable clock that can be sold at the shop" (7,500G)
    Rusty Clock (Old)*: A mysterious, rusty clock... What is it for? (1G)
    Golden Amulet: Get 10% more money from monsters! (1G)
    Golden Charm: Get 20% more money from monsters! (1G)
    Silver Amulet: Increases experience when killing monsters by 10% (1G)
    Silver Charm: Increases experience when killing monsters by 20% (1G)
    Mystic's Charm: Reduces MP consumption by 25% (1G)
    Mystic's Hood: Reduces MP consumption by 50% (1G)
    Swordsman Badge: Reduces SP consumption by 25% (1G)
    Swordsman Bangle: Reduces SP consumption by 50% (1G)
    Apple Necklace: Slowly regain HP when resting. (1G)
    Heaven's Necklace: Regain HP even faster when resting (1G)
    Water Necklace: Slowly regain SP/MP when resting. (1G)
    Ocean's Necklace: Regain SP/MP even faster when resting (1G)
    Merchant's Hood: Looking for a bargain? This hood will help! 
       (10% store discount) (1G)
    Merchant's Cap: Get the best bargains ever! 
       (20% store discount) (1G)
    6.5 Rebirthing
    You are first allowed to rebirth items after completing the Cave of Trials. You
    can rebirth items by using a rebirth stone in the rebirth house.
     - In order to make an item "new": Put the item in the Rebirth Spring in the 
       present, then travel to the past to pick it up.
     - In order to make an item "old": Put the item in the Rebirth Spring in the 
       past, then travel to the present to pick it up.
    By making an item "new", you will improve the stats of the item. By making an 
    item "old", you will reduce the stats of the item, but it will have additional 
    benefits added to it.
    Personally, I mostly only rebirthed items that could be turned into antiques to
    gain gold (see Cheats section). With the gold I was able to buy the 7-star 
    Sword, Wing Rod, Chain Mail and Saint Tunic which lasted me for most of the 
    game. The old items have additional benefits, but they generally are quite 
    unnecessary, and the loss of ATK/DEF isn't worth it in my opinion. 
    For the listing below, here is a key:
       Name of item: Stat Value [Price to buy from store] (Price to sell to store)
       Name of item New: Stat Value (Price to sell to store)
       Name of item Old: Stat Value "Listed benefit description" (Price to sell 
       to store)
    Light Sword: +21 ATK [N/A] (500G)
    Light Sword New: +23 ATK (500G)
    Light Sword Old: +15 ATK "A sword of value as an antique" (1,600G)
    Sword Breaker: +25 ATK [1,500G] (750G)
    Sword Breaker New: +30 ATK (750G)
    Sword Breaker Old: +20 ATK "Restores HP while the bearer is at rest." (750G)
    Long Sword +40 ATK [4,000G] (2,000G)
    Long Sword New: +45 ATK (2,000G) 
    Long Sword Old: +25 ATK "A sword of value as an antique" (9,000G)
    Rapier: +50 ATK [8,000G] (4,000G)
    Rapier New: +60 ATK (4,000G)
    Rapier Old: +40 ATK "A sword that reduces SP consumption." (4,000G)
    Gladius: +70 ATK [N/A] (5,000G)
    Gladius New: +80 ATK (5,000G)
    Gladius Old: +50 ATK "A sword of value as an antique" (20,000G)
    Bastard Sword: +90 ATK [12,000G] (6,000G)
    Bastard Sword New: +100 ATK (6,000G)
    Bastard Sword Old: +70 ATK "Restores HP while the bearer is at rest." (6,000G)
    7-Star Sword: +110 ATK (8,000G)
    7-Star Sword New: +120 ATK (8,000G)
    7-Star Sword Old: +90 ATK "Raises the item drop rate of defeated foes" (8,000G)
    Excalibur: +135 ATK [N/A] (15,000G)
    Excalibur New: + 150 ATK (15,000G)
    Excalibur Old: +100 ATK "A sword that reduces SP consumption." (15,000G)
    Student Rod: +19 ATK [N/A] (N/A)
    Light Staff: +22 ATK [1,100G] (550G)
    Light Staff New: +28 ATK (550G)
    Light Staff Old: +15 ATK "An valuable and antique staff." (2,200G)
    Magic Wand: +35 ATK [2,000G] (1,000G)
    Magic Wand New: +40 ATK (1,000G)
    Magic Wand Old: +25 ATK "An valuable and antique wand." (4,000G)
    Fairy Wand: +37 ATK [N/A] (2,500G)
    Fairy Wand New: +45 ATK (2,500G)
    Fairy Wand Old: +30 ATK "Restores HP while the bearer is at rest." (2,500G)
    Holy Rod: +55 ATK [8,000G] (4,000G)
    Holy Rod New: +65 ATK (4,000G)
    Holy Rod Old: +40 ATK "An valuable and antique rod." (16,000G)
    Wing Rod: +85 ATK [11,000G] (5,500G)
    Wing Rod New: +98 ATK (5,500G)
    Wing Rod Old: +79 ATK "Raises the item drop rate of defeated foes." (5,500G)
    Dragon Wand: +105 ATK [N/A] (7,000G)
    Dragon Wand New: +120 ATK (7,000G)
    Dragon Wand Old: "Restores HP while the bearer is at rest." (7,000G)
    Rune Staff: +130 ATK [N/A] (10,000G)
    Rune Staff New: +145 ATK (10,000G)
    Rune Staff Old: +100 ATK "A staff that reduces MP consumption." (10,000G)
    Leather Mail: +18 DEF [N/A] (750G)
    Leather Mail New: +30 DEF (750G)
    Leather Mail Old: +10 DEF "Armor of value as an antique." (2,600G)
    Light Armor: +25 DEF [2,200G] (1,100G)
    Light Armor New: +38 DEF (1,100G)
    Light Armor Old: +15 DEF "Raises the cash drop rate of defeated foes." (1,100G)
    Plate Mail: +35 DEF [6,500G] (3,250G)
    Plate Mail New: +45 DEF (3,250G)
    Plate Mail Old: +25 DEF "Armor of value as an antique." (13,000G)
    Mirror Armor: +50 DEF [N/A] (5,500G)
    Mirror Armor New: +65 DEF (5,500G)
    Mirror Armor Old: +40 DEF "Restores SP while the wearer is at rest." (5,500G)
    Steel Plate: +60 DEF [15,000G] (7,500G)
    Steel Plate New: +75 DEF (7,500G)
    Steel Plate Old: +45 DEF "Armor that reduces SP consumption. (7,500G)
    Chain Mail: +70 DEF [20,000G] (10,000G)
    Chain Mail New: +85 DEF (10,000G)
    Chain Mail Old: +50 DEF "Armor of value as an antique" (40,000G)
    Armored Suit: +80 DEF [N/A] (15,000G)
    Armored Suit New: +100 DEF (15,000G)
    Armored Suit Old: +60 DEF "Restores SP while the wearer is at rest." (15,000G)
    Dragon Armor: +90 DEF [N/A] (17,500G)
    Dragon Armor New: +120 DEF (17,500G)
    Dragon Armor Old: +70 DEF "Armor that reduces SP consumption." (17,500G)
    Short Robe: +15 DEF [N/A] (600G)
    Short Robe New: +18 DEF (600G)
    Short Robe Old: +10 DEF "A robe of value as an antique." (2,200G)
    Leather Cape: +23 DEF [2,000G] (1,000G)
    Leather Cape New: +28 DEF (1,000G)
    Leather Cape Old: +15 DEF "A cape that reduces MP consumption." (1,000G)
    Witch Robe: +30 DEF [4,500G] (2,250G)
    Witch Robe New: +38 DEF (2,250G)
    Witch Robe Old: +20 DEF "Raises the cash drop rate of defeated foes." (2,250G)
    Merka's Robe: +40 DEF [8,000G] (4,000G)
    Merka's Robe New: +52 DEF (4,000G)
    Merka's Robe Old: +30 DEF "Restores MP while the wearer is at rest." (4,000G)
    Elf Cloak: +50 DEF [N/A] (7,500G)
    Elf Cloak New: +65 DEF (7,500G)
    Elf Cloak Old: +38 DEF "A cloak of value as an antique." (30,000G)
    Fairy Cape: +60 DEF [20,000G] (10,000G)
    Fairy Cape New: +80 DEF (10,000G)
    Fairy Cape Old: +50 DEF "A cape that reduces MP consumption." (10,000G)
    Saint Tunic +75 DEF [26,000G] (13,000G)
    Saint Tunic New: +90 DEF (13,000G)
    Saint Tunic Old: +55 DEF "A tunic of value as an antique" (52,000G)
    Dragon Cloak: +85 DEF [N/A] (16,000G)
    Dragon Cloak New: +115 DEF (16,000G)
    Dragon Cloak Old: +65 DEF "Restores MP while the wearer is at rest." (16,000G)
    7.0 Achievements
    Below is the full list of Achievements for Apple's Game Center found in Across 
    Age DX. They are listed in the order they appear in the Game Center. You must 
    select "Game Center" in the title screen , then "Achievements" to upload you 
    achievements to the Game Center servers.
    Squire: Learnt the Pierce Dash - 10 pts
    Swordsman: Learnt the Spin Cutter - 20 pts
    Swordmaster: You became a true swordsman and learnt all skills - 20 pts
    Way to go: Got your first level up - 10 pts
    Reach level 10: Reached level 10 with both characters - 20 pts
    Reach level 25 Reached level 25 with both characters - 20 pts
    Reach level 50: Reached level 50 with both characters - 30 pts
    A beautiful shell: Found the shell at the beach - 20 pts
    The ultimate staff: Acquired the rune staff - 20 pts
    Adventurer: Cleared the Tasking Cave - 20 pts
    Shopper: Bought your first item: - 20 pts
    Battle ready: Equipped an item in every slot - 20 pts
    Spendthrift: Spent 50,000 gold at the weapon and item stores - 20 pts
    Savior: Saved the lost NPC in West Field from starvation - 20 pts
    Puppet master: Collected all 3 dolls - 20 pts
    Clear-sighted: Got over the invisible bridge without falling down - 20 pts
    Surprise!: Made a new item with the help of a rebirth stone - 20 pts
    Time traveller: Travelled through time with the help of the Across Age spell
     - 20 pts
    Apprentice Mage Ceska: Unleash your true powers and learn your first spell
     - 20 pts
    The journey begins: Gained access to the West Field - 20 pts
    Meeting in the past: Met Sage Bushami in the past - 20 pts
    Let it burn!: Mastered the fire magic - 20 pts
    Bad weeds grow tall: Defeated the Living Flower - 20 pts
    Wine maker: Created a good, old vintage wine - 20 pts
    Seafarer: Obtained Hawk's awesome ship - 20 pts
    Pesticide: Defeated the Spider Queen - 20 pts
    Brr.....: Mastered the Ice Magic - 20 pts
    Frozen calamari: Defeated the Octopus - 30 pts
    Going for a hike: Got access to Mount Vaskaver - 30 pts
    Electro-Women: Learnt the thunder magic - 30 pts
    Clayman: Defeated the Earth Golem - 30 pts
    Collector: Acquired all 3 clocks - 30 pts
    Grand Mage Ceska: Became a true mage and learn all spells - 30 pts
    Let's go and get him: On to the final showdown - 30 pts
    Hero: Put an end to Count Agrean's plans - 50 pts
    That good old clock: Obtained the rusty clock - 50 pts
    Trapped...: Got trapped in a room and broke free again - 30 pts
    3 in one sweep: Killed 3 enemies at once - 30 pts
     - If struggling with "3 in one sweep", try using a Smartbomb
    King's knight: Unlocked all achievements in Across Age DX - 100 pts
    8.0 Cheats
    Below are the only 2 ways to cheat that I am aware of in Across Age.
    Cheat Menu
    After beating the game (playing segment after credits), go into the Systems 
    menu to find the cheats section unlocked. You can now: 
     - Turn off dying (You will still lose HP, but will never drop lower than 1 HP)
     - Walk 2x faster.
     - Gain 2x XP. 
     - Gain 2x Gold. 
    These will remain in effect across different saves and even if you quit the app
    (double tap home button, hold down icon, press minus button on app) until you 
    go into the cheat menu and turn them off.
    Infinite Gold
    After obtaining the Future Clock, Rebirth Stones will be sold in the Item store
    for 5,000G. By rebirthing specific items into their "old" form, they can be 
    sold for much more than usual as they are now listed as "antiques". Thus you 
    can buy a rebirth stone, one of these items, rebirth it, and make a profit, 
    allowing you to build up an infinite amount of gold. Good items to do this with 
     - Holy Rod: Cost: 8,000G, Antique Sell Price: 16,000G, 
       Total Profit Minus Rebirth Stone Price: 3,000G
     - Chain Mail: Cost: 20,000G, Antique Sell Price: 40,000G, 
       Total Profit Minus Rebirth Stone Price: 15,000G
     - Saint Tunic: Cost: 26,000G, Antique Sell Price: 52,000G, 
       Total Profit Minus Rebirth Stone Price: 21,000G
    Note: There's a strange quirk if you are repeatedly rebirthing items. If you 
    touch the item in the same spot as the last item you rebirthed (either if you 
    have a stack of several of the same item, or if you only had one, and the item 
    right to it moved to that spot in the rebirth selection menu), it will ask for 
    confirmation and then rebirth whatever item is in the first slot. This 
    obviously can cause unintended items to go through the rebirth process. To 
    resolve this, simply choose another item before selecting the item you want to 
    rebirth. I also recommend saving before doing any rebirths so that you can 
    reload that save if something messes up.

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