1.What is"Daifugo"?
Each players draw a card from their cards, and you need to lose your cards as soon as possible.

2.Which card is the strongest?
? is the strongest card, and ? is the weakest card.
This game doesn't include joker.

3.How to Play
[1]Each players are dealt cards.
In the first round, everyone is in the same rank(Ashigaru), so anyone can be a first player.
In the second round or later, the one who is in the lowest rank which is Ashigaru can start the game.

[2]Each players are only able to draw a card which has to be stronger than the card that is already on the table.
If you have more than two cards which are same number, you can draw them all.
(ie: If there are two 8cards, you can draw two 9cards(if you have them). Although, you cannot draw three 9cards.)
When you don't have any card can be drawn, only thing you can do is "PASS".

[3]In case nobody can draw card because the card on the table is stronger, then clean the table.
And, person who drew the strong card can draw any card the player wants.

[4]Draw a card by turns, when one player runs out of cards, the player is out of play for the rest of the round,
but the other players can continue to play to figure out the titles.
The first place?Shogun(a general)
The second place:Daimyo(a lord)
The third place:?Hatamoto(direct Shogunal hatamoto aka bannerman)
The forth place:?Gokenin(a direct vassal of the shogun)
The fifth place:?Ashigaru(conscripted foot-soldiers)

[5]After the second round, there is card exchanges before the game starts.
Shogun→Ashigaru?pass two cards?
Daimyo→Gokenin?pass one card?
Gokenin→Daimyo?pass the strongest card?
Ashigaru→Shogun?pass the two strongest cards?
Hatamoto?no card exchange?

4.About the Rule
This game adopts the Revolution(calls ?Gekokujo?).
Gekokujo happens when four cards which have to be the same number are drawn on the table.
After that, the strength of cards will be rallied to overtake until the game ends.

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