In times made of war...
You are the worldly inexperienced daughter of a weakening warrior lord father, wounded in battle. From his sickbed, he asks you to travel across the lands to find the fate of the country. You are escorted by Kojiro Sasaki, a forceful swordsman, on your way to Kyoto, the capital.

The Encounters with noble lords on your way...

For the first time outside in the world, outside the safe walls of your father's castle
In the Encounters with them, you surely will find the one
With which you will fall in love...

This is the first and free episode of this story.
While we still only offer this prologue, with coming upgrades you will be able to play through twelve episodes in all, following three possible routes for each character.
With the special "Character walkthrough" you will get access to rare character biography information - the biographies will not be available after coming upgrades!
Like this? Then we promise you will love what will come. Stay tuned!

*** Character walk-through

* Yukimura Sanada
Genius strategist serving to daimyo Shingen Takeda.
A childhood friend who often came to play with you inside the castle.
Normally kind and gentle, but sometimes showing a cold face.

* Keiji Maeda
Being called a "kabukimono" - eccentric in style and fashion.
With his open and free personality, he also unexpectedly bearing a cultured side.

* Kanetsugu Naoe
A long time servant of daimyo Kagetora.
Friendly character.
Consistently worrying about the eating habits of daiymo Kagetora.

* Sasuke Sarutobi
One of the ten warriors of Sanada, serving daimyo Yukimura.
Obstinate, loathing crooked ways.
Has a history of once breaking an order of daimyo Yukimura for a petty reason.

* Shingen Takeda
Perfectionist. A courageous general, always defeating his enemies.
Paying close attention to details, also a superior politician.

* Kagetora Nagao (Kenshin Uesugi)
Godly war hero, sometimes called the dragon from Echigo.
Honoring duty, despising people of low morals.
In contrast to Shingen, he does not worry about minor details.

*** Sub-character walk-through
* Masanobu Takasaka
While popular among women, his unconcern makes him always run away.
Adoring Shingen very much. Maybe too much...

* Saizou Kirigakure
The leader of the ten Sanada warriors, supporting daimyo Yukimura. Has a hard time with Sasuke.
Pessimistic but serious in nature. Dislikes women?

* Sadamitsu Usami
A worthy rival of Yukimura Sanada, Sadamitsu is a strategist serving daimyo Kagetora. Intellectual and silent.
In his view of war, he strikes resemblance to Kagetora.

* Kagekatsu Nagao (Kagekatsu Uesugi)
Adopted by Kagetora.
Does not show feelings on the outside.

* Kojiro Sasaki
An uttermost powerful swordsman, seeking strength through travels.
Employed by your father in order to escort you on your way...

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