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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by fellcor

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    Introduction for Lil Pirates, v1.0
    This guide is meant for beginners or players whom have a life. If you are
    looking towards power levelling, glitches, using real money to purchase in
    game currency to level then this guide is not for you. If you are looking
    towards catching up to your friends whom have started earlier, there are
    some strategies found within that might be useful. Above all, dedication
    is the only sole criteria to advance and stay with the game. With that,
    lets proceed to the basics. This piece of work are information shared by
    some of the more advanced players in the game and by no means my own work
    Understanding the nature of the game
    The game is a time management game, much alike the successful "Farmville"
    or "We rule", but unlike those games, there is no management of estates,
    only resources. There are no farms to harvest from or shops to build. The
    game is based solely on completing jobs/quests which returns silver (the
    currency used in game, which is free), exp (FP or fame points) or treasure
    (to be sold). Jobs never give gold (doubloons, which is the currency bought
    with real money).
    Virtually everything essential for levelling can be bought using in-game
    currency (silver) and not using real currency (gold), using Euro, USD, SGD
    or whatever kind of currency your country trades in. The best things in life
    are free does apply to this game.
    Secondly, the game is fairly generous with how a player can accumulate gold,
    all without spending a single cent, which will be explained later.
    Thirdly, the experience curve increases steeply at around level 20+, the
    same strategies used involving gold may not work at higher levels unless you
    are willing to pay real money for, or have a few hundred of friends.
    Lastly, you are better off sending your hard earned cash to me. Bank account
    to be provided later. However i urge anyone to spend real money simply to
    support the company developing this game, as it has done a good job.
    Mechanics of the game
    Most of the mechanics are explained in the tutorials. Most of the stuff you
    would need to know are explained by the "i" in the upper right corner or
    the help button.
    Map, Overview :
    The game is broken up into different areas, which opens up as you level. On
    the overview, you would see 12 sectors which only one is avaliable to you.
    As you level up and send more crew to different areas, a number on the lower
    right would appear to signify how many crew members are assigned to that area.
    Map, Home view :
    By tapping on any square, you enter to what i term the home view. You would
    see either a lock to signify the particular job is not avaliable until you
    reach the same level, or a number, expressed in seconds, minutes or days
    On the upper Left corner are your objectives. The treasure view is located on
    the bottom left corner. Tapping the bottom right corner goes to ship view.
    Occasionaly a floating head will appear at FIXED spots in the homeview. Tap
    it, help out and gain exp/silver at no cost.
    Ship view :
    Here is where you can access your gifts, crew whom have returned from their
    jobs, shop, adding of friends and crew. You will be spending a lot of time
    Jobs :
    Jobs should be your main source of exp initially. Exp differs as the
    time-to-Completion (TTC) ratio is different. Each job has its own TTC and
    these are all based on real time, thus choosing a job that has a TTC of 3d
    means you are able to collect your spoils 3 days later.
    Jobs are also the main source of silver. As each jobs varies in terms of
    silver and exp, you would have to consider 2 factors before attempting any
    1) TTC. If you are going on a holiday, choose a longer job. If you are
    working, choose a job that has a TTC that will fit into you next free period
    (lunch). Always choose a TTC that suits your own lifestyle above everything
    else. It not only relive yourself the burden of waking up at wee hours of the
    night to get your spoils, it also save yourself time. As once the TTC is
    reached, any extra time is wasted as your crew is not doing anything else.
    2) Common demominator. By comparing a job that takes 1h versus a 3h job, is
    the spoils better or worst off? What are you after? exp or silver? By
    multiplying the 1h job by a factor of 3, you would be able to see if the
    difference is worth it. Usually shorter jobs have better spoils, offset by
    longer time spent in managing your crew and on the game obviously. Always
    perform the job that gives the best mix of silver/exp comparing to other jobs
    avaliable at your level. As you level, other jobs with varying mix of TTC or
    even similiar TTC with better spoils are made avaliable to you, again compare
    before sending your crew to jobs.
    Crew :
    Crew are people you hired to perform jobs. Each crew has a specific type of
    job he/she prefers. Hiring crew using facebook account (give them a name that
    matches your facebook friends), letting the computer assign a generic name or
    using a captain (your in game friends) makes no differnce to the abilities of
    the crew.
    Each job has a specific nature, be it defending or plundering. They are
    represented in the upper left corner whenever you tap on a job.Tapping a crew
    sends that crew to the job, which changes the logo of the crew to a raft. By
    matching the nature of the job with a crew with the same interest (same logo),
    one would get a nominal bonus when the crew returns from his assigned job.
    Downtime :
    Each crew, upon returning from his assigned job, will be in downtime status.
    This status cannot be removed with the passing of time. Only a successful win
    of a mini-game or using beer would remove downtime to allow reassignment of
    Gifts :
    The major part of the time spent would be here. There are three types of
    gifts. Free gifts, which you are allowed to send to all your friends, at a 8h
    interval. You cannot chose what type of gift to send, nor exclude any
    particular friend. Always remember to send gifts and not be stingy. These type
    of gifts can be expired upon X hours, lets say 24 if not collected, otherwise
    it always result in the gift being claimed and it goes to your treasure list.
    A loss of connection at any point in time while claiming it will automatically
    result in an expired message. Job surpluses are gifts that are shared by your
    friends when their crew returns from jobs. These are VERY limited in nature,
    say 10 crew allows you only 1 chance to share the extra loot, and the extra
    loot are also VERY limited. Lets say Friend A decide to share his loot, at no
    cost to him, a gift will appear on every of his friend list, this gift cannot
    be chosen by Friend A as it is determined by the mission and he can only choose
    to share or not share it. A fixed number of this item is allocated at the
    central server, say 3. Upon the third person claiming the gift, anyone else
    trying to claim it will result in a "already claimed" message. This has been
    the bane of many players but it has been somewhat fixed recently. However its
    not a compete fix, but the update has been substantial. The third and most
    imporant gifts are level bonus chests, which should always be sent to everyone
    on your friend list upon your level up. It WILL be your
    main source of gaining experience by opening these chests. Pick the left most
    (smallest chest) for a better chance to claim gold, the other two chests are
    somewhat skewed towards silver and exp.
    Treasure view :
    Click the "I" button for a very detailed view of how the burying of treasure
    works. The only highlight is that your accumulated treasures, are found by
    tapping the lower left corner. All treasures from from jobs, gifts, loot
    claims, digging up other's loot or own loot is found here. Currently do NOT
    attempt to sell items using the "sell all" function, you will sell the whole
    stack of items which will give you the silver of only ONE item, i.e it does
    not work. You might want to hold on until the function is fixed at the next
    Strategy :
    Early game :
    Perform as many 2m jobs as you can until the 2h jobs opens up. Play mini
    gamesuntil you get a bucketload of beer as reserve. While you are at it,
    gather as many email address from forums that has a buddy adding thread for
    this game and invite those players. Spread your email in these forums to make
    people add you instead of spending time adding them. Complete as many short
    terms objectives as possible, they give substantial amount of exp/silver at
    this point in time. Add as many LOW level people as possible, as it is harder
    to level at higher levels thus lesser bonus chests from these higher level
    Mid game :
    You would have reached level 10 by now. Your main source of exp would be
    spending silver. In order to get lots of silver, you would need to utilize
    all the methods discussed in the faq to earn free silver, but ultimately it
    should come from level up chests from your friends. CONTINUE adding friends
    like no tomorrow. Each x amount of silver spend usually gives x/5 amount of
    exp in return. Use your silver to boost your levels, just remember to boost
    your ship size and max out your cannons as fighting battles are a steady and
    sure source of good exp/silver every 2h. At this point in time, you would have
    realized that levelling up via jobs is a very slow way to gain experience.
    The majority of your exp gains should come from bonuses chests and having 500
    friends will give you around 200+ bonus chests every day. I still advise
    picking the smallest chest for gold.
    Late game :
    You are now in your 20s. This is the twilight levels. From here henceforth
    to level 50, the exp requirements are visibly higher and you won't be leveling
    up at the usual pace. Be the number here is your age or level (a 20 year old or
    a level 20 guy), its time to alter the way things are working till now and get
    a life. Remember all the gold saved? Its time to spend the gold on quick finish
    of jobs. Remember higher level jobs might open up and these have the same TTC as
    previous jobs? By leveling fast through this method you might just unlock
    job with the same TTC as your current favourite job which gives better returns.
    By now you should be winning most of your ship battles. However the level 28
    battle is one of which has a slight challenge factor. Most players think that
    having more cannons results in an automatic win and it has worked that way in
    past. From now onwards, having even the maximum sized ship might not gurantee
    winning. Usage of smokescreens and repair kits are advised. Upgrade your ship to
    the 3rd last upgrade, a "Nao" if i am not wrong. The 2nd last upgrade don't add
    any cannons, the last upgrade adds only 2 cannons, which is of insignificant use
    at the cost of 60 gold. Better off spending it elsewhere. Do not even consider
    buying them using silver, as the cost of buying it using silver is too high. You
    should be getting around 40 gold daily with the hundreds of friends you have so
    feel free to spend them as you deem fit. I always keep at least
    100 gold in view of new themes, items that i want. CONTINUE adding friends. This
    is also the period where leveling is so slow and many players are exhausted and
    give up playing the game.
    Tips & tricks
    1) Hire and fire
    Its very important to have a favourite job that fits your lifestyle. You will
    be forced to decide on the newly opened up 30m mission as opposed to your
    comfortable 6h job. If you decided on 6h, make sure all your crew preferred job
    (as indicated by the logo when you are about to send them off) matches the job.
    This will result in additional silver in the range of a hundred or so, it will
    add up over time. It cost nothing to fire a crew and rehire one, so keep at it
    until you get an entire crew having the same preferred job.
    2) Helping out
    There are several ways to help friends. Not digging up their treasure is one
    but i don't recommend it. If you don't dig someone else would. Scurbbing their
    deck uses up time, doesn't benefit them and the returns is small. Always help a
    floating head in the home view. It will accumulate silver for the person you
    have helped and returns a token sum of silver/exp to you. How it works is
    whenever your crew returns from a job, notice that sometimes a statement "X
    helped you on the job and you get 100-10000 silver". The amount varies because
    everyone whom helped you after Friend X adds a token sum to the bonus, but the
    system only tracks the first person whom helped you. On a 6h job, my additional
    silver easily range from 10k to 17k, beating all the bonuses, titles, and every
    crew member combined.
    3) Assignment of titles and adding new friends
    Always add new friends ASAP. Sometimes these are new players and they might
    very well give you a title which give bonuses as long as you hold the title.
    Each bonus DOES NOT stack but can be repeated. Example, you have been given
    a title that adds exp on every job mission. Having one friend giving you the
    title might result in the bonus activating once out of your 10 crew member.
    Having 10 friends giving you the same title allows you the chance of activating
    it for every crew member, it does not mean you have a chance of receiving 10
    times the bonus for every crew however.
    4) Calculate silver w.r.t gold on returns
    Some silver are better spent buying items which returns you FP. Silver, is a
    bad choice to use when buying ship upgrades at large ship upgrades. Always
    calculate do you get more from using gold on a quick job or buying a particular
    item. The market rate of gold to silver exchange is 2000 silver for 1 gold.
    Use it as the bench mark for all your calculation.
    5) use a simple account for others to add!
    Having a cool email address such as mine allows people to add you easily.
    Having a cool (to you) email address such as coolnakedboi_73614@coldmail.com,
    or chautaeu_foramosa_demon@cc.com may turn off alot of potential players but
    it might attract a few outcasts.
    6) treasure retrieval and digging - sync timing
    Always bury the SAME level of treasure. There are 4 initial levels to bury
    and the last level cannot be buried. By burying a level 3 treasure and a
    level 4 treasure, your TTC for these treasure is different, thus allowing more
    potential of losing them. By burying the same level of treasure no matter the
    kind, you can sync the dig up timing with the dig up timing of your friends.
    Everyone has a fixed dig up timing, that they can steal from their friends.
    By not allowing the timing on your account to slip too many hours, leaving
    only lousy treasures, always choose to dig at the earliest moment the "X"
    appears on your island to gurantee almost 3 top grade treasures.
    7) Filling up ships with barrels
    Wonder why some ships are full of barrels and boxes? By limiting the area your
    crew can stand, it limits how far you need to travel to talk to your crew and
    also capture those pesky mices.
    8) Sync all timings.
    Battles reset every 2h. Gifts reset every 8h. By taking a job of the that is
    a multiple of 2, you can sync your timing so you only need to check back
    every 2 hours. By syncing it further to the treasure TTC timing, most of the
    day "tasks" can be completed at 1 go, especially in the mornings.
    9) Cleaning Ships.
    By visiting ships, you can offer to help clean them. There is a limit how many
    ships you can visit and clean but i may be wrong as it takes a call to the
    server for every ship you visit, takes an awful lot of time. For the desperate,
    this is another source of "income" that resets every 24h.
    10) Saving beer
    Been removes downtime. Perform short jobs on weekends or whenever you are free.
    Then play minigames and get the beer reserves up. I always have around 500
    beer in stock just in case. By having a huge reserve, it allows removal of
    downtime at tight periods (middle of meeting, a talk to all crew, removal of
    all downtime, reassigning jobs can all be done during a humane excuse to vist
    the restroom, <i am so going to get fired>).
    11) Special Mention
    There are three things of note. First i won't be updating this faq often
    unless there is a big update and changes gameplay and strategy totally.
    Secondly i will not add anyone with the name "ryu" or "Klauze".
    Thirdly a special mention is allocated for a special player. His/Her/Their
    name is odynn in toucharcade forum or Odin in-game. This player has referred
    newer players whom has all helped him as noobs, doesn't share anything of
    value on the forum and is obviously ungrateful to people whom have taken
    the trouble to help him/her/them get to their current status. Its your choice
    to add him but i would rather keep my pride than adding someone whom takes
    you for a fool. Also note he is at the level cap, meaning he does not give
    you any bonus chest, while laughing at every chest we "noobs" are contributing
    to him.
    Copyright 2010, Lim Kheng Chye (Fellcor).
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    Do Credit me if any of my work is used.
    Add me @ fellcor@gmail.com.
    [QUOTE=Odynn;1428832]Congrats on 50 ozz :)
    you should let some tips out to help the lower level noobs :) hahahahah

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