# Game Overview _.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.

- It is a minigolf-like game where you have to flick a piece to put it into the hole cup within the set par.

- If you enjoy minigolf games, you will likewise enjoy Bouncing Field.

- Bouncing Field is basically free of charge.

- It supports iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 of iOS 4.1 or higher.

# Game Play Guide_.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.

- Select a level from Easy, Normal, and Hard.

- When the stage starts, choose the direction and power to flick by pulling the piece.

- Use the hurdle and topography to activate the red button and the most efficient route to arrive at the hole cup will be estimated.

- Release the touch and flick the piece.

- There is a limit to the number of flicks per stage, and the less you flick to put the piece into the hole cup, the higher your score will be.

# Game Characteristics_.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.

- You can check your score through the score table provided per stage.

- Diverse hurdles and boss modes are available.

- Depending on which of the 3 levels of difficulty you choose, you can play either casually or prudently!

- Leader board of the game center is supported.

# Bug Report and Comments_.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.

- Please send us your bug report or comments to

# About XLGAMES_.:*~*:._.:*~*:.

- XLGAMES is has launched iConLogic and iConLogic HD and developing the next-generation MMORPG, ArcheAge.
XLGAMES thrives to and is making its best efforts to provide diverse fun applications in the near future.

# ?????? _.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.

- ??????????????????????????Minigolf????????????

- Minigolf??????????Bouncing Fielf???????????

- Bouncing Field???????????????

- iOS 4.1???iPhone 3GS?iPhone 4???????

# ???????_.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.

- Easy?Normal?Hard??????????????????

- ?????????????????????????????

- ??????????????????????????????????????????

- ?????????????????

- ????????????????????????????????????????????????

# ??????_.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.

- ?????????????????????????????????????????

- ?????????????????

- 3?????????‘??’???’??’????

- ?????????????????

# ??????_.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.

- ??????????????????

# ????(About XLGAMES)_.:*~*:._.:*~*:.

- XLGAMES??? iConLogic?iConLogic HD??????????? MMORPG? ArcheAge?????????

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