Featured by App Store in:Undiscovered GamesThe Best Games You've Never PlayedNew And Note Worthy--- Notice ---- FULL RETINA SUPPORT!- Although this game contains In App Purchases, you can enjoy full game without any IAP: all of them are optional or shortcut.--- Description ---Sad Princess is a fast pace action game with stylish graphics, smooth animation and cinematic scene. This is a tale of girl meets boy. Actually, it’s a tale of princess meets prince, prince getskidnapped, and princess goes out on an action-packed quest for revenge, peace, and love.This ain’t your grandma’s fairytale…- A TOPSY-TURVY STORYLINEPrincess Clover believed that the road to true love is full of hardship. Use her ‘SadPower’ to become stronger and use powerful attacks in the hopes of a romantic ending.- GORGEOUS GRAPHICSVisit five unique worlds, including a snowy mountain, a starry desert, and a mysteriouscastle. Stunning 3D particle effects are used for fluid battle animations within a setting ofbeautiful, original graphics.- ADDICTIVE BATTLESControls are easy to learn, but hard to master! With combos and special attacks, you cancreate your own battle style – which you’ll have to for the powerful bosses. Enemies havetheir own style of attacks, too!- GROW PETSGrow pets (including bees, wolves, and dragons!) and bring them along on the journeyfor both help and companionship, and develop their abilities.- WEAPON UPGRADESUpgrade your weapons in the shop with crystals to forge great battle swords. Customize aweapon to suit your needs!- LEADERBOARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTSConnect your profile to Game Center and submit your score to compete with playersfrom around the world! Try to get every achievement!- SURVIVAL MODEChallenge the highest score!Want to know more about Sad Princess?Visit Perlo Games on for game detail, tips and news.Connect with us on Facebook, and Twitter: @perlogames.Email us at:

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