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    Save State Hacking Guide by angus_mchaggis

    Version: 1.0.1 | Updated: 01/28/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide


    Firstly, I want to explain why I wrote this FAQ despite knowing it would make me look like a dirty cheat; It's not because I am a dirty cheat (although I guess this is cheating). I had Secret Of Mana for the SNES when I was a young 'un and completed it. So when I saw that it was released for the iPhone, I decided I wanted it and would play through it again. I'm more of a completist these days, so I spent a lot of time levelling my characters, weapons and magic as well as finding the best items in certain areas.

    To cut a long story short, I got past Pure Land and realised that I'd missed the best headgear for the Boy. Oops. Now I've got to go back to an earlier save which is eons ago... or do I? I found a ZSNES Save State Hacking Guide here on GameFAQs whose offsets didn't really apply to the iPhone save files but some of the values do. So I whipped out my hex editor and gave myself a Griffin Helm and the 9th Sword Orb, which isn't glitchable in the iPhone version of the game. While I was at it, I decided to see what else I could do and record my findings to help others.


    To be able to hex edit your game saves, you need to complete the following check list:

    • An application to transfer files from the iPhone to your computer - I used i-Funbox.
    • Any hex editor, I use HxD because it's free and portable.

    Once you've got that stuff, you're ready to start hex editing.

    Note: it's not necessary to jailbreak your iPhone in order to transfer the save file to your computer.

    Copying the files

    First, you need to find the files on your iPhone. If you're using i-Funbox, you can go straight to the User Applications tree item and find the Secret Of Mana app in the list - labelled in Japanese on my iPhone. If you're using something else to find the files, you can find your Secret of Mana app somewhere in


    ...where {AppID} is the ID of your Secret of Mana app (B39FFD67-EE82-4217-9695-57994F39D41B on my iPhone).

    Inside the Secret Of Mana folder you'll see the .app file and a few sub-folders. We're interested in the folder labelled Documents. The saved games are inside that folder, labelled sk2_0sav, sk2_1sav and sk2_2sav for Save 1, Save 2 and Auto-Save respectively. Copy the one you want to edit to your computer and open it in your chosen hex editor after making a backup copy.

    Important Note!

    Take great care not to modify the size of the save file while editing. Inserting anything new into the file will bump all the offsets and the game won't be able to read the values from their proper locations. Make sure your hex editor is in overwrite mode.

    Other Notes
    • Stats are recalculated regularly during the game, usually when applying weapons and armor or buffing/debuffing magic. If you change any stats, bare in mind they're not gonna be permanent changes and probably won't even last very long.
    • The same applies to item quantities - the max quantity is 4 so if you edit it to be higher than 4 and you get another one of those items in the game, it will reset to 4.
    • Editing any values not listed here or denoted as unstable might result in corrupting the save file or crashing the game.
    • Changing things like weapon and magic proficiency levels can cause instability if you edit them to be higher than the maximum value.
    • Most of this stuff has been tested at the end of the game, editing your save to obtain something not currently accessible to you might cause unexpected problems.
    • Weapon and magic levels are represented by a 2-byte integer value from 0-900. So 0383 (=899) at the Girl's Gnome offset will give you level 8:99 Gnome.


    Start OffsetEnd OffsetIn-game FunctionNotes
    00E600EFParty LocationSee Location Values section for more details
    0068006AGoldResets to 9,999,999 if you give yourself more than that

    Boy (Randi)

    Start OffsetEnd OffsetIn-game FunctionNotes
    0017Current HP
    001BMax HP
    0020Current MP
    0024Max MP
    07E807EBCurrent Exp
    086A086BGlove Level
    086E086FSword Level
    08720873Axe Level
    08760877Spear Level
    087A087BWhip Level
    087E087FBow Level
    08820883Boomerang Level
    08860887Javelin Level

    Girl (Primm)

    Start OffsetEnd OffsetIn-game FunctionNotes
    0035Current HP
    0039Max HP
    003ECurrent MP
    0042Max MP
    0B540B57Current Exp
    0BD60BD7Glove Level
    0BDA0BDBSword Level
    0BDE0BDFAxe Level
    0BE20BE3Spear Level
    0BE60BE7Whip Level
    0BEA0BEBBow Level
    0BEE0BEFBoomerang Level
    0BF20BF3Javelin Level
    0BF60BF7Gnome Level
    0BFA0BFBUndine Level
    0BFE0BFFSalamando Level
    0C020C03Sylphid Level
    0C060C07Luna Level
    0C0A0C0BDryad Level
    0C120C13Lumina Level

    Sprite (Popoi)

    Start OffsetEnd OffsetIn-game FunctionNotes
    0053Current HP
    0057Max HP
    005CCurrent MP
    0060Max MP
    0EC00EC3Current Exp
    0F420F43Glove Level
    0F460F47Sword Level
    0F4A0F4BAxe Level
    0F4E0F4FSpear Level
    0F520F53Whip Level
    0F560F57Bow Level
    0F5A0F5BBoomerang Level
    0F5E0FBFJavelin Level
    0F620F63Gnome Level
    0F660F67Undine Level
    0F6A0F6BSalamando Level
    0F6E0F6FSylphid Level
    0F720F73Luna Level
    0F760F77Dryad Level
    0F7A0F7BLumina Level

    The maximum level you can forge a weapon to is 9. Giving yourself more than 9 orbs isn't recommended and I haven't tested it yet either. It's a good idea to change both the Lvl and Orb values to the same amount, or just change the Orb value and pay Watts to forge the weapons.

    Start OffsetEnd OffsetIn-game FunctionNotes
    0563Glove Lvl
    0567Sword LvlEdit this to 09 for the Mana Sword
    056BAxe Lvl
    056FSpear Lvl
    0573Whip Lvl
    0577Bow Lvl
    057BBoomerang Lvl
    057FJavelin Lvl
    0583Glove Orbs
    0587Sword Orbs
    058BAxe Orbs
    058FSpear Orbs
    0593Whip Orbs
    0597Bow Orbs
    059BBoomerang Orbs
    059FJavelin Orbs
    • Every fourth byte from the start offset upto and including the end offset is an inventory slot. For example, Helmet slots start at 0463, so that is the first helm slot, 0467 is the second, 046B is the 3rd and so on.
    • For items, the value you enter represent the quantity of that particular item slot. So if you enter 63 at offset 0413, you'll have 99 candies.
    Start OffsetEnd OffsetIn-game FunctionNotes
    041BRoyal Jam
    041FFaerie Walnut
    0423Medical Herb
    0427Cup of Wishes
    042BMagic Rope
    042FFlammie DrumUse it when you begin the game for interesting results!
    0433Moogle Belt
    0437Midge Mallet
    0463048BHead armor slotsHelm values are 0-14 (Hex)
    048F04B7Body armor slotsArmor values are 16-29 (Hex)
    04BB048BAccessory slotsAccessory values are 2B-3E

    Location Values

    At the hex editing points for Party Location (see Party section of Hex Editing), you can change the value so that when you load your save you will start from the new location. This makes getting into blocked places, like Potos, a breeze. The following is a list of locations I've discovered.

    • The codes here are listed as string values to make it easier to understand, so these are not hex codes. You would usually enter string values in the right-hand column of your hex editor.
    • The game appears to have a numeric-based structure that I haven't quite figured out yet. The part before the underscore appears to be the "section" of the game in order. For instance, 002 is the top of the waterfall where Randi falls (unplayable), 003 is the Forbidden Forest up to Potos Village.
    • You might have to zero out some of the existing bytes if the current location code is longer than the one you want to put in.
    • Editing the location does not change the location name described in the Load Game screen.
    • It's very easy to get "stuck" by playing around with these values, and calling Flammie when stuck crashes the game.
    002_02_02Forbidden Forest Waterfall
    003_01Potos Village (West Entrance)
    014_02_01Water Palace
    020_02Wind Palace
    054_01Pure Land (Landing point before Mana Tree destruction)
    • The equipment values can be used interchangeably in any equipment slot, meaning you can put body armor in the head armor slots and vice versa.
    • You might notice some gaps in the values below that I haven't included. These are non-items like the trash can icon and are pretty pointless.

    Head Armor

    ValueItem name
    02Hair Ribbon
    03Rabite Cap
    04Head Gear
    05Quill Cap
    06Steel Cap
    07Golden Tiara
    08Raccoon Cap
    09Quilted Hood
    0ATiger Cap
    0CRuby Armet
    0DUnicorn Helm
    0EDragon Helm
    0FDuck Helm
    10Needle Helm
    11Cockatrice Cap
    12Amulet Helm
    13Griffin Helm
    14Faerie Crown

    Body Armor

    ValueItem name
    17Kung Fu Suit
    18Midge Robe
    19Chain Vest
    1ASpiky Suit
    1BKung Fu Dress
    1CFancy Overalls
    1DChest Guard
    1EGolden Vest
    1FRuby Vest
    20Tiger Suit
    21Tiger Bikini
    22Magical Armor
    23Tortoise Mail
    24Flower Suit
    25Battle Suit
    27Vampire Cape
    28Power Suit
    29Faerie Cloak


    ValueItem name
    2BFaerie's ring
    2CElbow Pad
    2DPower Wrist
    2ECobra Bracelet
    2FWolf's Band
    30Silver Band
    31Golem Ring
    32Frosty Ring
    33Ivy Amulet
    34Gold Bracelet
    35Shield Ring
    36Lazuri Ring
    37Guardian Ring
    39Ninja Gloves
    3ADragon Ring
    3BWatcher Ring
    3CImp's Ring
    3DAmulet Ring

    Q. Why does the game crash when I load my save file?

    A. Probably because your hex editor isn't in overwrite mode and you ignored the warnings in this guide that advise against inserting values and changing the file size.

    Q. Help! my sword is a glove, my bow is a boomerang and my spear is a shoe!

    A. That's not a question! It appears you've been playing around with the weapon orbs, forging them past level 9 and such. Load your backed up save file - you do have one, don't you?

    Q. How can I contact you for corrections or additions to your guide?

    A. You can email me at gamefaqs:andyearnshaw, located


    Brian Malarek for his ZSNES hex editing FAQ, which inspired me to write this one. It also contains the inventory values which helped my find the hex offsets for the 3 Vestguards I had, essentially kick-starting this adventure in hex editing.

    Square Enix for creating this masterpiece of a game which, over the years, has sucked out around a whole week of my life in hours played. They deserve a slap for ruining the "- of Mana" series, though.