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"Choose well, because what you choose determines what happens!"

Introduction --- Cause of Death is basically a game where you play usually as a detective, and you get to pick whatever the character you are playing as will choose. Every single choice you make can possibly affect how the game will twist and unfold. In it, you generally get to interrogate suspects, investigate crime scenes, and then solve the mystery!

Gameplay --- It's an interactive game, where you touch the choices on the screen that appears. Sometimes, they have a time limit which makes you engage in split second decisions. For example, you can be chasing after a suspect, and suddenly, a car seems set to collide with you! Then, you'll have to choose quite quickly what you want to do.

Next, you can also participate in investigations of the suspect. Should you go ''good'' or ''bad'' cop on him? Some characters can be persuaded gently into revealing key clues, but they can also become fearless of you if you are too gentle, and lack any form of intimidation! However, I would say that it is fun, as you usually do have enough time to choose what you would like to do, and the simple choice picking can be very easy to help you pick up the game.

Story --- It's a detective game, so you would expect a story full of mystery which starts of as confusing, but everything clears up (usually) in the end! The story is woven together, and is always progressing due to the continuous updates to the storyline every week on the Now Airing section on the main page.

You would generally be playing as the detective Mal Fallon or the Special Agent Natara Williams. They are the ones who head out into the field, investigate crime scenes and then use their detective skills to find out what to do next. However, things don't always go as planned, so they tend to enter precarious situations that you have to navigate out of with your choices!

Replayability and Play Time --- I would say that I always find a full story roughly 3 hours to complete if you fully immerse yourself and don't just rush through. Each episode which contributes to a new story lasts about 20 minutes for me. You can always repeat the game if you feel that your decision earlier caused something to go wrong, and thus you can explore everything again and again, seeing the different endings to the choices that you made.

Final recommendation --- Do you like mystery/detective games where you can keep up with the twists and turns? If you do, then I would definitely recommend this for you. If you don't, it might also be worth a try if you are willing to find some time to immerse yourself into an engrossing storyline.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/13/11

Game Release: CAUSE OF DEATH: Can You Catch The Killer? (US, 12/16/10)

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