*****Free for a couple days get it soon******
Grandma's got the mad rhymes, yeah, she can rap.
But she can't see a thing cuz of her darned cataracts.
Help our poor hip-hop granny deliver her presents to her greedy family. She's not wrapping presents this year, but rappin' them… Old School. This is a game like you've never seen (no seriously!). Granny walks down this hallway rapping, and her family comes in and grandma gives you hints in her rap and you figure out who gets what presents and she slams on her family with subtle witty lyrics.

Enjoy geriatrics-meet-rap-meet-christmas mania. Can you follow Granny's quick rap and figure out who gets what and how she feels about her crazy family? AND! Can you do it all in time with the rhythm? Get a better score by doing things on the beat and doing things in a row. Try pushing a present to the right member for a no-touch bonus.

Here is a short sample video so you can hear the rap and see the gameplay.

This game has more jokes-per-minute than comedian speed dating. If you want a good laugh on the cheap give this game a try. You can't go wrong!

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