Kognix is a challenging and addictive brainteaser. This intriguing game offers two modes of play, a free play mode for casual gamers, and a challenge mode for hard-core puzzle solvers. The rules of Kognix are easy to understand, but mastering the logic to solve puzzles at every level is both intricate and compelling.

The game is played on a unique diamond-shaped board. White marbles and gold tiles emerge from the board in a scrambled configuration. The object is to slide the marbles into place on the tiles. Marbles move a row at a time in upward diagonal directions.

Unlike games with preset levels, Kognix generates a new puzzle each turn. You can play again and again without ever seeing the same configuration twice. Although the puzzles are computer generated, each one has a solution.

Kognix challenges the player to think dynamically and develop new puzzle-solving strategies. Even though there is a solution to every board, no single procedure can solve them all. The game requires the player to think ahead and develop new techniques as they progress through the game.

With its responsive controls, polished graphics and gentle sound effects, Kognix is a pleasure to play whether you are shooting for a high score or playing casually.

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