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This is a very simple app, you must tap the ball. However it will not be easy. Avoid the dangers, only quick reflexes and agility will separate you from the rest. Pass the default high score to move to the next level, but whatever you do, keep tapping!

You must pass the the high score in order to open up new levels such as jungle, ocean, and lava. If you hear a "Great Job!" you've done it. Also, high scores are posted after every game.

User Guide to TapItAdventure
so, for all of you that really need to read this because the game seems confusing to you,
this is a basic readme with all of the very simple rules to this game.

Level 1 has but one rule and that is that you can't let the timer reach zero. Every
time you click the ball, it sets back to 4 seconds.

Level 2 simply adds a ball, however, you cannot cheat, you cannot use two hands at the
same time and each ball is on its own timer.

Level 3 simply has it so that if you click anything but the ball, game over.

Level 4 simply speeds up the ball 2x

Level 5 has it where the time limit and the no miss rule are combined

Level 6 adds a second ball

Level 7 has a new twist in that the ball cannot go off to the left or to the right of
the screen

Level 8 has a totally new concept of a decoy. It won't hurt you to click the decoy, but it
is to your advantage to know which one it is. But YOU need to figure out which one does
not belong, cus I sure am not going to tell you. Oh yeah, and the other balls have their
own separate timers too, so tick tock dock.

New Levels will be coming soon, please rate!

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