INTRODUCING THE NEW BOMBERMAN for iPhone/iPod touch!BOMB UP against enemies, Grab power-ups for that extra edge in the bombalicious battles!?What's Bomberman?"Bomberman" is a fun-for-all action game where players run around a grid-like level, setting bombs to blast the other players with its blasts.?DOJO MODE?"OFFICIAL"--Try to clear 50 stages of bomb battle and bestow the honor of the title, "Meijin", which is given to the best of Bombermen who arrived at the top of the Tower of Bobal."TRAINING" --Go for the hi-score and hi-rank.?EDIT MODE?Bomberman Dojo also includes an exclusive map editor so that you can tweak stages or create newstages from scratch! Your customized stages can be uploaded to the server and can be downloaded to be shared with friends or anyone around the globe! ?GameCenter/OpenFeint?Bomberman Dojo supports GameCenter/Openfeint.

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