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    Tiny Wings
    | Tiny Wings Walkthrough                                    |
    | Last Modified:  25 Feburary 2012                          |
    | Created On: 24 February 2012                              |
    |                                                           |
    | Author: James “TwIsTeD_EnEmY” Bouchier                    |
    | TwIsTeD_EnEmY@Hotmail.com                                 |
    About the game
    Tiny Wings is an iOS game developed by German game developer Andreas 
    Illiger that was released on February 18, 2011.
    The game, which won the 2011 iPhone game of the year, was allegedly 
    modelled after the experimental app “Wavespark”.
    Main menu
    In Tiny Wings, the player takes control of a bird whose wings are too 
    small to fly. The goal of the game is to use hills in order to gain 
    speed and flutter as long as possible. This is done by tapping and 
    holding the screen in order to make the bird dive. The game play 
    mainly revolves around timing your taps so that the bird slides down 
    hills and flies up them. The game's one level is separated into 
    several islands, which have predetermined layouts. The game features 
    special missions that allow players to upgrade their nest, which adds 
    a score multiplier usually X2. These challenges revolve around 
    reaching specific islands or performing certain tricks a number of 
    times in one game. The game's visuals change daily along with the 
    islands' layouts. 
    The intent of the game is to achieve a high score.
    General information
    •Point scoring – Coins = 3 points (x nest multiplier)
                   - Cloudtouches = 20 points (x nest multiplier)
                   - Great slides = 10 points (x nest multiplier)
                   - Fever mode = doubles points
    “Travelling” also gives you points, however, it is difficult to say 
    amount of points you achieve by doing it. 
    • Blue coins are “speed coins” – they increase your speed when you 
    travel over them. They have no point value.
    •The yellow/ gold coins are “coins”, and are good for nothing except 
    for being worth 3 points each.
    •A “great slide” is when you slide down the trough of a hill, and 
    soar overtop of another hill. This has a point score of 10
    •A “cloudtouch” is when your bird flies so high that he quite 
    literally touches the clouds. Doing a cloudtouch awards you with 20 
    •Being in “fever mode” happens when you do 3 great slides in 
    succession without failure. When you are in fever mode, you red and 
    blue stars fall from your tail, and everything you do (great slides, 
    travelling, cloudtouches etc) doubles in points
    Main Menu
    Chapter 1- Day Trip
    -You are given till sun sets to travel with your bird as far as 
    possible and to achieve the highest score possible. Complete 
    objectives to improve your next so you can achieve a better score.
    Tap he “play” button, and you will be given 4 more options. On the 
    far left is the “home” button- tap this to go back to the main menu. 
    Click on the question mark for help. In help, you can turn on “Flight 
    instructor”. Simply put, this tells you when in the game to tap the 
    screen in order to achieve great slides. This is good for learning, 
    but I suggest turning it off once you get the gist of it, because it 
    can get pretty annoying afterwards.
    If you click on the right arrow at the bottom right of the screen, 
    you are given a brief tutorial
    You’ve always dreamed of flying- but your wings are tiny. Luckily the 
    world is full of beautiful hills
    Touch the screen to fold your wings. This will make yourself heavy 
    and you will gain speed when moving downhill
    Don’t touch the screen while sliding uphill to flap your wings and 
    become lightweight- do big jumps and try flying!
    Day trip- Night is haunting you- so hurry as fast as you can! How far 
    can you fly in the course of one day?
    The night –Progression of night is displayed at the bottom of the 
    Coins = 3 points
    Speed coins = speed boost
    Great slide (slide perfectly through a valley) = 10 points
    Cloudtouch = 20 points
    Fever mode – in order to reach fever mode, you have to do three 
    “great slides” in a row. You earn double the points in fever mode. 
    Fever mode will continue as long as you keep doing consecutive “great 
    Your nest – All points are multiplied by an overall score multiplier: 
    you can increase your overall score multiplier by completing various 
    objectives and thus upgrading your nest.
    The only option you have at this point is pressing the “X” button and 
    returning to the day trip menu.
    Clicking on the “play” button starts the game
    To the right of the play button is the score/ stats button. 
    Press “scores” to view your top 32 high scores you have achieved.
    Press “stats” to look at the following stats: 
    Longest fever
    (Most) Great slides  
    (Most) Cloudtouches
    (Most) Coins
    (Longest) Distance
    Press “nests” to view which nests you have accumulated. 
    Press the on the garbage can icon to reset the nests you have 
    The final Icon is the leader board Icon. Click “Activate” to open 
    further options, and then “sync” to sync your scores to your game 
    centre account. Click “leaderboard” to view all scores and stats from 
    players across the Feint leaderboard.
    Press “Open feint” to start/ activate a feint account.
    The back button will take you back to the day trip menu.
    Chapter 2- Flight School
    You are given the choice of choosing between four birds
    Owell- green bird
    Peli- orange bird
    Peck- blue bird
    Flami- red bird
    Pressing on the settings button gives you the choice of turning the 
    music on or off and turning the sounds on or off, as well as 
    resetting your game progress and high scores.
    To the right of the screen are the credits:
    Dedicated to Birte <3
    Design, code, art and music: Andreas Illiger
    Thanks to: Birte, my parents, Ruben, Hans, Meike
    www.box2d.org for the superb physics
    www.71squared.com for the great iPhone tutorials
    Ryoichi Tsunekawa for the freefont: pusab
    Game mechanic inspired by wavespark by Nathan McCoy
    Copyright 2011 by Andreas Illiger
    Pressing “ 
    play” will bring you to another screen to choose islands to play on. 
    From there, pressing “help” will bring you to another tutorial
    You’ve always dreamed of flying- but your wings are tiny. Lucky the 
    world is full of beautiful hills.
    Touch the screen to fold your wings. This will make yourself heavy 
    and you will gains peed when moving downhill.
    Don’t touch the screen while sliding uphill to flap your wings and 
    become lightweight- do big jumps and try flying!
    Flight school- flying lessons are tough! Practice as much as you can 
    in order to reach your mama at the end of an island. If you’re faster 
    than your siblings, you will get the fattest fish (Yellow the biggest 
    (1st place), Green the 2nd biggest (2nd place) and blue 3rd biggest (3rd 
    Rubber flowers- bounce from one flower to the next like a honeybee. 
    The flowers will do their best to keep you happy
    Watering hole- Take a bath! But only I f you have time- hopping into 
    the watering hole will slow you down.
    Fever boost- if you do three “great slides” in a row, you’ll jump for 
    joy and take off like a rocket!
    Again, the only option you can do here is the “X” button to go back 
    to the flight school menu.
    Gift app
    This lets you buy Tiny wings for someone else as a gift. Tiny wings 
    will be sent to the receiver. Not exactly sure how it works, since 
    I’ve never done it before
    The hilly news
    Updates you on the most recent news and developments in the Tiny 
    Wings world. At the of me writing this, the current news story said “ 
    Tiny Wings in HD with- split screen multiplayer – play against your 
    friends on a single iPad! Now: available on the app store”
     Day Trip Islands
    Island 1
    Layout- small/ medium sized hills throughout. About 60 percent 
    angles. Flat plane, but varies a little. 
    A relatively easy island.
    Start- 0M
    Finish- 45M
    Difficulty- 1.5/10
    Island 2
    Layout- small/ medium hills throughout. About 60 degree angles. Plane 
    varies- can go either slightly  up or slightly down. Can have one or 
    two downward slopes in the middle of the map.
    The most difficult part is In the middle when the plane goes down, 
    since you cannot tell where to great slide.
    Start- 55M
    Finish- 105M
    Difficulty- 3/10
    Island 3
    Layout- Large hills, with a small hill every 4 to 5 large hills. The 
    small halls are about 45 degrees, with a high upward slope 
    afterwards, whereas the rest of the large hills are around 70 
    degrees. Towards the end of the island there is always a long series 
    of small hills (45 degrees).
    The latter part of the island can pose some problems when trying to 
    maintain fever mode, as it is hard to great slide on the small hills 
    when flying at such a high speed.
    Start- 115M
    Finish- 175M
    Difficulty- 4.5/10
    Island 4
    Layout- medium hills with high angles for the most part (60 degrees). 
    Occasionally has a few medium hills with gentle slopes in the middle 
    (about 70 degrees). The plane gradually lowers as the island goes on. 
    A very difficult level to maintain fever mode on, as great slides are 
    probably the most difficult to achieve. 
    Start- 185M
    Finish- 245M
    Difficulty- 8.5/10
    Island 5
    Layout- small/ medium sized hills throughout- 60 degree angles at the 
    start, and 45 degree angles in the middle as the plane slopes up. The 
    plane starts out flat, slopes upwards towards the middle, until it 
    reaches a point and goes downwards thereafter.
    The most difficult part is where the plane 
    Start- 255M
    Finish- 315M
    Difficulty- 4.5/10
    Island  6
    Layout- small hill throughout with 60 degree angles. Plane either 
    slightly raises or lowers gently.
    Tends to have a few hills with longer slopes afterwards in the 
    middle. Its best you watch out for these are difficult to great-slide 
    Start- 325M
    Finish- 385M
    Difficulty- 6.5/10
    Island 7
    Layout- small/ medium/ large hills throughout, but mostly small 
    hills. The degree at which the slopes are at usually varies from day 
    to day- can go anywhere from 30 degrees to 70 degrees, though it is 
    mostly high angles.
    The direction of the dip of the plane also varies from day to day.
    Start- 395M
    Finish- 455M
    Difficulty 8.5/10
    Island 8
    Layout- small/ medium/ large hills throughout, but mostly small 
    hills. The degree at which the slopes are at usually varies from day 
    to day- can go anywhere from 30 degrees to 70 degrees, though it is 
    mostly high angles.
    The direction of the dip of the plane also varies from day to day.
    Very similar to island 7.
    Start- 465M
    Finish- 525M
    Difficulty 8.5/10
    Island 9
    Layout- Mostly medium hills, with occasional large or very small 
    hills. Slopes upward to start off with, then slopes downward. 
    Anywhere between 30 to 70 degree angles, varying greatly.
    A pretty difficult island. The constant varying at which the slopes 
    occur makes it particularly hard to maintain speed, let alone fever 
    mode. You’re doing very well if you can get past island 9 onto island 
    Start- 535M
    Finish- 595M
    Difficulty 9/10
    Island 10
    Layout- Mostly medium hills, with occasional large or very small 
    hills. Slopes upward to start off, then levels off towards the end. 
    Anywhere between 30 to 70 degree angles, varying greatly.
    The hardest island. The constant varying at which the slopes occur 
    makes it particularly hard to maintain speed, let alone fever mode. 
    You’re doing very well if you can get past island 9 onto island 10
    Similar to island 9, but the fact that the plane keeps rising makes 
    it hard to go through this island with speed.
    Start- 605M
    Finish- 665M(?)
    Difficulty 9.5/10
    High scores
    The point of the game of Tiny Wings is to achieve a high score.
    To do this, you will need to have a high/ the highest ranked nest 
    (see bellow) and obviously be very skilled.
    The current high score according to Guinness World Records is 337,403 
    achieved by Carl Robert Behler (United States).
    According to Recordsetter.com, the world record is 381,738 held by 
    Thouy Vincent (France).
    However, the highest score, according to the Tiny Wings online 
    interactive database is 400,000 points, held by 127 different people. 
    This leads us to believe that that is the highest score you can 
    possibly achieve, with that being the point cap.
    Nests & Objectives
    General tips for speed-
    •Memorize the map, and utilise speed coins (blue coins)
    •Time goes by quicker when you are on the ground, so try and be in 
    the air as much as possible
    •Try and avoid small- high angle hills.
    •Going into fever mode increases your speed
    •Choose when to great slide carefully. Sometimes, its even best to 
    not great slide, and to just let the bird hit the top of the hills 
    and glide over.
    General tips for achieving a high score
    •Cloudtouches provide the most points, so try and get as many as 
    •Being in Fever mode is an obvious tip- but being in it at the end of 
    an island is especially good, since there are 28 coins at the end of 
    every island, and once you are flying off the island, you have a 5+ 
    second period where you cannot lose your fever mode status.
    -see “general information” section for additional information on 
    Nest 1 (x10)
    1. Reach the 4th island- Considering there are 10 islands in total, 
    getting to the 4th island cant be too hard, right?
    Well it isn’t. When you’re getting started out, perhaps it is best to 
    go to “Flight instructor” in the help menu bar ( its the question 
    mark symbol on the day trip menu), as it teaches you the basics of 
    the game.
    See above for general speed tips for help on how to achieve the 
    2. Do 7 great slides in one game- the way in which you do a great 
    slide is by landing on the trough of the hill, sliding down the 
    slope, and soaring into the air (removing your finger from the 
    screen). You will know when you have done a great slide , since there 
    will be a curved symbol at the bottom of your screen with +(points 
    achieved), and the bird will make a noise.
    The easiest island on which to do great slides is island three, so if 
    you can do a few before that island, and a few on that island, you 
    should easily accomplish this objective.
    3. Collect 100 coins- Coins are the gold circles which you find on 
    the islands. They serve no purpose other than being worth 3 points a 
    piece. The coins, like the islands, are randomly generated so I cant 
    really give you any tips on where to find them- but there are 28 
    coins at the end of every level, so if you collect all  28 at the end 
    of the first 4 levels, that is more than enough coins to pass this.
    Nest 2 (x12)
    1. Do one cloudtouch- A cloudtouch is how it sounds- when your bird 
    gets so high that it literally touches the clouds. To do a cloud 
    touch, you generally have to do a series of great slides, great slide 
    a high angle hill, or get lucky with a blue coin. This is a pretty 
    easy objective, but if you are having troubles with it, I’d say that 
    the 3rd and 4th islands are the easiest ones to do a cloudtouch on.
    2. Be 5 seconds in fever mode- To achieve fever mode, you must do 3 
    great slides in a row. The easiest way to do this objective is to go 
    into fever mode right before an island jump, as every second that you 
    are flying between islands still counts.
    3. Gain 5000 points on the 1st island- See above for tips on getting 
    high point scores.
    Nest 3 (x14)
    1. Do one great slide directly after an island jump- The easiest 
    island to do this on is island 3. However, if you are unhappy with 
    the difficulty, you can always wait to do it on another day when the 
    angle on the hills is easier.
    2. Do 5 great slides on the 3rd island- Sounds a bit difficult? Lucky 
    for you, the third islands large hills makes it the easiest island to 
    do great slides on. Best you get the 5 slides done before you get to 
    the end part, as the small hills are more difficult to great slide 
    3. Collect 200 coins- The most difficult objective so far. Follow 
    tips from nest 1 to achieve this.
    Nest 4 (x16)
    1. Be 5 times in fever mode in one game- The objectives start getting 
    more difficult! The best way to do this is by getting into fever mode 
    (3 great slides in a row), then end it quickly. This way it saves 
    2. Reach the 5th island without speedcoins- The hardest part of doing 
    this is trying to avoid the blue coins. You do this by memorizing 
    where each blue coin on each island there is. Avoid them by going 
    overtop of them. If there are too many blue coins, it might be best 
    to wait another day when there are less blue coins. See above for 
    tips on speed.
    3. Gain 60,000 points – See above for tips on achieving a high score
    Nest 5 (x18)
    1. Do 32 great slides in one game- If you really focus on doing great 
    slides and only doing great slides, you can do 8 to 10 of them on 
    each island. You make it easier on yourself if you stay low, and try 
    to great slide on every single possible hill.
    2. Reach the 4th island being in fever mode- Don’t let this objective 
    fool you- you don’t need to be in fever mode for the first 3 islands, 
    all you have to do is be in fever mode when you get to the 4th island. 
    The end of the third island makes this slightly difficult, but it’s 
    still the easiest of the objectives in the 5th nest.
    3. Turn the device upside down, reach island 5 ;)- yes, this is 
    seriously an objective. Probably the funnest one to do- and when you 
    do accomplish it, you feel great! 
    Just do what you’ve been doing the whole time, except this time touch 
    the screen to go up into the valleys instead of down.
    It could take a while, but after a few times of trying you start to 
    get the hang of it
    Nest 6 (x20)
    1. Be 17 seconds in fever mode- This can be done by just continuously 
    doing great slides on the first island. A great slide on the first 
    valley of the first island can actually be achieved by waiting a 
    fraction of a section before nose diving down the valley. 
    2. Reach the 5th island without fever mode- Pretty easy. Similar to 
    the nest 4 objective “reach the 5th island without speedcoins”, except 
    instead of avoiding the blue coins, you avoid achieving a third great 
    slide in a row. Easy peasy. See above for tips on speed.
    3. Do 10 great slides on the 1st island- like said earlier, you can 
    get a great slide on the first valley. Make sure to go slowly, and 
    hit every hill possible and you should have no trouble doing this 
    Nest 7 (x22)
    1. Do 10 cloudtouches in one game-
    2. Do 5 cloudtouches in fever mode-
    3. Do 2 cloudtouches on the 5th island-
    I group these three objectives together because they are obviously 
    very similar, and can be achieved all at once. Ok, firstly you need 
    to concentrate solely on getting cloudtouches. Get your mind around 
    that and you are half way there. Being in fever mode makes getting 
    cloudtouches easier. So does blue coins- which there are a lot of on 
    the 5th island. This nest as a whole is pretty easy to do.
    Nest 8 (x24)
    1. Reach the 7th island- see above for tips on speed
    2. Reach the 4th island without any great slides – A pretty recurring 
    objective isn’t it? Trying to achieve a goal by avoiding something. 
    This one is particularly annoying. I mean, not be able to do any 
    great slides? Its not really as difficult as it sounds. 
    See above for tips on speed.
    3. Be 34 seconds in fever mode- very similar to the next 6 objective. 
    Just do the same things really. Try to move as slowly as possible 
    from valley to valley. That gains you some time. If you go really 
    slowly, usually you reach the 2nd island on 28 seconds. So all you 
    have to do then is do a couple of great slides and you are good to 
    Nest 9 (x26)
    1. Reach the 8th island- Not easy to do for a first time. If you have 
    more than one bad spell, it’s probably best you restart and try 
    again. You need to make sure you are at the end of the 6th island 
    before the sun starts coming down, or else you probably won’t make 
    it. See above for tips on speed
    2. Gain 175,000 points- See above for tips on achieving a high score.
    3. 5x: Do 1 great slide after each island- There are 10 islands. The 
    easiest ones to do for are island 2, island 3, island 5, island 6 and 
    Island 7. If you miss one of these, you may as well restart. 
    Nest 10 (x28)
    1. Reach the 9th island- Getting to the 9th island is really 
    difficult. You pretty much have to do nearly everything perfectly. If 
    you ever come to a halt, where you aren’t moving quickly or great 
    sliding, you may as well just restart. On some days the islands can 
    be pretty bad- so perhaps its best to wait another day for the map to 
    be better. So above for speed tips.
    2. Fly through the 4th island in fever mode- Easiest the most 
    difficult objective in the game. There aren’t really any tips I can 
    give for this one. It takes a whole lot of skill, not just to go 
    through island 4 in fever mode, but to GET to island 4 in fever mode. 
    Map generation can be key- some days the angles are a bit easier to 
    handle. I guess try and keep slow, but that’s difficult in its own to 
    do, since the angles are always so high.
    3. Do 20 cloudtouches in fever mode- The best way to do the final 
    objective is to string together 2 great slides together, then try and 
    avoid the final 3rd great slide. You can get maybe 3 cloudtouches on 
    most islands, but on islands like island 4 and 5 and 6, you can get a 
    few more in. 
    Remember to utilize blue coins, and you will complete the game!
    Flight school
    This gametype is a fun race. You get the choice of choosing between 4 
    birds (Owell, Peli, Peck or Flami) in an attempt to beat your other 
    three siblings back to your mother so that you can eat some fish!
    There are 3 groups of 5 different islands: Clown Islands, Koi Islands 
    and Orca Islands. The maps and difficulty of your AI siblings get 
    significantly more difficult as you progress.
    To be able to progress to the next island, you need to receive a fish 
    from your mama bird. To do that, you need to come 1st, 2nd or 3rd. So 
    in other words, if you avoid coming last, you will be able to 
    progress. If you come last place, Mama will give you a shrimp, and 
    you will be giving the chance to start the level again.
    There are some other differences and new additions to the “flight 
    school” section of the game.
    For starters- there no speed coins or coins the game. Instead, the 
    introduced “Watering holes” and “rubber flowers”. Watering holes are 
    something you want to avoid. They are valleys that are filled with 
    water, and are put there to slow you down. Bad!
    However, rubber flowers can be helpful. If you land on them, they 
    simply bounce you slightly. This is good if you think you are going 
    to miss great sliding into a valley and you need some more air time 
    to make the next one. The downside to rubber flowers is that they do 
    slow your speed and momentum down slightly.
    Also unlike the other gametype, each individual islands stay the 
    same, and do not change from day to day. The background scenery does 
    change every time you restart an island, but that’s it.
    Approximate times to beat for 1st place position
    Clown Islands
    1-1: 53.7 seconds
    1-2: 49.8 seconds
    1-3: 48.2 seconds
    1-4: 42.8 seconds
    1-5: 51.8 seconds
    Koi Islands
    2-1: 57.9 seconds
    2-2: 44.8 seconds
    2-3: 37 seconds
    2-4: 39.8 seconds
    2-5: 67.1 seconds
    Orca Islands
    3-1: 49.5 seconds
    3-2: 37.8 seconds
    3-3: 50.8 seconds
    3-4: 36 seconds
    3-5: 45.6 seconds
    -There used to be the “Fever glitch” which entailed you getting into 
    fever mode, locking your device, unlocking it, pressing ok, then 
    quickly unlocking it and pressing ok again. However, a patch in late 
    2011 fixed that glitch.
    -Occasionally a glitch will occur at the end of an island before you 
    do the island jump (usually island 8 for me). You hit an invisible 
    bump, and then go into the air, above the clouds, and you will 
    continue travelling- your score and distance forever going up as time 
    does not run out. However, you can’t submit your score with this 
    glitch since time never runs outs
    Thanks to the following people:
    Andreas Illiger for making the game
    Me- for making this walkthrough
    You- for reading this walkthrough
    Tiny Wings is property of Andreas Illiger and all trademarks belong 
    to him.
    This walkthrough belongs in copyright to its creator James 
    “TwIsTeD_EnEmY” Bouchier. If I have not submitted this document to 
    your website, and you would like to use it or any of its content, you 
    can reach me by my Email address provided above and below. 
    You may not use or edit this walkthrough without my written consent.
    I have many Email address’, but if you have a question regarding this 
    walkthrough/ FAQ please message me at
    Thanks for reading!
    Take Care
    James “TwIsTeD_EnEmY” Bouchier
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