This game makes an amusing presentation of the famous Japanese sport, Sumo, where two huge guys have to push each other out of a circle
or to the ground. The bout starts, when both players tap the ground, and lasts usually no longer than 5 seconds. After the bout is over, characters automatically try to stand up to bow, which may be difficult after some beer...
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The character's motions are governed by the laws of physics, they are basically alive rag-dolls (humanoid robots), that try to keep their balance or stand up by programmed motions. Sometimes, the characters break apart the furniture after the match is over.

Playing is simple, just 4 buttons to use. You can either play against computer or against another player by sharing the touch screen. Tap the button "down" to start the bout, move "forward", push with one hand, or both hands, or bend down.
(hidden part included)

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