Push Your Mind and Fingers to the Limit. Platform Puzzle Madness in Colorful Retro Graphics! ---------------------Critics SayCombines equal parts platforming and line-drawn strategy into an experience that’s as addictive as it is old-school cool.- Game of the Week on US App Store.Platform puzzler that combines elements from Jet Set Willy, Rainbow Island, Mario, and Lemmings.- Touch Arcade This masterful, retro-themed gem belongs in every iOS gamer's collection.- Slide to Play (4/4)Hooked from the get-go, trying to get a perfect three-star rating for every stage.- IGNKAMI RETRO is a godsend for all hyperactive mobile gamers. You can keep your sudokus and solitaires. We'll take KAMI RETRO.- GizmodoA clever mix of platforming and puzzle-solving, this colourful game is easily the best from publisher GAMEVIL. Unique design makes Kami Retro entertaining. Colourful, fun, and challenging, it's highly recommended.- Pocket GamerA solid platformer with fresh mechanics and fantastic presentation, and it really shouldn't be missed.- GAMEPRO---------------------Users SayFull color, retro pixelated platfomer with a modern breath and 8-bit sounds all in one package.- Niezam Lead the retro men through colorful environments and obstacles into the door of safety in KAMI RETRO, the frantic puzzle platformer from GAMEVIL and Paw Print Games.- Haruhi Remember those old, but great games like Mario? GAMEVIL does, and they have brought retro games to a whole new level with KAMI RETRO.- Mfrapp20 If March of the Minis and Legos had a kid, this would be dang close to the result. Cute, fun, and challenging...this game is a blast!- Legowiz---------------------FEATURESCOLORFUL RETRO GRAPHICS WITH DYNAMIC EFFECTSDazzling retro style 3D rendered artwork with glittering visuals and awesome sound effectsQUICK MOTION TOUCH SCREEN GAMEPLAYFlick, push, nudge and swing to save as many troops as possiblePUZZLING LEVELS WITH OBSTACLES AND TRAPSThink your way out of trouble by placing tools such as springs, springboards, fans and cannonsMULTIPLE WORLDS WITH DOZENS OF STAGESCollect stars from a total of more than 60 stages to unlock five unreal worlds---------------------??? IMPORTANT CONTROL INFO ???If you have trouble controlling the KAMI’s, be sure to swipe through him as gesturing the full screen will not work.---------------------OTHER GAMEVIL GAMESAir PenguinBaseball Superstars® 2010 HDBaseball Superstars® 2011Boom It Up!HYBRID: Eternal WhisperHYBRID 2: Saga of NostalgiaILLUSIANOM: Billion Year TimequestSoccer Superstars®VANQUISH: The Oath of BrothersZENONIA®ZENONIA® 2---------------------NEWS & EVENTSWebsite http://www.gamevil.comFacebook RETRO, developed by Paw Print Games and published by GAMEVIL Inc.

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