You are Dr. Bomb who is looking for El Dorado, the lost City of Gold, in South America. You are about to penetrate hostile native tribes and enter the wild jungle where danger lurks, and this is the only way to the lost city. But behold! The ancient gods that guard the city are still your worst nightmare!
You have time bombs in your backpack. Push the Fire button to set a time bomb on the ground, which will detonate in 3 second. This will help clear your way and your enemies. With the level going up, the bombs get more powerful.
There are a lot of crates on the ground along the way which will be destroyed as the bombs go off.
you need find a gate to pass through this map,Otherwise you will be struck by lightning.
You will find hidden items to collect:
1.Bazooka: you may fire a bazooka on the pursuing enemies or obstables in your way. Be careful! These bazookas have some serious power!
2.Shield: makes you invincible for 10 seconds.
3.Freeze: makes all enemies freeze at where they stand for 5 seconds.
4.First aid kit: restores 30% of your life.
5.Land mine pack: you may set a land mine to blow whoever touches it away.

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