“Dinosaur King D-Team Adventures,” a very popular TV series with many games released as well, has debuted on iPad !
This exciting app is fit for children who like dinosaurs, offering mini-games and the thrilling pictorial where any of the contained dinosaur images can be moved freely.

*Dinosaur Pictorial
You can view 80 dinosaur images rendered in realistic CG and turn and/or enlarge any one of them by iPad-specific touch operation. The pictorial tells you about the details of the dinosaurs such as lengths, excavation sites and meanings of names.

*Dinosaur Quiz King
When you start this quiz, a popular character from Dinosaur King asks you 10 random dinosaur-related questions out of 100. Your level is shown depending on the quiz result. The title “Dinosaur King” is awarded if your answers are all correct. Try to get all the 10 answers correct for this title!
The questions are based on the data in the pictorial; check it for a better result!

*Dinosaur King Around-the-World Game
After learning about dinosaurs with the pictorial and through the quiz, let’s play the game. As the gameplay changes depending on the dinosaur cards you pick, you can enjoy playing many times. When familiarized, try to reach the goal faster.

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