Slewpi - The Painterly Music Synthesizer for iOS

Slewpi is a new type of app that lets you create music and synthesized sound and animation by painting on the screen with your fingers.

Slewpi is super easy to use, just paint with your fingers and choose different colors and brushes to change the strokes and sounds. Slewpi records what you do and plays it back in a loop.

Choose different brushes to change the visual style as well as the sound of your strokes in real-time. The different brushes correspond to different synthesizer waveform and vibrato settings allowing you to create new and diverse audio/visual compositions.

Experiment by choosing different colors to set the root note or key for the brush stroke. Red colors are low and bass heavy while yellows and greens are middle notes and blues and finally violets are the highest keys or frequencies.

The high quality synthesizer uses a pentatonic musical scale so the strokes tend to sound good together (like playing the black keys on a piano).

While designed for all ages, Slewpi is also great for kids to learn about music in a new and exciting way.

Features a fun new approach to user interface design with a draggable animated menu system that hides away and pops up when and where you need it.

Can be used by the DJ or musician for creating interesting high quality synth lines, effects and transitions that sync precisely to music with sample accurate timing.

Slewpi can also be used by the VJ or 'Visualist' and features real-time external video output*. Simply plug your device into a projector and open Slewpi to fill the wall and room with lush painterly visuals and delicious synth sounds.

Sounds best with speakers or headphones, low bass sounds (certain brushes when used with red or yellow colors for instance) may not play well on the built in speaker.

* To use the external video output feature currently requires an iPad2, I am working hard on making this available to other devices but the performance isn't that great yet.

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