** iPhone3G/iPod Gen2 supported** iPhone/iPod Gen1 not supportedReviews:"Besides the clever writing, Quest Runner's other major strength is its great 2D artwork.""If you want to laugh while you play an RPG instead of furrowing your brow and trying to shoulder the weight of the world, this one’s for you.""I can't deny that its peculiar siren song of virtual progress has hooked me for hours.""For potentially hours of enjoyment the price tag is just right and provides great value." score:9/10"If you're a fan of classic styled side-scrolling RPGs, Quest Runner is worth picking up.""It is definitely worth the asking price if you enjoy quirky sidescrolling rpgs.""This title is just perfect for the iPad, and is a feast for the eyes." -ipaditalia.comDescription:Take a journey to the Mobile Town of Torma. Join the Quest Runners Guild and help defend the town from monsters and assist villagers with unique tasks.Lend a hand to the farmers in Pokke Fields with defeating the Bee King and his minions. Defend the Pokke mines from an onslaught of giant spiders. Join Pirates in their battle against a Giant Sock Puppet Squid and so much more.Unlock new skills, quests, weapons and armour as you journey further into the World of Torma and meet all its eccentric characters. Customize your Hero with the loot you find, and unlock secret gear to really make each play through unique.Can you make it through your first days as Junior Quest Runner and learn what it takes to be the real Hero of Torma?Features:? Action Adventure RPG for the iOS? Universal App with Retina Display support? GameCenter Achievements? Train Pets and Hire Mercenaries to help you with your Quests? Huge 2.5D world to explore? Easy to use touch based controls? Comical and Entertaining Characters and Story? Auto Inventory Management? Pick and Play Quests made for mobile play

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